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I lay silently on my bed, my head resting on his shirt. The smell of it was so comforting.

I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet, and it was almost noon. Luckily it was Saturday and I had no homework, no assignments, no essays, no nothing.

So I could just lay there, my head resting on the black shirt that belonged to Draco. I could smell his cologne off it: freshly mowed grass, vanilla and strawberries. My three favourite scents in the entire world.

I hugged my pillow closer to my chest, sighing happily.

I knew what this meant, and I knew I was a fool for letting it happen.

I couldn’t help but fall for him. His charm, his charisma, all of him was just too much for me. I’d fallen for him so easily, even though I had promised myself not to do so.

I didn’t want to go get out of bed – all I wanted was to lie there and dream myself away. A dream-version of Draco was much safer than the real deal.

“What?” I groaned as a knock on the door interrupted my dreaming. My head snapped up as the door opened and in walked my biggest nightmare.

“What do you want, Malfoy? It’s Saturday,” I sneered, pulling my covers over my face. Partially because I looked like a complete mess, and partially because I didn’t want him seeing it was his t-shirt I was using as a pillow.

“I thought you were a morning person.” I could feel him smiling mockingly at me, but I refused to remove the covers. “Come on, Kaya.”

“Go away. You’re ruining my dream,” I muttered, still not removing the covers. The air was getting extremely thin, though.

“What? I’m not better in the flesh?” asked Draco and I quickly removed the covers. “Pardon?” I squeaked. How did he know about that?

“So you were dreaming about me,” he smirked, scratching his chin. “Interesting.”

“I was not, stop being a prick,” I snapped, my defence walls up. “I’m pretty sure I told you I had a GOOD dream.”

He laughed at this, not that I understood why. I didn’t seem to understand him much at all, really.

“Planning on getting out of bed or what?” asked Draco, changing the subject.

“No,” I snapped, pulling the covers over my head again.

“All right,” I heard him say, before I felt something heavy lay down beside me. I removed the covers and turned to look at him. “What do you think you’re doing?” My voice had started out as an allegation, but turned into a mere whisper by the end of it.

He took a hold of my chin and, looking deep into my eyes, he brushed his lips over mine, along my jawline and up my chin. I could feel my heartbeat go absolutely insane by his touch, and I grabbed the clothing covering his torso for support.

I’d never before heard of anyone committing murder with the art of seduction, but then again; dead people don’t talk, and neither do murderers.

My mind was trying to form a command; some kind of warning, but all common sense had left me the moment his lips had started to brush against my skin.

One of his hands was wrapped in my hair, slightly tugging on it so I would bend my head backwards. I obeyed, but I couldn’t withhold the gasp that escaped my lungs the moment his lips touch the fragile skin on my neck. The touch was so careful, yet demanding. The perfect combination. I slipped my hands down his chest, letting them land on his abdomen. The hard surface underneath and his moan encouraged me, and I slipped my hands inside his shirt. What met my palms was hard, pure muscle. This thrilled me even more.

He was at the rim of my cleavage by now, and slowly kissed each of my breasts.

My moan was unmistakable.

He moved upwards a lot faster than he’d moved downwards, and soon his lips covered mine and I felt myself just melt away. His lips moved over mine, and I mirrored his movements.

He slightly nibbled on my bottom lip before licking it with the tip of his tongue, suggesting I gave him access to my mouth.

Not even hesitating, I welcomed him, clashing my tongue against his.

He tasted too good to resist.

We were standing on our knees now, our hands grabbing and squeezing anything grabable and squeezable.

His thumb brushed over my belly button, and I started to realise where this was going, but I wasn’t able to stop it, nor did I want to.

One of my hands was on his head, grabbing a handful of hair and pressing him as close to me as possible, while the other brushed over his stone-hard abs.

I lightly scratched my nails down his torso, drawing a very pleased moan from him. It wasn’t until my hand fell on the lump in his trousers that I realised what I was doing.

As if a switch was swapped to “OFF”, I pushed away from him and stumbled out onto the floor, staring at him in disbelief.

He stared back at me, confusion drenched into his face.

“I, we- you, you need to go,” I stammered, steadying myself on the nearest item.

Draco gave me a puzzled look, but I couldn’t meet his eyes. I knew that if I did I would lose all of my self-control again.

“Leave!” I yelled, turning my back to him and folding my arms over my chest, trying to calm myself.

I heard him move away from the bed, and the light sound of the door opening.


I could feel his eyes on me, but I refused to turn and meet his gaze. My eyes were filed up to the brim with tears, and there was no way I was going to let him see me like that.

The harsh sound of the door being slammed behind me made me finally turn around.

I don’t know how long I stared on the wooden door. The only thing I remember is lying down on my bed and crying myself to sleep.


A light shake caused me to open my eyes, and they immediately levelled with Ronald’s. “Hey, you.” His voice was warm and soothing, and I closed my eyes again. “No,” I answered truthfully and sighed. “I had a horrible night.”

“Bad sleep?” he asked, cocking his head slightly.

“Mmh, that too,” I mumbled and sat up. Ron stayed on his knees on the floor.

“You don’t look too good – no offence.” I smiled and looked at him. He was so sweet and caring, and so easy-going. Why wasn’t Draco like that? It would make things so much easier.

“I believe you,” I groaned and yawned. I felt like crap, so I doubted I looked any better.

“I don’t want you to worry about anything today,” said Ron as he stood up, brushing the dust off his knees. “I’ll take care of everything. I want you to stay in bed and get better,” he said and bent down to kiss my forehead. I closed my eyes and smiled. “You’re the best, Ronald Weasley,” I sighed, and I could hear him chuckle.

“Try telling my mates that,” he murmured before leaving my room through the bathroom we shared.

I lay back in my bed and covered my face with my sheets, falling asleep once again.


“Ugh,” I groaned as I awoke again. This must’ve been the nth time this happened.

Pulling off my covers, I walked to the bathroom to throw some cold water on my face.

I looked at my reflection for a while, studying my face. I looked … normal.

My eyes were neither puffy nor red, and my face as it used to. There wasn’t a single sign of last nights happening – well, except the bruise on my bum that Draco had left. He sure had a firm grip…

As I walked back into my room, a noticed a note on my desk that I swore hadn’t been there before. Slowly I walked over and picked it up.

“Meet me in the dungeons tonight. I want to talk to you before our patrol. 7 PM.


“Mh, great,” I muttered. He was he last person I wanted to see today, considering what had happened the night before.

My eyes regretfully landed on the watched, and it read 6 PM.

I had an hour before I had to go meet up with him.

Sighing, I opened my closet and searched for something nice to wear. I might not want to admit what I feel, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to look like I’d just gotten out of bed.

I pulled out a pair of dark jeans that sat on snuggly, and a white camisole. I chose white underwear, considering the camisole was fairly see-through.

I knew it would be a chilly night, so I pulled on a brown cardigan as well, before I applied my mascara. I had fifteen minutes left, but decided I might as well be early. Better early than late, in my opinion!


Making my way down the corridor, I was just about to turn the corner and walk down into the dungeons, when voices I recognised erupted.

“I don’t believe you,” laughed Blaise.

“She’s much easier than anticipated, mate. Almost had her last night,” Draco’s voice grinned, and I felt my heart drop like a rock. Any sense of hope I’d been clinging to disappeared along with my last heartbeat.

“Penelope, Head Girl, is easy?”

“If you know how to work her.”

“Still, you haven’t gotten her into bed yet.”

“Just a matter of time, my friend. If I got as far as I did last night, there’s just one more barrier to break and I’ll have won the bet.”




A/N: Hm, so Draco's been betting and playing around with Kaya's feelings. That can't be good.. What do you think Kaya's reaction will be? Do let me know, please! xx

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