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“Dr....Draco! Get this thing of my face and get out now!” Exclaimed Ginny angrily, her eyes looked terrified.

“Oh, I don’t think so, that’s no fun.” He walked over to her and tried to grab her, she moved out the way knocking shampoo all over the floor, she ran into the bedroom terrified of what was going to happen. She chucked anything she could find at him and started yelling curses but he reached for her and pushed her against the wall with such force the bedroom mirror cracked an blood streamed out of the gash in her head, she yelped in pain.


“Tut Tut, now look what you’ve done!” 


She managed to get free and ran to the door but he locked it with his wand and she held up her wand and cast pertricus totalus, he went rigid and fell to the floor, she stepped over him to the window and tried to climb out, she felt Draco’s hand secure itself around her ankle it yanked and she fell to the floor he got up and held her down despite all her efforts to get free, his hands were on her shoulders he had so much strength that it felt like she was being crushed by a 10 ton bull.




“Draco please.” she stammered tears flowing like a waterfall down her face “Just get off me.” He stroked his hand up her neck and touched the mark on her cheek 


“What are you going to do scream? I think its a good addition by the way, it won‘t come off with the normal charms by the way. It‘s the Malfoy Mark.” Looking at her cheek he pushed  her down one more time then let go making sure he held her wrist. She tried to pull away and curse him but it was no use he just gripped harder.


“Please,” she begged “Let me go I'll do anything .”


“No you won’t, anyway I have got the perfect place for you, where even Harry won’t get you.” He looked so confident it scared Ginny, still pulling away from him.


“What are you going to do to me? Harry will find me, please Draco why are you doing this to me?” She hoped she was right and Harry would get her but how would he know where?


“No he won’t and you're my little trophy,” He sniggered and flicked his wand around her wrists and thick ropes wrapped tightly around them, he gripped the end as she tried to escape him, tears still flowing. He held her wrist and with a pop they disapparated. 


They arrived outside Malfoy Manor with the orange sun casting a light glow on their surroundings. He dragged her past the thick doors and into the hall, he roughly pushed her down the stairs and into a large stone cellar, it was pitch black except the light from the entrance. She screamed as he let her wrists go and she fell onto the hard, stone floor he smirked, an old, holey blanket lay on the dirty floor and he threw it near her, her wrists were pulled up as he tied the rope to a stone pillar in the middle of the room, she tried to wiggle out but soon gave up. He kicked her in the ribs then turned his back and walked away.


“Draco let me out you bloody coward.” He stormed back in his face red with anger and his wand gripped tightly in his hand, he pointed it at her face forcing her to the ground. 


“What did you call me huh, I can make your life a living hell! CRUCIO,” An ear piercing scream left her mouth, pain was shooting through her body, the worst pain she’s ever felt, then it faded away and she stopped screaming, she turned onto her side.


“Please let me go, help me Draco please,” She muttered between her sobs. The door slammed shut and she was plunged into darkness she sobbed into the blanket uncontrollably and felt a wet patch forming where her head was bleeding.


 Her eyes started to close but she remembered where she was and opened them terrified of what was going to happen, she had to stay awake and think of how to escape, she became drowsy and weak soon. Her ribs ached from where he kicked her and her head was throbbing with pain, she was thinking about everything, how much she missed Harry and was still wondering why he wasn’t listening to her she started to fall into unconsciousness as the blood left her head. 


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