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A/N: I know, yet another story. The other ones will still be updated, I’ve been writing up a storm lately. I hope I haven’t jinxed it now :P
Anyway, enjoy and please let me know what you think. This is what I think happened to the rest of the Order, the Weasleys, and even the Dursleys.

Disclaimer: Joanne K. Rowling is the genius behind Harry Potter, I’m only exploring another angle of her story. I’ll try to work with the canon facts we’re given, though some things are open to interpretation.

Fleur was soaking up the moment with every fibre of her being. The past month alone had shown her how easily things could change. It had been a month that Albus Dumbledore had died, when she’d almost lost Bill … Shuddering, she pulled her mind away from that particular train of thought. That was definitely not something she wanted to dwell on on her wedding day.

“You okay, love?” Bill asked as he pulled her closer, not interrupting their rounds on the dance floor.

Fleur looked up, the scars that now marred his beloved strong face paling next to the emotions she could see in his blue eyes. His arms gave her a feeling of security like nothing else could; and positive he wouldn’t let go, Fleur leaned back even further and smiled lovingly up at him. “I am. Je t’aime, tu sais? You know I love you, don’t you?” True to her promise, she tried to express herself in the - in her opinion - harsher-sounding English tongue. Fleur leaned in closer again, enjoying the sensation of being swept away.

“I love you too.” She heard his voice, his breath tickling her hair. She could clearly hear it, soft yet intense over the for once light and happy chatter in the tent. Laughter rang through the enclosed space, glasses were clinked against others, blurs of colour danced by her. It all was set off by the romantic tones of music the band in the golden jackets – the clothing was definitely not her choice, but she did not want to argue about that on her perfect day. Not even the sharp voice of Bill’s Great-Aunt Muriel, who was talking rather animatedly with Elphias Doge and oh, was that the poly-juiced Harry? – could take away her happiness. A silver gleams caught her eye, and one after one, the couples on the dance floor stopped, following its process.

‘The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead.’

Kingsley’s voice reverberated around the tent, announcing the unthinkable. ’They are coming.‘

Every eye was drawn to the spot where the silver lynx had disintegrated into thin air, the silence spreading like an ominous presence. A single scream cut through the unreality of it all. This first sign of horror served as a trigger for everyone else, the members of the Order of Phoenix jerked themselves out of their horrified stupor, looking around for anyone to take charge. The obvious choice would have been Mad-Eye, after Dumbledore’s death. But the grizzly Auror had lost his life over Little Whinging, and no body had been recovered yet. A loud pop had them all launching for their wands, getting ready to counter spells sent by Death Eaters.

But the only things they could see were panicking wedding guests who were getting ready to apparate. Bill had seized his wife’s hand and was rushing over to where his parents stood, with their wands drawn. Molly was searching the crowd for her children, nodding at Bill, before jerking to another flash of red as Ginny pushed through the chaos.

“Where are they? Where’s Ron?” Molly knew immediately her daughter wasn’t only asking for Ron, but didn’t dare speak Harry’s name out loud.

Her eyes swept around again, willing for the trio to appear in her field of vision. They might not even there anymore, they’d gone to execute whatever they’d been planning all summer, and what she’d tried to avert. Time seemed to slow down painfully, when masked and cloaked figures started appearing amongst them.

She pulled Ginny next to her, and sought her husband’s eyes as he gasped, “The wards are down!”

This was met with several shouts and outbursts. Molly and Ginny were intent on getting closer to Arthur, and then Remus and Tonks were in her line of vision, wands raised, as they shouted protective spells and blocked several of the spells that where all of a sudden whizzing over people’s heads. Protego was echoed all around the tent.

And then, her breath caught in her throat. The lilac dress she had fussed over hours before when she had made sure Ginny and Hermione were ready had caught her eye; and of course there was that curly red hair Harry had for the day. Torn between relief and sorrow as to where they were headed, she saw another tall red-head, how Hermione stretched out her hand for him – and then they were gone.

“No.” Molly breathed. She felt Ginny, who could not have seen it or she surely would have run for the spot the other three had vanished, tug her in the opposite direction, and found herself next to her husband before she knew it. Her twins just popped up too, and it was all she could do from hugging each of her children close to her. They were all there – except for Ron and Percy.
“Ron’s gone, the other two too,” she stated quietly, surprised how neural her voice sounded.

“I’m sure the Death Eaters will come here soon. But they can’t do anything as long as they don’t find the Boy-Who-Lived with us. It’s good they’re gone for now,” Arthur replied between clenched teeth. Molly would have been of the same opinion, if only she could believe that is was their intention to come back.

“Put down your wands, and nothing will happen! We’re here on the Ministry’s order to look for known usurpers! Make no mistake!” A cold, cruel voice commanded.

Molly watched, her hand wound tightly around her raised wand. Hearing Arthur take a deep breath, she then heard him speak in a forcibly-measured voice, “On what grounds? I am not opposing the Ministry, but I want to know why my wards have been taken down without prior notice.”

“Harry Potter is wanted for questioning on the death of Albus Dumbledore. It was brought to our attention that he stayed here before.”

“So the Ministry’s really fallen …” Bill’s almost inaudible whisper met her ears when he lowered his wand.

“There’s too many,” Remus Lupin said over them, yet softly enough not to be heard by their new ‘guests’. And if they have the Ministry behind them, there’ll be more.”

“Put your wands down, or you will be arrested for obstruction of the course of justice.” One of them, seemingly their leader, stepped forward with an air of importance. It was the same man who had spoken before.

“I’ll show you obstruction!” Fred replied hotly.

“Silence!” thundered the other man, about to attack. Then, he seemed to reconsider, straightened up and lowered the hood of his cloak with a haughty gesture. “I am Dolohov, and you are suspected to harbour Harry Potter under your roof. You are to surrender him. By order of the Ministry of Magic.” He leered as he spoke the last words, relishing them.

Molly had gone pale, as she was sure everyone else had. Arthur’s fingers were clenched tightly around his wand, his body taut. That was all she could currently see from him, as he stood between them and the Death Eaters. Charlie, Fred and George were moving to retaliate. Tonks and Fleur seemed to be of the same mind, and many Order members had an angry spark in their eyes.

“Times are changing, Weasley. You will soon see the rights you have. Hand over Potter, and we’ll leave you be. For now.”

Molly was sure spells and curses would fly any moment now. A few steps from her, movement caught her frantic eyes, and she saw Remus shake himself from his rigid stance. He hadn’t moved from his spot, but spoke in a flat, measured voice, “We do not want cause trouble. You won’t find Harry Potter here. This is a harmless family gathering, nothing more.”

Dolohov gave him a condescending, hateful look. “How thick do you think I am, Lupin? He has clearly ties to you. But as you wish, we will search this property and you will answer our questions. Anyone – man, woman or child – found to be in cohorts with Potter, will deeply regret it. – And as for you, half-breed, I am sure this is not the last time we’ve met.”

He shouted orders to his men, who proceeded to split up; some entering the house while the rest narrowed the circle around them. Suppressing the boiling anger she felt inside herself, Molly helped Arthur calm her boys down, forced to watch those Death Eaters turn her home upside down. “Now is not the time to retaliate,” Arthur was conjuring them, his face stony. This expression was mirrored on all of their faces when they endured the often callous and downright impertinent questions.

Patronus message from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pg. 133 “The Wedding”

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