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Authors Note: Thank you all who have reviewed so far. I'm sorry for the long wait. and special thanks to Princess_Alice _Cullen. Who reminded me to update. Warning strong language. –Edited for spelling and grammar. I can’t guarantee perfection but I hope it is at least better.



    Hermione didn't notice at first that she was being followed. She was to busy trying to sort out her conflicted and confused feelings. Once again Draco managed to do the impossible; He got under her skin and confused her to no end. She couldn't figure him out. She knew that she needed to learn to get along with him if she wanted to survive. That was easier said than done. Whenever she and Draco were anywhere near each other they were at each other’s throats. She secretly wished for the old prejudice Draco. She couldn't understand this new one. The protectiveness he had shown over the last few weeks fueled her anger and she didn't know why. Did she think she was that bad of a witch that she couldn't protect herself?

  She was just opening the door to the room she was sharing with Draco. When she sensed rather than heard movement behind her. Swirling around with the anger she was feeling.

"What now ferret? Got more words of wisdom to share with a lesser being? “She stopped before she could continue her Rant.

   It wasn't Draco. Instead she saw another man. (Could she even call Draco that?) One she hadn't remembered seeing in the meeting with the other vampires and vampire newborns. He was tall with a roguish rugged appearance in his early to mid twenties. He had long black hair that went past his ears. It was dirty as if he hadn't had a chance to bathe yet. Nor shave. She guessed he hadn’t shaved since he had slight black beard growing along his strong cheek bones.

He had obviously been traveling. He had a long sword strapped to his hip. On the other a Roman Puglia (Pugio) Dagger was strapped. The strangest thing about him was his Deep Orange eyes. One thing was certain he was defiantly not human. But he didn't appear vampiric. Nor did he have a wizard’s aura.

"I'm so sorry; I thought you were someone else."As she spoke she could feel her cheeks burn and a blush start to creep up along her cheeks. Truly embarrassed, and mentally scolding herself for not paying closer attention to her surroundings. Hadn't that just been what Draco and she were feuding over?

He just grinned at her, his orange eyes scanning her form with an expert calculating gaze. In a way that not only made her uncomfortable, but made her feel exposed and helpless. A feeling she didn't like. "It's alright, my fault for sneaking up on you; I was just heading to speak to the high council leader. My name is Forest Montague, By the way. I have not seen you around here before. What is your name My lady?" He spoke in a thick lyrical accent she couldn't quite place.

 Hungarian was her best guess maybe Italian. But it sounded lyrical almost French so she was going to go with Hungarian until proven wrong. He kissed the back of her hand after he spoke. Her own mind was quickly calculating. Something was defiantly off.

Didn't he know about the trials? If he worked for the council He would most likely be informed and therefore expect to see people he had never met before here. So why was he acting so surprised. Why was it her he approached out of all the other new people? What was more he didn't appear or seem human or vampiric for that matter? Yet she felt like she had no choice but to answer him. He would probably follow her until she did. Resigned she sighed. She was quiet a moment choosing her next words carefully.

"my Name.." She started trying to keep her irritation out of her voice. "Is Her..." She stopped, Having been interrupted.

"Hermione! What are you doing? “Draco walked over to Hermione, well to Hermione’s point of view it was more like he appeared from one end of the hall to suddenly right next to her. "Who are you?" he asked forest. His Silver blue eyes appeared more grey as he surveyed Forest. Then something like recognition appeared in his eyes and he gripped his wand tightly.

Montague ignored him.

 "Hermione huh?" He grinned sadistically. Hermione got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "I like knowing the names of the humans here. They never last long, especially if they are my victims. “With that he walked away and disappeared into the room at the end of the hall. When he reached the double oak doors they opened on their own accord, as if they were expecting him. Before Slamming loudly shut and Hermione even at the distance they were in heard a soft click of a lock being put in place.

Draco grabbed her arm, pulling her into it rougher than he meant to. "What had I just told you? I told you to be careful. You just HAD to attract the worse trouble ever. It's like your coated with honey. "

"Listen here ferret." She interrupted She had had enough of him treating her like a 2 year old. "I can watch myself just fine."

"Then what prey tell. Were you doing talking to a hunter when no one was around? You could be dead."

"What’s a Hunter doing here?" She frowned.

"You’re not even listening are you? Such a typical bookworm. Montague is a Wraith. Who also happens to be one of the best hunters too. He always works for the shady people.. he did some work for the dark lord during the war. He's responsible for over 200 muggle deaths, 3 missing cases as well as over 45 witches and wizards. Most muggle born. He obviously is working for them. He's made his target clear you. He sighed. Don't leave this room. I'll come get you when everyone’s about to leave. I stole some books from the councils room a bit ago...Maybe something in there will help you.”

Hermione was left feeling confused. Opening a book she laid on the bed and started to read and take notes. At the same time trying to think how a wraith could still be alive. and Who Forest really was. She also made a mental note to remind Draco that she was not going to take orders lightly; even when he did have a point.



Forest watched as the three lords discussed amongst themselves about what he found out about the Girl Draco had brought. Their Worst fears confirmed. He smirked to himself. Rather Amused. Picking up a piece of paper that had clearly been ripped right out of a Very old book by how old the parchment was, and also by the texture. It was a thicker piece of paper than what was usual.

Dalaf and Malfas seemed more panicked. Their leader who was taller than both of them seemed calm. Or at least forest thought he was calm. He had never seen him without his hood down. The only indication of feelings would be a frown or a smile occasionally. But he was neither pouting nor was he smiling. If anything, He seemed to have known the whole time. Obsidian raised a hand to quite Dalaf and Malfas.

"We knew when we put in that they could bring a companion. We knew the odds of one of them being her. In fact, I was planning on it. Sure, it's a big problem. She could have her uses. Thank you Montague, for bringing us the prophecy, and Looking Up what you could about Grangers background. She must not be allowed to find out what we are up too and who we are working for. Don't kill her just yet...I want to test how far we can push her powers, trod carefully. You’re dismissed. I'm afraid I must retire for the night. Have Damascus send the vampires into the mountains. It is time. Malfas...Don't forget I want the Malfoy's History. I need to make sure I read the documents correctly. “With that their leader disappeared into the double doors behind the rounded table.

"As you wish." Montague spoke softly as the lord left. he watched the giant Black Panther follow him around the room suppressing the urge to kill it. He turned and left the room. The beast freaked him out. It was almost like it was human. On more than one occasion he thought it was a shifter. It was far too intelligent. "I prefer to play with my food anyway." Dalaf left with him walking beside him. Dalaf soon turned going to the right however to instruct Damascus and Damien to begin the games.

Montague went back up the stairs thinking. He had an Idea. Now that he knew who Granger was. He decided He would test her. "Let’s see how the mouse compares to a snake shall we." He spoke to the empty hall way; Letting off a cold cruel laugh that no one but the paintings on the walls could hear.



Draco sighed irritation was beyond what he was feeling right now. For the smartest witch of their age, she was certainly not very observant. Nor did she keep her guard up. You would think she had learned that by now with all the crap she went through with weasel and potter. He shook his head. Not wanting to think about it. He watched everyone around him. The newborns and older vampires had created small groups. Anxiously waiting for when they would be put on the first task.

They didn't have to wait long. Damien came back in not even a half our later. Causing Draco to look up from where he was laying on one of the couches. He got up and watched him. As he waited he Boredly played with his wand which everyone was staring at apprehensively.

"I'm going to pass each of you a map. It will only be visible for Ten minutes. When that ten minutes are up it becomes useless. Memorize it why you have the chance. You each will be taken to a different starting point. You are to find your way back here. In three days. Any stragglers will be killed. So be as quick as you can." Damien passed out a map to each of them. Draco took his without looking at him and went back to the room he shared with Granger.

Hermione was like he always saw her, deep in a book. He cleared his throat to snap her out of it. "Find anything? I have the map here. We have ten minutes to memorize the quickest way back here in three days."

"Three days? That’s not very long.”She took the piece of paper, her eyes scanning it as she made mental notes. He sat next to her doing the same.

"Yes, but there is a short cut, if we go through here." he pointed to a small pass between the mountains. “It will be dangerous but will cut our time in half.

"Danger I can handle." She said confidently, causing him to smirk.

"I have no doubts about that. You certainly have been in enough. Find anything from the books? “

"Yeah..Though there is a couple pages missing. It starts“She grabbed the book turning it to the page she was talking about. "Talking about a vampire that still can use his magic; you can. You didn't lose your ability when you were turned. Why is that I wonder."

"I can answer that." He sighed. "My great great great great great great grandmother was a vampiress. So I already had vampire blood to begin with. Combine that with my Family's history. Didn’t surprise me when I found I still had my abilities. I searched my family's library and checked our family trees records. I remembered hearing something about her. She had almost been completely wiped out. But there was a small passage on her. Just a name and what she was that was it. The rest had been completely erased. “

"I suppose that make sense yes. Did they know that when you were changed though? I smell a set up. There’s more going on here than we know. I also read a raising ritual. It is the only scroll that doesn’t have dust. But..Who are they trying to raise I wonder." She bit her lip starting to pack her bag again.

"That could be anyone. What were you saying about the missing pages?" He prompted. seeing as she had gone down a new thinking path.

"Oh yeah. It ends to a couple or ripped pages once its starts talking about a Domnita. A princess of some kind, it also gives a vague reference to a rare power. It won’t say what. “

"Strange.” He was about to say more but the bell over head signaled for them to head to the main room again. When they got there everyone was standing and ready to leave. One by one they were Aparated in a sense. Hermione called it teleporting. They were the last ones and they started out at the very top of the mountain exactly where they wanted to be.

"Good luck." Damien smiled to Hermione and nodded to Draco. He suppressed a irritated cough. Once he had disappeared Draco put the wand into his hand and whispered. "Point me" It spun rapidly before pointing north. Hermione and he started to go the opposite direction. They needed to go south.

Being a vampire he no longer felt the cold. But Hermione did. He watched her cast a warming spell around herself. He slid down the hill side. Waiting at the bottom he caught Hermione as she was about to speed right past him and off the cliff.

"Thanks.” She sighed her cheeks red from the stinging wind against her face.

"Its fine, which way now? “They were at a crossroad.

"Right It goes down into the valley. It will take two days to get back to the castle.. So we had better hurry." Draco followed. Casting detection spells occasionally to see if they were being followed or if there was anything dangerous around them. They traveled until it was passed midnight. He could tell Hermione was getting tired by how more often she slipped.

He found them a cave. Between some jagged rocks. The mist rising so he couldn't even seen his own hand in front of his face. He froze. He heard growling at the mouth of the cave. And saw two Red eyes....



"What do you mean we can't go yet?" Ron growled in disbelief they had explained to the monks what they were doing.

"We have to time it right. They are on guard at the moment. I'm sure your friend will be fine; if she is even still alive. “The elder monk spoke Gazing at Harry and Ron. Who both looked pissed beyond belief.

"Don't say that." Harry Hissed. She's stronger than that. Fine we will wait. What is it we have to do? “Harry spoke through gritted teeth worriedly he started to pace.

"We need to head to another castle to the east. There we will find an orb. We need to locate the domnita, the only one who has the power to close the gates that the vampires have spent centuries opening one by one. The last door is located under where they are. “He spoke calmly.

"How long will this take?" Harry said now fully regretting following the monks and catching them. He and Ron could be half way there by now.

"A month."

"A month! “They said together.”Our friend could get killed in that time frame. We don't have that kind of time. “

"She’ll be dead anyway if we don’t find the Orb of serenity and the sword made of Basilisk fangs and coated in Antractula venom.. " It’s our only hope. Sources say your witch is still alive.

"Who are your sources can we even trust them?" Harry Interrupted.

'Damien and Damascus, very old vampires the only ones we can trust they have saved us many times through the centuries. They haven’t lied once. She is a threat to them. There for they won’t kill her just yet. They will test her though. The Vampire she's with. You said you went to school with him. Tell me. Can he still use his wand?"

"Why does it matter if he can or can't." Said Ron "We saw him use magic a few days before he ran away with Mione.

"Hmm...No reason no reason. Come you must be tired. I'll lead you to where you'll stay tonight.

Once they were left alone in the simple room. Harry stared up at the cross.

The room was simple the same with any convent.

"I'll never understand muggles." Muttered Ron as he sat down "Do you think she's ok?”

"Yeah..Yeah I think she is “Harry replied in soft tones. One thing was certain he couldn't eat. Nor could he sleep. Even long after Ron's snores filled the Room he stared out the window, one arm around both his legs. He was just waiting for the sun to come up. Hoping Hermione could keep herself alive for a little while longer. The bad feeling he had growing.



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