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Weeks passed and neither Luna nor I mentioned the kiss. We visit the hospital every day and now Luna’s father had nearly made a full recovery. He was sleeping on the couch after insisting I take his bed for my stay. Aurors regularly come to the house to investigate the crime. They have reason to believe it was a left over death eater from the war but have no evidence of it. Luna became the perfect daughter cleaning and cooking every day. She was like a robot. I began to miss her. She was always busy and when we were alone she would find something she needed to do. I felt myself sinking further into loneliness.


I was sitting in Mr Lovegood’s bedroom when a loud knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. Luna entered the room carrying a tray full of biscuits and tea. Without speaking she laid it down on the bed and began to pour tea into the mugs. She handed me one of the mugs and sat down on the edge of the bed.

      “We need to talk,” she finally said, taking a sip of her tea. I looked down into the brown tea in my mug. I knew this was coming. “I’ve been thinking about what happened at the hospital the other week. It was unexpected.” I looked up at her. She was staring out the window at the rolling hills. Sensing my eyes on her face she turned towards me. I looked into her eyes searching for what might come next. She looked back at me, her eyes glistening with tears.

     “I’ve thought so much about it I’m losing sleep. There’s just so much going on at the moment with my daddy, the war, and all the deaths and not to mention the fact that I’m going back to Hogwarts in two weeks. I just want someone to hold me and tell me it will be all right. And I think you might be able to help me with that, we can help each other.” Smiling she took my hand. My heart skipped a beat at our skin’s contact.

      “I would like that,” I said breaking the silence that had formed. Luna’s face broke into a smile as she drank the rest of her tea.


I watched Luna as she slept. Watched her chest rise slowly with every breath and then sink in again. Her light blonde curls cascading around her shoulders, a few stray curls sticking to her face. A knock sounded at the door. I looked up to see Mr Lovegood standing in the doorway, smiling slightly at the sight before him. I stood up slowly, making sure not to disrupt Luna’s sleep.

      “This is the first proper sleep Luna’s had in ages, she has become the ghost of a girl, up at all hours of the night.” Mr Lovegood said, his voice raspy, but you could not mistake the fondness it held for Luna. “She doesn’t know it but I watch her every night. She checks on me every half an hour, making sure I’m alright. She stands outside your door listening for noises you might make in your sleep.” Seeing the look on my face he added, “She knows you have nightmares. My Luna is very observant.”

      “That’s not exactly true,” Luna’s sleepy voice came from the bed. “I sometimes check on you every hour, and I do get sleep. It just hasn’t been easy.” With that she hopped off the bed and came to stand next to me. Mr Lovegood gave her a look before glancing at me and making his way slowly down the stairs again.




Luna’s P.O.V


I awoke to the sound of my father’s voice. He was standing talking to George, who was listening intently. I could catch snippets of their conversation; it was obvious they were talking about me. I listened some more before speaking up.

“That’s not exactly true. I sometimes check on you every hour, and I do get sleep. It just hasn’t been easy." I finally interrupted.

I felt George’s eyes on me so I hopped off the bed and went to stand next to him. He was at least a head taller than me, with a skinny but not scrawny body. I looked at my father. He gave me a look that clearly said, ‘Don’t do anything stupid,’ before glancing at George and leaving the room.


When the last sound of my father’s footsteps sounded out I took a step closer to George and wrapped my arms around waist. He pulled me closer burying me in a warm hug. I smiled up at him before pressing my lips to his. He stiffened a bit before relaxing into the kiss. I felt his tongue brush against my lip. I hesitated before granting him access to my mouth.

This was like nothing I ever felt before. It was like fireworks exploding in my mouth. George’s tongue was moving with mine in a sweet harmonious dance. I pushed my hands against his toned stomach. I could feel the warmth of his skin through his thin shirt.

George was a gentleman, not like any of the other guys you see around. He would keep one hand on the small of my waist, never once straying any further down, the other one tangled in my hair. It was nice not to be groped like I had seen Ron do to Lavender so many times. No wonder she left him. He was not a very nice person.


A loud pecking at the window interrupted our make out session. I pulled away reluctantly and looked towards the window where a large, brown, barn owl was sitting on the window sill. Looking at George I walked over to the window and opened it to let the owl in. Surprisingly he hopped straight passed me and landed where George was standing. The owl lifted his leg up and George took the letter attached to his leg. As he read the letter, his face paled. He looked up at me, his green eyes swimming with tears.

         “It’s the joke shop,” he said holding the letter out for me. I quickly skimmed over the contents of the letter. It was from the Ministry, they wanted George to sell the joke shop.

        “I’m not making enough money to keep it going, I have to sell.”

        “Oh George,” I said, wrapping him in a tight hug. “It’ll get better.” I rested my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He lent down and kissed my forehead before sighing.

      “I’ve got to go and sort this out.” With that he disappeared leaving me staring at the spot he vanished from.

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