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The Lion and the Snake by megan16
Chapter 1 : Back to Hogwarts
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Disclaimer. I own nothing except for Allison.

Allison’s ice blue eyes fluttered open as a small stream of sunlight hit her eyes from the small opening between the emerald curtains. Allison rubbed her eyes, trying to get the last reminiscent of sleep out of her. She lay back, starring up at the ceiling of her dark green canopy bed; Mornings had always been the worse for her. She absolutely hated getting up early. All she wanted to do was snuggle back under the thick blankets and escape back into her dreams. Allison suddenly sat up, remembering just exactly why she was up so early. Her eyes looked around the dark room until they came to rest on a calendar pinned to her wall. Circled in black and green ink was the date September 1st.

Allison smiled and threw her blankets off of her body, all memories of going back to sleep erased as she bounded towards her bedroom door opening the large oak doors. She quietly tiptoed down the large halls of Malfoy Manor in search of one destination: Draco’s room. She made her way up to the doors that lead to her older brother’s room. She quietly pushed them open, peering into the dark room. Allison giggled slightly as she heard her brothers snoring. She made her way over to the window and tugged them open, letting a flood of sunlight stream into the once dark room.

“Good morning Draco,” Allison greeted loudly as she turned towards the bed. Draco groaned as he yanked the covers over his eyes, trying desperately to keep the sunlight from hitting his eyes. Allison jumped on to the bed and yanked the covers off of hm. “Draco come on, get up its September 1st. were finally 5th years and were going back to Hogwarts today,” Allison squealed in delight as she jumped down to the plush carpet. Draco sat up on his bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes, his platinum blonde hair laying tussled on top of his head.

“Bloody hell Allison, you could have knocked,” Draco replied irritated that he had been waken form his sleep.

“Well you have to get up, we leave for the train in 2 hours,” Allison exclaimed smiling from ear to ear.

Draco rolled his eyes and slowly pulled himself out of bed. “Ok I’m getting up,” he grudgingly muttered as he made his way towards the bathroom.

Allison made her way out of the room and towards her bedroom to get ready. As she walked in, she noticed her family’s house elf, Daisy, set a tray of food on her table.

“Good morning Daisy,” Allison replied as the small creature turned towards her.

“Good morning miss Malfoy,” Daisy said in a small, squeaky voice.

“Daisy, do you know if my father is here,” Allison questioned as she made her way towards her wardrobe to grab some clothes.

“Master Malfoy is away on Ministry business,” and with that, Daisy apperated away. Allison heaved a sigh of relief that her father would not be here today. She gently brushed her fingertips over a fading bruise on her upper arm, one of many that littered her body, both on the outside and inside, one of many punishments her father would give to her and her brother. Although Lucius would abuse both Draco and Allison, his rage was mostly directed towards her. She could not count the many times he had put the cruciatus curse on her. She could still feel the pain run through her body still to this day. Her mother had tried desperately to stop him to no avail. The only people she truly cared for were her mother, her brother and her god father Severus Snape.
Severus Snape was more of a father towards her then Lucius, but he did not know about the abuse that was occurring. Everyone perceived her god father as being cold and heartless, all though he could be especially to the students of Hogwarts. But with Allison, he was a completely different person. He was a very kind person and someone she could always come to, whether it was help on any work or just as a shoulder to cry on. She was probably one of the only people to ever see him smile or even laugh. But Allison always felt like he was hiding something from her, and every time Allison felt like she was close to finding out what, it always led to a dead end.

Allison grabbed a pair of dark skinny jeans, a white tank top and her favorite light blue sweater that her mother had given her for her 14th birthday last year and quickly went into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. An hour had passed and Allison got out of the shower and quickly dried off pulling on her clothes she looked into the mirror at her appearance. The only features that made her look like a Malfoy was her smooth pale skin and light blue eyes. Unlike her family who has blonde, almost white hair, Allison had dark black that hung down her back in small waves. Her mother hasd explained she must have gotten her hair color from her side, most members of the black family having dark hair. Allison pulled her hair up into a ponytail, deciding to let it dry naturally and made her way out of the bathroom. After double checking her luggage and making sure she had everything she would need, she grabbed her carrier as her snow white cat Annabelle made her way towards her. She gently scooped the cat up and set her in the cage closing the door. She grabbed her trunk and the carrier and made her way out of her room and down to the main foyer of the manor were she saw her mother and Draco waiting for her.

“Are you ready to go dear, you have all your things packed?” Narcissa asked as Allison made her way over. Allison shook her head smiling. “Good now let’s go to the train station shall we.” Draco and Allison held tightly to their trunks with one hand and with the other took hold of their mothers as she apparated out of the manor. Allison quickly opened her eyes as the feeling of being squeezed through a tight tube had vanished and smiled as she looked upon the Hogwarts Express. Her eyes took in the large scarlet train as the smoke swirled around the platform, giving the area a wonderful look. She noticed the many children and families around as they made their last goodbyes.

“Have a wonderful time and write often,” Narcissa said as she gave both her children hugs. Allison and Draco grabbed their stuff and quickly made their way on to the train and in search for a compartment. Allison sighed as Draco pushed past some first year students. Even though she loved her brother dearly he could be an ass. Allison reached up and hit Draco in the back of the head.

“Oww what was that for,” Draco asked as he rubbed the back of his head. Allison grabbed her trunk putting it up in the space provided.

“That, my dear brother was for what you did to those 1st years,” Allison replied sticking her tongue out at him as Draco did this same. Allison was the only one whoever saw this side of her brother. She loved when he was like this and not how he portrayed himself to others.

2 hours passed and Allison looked out the window, noticing that they were getting closer to their destination. She stood up and grabbed her robe from her trunk and made her way out of the compartment and towards the bathroom to change. As she was walking she did not notice another compartment door open and someone walk out. She ran into the person and fell back on the ground. Allison looked up to see who she bumped into and her breath caught as her ice blue eyes locked with emerald ones.

Harry looked down and saw Allison Malfoy on the ground. He put his hand out for her to take and she gently placed her hand into his as he helped her stand. “Umm thanks,” Allison replied, slightly awkwardly. “Sure,” Harry replied curtly as he quickly brushed past her and down the train hall. Allison sighed as she walked into the bathroom to change.

Although her and Harry weren’t best friends they were still civil towards each other. He held no animosity towards her for what her brother or her father did, well maybe a little, but he never let that show. Allison touched the hand that he had held, still feeling a slight tingle generate through her hand and up her body. Yes, Allison Malfoy had a crush on Harry Potter. She could still remember the first time they met. It had been on the train ride during their first year at Hogwarts.

10 year old Allison Malfoy let out a sigh as she stood from her seat. It had been an hour since the Hogwarts Express had left and Allison was extremely bored. She loved her brother yes but the two lug heads Crabbe and Goyle were getting on her nerves. “Where are you going Allison,” 11 year old Draco asked his sister as she opened the compartment door.

“I’m just going to have a look around, maybe meet some new people, “she replied making her way out of the compartment and into the slightly crowded corridor. She carefully made her way through the throng of students all mingling together. As she kept walking a 6th year boy pushed into the small girl. She lost her balance and fell to the side, landing on the floor of an open compartment.

“Are you ok?” A voice questioned. Allison looked up and saw 2 boys who looked to be 11 looking down at her. Her eyes first landed on the boy sitting to the right of her. He had a small round face, his cheeks flushed with a small dust of freckles and his bright red hair lying against his head messily. She instantly recognized him as being a Weasly, although unlike her family she held no animosity towards him or his family. Her eyes next wondered to the small boy sitting to her left. He was small and sort of scrawny looking with jet black hair that stuck out messily at a few areas. His eyes, hidden behind a pair of round glasses, were a deep emerald color. As she took in his appearance, she noticed the lightning bolt shaped scar that lay against his forehead. So this was the famous Harry Potter she had heard about.

“Umm yes I’m fine,” Allison replied blushing as she pulled herself up dusting herself off. “Would you mind if I sat with you guys,” the black haired girl asked, looking between both boys.

“Sure, I’m Harry Potter and this it Ron Weasly,” Harry introduced, a small smile lighting up his face as the young first year took a seat next to him. Ron smiled as he gave a small wave, his mouth full of chocolate frogs, causing both Harry and Allison to laugh at the sight.

“My name is Allison.” She decided not to divulge her last name, since it did tend to frighten some people. The rest of the train ride, the 3 first years talked, laughed and ate having a wonderful time. Allison had a good feeling that they could be really good friends. That was until the sorting ceremony. Not only was she put into Slytherin but they now knew her true identity of being a Malfoy. Any chance at having a friendship at dissolved at that moment.

Allison sighed as she was brought back to the present. The whistle from the trained jogged her out of her daze and she hastily threw on her Hogwarts robe over her clothes and made her way out of the train, catching up with her brother and his friends. This was going to be a long year, Allison thought as she got on to a carriage with her brother, finally making their way towards the vast castle.

Later that night, Allison lay awake in her bunk in the Slytherin dormitory. Her mind kept replaying everything that had occurred that evening. Every student had been whispering all night about Harry and his claims about the dark lord returning. Many opposed him and many did not want to believe but Allison knew the truth. Voldomot had indeed returned. She shivered in fear involuntary just thinking about the vile monster. She knew her father and most of her family’s allegiance to him but Allison did not agree. And also The ministry’s involvement in Hogwarts affairs with the appointment of that toad Umbridge as Defense against the dark arts teacher. She sighed as she moved on her side. After a few minutes, she drifted off into a dreamless sleep, her thoughts pondering on how this year would turn out.

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The Lion and the Snake: Back to Hogwarts


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