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I felt a hand on my bare arm, shaking me softly. My eyes parted slightly, and I narrowed as I tried to recognise the face. When I did I groaned. “What now?” I spat, turning away from him.

I felt Malfoy sit down on the side of my bed. “We have patrol together in 5 minutes,” he said, drawing another groan from me. I forgot about that. Talk about ruining my day … night, whatever.

I sat up in the middle of the bed and stretched. It took me a little while to notice his stare, but when I did I crossed my arms over my chest. “What’s got your attention, Malfoy?”

“Your outfit,” he grinned and I frowned before looking down at what I was wearing. I hadn’t changed since –

Oh, fuck.

I was wearing his tee.

Oh, why, why, why? WHY?

My cheeks were burning immensely. This was one of those typical moments when you wished for the world to just open up and swallow you whole so you could avoid the shame and embarrassment. The fierce shame and embarrassment I was feeling right now.

Deciding that trying to explain myself would just end with me making myself look pathetic, I got up and walked up to my dresser, ignoring his stare the best I could.

I grabbed a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a white, snug tank top. Closing the drawer, I opened the one underneath and pulled out a matching pair of white lace knickers and bra. I turned to Draco, who seemed very interested in my choice of underwear. “Turn around, perv,” I snapped, and his gaze met mine. A devilish smile spread across his face before he slowly turned away from me.

Being as quick as I could, I undressed and pulled on the knickers. I grabbed my bra and cupped my breasts with it before I wrapped it around my torso. I was about to clasp the bra shut when I heard a faint whisper:

“God damn.”

“Malfoy!” I whined as I spun around to see his face lit up and his eyes hungry.

“Can’t you take a message? I told you not to look!”

“Seriously, Penelope?” Malfoy laughed, having great difficulty meeting my gaze as his was clearly busy elsewhere. “That’s like telling a kid not to eat candy. And may I say, you’re way better than candy…”

“Malfoy!” I shrieked, grabbing my bed sheets to cover myself. Unfortunately, as I let go of one side of my bra, it fell off and I’m 99% certain he saw SOMETHING before I was able to shield myself.

“Get out!” I screamed, terror clear on my face.

Malfoy sat perfectly still on my bed, clearly enjoying the view. Either that, or he was playing a memory I was certain I wished he’d never gotten.


“Oh come on. I promise not to look this time,” I drawled, piercing me with his gaze. How did he do that?!

“N-no. No! Get out!” I stuttered, knowing all too well I’d lost all my dignity. I should’ve known better than to trust him not to look.

He sighed, “Your wish is my command.”

With that he got up and closed the door behind himself.

I stood still for a few moments, calming myself down. I let go of the bed sheets, letting it slip to the floor and I bent down to get my bra.

As I was fully dressed, I pulled on my grey Converse and a brown cardigan before I exited my room.

I walked down the stairs and when I still didn’t see Malfoy, I frowned. Had he gone out in the corridor?

Shrugging, I opened the portrait and sure enough, there he stood leaning against the brick wall in a very nonchalant-way.

“Let’s go,” I said as I passed him, starting down the corridor to the left.

Only two more hours to go, I told myself, then realised that it wasn’t much of a comforting thought.


I yawned loudly as we turned another corner. “How long have we been walking?” I asked, breaking the silence that had fell upon us since we’d started. “20 minutes,” he replied after looking into thin air for a short while. “How do you know?” I asked, my tone drooling with scientism. He looked over at me and arched a perfect brow. “Guessing.”

I rolled my eyes and hit him in the arm. “Ow,” he complained, rubbing the spot my fist had connected with his upper arm. “Oh, yeah right. Like that hurt! You’re made of stone, dude,” I snapped, receiving a boyish grin in return. “It’s muscles, Penelope.”

I pressed my lips together as I crossed my arms over my chest and sped up my pace. Malfoy, of course, kept up with me easily. Why did he have to have such long legs?

I waved my wand and the clock appeared in thin air. I cursed as it glowed 2.20 AM.

HOW had he guessed it that correctly?

I could hear him snicker behind me, so I quickly made the clock vanish to avoid further humiliation.

“You should start trusting me,” I heard him say. I could feel his breath in my neck. He was way too close, yet not close enough.

“I don’t have a death wish,” I sneered, trying to ignore the goose bumps erupting all over my body.

“You’re too stubborn for your own good,” he laughed as he grabbed me by the shoulders, making me stop dead in my tracks. His hands were burning the flesh on my shoulder, but – unfortunately – it didn’t hurt. It was somehow comfortable…

I didn’t dare turn around. I knew nothing of what would happen if I did. I knew I couldn’t trust myself in his presence.

“Le- let go of m-me,” I stammered, and I felt him laugh. He massaged my shoulders gently, making my whole body relax.

“On one condition,” he whispered in my ear, his breath comfortingly warm. I gasped as I felt his lips brush over the sensitive spot behind my ear. I desperately tried to swallow the huge lump that had formed itself in my throat, but it stayed put.

He slowly turned me around, and I shut my eyes before his eyes could hypnotise me yet again.

“Open your eyes, Penelope.”

As if I was a robot, I opened my eyes at his command. That’s when I registered he was only a few inches away from me, our bodies brushing against one another. ”What do you want?” I whimpered. “What’s the condition?”

“Just admit it, Penelope,” he sighed, the devilish smile back on his face again.

“Admit what?” I asked, not feeling the slightest bit in control of the situation. His face got closer and our noses were almost touching as he stopped and whispered, “You’re attracted to me.”

I blushed enormously and looked up in his eyes.

“What makes think that?” I tried, narrowing my eyes.

He snorted a laugh, offending me deeply.

“First, you tell me to undress–”

“I did no–”

“Don’t deny it,” he interrupted me, and I pouted slightly.

“Then you undress in front of me–”

“You were NOT supposed to look!” I snapped. THAT surely had NOT been my fault. “Oh, please,” he grinned, brushing off everything I said.

“Just admit it, Penelope.”

“Not a chance,” I sneered and spun around, storming down the corridor.

I gasped as a blast blew through the corridor, blowing out all the torches and leaving me in complete darkness.

I felt the paranoia creeping up on my immediately, as I was absolutely terrified of the dark.

“Dr- Draco?” I stammered, panicking when he didn’t answer me.

“Draco Malfoy, you answer me this instant!”

“Shh,” I heard his voice say, and soon after I felt his large hands on my upper arms. He stroke them slowly, calming me down. “Afraid of the dark, are we?”

“Like hell we are. I blame it on all the horror film I’ve seen,” I muttered, feeling a lot better knowing he was there. He heard his soft chuckle and it made me smile. The only reason I allowed myself to, however was because I knew there was no chance he would see it.

“What happened?” I asked, taking a step closer to him without realising it myself.

“Probably a kid playing around,” he answered and I felt his arm tensing. He was probably taking a firmer grip of his wand.

Without warning, the torches lit once again and I found myself pressed up against Draco’s chest.

I looked up carefully, hoping he hadn’t noticed me. Which was unlikely, as I was pressed tightly against his chest.

He was looking down at me, half a smile playing along his delicate lips. He was so perfect.

“Come on,” he said, and loosened my grip around him before he marched down the corridor from where that blast had come from.

Realising I was just standing there, my arms still outstretched as if still around him, I literally slapped myself across the cheek before I hurried after him.

Gosh, my plan of not making myself seem like some utter fool with no self-control was clearly abandoned long ago.

I felt like a dog: following his every move, wanting to lick him… You get the drill, no need for more highly embarrassing details.


“Oi!” Draco shouted, and I snapped back into reality just in time to see Draco run around a corner. Confused and curious I ran after him, having great difficulty keeping up.

I turned the same corner as him only seconds later, yet I found myself absolutely alone.

A soft blast blew in my hair from the right, so I chose to follow that path. This time, however, I chose not to run. My paranoia kept me from it – I had no idea what could be hiding in the shadows!

I wrapped my arms around my tiny waist, feeling absolutely not at ease. I’d never liked my Prefect rounds, but I’d been able to get it around 9 o’clock, so it wasn’t really dark yet. Now it was pitch black, and I was all alone – for all I knew, at least.

“Come on, kiddo. Think I’m going to buy that?”

The sound of Draco’s familiar voice warmed in ways I thought unimaginable. It didn’t matter that he sounded incredibly pissed off, because it was still his voice.

I sped up, and soon I saw the contours of Draco’s body along with a much smaller one. He couldn’t be more than a 2nd student.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I caught up with them. The kid sent me a terrified glance. “N-nothing,” he stuttered helplessly.

Draco snorted, “look behind you.”

I did, and what made me caused an exhausted groan to escape my lips. “Seriously? Was that really necessary?” I asked, as I turned back to the kid, clearly not very satisfied. He gulped.


He looked around himself in despair, but as his eyes caught Draco’s threatening glare and answered hesitantly, “M-Mark McCallister.”

“You better not be lying, kiddo,” Draco threatened, and I realised how great he was to have in these situations.

“I’m not!” Mark choked out, clearly panicking. “I swear! I promise! Cross my heart!”

“We believe you,” I said, catching his attention. Clearly he’d forgotten about me. “Run along now, to you DORM. Or do you want me to send him to make sure you do as you’re told?” I asked, a hint of a threat hanging in the air.

Mark shook his head violently before he pushed past us and ran as fast as he could down the corridor, soon disappearing out of sight.

“OW!” Draco called out as I hit him violently on the back of his head. “What was that for?”

“How DARE you run away from me? I was scared to DEATH! You heard that? DEATH!” I yelled, giving him my blackest look.

He stared at me for some time before he blurted out a, in my opinion a very inappropriate, laugh.

“Oh, aren’t you just the cutest,” he grinned as he grabbed me around the waist, pulling me along with him to continue our patrol.


“Sure you don’t want me to follow you inside?” asked Draco for the enth time, and I shook my head, trying to hide both my blush and my smile. “Yes, I’m positive,” I answered, looking up at him.

We were standing in the small alley just before the portrait that led to the Head common room.

“Yeah? I could help you undress. And it’s dark in there, you’ll need me to keep you safe,” he grinned. Clearly he picked up a lot more than I gave him credit for.

“I, uhm,” I began, unsure of how to respond to this. “I think I’ll be fine.”

Draco pushed a stray of hair behind my ear, causing sparks to erupt at our touch. I looked up into his eyes, bathing in the elegance, drowning in their strength.

Believe me when I say that I noticed how his face was getting closer to mine. Don’t believe me when I say I didn’t want it.

Just as his lips were a mere centimetre away from my own, I turned my head, causing his lips to brush from the corner of my mouth, to the soft skin of my blushing cheek. He kissed it never the less, causing my heart to skip a beat and my knees to buckle. I could feel his lips form into a smile, as they were still pressed against my burning cheek.

I moved away from him and opened the portrait. Just before I closed it I turned to look at him, only to find him staring straight back at me.

“Good night, Penelope,” he winked, forcing my to grip the frame of the portrait even harder to steady myself.

“Good night, Malfoy,” I replied before I shut the portrait and he vanished out of my sight.



A/N: Soo, watcha think? Believe Kaya can resist Draco's charm for much longer? OR do you think she'll give in? Leave me a review, and let me know! xx

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