They appeared at the Burrow later that afternoon still covered in blood and dirt. Harry and Ron went up to Ron’s attic bedroom.

“This thing is still up here!” Ron exclaimed. Ron’s ghoul was lying on Ron’s bed. “Help me levitate him up to his room.” He told Harry. “Wingardium Leviosa.” Ron said.

“Locomotor ghoul.” Harry said. Together Ron and Harry got the ghoul up to the room he had been in before they had left to hunt Horcruxes. They laid the ghoul on its thin sleeping pad. The ghoul got up and ran towards the trap door. “Quick, get out!” Harry yelled. Ron and Harry jumped through the hole in the floor, landed on their backs and closed the trap door. “Ouch.” Harry said, rubbing the soar spot on his back.

Ron grimaced at him, “I think he likes my room. But now it smells bad in here.” He complained, “I’ll go ask mum if she has something to make it smell better.” He went out the door and Harry started unpacking.

Hermione and Ginny entered the room, “What was all that racquet?” Hermione asked.

“Ghoul. Ron and I were trying to put it back in the attic.” Harry answered.

“Yes, but it sounded like you fell.” Ginny said, worriedly.

“It wasn’t that hard of a fall. It was only out of the trapdoor.” Harry said, trying to make it sound alright.

“That’s at least five feet.” Ginny said, “Let me fix you.” She lifted up the back of his shirt, “Look at the size of that bruise! Episkey.” She tapped his back with her wand. It felt very hot then very cold. “There that’s better.” Ginny sounded satisfied.

“Thanks. You better do Ron to. He fell just as hard.” Harry said.

“I’ll get him.” Hermione said. She walked out of the room to find Ron.

“See you at dinner Harry.” Ginny said and kissed him on the cheek then went out.
Harry finished unpacking then Ron came back upstairs.

“I found some flowers.” Ron said.

“Brilliant. I’m going to get in the shower.” Harry said grabbing a fresh pair of clothes. The shower felt better then ever. Months of dirt and grime came off in that shower. He had to scrape to get the blood off. Then he noticed the dark purple bruise in the center of his chest where the killing curse had hit. “Episkey.” Harry pointed his wand at the bruise. Nothing happened. Harry remembered now that injuries from dark magic could not be healed. He sighed, ‘oh well’ he thought, ‘there’s nothing I can do about it.’ He headed down to the kitchen.

“Well you’re looking nice and clean now. Here sit down I’ll just get you something to eat.” Mrs. Weasley said when she noticed him. Ginny was sitting down already with a bowl of onion soup. Harry took a seat next to her.

“You’re looking nice and clean too.” Harry complimented.

“Thanks, You too.” Ginny said, after she swallowed her mouthful of soup.

Mrs. Weasley set some soup in front of Harry. “Thanks Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said. It tasted wonderful. Harry had not eaten much lately so Mrs. Weasley’s cooking tasted better then ever.

“Harry, I’ve been wondering.” Ginny said, “Before you were telling me about your years at Hogwarts. Don’t answer this if it’s to personal, but what about before Hogwarts? I mean I know you lived with the Dursleys, that your parents were killed by Voldemort, and that you survived the killing curse, but nothing else.” She finished.

“Well there is not much to tell. My best birthday present I can remember getting from them was some of uncle Vernon’s old socks. I made all there food and acted like there servant, got beat-up by Dudly a couple times a week, and slept under the stairs.” Harry replied, matter-of-factly.

Ginny looked outraged, “They made you do THAT!” She almost yelled, “If I ever meet them I will-” She, apparently didn’t know what she’d do to them because she never finished her sentence. Awhile after dinner Harry decided to go to bed.

“Goodnight everyone.” He said.

“I think I’ll go to bed too.” Ron said, yawning. Ginny, Hermione and George agreed. They all exchanged goodnights then the four teens and George headed up to bed. The next morning Harry went downstairs and was greeted by a wonderful smell.

“That smells wonderful, Mrs. Weasley!” Harry said as he sat down.

“Thank you Harry.” Mrs. Weasley smiled. The rest came down in the next half-hour and as they ate they talked about the day.

“I think I want to play some quidditch.” Harry said. It had been months since he had played, “I’d have to get a new broom though.”

“Oh yeah!” Ron agreed enthusiastically. Ginny also agreed, though not as excitedly as Ron.

“So, I’ll just run by Diagon Ally, then we can play all the rest of today, if we want.” Harry told them, the other two agreed. So, after breakfast Harry finished getting ready and headed for Diagon Ally. He stepped outside then headed through the gate, and disapparated. He appeared on Charing Cross Road then entered the Leaky Cauldron. It was packed with customers, Harry remembered the last time he was here there was no one except for a few warlocks. Harry tried to keep his head down so no one would notice him.

Tom the stooped and toothless landlord, greeted him “Mr. Potter, hello, how are you!” He said excitedly.

The room had gone very quiet, then, “It is Potter!” Someone yelled. Then the crowd was surrounding him, people were grabbing him and patting him on the back, people were shouting and asking him questions.

“Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” He shouted, but to no avail. “Sonorus. Hello,” His magically magnified voice said, “I would like to answer all your questions but I need to hurry, I have to be somewhere.” This was not completely true, he did need to get back to the Burrow, but was in no hurry. The crowd made a path to the back door, so Harry got out the back door and tapped the brick, to open the arch way to Diagon Ally, with his wand. It opened and revealed the now bustling streets of Diagon Ally, it now looked much more like the Diagon Ally Harry remembered from his first trip then his last trip. He made his way to Quality Quidditch Supplies, he entered the shop and found what he sought almost at once. A Fire Bolt just like the one he had lost during the battle of little winging, of course this one would not be as special, as his other one had been from Sirius. He reached into his pocket and was surprised to find several Galleons, sickles and knuts. He had enough. He grabbed one from the rack and brought it to the counter.

“Ah, Mr. Potter.” The cashier said, “Here you go,” he handed it back to Harry, who handed him the money, “No, No, you keep it, think of it as a way of me saying thank you.”

“Uh, okay, thanks” Harry said. He exited the shop and walked back up the street to the Leaky Cauldron, he entered quietly and walked quickly through the pub out onto the street, from there he disapparated. Once back to the Burrow he ran inside.

Mrs. Weasley was there, in the kitchen, “Ah, Harry, Ron told me to tell you to meet them out in the field.

“Thanks, Mrs. Weasley,” Harry said and went back outside and headed to the field.

“There you are!” Said Ron, “We’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Yeah, sorry about that but the Leaky Cauldron is a bit more full than last time.” He apologized, the others seemed to get what he meant. “Well should we get on with it.”

“We’re still waiting for George, he wanted to come play to, and that makes it even.” Said Ginny.

Just then George apparated next to them, holding a broom stick, “Hello everyone, shall we?” They all kicked off. “So how will we do the teams?” asked George. They decided George with Ron and Harry with Ginny, Harry would be Seeker and Beater, Ron would be Seeker and Keeper, Ginny would be Chaser and Keeper and George would be Chaser and Beater. Hermione let the balls out and the game was on! Ginny scored two goals and then George did three.

“Alright no more nicey nice,” Ginny said, then she took the Quaffle from George, one, two, three, four, she scored over and over again and Ron could not stop her. Ginny was blocking the few shots George shot. Harry was hitting the Bludgers away from Ginny, all the time looking for the Snitch. After about an hour the score was one hundred-forty to one hundred. Now suddenly George scored six more goals, but then Harry saw a glint of gold flying down right by the ground. He angled his broom and streaked down to toward the ground. Ron flew up behind him, but as they drew within feet to the ground he pulled up, Harry straitened his broom and reached for the snitch, he caught it.

“YEAH!” He shouted. And landed, Ron and George touched down with Ginny close behind, she ran to Harry and hugged him.

“Good job!” She said.

“You too.” He said. They all trudged back to the house where Mrs. Weasley was just finishing preparing lunch.

While they were eating, Ron suggested they go for a swim later, “We have a lake just down the hill from here and we could sure use the cool down!” He told them. They all agreed and finished there food. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and George all headed to there rooms and changed into bathing suits. They met down stairs laden with beach towels and every thing everything else they would need for a swim. They ran down to the lake, and when they got there they laid out there towels and jumped in. The water was cold but not to cold, Harry enjoyed it and could tell the others did as well. A make-shift diving board stood at one side of the lake, Ron climbed out and walked over to it, shivering, he jumped off the board, with a colossal splash! Then everyone tried it first George then Harry then Ginny then Hermione and then Ron again, each accompanied with a splash. After several hours they tired, so they decided to head back to the house.


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