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Lily walked alone down the corridors, to meet her boyfriend. She hadn't spoken to Alex, Rosie and Louise in a a few days and she missed them dearly. But both sides had to much pride to aplogize.

She really wanted to tell them about her conversation with Paul that morning. But she obviously couldn't...

“I mean, I just can’t believe my sister is getting married I mean finally” Paul had been telling her, “of course you’ll be my plus one right Lily” Lily had nodded at him and smiled.


“it just you know makes me think about our future Lil, and you know think about our wedding” Paul had continued suddenly looking shocked with himself he said shut up and finished his breakfast, but Lily could not stop smiling.

She walked towards where he was waiting for her, he gave her a swift smile which she happily returned.
“Look Lil, im so sorry, I can’t hang out now” Paul said smiling at her softly.

“Ok” Lily muttered.

“Petal, you know im sorry, and I know you’re having a tough time with the girls at the moment but it’ll all be okay” Paul said to her not meeting her eyes.

“I know, well okay, shall I meet you in the entrance hall at about 10 ish tomorrow for Hogsmeade?” Lily glance up at her boyfriend, he nodded and walked away smiling.


Lily made her way back to the dorm, passing Rosie, Alex and Louise on the way shooting them glares, she heard Rosie sigh and shout her name.


But she ignored them. She didn't want to talk. She just wanted to be left alone.


The next morning Lily was first up, last night in the dorm had been awkward, her friends had barely said one word to her and to top off her bad mood she had a heads meeting with James that evening and could not deal with Potter at that moment.

Lily ate her breakfast quickly and made her way to the entrance hall to wait for Paul, after ten minutes she saw him coming, laughing with a few of his friends and wave goodbye. She couldn’t help but notice his smile waver when he saw her but she chose to ignore it and smiled at him.

“Shall we go then” Paul muttered, not sounding as nearly as cheerful as usual.

Lily nodded following her boyfriend into Hogsmeade. They spent the first two hours in an uncomfortable silence. Until they left Honeydukes sweet shop, Lily decided to strike a conversation with him.


“So, when have Ravenclaw got Quidditch try-outs?” Lily asked even though she didn’t care.

“Few weeks” Paul replied shortly, he wasn’t usually so short with her, she was hurt, she wanted to know what she had done.


“Okay Paul, what’s going on?” Lily finally snapped.


“Nothing” He muttered.


“Paul stop it and spit it out” Lily fumed, she hated being lied to.


“Look I didn’t know when to do this, it never seemed like the right time” he said awkwardly

Paul sighed and stared at her, Lily had butterflies in her stomach, fearing what he would say.


“Lil, look im sorry, but I just don’t think it’s working anymore” Paul said bluntly not meeting her eyes.

“What? 24 hours you were talking about marriage and now what?” Lily fumed.

“I met someone else, she just kinda took my breath away, I met her in yesterday, im sorry Lily” Paul said looking at his shoes.

Lily’s eyes filled with tears, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she muttered ‘okay’ and walked off, she did not want to go back to the castle as it would feel cold and lonely but she could not stand going into the three broomsticks as everyone happy moods would make her feel worse.

She made her way down the road to the shrieking shack by herself tears rolling down her cheeks looking at the floor, lost in her thoughts she bumped into someone.

“Lily?” She heard Rosie’s voice from above her; Lily looked up she saw her three friends staring at her, smiling. Lily couldn’t handle it she burst into tears.

“Lily? What happened? Where’s Paul?” She heard Louise’s kind voice even though she wouldn’t look at them.

“He broke up with me, for another girl” Lily spluttered wrapped in Alex’s warm hug.


“Oh Lily, we are so sorry for everything we said to you” Alex murmured into her hair.

“Im sorry too” Lily coughed.


“Pauls a jerk, I mean that girl he was holding hands with yesterday, assuming that’s her isn’t even pretty” Rosie joked. Lily’s head shot up.


“You knew?” Lily said her eyes widening as her friends shifted uncomfortably.


"We um saw them yesterday" Rosie muttered.

“You saw him? And you didn’t tell me? Thought it’d be funny if I was treated like a fool, I could’ve broken up with him!” Lily raged at them.

“Lily we’re sorry, we just kinda assumed when you walked away from him you'd broken up but when we saw you leaving with him htis morning it was too late” Louise whispered.

“No your not sorry” Lily screamed, “and you say im caught up in myself and don’t care about anybody else, if you cared about me you would’ve told me whether we were arguing or not, it's never to late”.

“Lily, we didn’t want to hurt you” Rosie said simply but sadly.

“now it's to late” Lily glared at her friends and made her way to the shrieking shack again, tears rolling down her cheeks, wanting to be alone.

But of course she wouldn’t be. Of course Potter and Black were there holding some parchment muttering something to each other. Lily started to turn around until Potter looked up from the parchment and stared at her, smiling. Lily too tired to glare at him smiled back, tears still rolling down her cheeks, hoping Potter wouldn’t notice.

“Lily what’s matter?” Potter said concernedly, Lily glanced at Sirius who was raising his eyebrows at her also.

Lily gave in, she sunk onto the nearest rock and started to tell them, by the end of her story James was stroking her hair and Sirius had her in a huge bear hug. She smiled at them, tears rolling down her cheek. In a way she knew Paul was right, they had only been back a week and she had spent hardly any time with him, he was right, she didn’t feel the same around him anymore.

“Lily, he’s a prat, he had no right to treat you like that” James said sympathetically.

“At first he was talking about moving in together and getting married and suddenly he wants to be with another girl, how could he” Lily said shaking.

“Right, that’s it, nobody treats our friend like this” Sirius said raging.

"Friend?” Lily coughed.


“Lily, at the moment you have lost all your other friends, you slept in our dorm the other night, believe it or not, Me, Paddy, Moony and Wormy are your friends like it or not, you’re stuck with us” James chuckled. Lily laughed and nodded.

“Now come on” Sirius barked, James ran after him grabbing Lily’s hand, they jogged into Hogsmeade.

“Where are we going?” Lily whined.


“To teach that loser a lesson” James snapped.


“Where will he be Lily?” Sirius growled, Lily didn’t object she was so angry, she thought he deserved anything he got.


“Three broomsticks” she muttered. Luckily they were outside the three broomsticks already, so not much walking left for them to do.

Sirius marched up to the door a chucked it open, making such a loud bang everyone looked up from their butterbeers and firewhiskeys to stare at him, some girls giggling. Lily saw Louise, Rosie and Alex in the corner staring at James and Sirius with open mouths.

“Sirius dear, what are you doing slamming the door like that?” Rosmerta asked him.


Sirius ignored her, her eyes scanning the room for Paul, suddenly Sirius’ eyes landed on him.

“You!” Sirius barked at him, “outside now”. Paul didn’t need telling twice, he got up from his butterbeer, shooting an apologetic glance at a girl sat with him, and Lily assumed this was the girl.

“You lot too, come on” James shouted pointing at Louise, Alex and Rose.

They followed him out of the pub whilst Sirius shouted at everyone to stay put and if they followed them, he’d hex them all into oblivion. Luckily nobody followed.

Lily didn’t feel nervous at all, she was shocked to see how angry James and Sirius looked.

“Apologize” Sirius barked at Paul, threatening him with his wand.

“I met someone else, why do I need to apologize for not leading Lily on?” Paul retorted. Alex snorted, Lily thre her a look and she bit her lip.
“You are joking? You led her on the moment you mentioned marriage that very same morning you met another person. You led her on the moment you agreed to go to Hogsmeade with her even though you met someone else” James spat.


“What do you know about treating girls properly Potter? You sleep with a different girl every night” Paul spat back.

“Lily isn’t an ordinary girl Paul, and she deserves to be treated like royalty not like scum, so unless you want to be upside down in the air, I suggest you apologize, your choice” James roared at him.


“Sorry” Paul muttered Lily ignored him; her cheeks were bright red from James’ words. Paul was let go and made his way back into the pub.

“You three” Sirius snarled at Lou, Al and Rose. Who looked ashamed of themselves?

“Your meant to be Lily’s best friend, now if you ask me, your not acting like it, I know you’ve apologized but I still think you should be embarrassed to do what you did” Sirius continued.

“You know what Black? I love how you’re teaching a boy about how to respect girls” Alex spat.

“You know what Alex?” Lily spat, “just leave it now, He was an idiot; he’s apologized god knows how many times, stop bringing it up and making every conversation about you, im actually sick of it”. 

Lily turned away from her ‘friends’ and headed up to the castle and heard Sirius and James behind her.

“Lily” James shouted and she turned around.

“Lily, you okay?” Sirius smiled, Lily nodded she had never been so grateful to have two weird friends.

“Where are Remus and Pete? And Alisha?” Lily asked curiously.

“Remus is with Jasmine and Peter has loads of studying to do” Sirius chuckled.


“Alisha sent me an Owl to say she was ill” James smiled at her.


They made their way up to the castle in silence, until Lily remembered something.

“James!” Lily shrieked, “We have a heads meeting, we might as well do it now” James nodded.
“Paddy meet me in the heads common room in an hour okay? And if Pete and Remus are back invite them too?” James said turning to his best friend. Sirius nodded and made his way up to his dormitory. As James and Lily made their way to the head common room.



“Okay, So Halloween ball? Christmas Ball? Graduation Party? Hogsmeade once a month? Is that it?” James sighed after 50 minutes of hard work.

“No you didn’t miss anything, god lots of parties” Lily giggled.

“More chances for me to invite you to them” James chuckled. Lily shook her head with a smile on her face.


“You okay?” James asked her, he had been worried about her, and he had never seen Lily look so hurt and betrayed. He just wanted to cuddle her and stroke her hair and tell her everything would be ok.

“I guess” Lily sighed, “Just hurt y’know?”

“It’s going to be okay Lily” James smiled.

“Let’s hope” She smiled at him.

“I promise” She chuckled at him.

“Optimistic much?” She giggled,

“Pessimistic much?” He grinned. She smiled and sighed.

“ No just realistic... Thanks James” She said hugging him, it wasn’t an awkward hug like he had expected but a friendly one that was interrupted by his stupid friends.


“Weeeeeeell, what’s going on her Prongsie?” Sirius smirked. James jumped holding his heart.

“Pads, you gave me a heart attack” He grinned. “Just cheering Evans here up” He continued smiling at her, she was bright red, he chuckled.

“Hey” Lily smiled at them, “finished your studying yet Peter?” he shook his head looking annoyed with herself, Lily chuckled at him sympathetically.

“How did your date with Jasmine go Remus?” James asked awkwardly.

“Fine, um” Remus said shooting looks at Lily, “she’s going to be my girlfriend, well we’re going to see how it goes anyway”. Lily smiled at him, they sat in silence for a few minutes before Lily got up and started to make her way out of the room.

“Well, I guess I’ll just go” Lily said awkwardly, James looked at her for a moment and self-consciously put his hand through his hair.

“Naa, you don’t have to go Lils, I mean what are you gonna do?” Sirius asked.

“It’s ok, I’ve got to go to the library anyway, but I think im going to use the heads bathroom here first” She smiled at them, “Wait before I go why, Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail?” she grinned.

“Ah, that’s for us to know and you to never find out, unless you agree to go out with Prongs here and he will not keep any secrets from you” Sirius smirked.


“I’d rather not know” Lily chuckled.

  Sirius gave a low whistle.

“Ouch that hurt flower” James chuckled as Lily closed the bathroom door.

“Quick save Pad” Remus chuckled.


“Well, I wasn’t exactly going to splurt it out was I?” Sirius muttered.

“I was just worried Peter would let it slip out of his big gob” James whispered,

“Oh yeah, what was I exactly going to say. Oh those are our nicknames because we’re illegal Animagi, Stag, Ra..” Peter scoffed.


“SHHHH” Sirius and James hissed at him cutting him off, luckily the walls were thick and Lily wouldn’t hear.

But little did they know the walls were not as thick as they had hoped, and they did not here the small gasp coming from the bathroom as Lily Evan’s had her ear pressed against the door trying to hear them talk.

just let me know what you think:), what's good, what's bad? anything, im always up for constructive criticism.

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