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 Today was the morning of the Quidditch trials but Harry had given his team very little thought. The last two weeks had passed and nothing much had changed. They had received a lot of homework and had struggled to complete it. Hermione had continued to study late into the night and was still skipping meals. Harry knew that he needed to do something but he didn’t want to upset her again. He just had no idea what to do about it. The only change was that on Tuesday he had received a small letter from Dumbledore, telling him of his lesson on Saturday.


At breakfast he had cornered his remaining team and asked them if they had wanted to continue in their positions. It had taken him ages to track down every member of his team and he was running out of time to have any food. They had known that the tryouts’ were today but as none of them had actually heard from Harry about them they had just assumed that the date was wrong on the sheet attached to the notice board in the common room. Thankfully they had all wanted to so Harry had only ended up with a chaser position to fill because Katie Bell had left last year. He had told them to meet him in the changing room at ten that morning as he wanted their opinion on the new team member.




As the end of breakfast drew near Harry sat down opposite Ron at the Gryffindor table. He was actually surprised to see Hermione sitting next to him.




“That took ages” he complained as he began piling scrambled egg onto his plate.




“Only because you haven’t spoken to them yet” mumbled Hermione as she butted her toast hurriedly. Harry sighed but didn’t say anything as he didn’t want to upset her and risk her running off again. He ate his food quickly before putting down his fork and glancing sideways at Ron who was very uncharacteristically pushing his eggs round the plate whilst staring into space.




“Um, shall I meet you on the pitch in a bit?” Harry half whispered, reluctant to disturb Ron’s thoughts but he shook his head and stood to follow Harry out of the hall and up the stairs to collect their brooms from Gryffindor tower. Strait after breakfast they went to change into their Quidditch robes before waiting for the rest of the team to join them. Ron had hardly spoken when the rest of the team noisily entered the room. They chatted in a care-free way, similar to after a practise that had gone well. As the large owl shaped clock hooted eleven times Harry stood up and called his team to attention.




“Listen, all of you. This new member of the team is not only my decision. I need all of you to help me decide. This is my last chance to win the cup and I want the best chance to win.” He glanced around at the team surprised to see them all paying close attention to his every word. “Let’s get going” he smiled as he turned to the exit, Firebolt in hand.




When Harry and his remaining team walked out onto the field he was surprised to find that there was a large group of people already standing on the grass in front of him. Some were in Quidditch robes and some in day robes but most were wearing their weekend Muggle clothes.




“Not again” he whispered to Ginny who was beside him. He was thinking of last year’s tryouts. Almost all of Gryffindor had tried out and many people from Hufflepuf and Ravenclaw had turned up too. He was annoyed to see this happen again.




“Right” He addressed the group who instantly became silent. “Anyone who is a first year, has never been on a broom before or is not a Gryffindor would you please leave” he sighed, as he pointed at the stands. About half the group left the field, grumbling to their friends and sat down in the stands in various stages of annoyance. Harry noticed the little boy bounding off the field, apparently still excited. The crowd in the stands was almost as large as it would be in a match, apart with a much more relaxed atmosphere. There were the Gryffindor’s in the stands, wanting to support their friends. Then there were the Hufflepuff’s and Ravenclaw’s who just wanted to watch, weighing up their opposition. But there was also the few Slytherin’s who were only there to annoy and jeer at the Gryffindor’s. Although in a wierd way this pleased Harry, his new team member would need to be able to withstand the Slyttherin’s.




Harry used the same technique as last year. First asking them all to fly around the pitch in follow-my-leader style. He was surprised when every person managed it after last year’s tryouts’, even if they were a little wobbly. Next he got them to hover in a circle and to pass the Quaffle around. This was a good idea as many of them were awful at throwing and catching the Quaffle. Dennis Creevey got so excited that he somehow managed to leap off his broom to catch a throw that was obviously out of his reach. He fell about ten feet and landed heavily on his side. Everyone gasped and Harry started to fly towards him but Dennis was already standing up. He looked a little shocked and was rubbing his ribs but was still smiling broadly. Harry suggested that he sat out. He ran over to the stands to join some fellow fourth years.




After two hours of hard and confusing work harry had picked Dean Thomas for the team. He had played as a substitute chaser before on the team and Harry was sure that he would fit in well and his team agreed when they were consulted. He was also sure that many Gryffindors now held a small grudge against him for not putting them in the team.




Harry was looking forward to relaxing in front of the fire that afternoon but then remembered his essays he had to finish. Or start.




He got to the common room to find Hermione writing hard on a long scroll of parchment. She was always looking pale and tired and Harry couldn’t remember the last time he had had a proper conversation with her. She was always missing meals and Harry thought she was looking thinner. He would really have to get to the bottom of this soon.




“I will ask her tomorrow after Slughorn’s party” he promised Ron, who was just as worried as he was, later that night in the common room just as he was about to leave for his lesson with Dumbledore. He had gotten the note earlier in the week and had been waiting excitedly for this moment since.




He walked briskly to Dumbledore’s study muttering the password to the statue which began to move instantly. Harry jumped on and ran up the stairs and knocked on the door.




“Enter” said Dumbledore’s calming voice. Harry pushed open the door and sat down at the chair in front of Dumbledore’s desk.




“So, How was your summer Harry?” asked Dumbledore.




“Um...” Harry didn’t know what to reply.




“How’s your arm?” Dumbledore asked raising his eyebrows as Harry subconsciously rubbed his wrist, which didn’t really bother him anymore. He was surprised that Dumbledore knew about it.








“Anyway I’m happy to say that my summer was much more productive” said Dumbledore smiling




“Did you find a Horcrux Sir” asked Harry eagerly, as he looked up at the equely eager face of the headmaster whose eyes lit up at the subject.




“I am glad you asked that Harry because I can now tell you my tale without sounding rather bigheaded”




“Go on Sir” Harry realised he was sitting on the edge of his seat and shuffled backwards so he was sitting more normally.




“Over the Holidays I have destroyed this” He placed the locket on the table. It was now cracked, dented and stained black with a tar-like substance. Harry picked it up and opened it. Both of the windows inside were shattered, leaving thin shards of glass lying in the frame.




“I also have a rather good idea of where another one is but it is only a hunch and I promise that I will take you with me when I have confirmed my hunch.” continued Dumbledore.




“What one is it?...Sir”




“The goblet of Hufflepuff”  




“Wow, only two left to find!” Harry grinned excitedly




“Which are?”




 “The snake and something of Ravenclaw’s”




“I believe that thing to be her Diadem, which was lost but Voldemort must have found it and we already know where the snake is”




“And then we go after him. We get the last piece of soul.”




Dumbledore opened his mouth to say something but then shut it again as if he had changed his mind. Harry looked questionably at him but Dumbledore clapped his hands together making Harry jump.




“And now time for bed I think” said Dumbledore watching Harry stifling a yawn.


Harry nodded and crossed the room even though he didn’t think it was ‘time for bed’ and was confused by the sudden end to the lesson. He sighed but walked quickly back to the Gryffindor tower, not wanting to be caught out at this time of night by Filch as Harry knew that there was a better chance of Snape dancing on stage in a tu-tu than his story being believed.






When he got back to the common room it was reasonably empty. Ron was sitting at a desk scratching his head as he stared at a book. Hermione was still at her desk writing furiously. Harry sat down between them as Ron looked up.




“How was it” He asked.




It took harry only five minutes to explain what had happened over the summer but even Hermione looked up interested. When he had finished Ron scraped his chair back and stood up stretching.




“I only stayed up to hear what Harry said” he explained as he walked towards the spiral staircase that led to their dorms. Harry was tired so decided to follow.




“Are you coming?”he asked Hermione but he already knew the answer. She shook her head confirming his thoughts. He sighed but left her and walked slowly up the spiral stairs, he was deep in thought about his meeting with Dumbledore.








The next day was warmed by the autumn sun that sat low in the sky casting long shadows on the field. The soft breeze rustled in the trees and made the few clouds drift onwards in the blue sky. Harry, Ron and Ginny took their work out onto the grass and did their homework there. Many other students were outside too and were either working, talking or playing in the sun. Hermione, however, had refused to come outside to work and had stayed hunched over her usual desk.




The day passed quickly with very little work completed and soon the sun was setting behind the trees. Harry, Ginny and Ron went back up the crowded common room as Harry and Ginny had to change before Professor Slughorn’s dinner party. He decided upon a pair of smart jeans and a blue shirt. When he came down the stairs he realised that Hermione was still at her desk. He put his hand on her shoulder and she jumped at the touch.




“You need to get ready for Slughorn’s party, remember?” he told her softly, not trying to startle her again.




She gasped, jumped out of her seat and ran up to her dorm, causing Ginny to jump out of her way as she had just come down the stairs. She was wearing a tight black top and jeans and Harry knew that she was still trying to restart their relationship. They sat back down on the sofa next to Ron in front of the fire to wait for Hermione to come back. Ron was looking miserable but nobody could blame him, anyway he was always like this just before they all left for the parties.




It took ten minutes for Hermione to change and arrive back down stairs. She was wearing a skirt and a nice top and Harry felt Ron looking up beside him. She had pinned some of her hair back. Harry thought she looked pretty although her eyes had dark circles under them. He, Hermione and Ginny left Ron sitting on the sofa by the fire after trying convince him that the party would be boring anyway, which was very true in Harry’s opinion. They walked quickly to Slughorn’s room as they were running late. The door was closed when they got there so the knocked and had to wait for Professor Slughorn to answer the door. They were the last ones there and took the last remaining places at the table.




Harry hated these nights at Slughorn’s dinner parties but tonight he was pleased that they were there tonight. It meant that Hermione would have to relax and have a proper meal. She looked half asleep just sitting at the table and she had hardly spoken throughout the entire meal. Harry had spent most of the time trying to wiggle out of the many questions that Slughorn threw at him. “So Miss Granger, do you have any...are you alright? He asked after seeing her drooped head and tired eyes, making Hermione jump in surprise.




“Um, yes, no, can I be excused I don’t feel too well” She stammered. Slughorn dismissed her, easily believing that she was unwell as she really did look pale and subdued.




“Do you mind if I go with her, Sir?” Harry asked. “I think she feels faint” he added, seeing Slughorn’s questioning face.




“If you feel you must” sighed Slughorn.




Harry mumbled his thanks and left the room. He felt sorry for Ginny whom he had left at the party but he needed to find Hermione and ask her what was wrong.




He found her sitting on the floor in a deserted corridor with her back to the wall. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be messaging her forehead. Her breathing was slow and she didn’t realise when Harry sat down next to her.




“Hermione, are you ok?” She jumped when she heard him and slowly turned her head to look at him. She paused for a moment before nodding slightly. 




“I needed some air” she explained slowly. Harry reached out and took her hand. He was surprised at how clammy it was.




“You really need to tell us what is happening, everyone is worried about you” He explained in what he hoped was a friendly and reassuring voice.




She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes again. “Nothing’s wrong” she sighed, her voice beginning to sound defensive.




“Do you seriously think that I will believe that? You have hardly spoken to anybody since term began, you are rarely at meals and you look dead on your feet, How do you explain that?” asked Harry, his anger rising. 




“I said nothing is wrong so but out of it!” she answered back, her voice sounding slightly shrill. She suddenly stood up and ran away leaving Harry alone on the floor. He groaned inwardly and lent his head back against the wall. That had not gone to plan. He still had no idea why Hermione was behaving so strange and all he had done was upset her.




“Are you OK, Mr Potter?” Harry jumped and looked up at Professor Flickwick who was standing over him and looking concerned. Harry stood up at once.




“I...Um...Yes...I’m fine” he stammered not knowing what to do.




“You better head towards your common room before somebody else catches you” Smiled the tiny Professor. Harry nodded and instantly headed in the direction of the Gryffindor tower.




It was nearly empty when he finally arrived and he was surprised to see that Hermione was not at her usual desk. He found Ginny in an arm chair so went over and sat down on the arm next to her. She leant over and rested her head on his shoulder as she put down the book she was reading.




“I told Slughorn that I needed to go, he was really annoyed.” she shrugged.




“Sorry” mumbled Harry. He really regretted leaving her alone at the party.




 “Did you forget about me?” she asked sadly after a moment silence.




“I didn’t want to leave you but I needed to go after Hermione”




“I know. But not tonight. I mean since the summer, you have barely spoken to me”




“How could I possibly forget about you?” he turned to look at her. “You are the most important person in my life and I couldn’t live without you. I’ve be busy though and I’m worried about Hermione. I’m sorry if you feel I abandoned you. Anyway I thought we broke up for your safety?”




“You broke with me. And what If I don’t care about my own safety?”




“I care and I couldn’t bear to lose you!” He put his arm round her as he slipped down next to her on the wide arm chair. She turned towards him and kissed him gently.




“So what’s this thing about Hermione?” she asked when they finally broke apart.




“She’s just been acting really weird, like staying up half the night and not talking to anybody. She rarely comes to meals either. Are you trying to distract me?”




“I noticed, she ran through here a few minutes before you came in, I would have asked her what was wrong but she had already ran off to her dorm” she replied ignoring his last comment.




 Harry groaned and put his hear in his hands. Ginny looked at him in surprise, wondering what on earth was wrong.




“What’s the matter?” she exclaimed, slight panic in her voice as she leant over to put her arms round him.




“I think I made it worse, I asked Hermione what was wrong and she just ran off”




“I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s a sensible girl” Ginny told him rubbing his arm in a comforting way.




Harry nodded then turned back to kiss her again. He loved Ginny and he didn’t know what would happen if he lost her but he couldn’t stay away from her either. The few remaining people in the room finally got up to leave and rushed quietly from the room. They sat in the chair, kissing and cuddling for a further few minutes before the door of the common room burst open with a loud bang that made the jump apart in surprise.




“GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER” yelled Ron, his face was red and his hands shook with anger. Harry stood up in a hasty attempt to put some space between himself and Ginny, so to please Ron.




“ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU” shrieked back Ginny as she too jumped off the chair.




“We didn’t do anything mate” said Harry as he tried to calm Ron.








“I CAN SNOG WHOEVER I LIKE” screamed Ginny pushing her flaiming hair out of her face.




“Shut up both of you or we’ll have the entire house down here.” Harry said as he tried to keep his own voice down. He had seen Ron and Ginny argue before but never like this and he hated being the cause for it.




“Go to bed, Gin” the anger was evident even when Ron’s voice was quiet.




“No” she said calmly sitting down in the chair again and folding her arms.




“what did you say?” Asked Ron his voice shaking in anger.




“It’s Ok Ron, I’ll go to bed and Ginny can stay down here, if she wants”




“Don’t be such a push over” sighed Ginny, exasperated.




“GINNY, GO TO YOUR ROOM!” yelled Ron again, completely forgetting the no shouting rule.




“NO” she shouted as she stood up and marched out of the portrait hole.




“Now look what you have done” said Harry angrily as he ran out of the portrait hole after her.








“Ginny, Ginny” Harry called as he ran down the corridor after her. She turned sharply at the sound of his footsteps. He face was contorted in anger but to Harry’s surprise her eyes were completely dry. If this were Cho she would be weeping over his shoulder by now. And that was not something he missed.




“What is his problem” she asked suddenly as she leant back against a wall.




“He is just protective” Harry sighed as he leant back against the wall next to her.




“I know, they all are” she replied still sounding angry.




“Ginny, be glad you have someone to be protective of you. You don’t know how lucky you are” he tried to keep his voice level and free from anger. She had everything he had always wanted, a loving family and a brilliant home to go to, somewhere where she was always welcome. He had no such place.




She didn’t reply but before he knew what was happening she had swung herself round to face him and was kissing him passionately. He gasped slightly in surprise and then began kissing her back, running his hands through her silky long hair. She was perfect for him in every way.




Slowly they broke apart and Harry found himself staring into her eyes, his emerald green ones burning into her rich chocolate ones.




“I love you” he whispered quietly before she pulled him into another loving kiss.




“Mr Potter!” the surprised voice of Horace Slughorn from some way down the corridor.  Harry lifted his head sharply, breaking the kiss and banging his head against the wall he was leaning on. At the same moment Ginny span around staring at the amazed professor like a rabbit in the headlamps of a speeding car. 




Harry was the one who recovered first. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up the passageway as he broke into a run. He didn’t want to return to the common room under the watchful glare of Ron and risk another argument but they needed somewhere safe to go. There was only one place that he could think of. Cautiously Harry pulled the confused Ginny up to the seventh floor corridor where he began to walk back and forwards, once, twice, three times, always thinking of the same thing.




When Harry opened his eyes he saw what he had hoped. A small door had appeared in the previously solid wall. She raised her eyebrows at him as he pulled her slowly through the little door and into the room behind it. The room was perfect as the room of requirement always was. There was a large cosy sofa in the middle of the large back wall with a merry fire crackling opposite. The room was cosy but not too small and was dressed in the same deep red as the Gryffindor common room.




 “It’s beautiful” smiled Ginny as she let go of Harry’s hand and walked further into the room.




Harry let the door go so it swung shut with a gentle thud making Ginny jump. He walked towards her putting his arm round her waist and pulled her slowly towards the sofa.




He sat down gently and pulled her onto his lap where they continued to kiss.




“I love you Harry” she whispered. “And never try to stay away from me for my own benefit again”












Three hours, many kisses and a long conversation about why-or-why-not-to-be-in-a-relationship later Harry looked up into the excited chocolate eyes of Ginny Weasley his, much to Ginny’s relief, girlfriend.




“We should get back now” he sighed, knowing everyone would worry if they were missing in the morning.




“But I’m sure the room could make us a bed” she protested, not understanding his question.




“I know but everyone would worry if we were missing. Anyway I’d hate to be anywhere within a mile of Ron if he found out that you had slept with you”




“Can’t we do it, just to prove a point?”




“No because as much as I love you I still value my friendship with Ron. Anyway I don’t think...” He trailed off, not wanting to admit that he wasn’t really ready yet. 




“Hmm, I guess you’re right, about not being ready. I have no idea how to not get pregnant.” She sighed as she swung her legs round so that she was now sitting up and stretched. Harry yawned as he stood up and stretched up with his hands above his head. He looked at his wrist watch, surprised to see that it was nearly two in the morning.




The corridors were empty as they stole silently back to the common room although the Fat Lady was not at all happy to be woken at this time in the morning. She had threatened to not let them in and only did after Ginny had argued that she would get into trouble for refusing to two students into the safety of their house. The common room was almost completely dark when they got in, the only light coming from the last few embers left in the fireplace. It was obvious that the house elves hadn’t been in yet because the floor was still littered with the day’s rubbish.




“Night Gin” Harry whispered as they parted on the stairs.




“Night” she replied, giving him a quick and silent kiss. He crept into his dorm and jumped as he saw the light from his wand tip reflect on Ron’s eyes but when he looked back Ron’s eyes were closed. Harry sighed wearily as he changed into his pyjamas and slid into his warm bed, thinking happily of his evening with Ginny.






I cant get bold or underline to work sooo...

we there is chapter 7.... it took ages to post because I didnt have my laptop far a while, it was having a bigger hard drive fitted as it filled itself up with its own software! And then I didnt really feel like writing because I dont really feel like anyone is reading this so if you are can you PLEASE review so I know how to improve. Chapter 8 might take a while to get up as I havnt started it yet : 

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