"Hermione! You bloody done yet? I need the toilet!" Ron shouted at me through the bathroom door. For some reason the boys thought it would be smart to only have one bathroom in the entire house when we renovated. After what happened last year, Harry, Ron and I have been living in Sirius Black's old house, 13 Grimauld Place. Harry agreed to fix the house, as long as we left Sirius' room in it's current disarray. We all agreed that this was best. Especially as his posters would not come off the walls, and I did not want to have that room open for all as long as they stayed up.


"Nearly done! Honestly Ronald, you spend just as long in the bathroom as I do, if not longer. I really don't know what you do in there!" I snapped back.


"All right, all right. Just be quick, please." I finished just then, and opened the door. I gave him a quick kiss and went downstairs to have breakfast.


"Morning, Harry! Sleep well?" I asked. His face was puffy, and he had sleep dust all over his eyes. Clearly, he just woke up.


"Nyuggg" he replied. Clearly he did not know how to speak properly in the morning. Ron came down the stairs, just as I finished washing the dishes.


"Better?" I asked sarcastically. His hair had been brushed down, and he had on a Cannons jersey and jeans. I tutted. The jersey had a charm on it that caused the brooms to fly, chasing a snitch.


"Much" he said. I smiled, and dried the bowl. I didn't like using magic on the dishes, becaus I always found a spot that still had food on it.


"Ron, Muggles are not accustomed to animated t-shirts. You may want to change into something else, love" I said, trying to sound as though I regretted him having to take it off. I hated that Jersey, it was so bright that I couldn't look straight at it.


"This is just to keep me warm. You know I get cold in the mornings Hermione. I have a shirt underneath. I promise I will remember to take it off" he said, smiling my favourite smile. I kissed him quickly, and told Harry to get dressed.


"But I can't go up those stairs! I'm too tired!" He muttered, knowing that I didn't care. Today though, I didn't march him up, and instead used Wingardium Leviosa to get him up. I heard him mutter a thanks, and decided to get dressed my self. I walked up the stairs to the second floor, and walked down the now bright corridor. Mrs. Black was still hung up on the wall, but I managed to put a sound-proof covering on it, making it look like an ordinary bit of wall. I hurried my Gryffindor Quidditch t-shirt on (let it not be said that I do not support my own team, but I only wear the shirt because it makes Ron happy), and some jeans. As i walked out, I looked at the clock. 8.30 AM. It was almost time to apparate.


"Hurry up boys, we have 15 minutes to get everything ready, and leave."


"But I haven't even brushed my teeth yet" Harry said from the room across from me.


"Well that's your own bloody fault! I did tell you to get up in good time." I retorted. Ever since he had defeated Voldemort, Harry had become considerably lazier, and slept in a lot. I suppose it must be nice for him though, seeing as he hadn't had a proper sleep ever since he saw the strange dreams in the fifth year. Now, though, he slept through even the loudest of noises, which was fortunate for Ron and me.


At 8.45 on the dot, we all apparated, and managed to get to the exact place where the barrier was. As we stepped over nonchalantly, I heard a little girl say "look mummy! That girl appeared out of nowhere!"


"Oh Daisie, you do have the most vivid imagination dear. People don't just appear out of nowhere!" I sighed in relief. People always would have such a pessimistic outlook on the wondrous things that happen right under their noses.


"Harry! Ron! Hermione!" Someone shouted.


"Ginny!" Harry said. Suddenly he was wide awake, and kissed Ginny passionately. Ron quickly dragged me away, and into the train. No matter how long they had been in a close relationship, he never would be able to stand watching them be so... close...





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