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A/N: Sorry about the wait, I have no excuse really; I hope you can all forgive me. I'm currently writing the prequel to this story for my NaNo this year which I hope to put up soon. It's how Amelia and James met and got together. Anyways! I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I only own what you don't recognise, JK owns the rest.

They barely made it through James's bedroom door later that night, before Amelia tried to strangle him; James blocked her by holding onto her arms. She let out a growl before pushing him away from her.

“I am going to kill you.” she screamed, taking off her coat and throwing it at him, James caught it and threw it onto the bed.

“I am so, so, sorry,” he said, backing away from her slightly, scared of the look on Amelia’s face.

“No, you’re not. How long did you know about this holiday James?” she seethed, her eyes blazing with anger.

“From the beginning,” he admitted guiltily, Amelia let out another growl as she moved forward, James flinched slightly scared of her hurting him, but she was just reaching for her coat.

“You are such a jerk. I have no idea why I even agreed to come to this party. It was such a stupid idea,” she grabbed for her bag and began reaching for her things to put into it. James looked slightly alarmed and rushed forwards to stop her.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he grabbed her stuff and pulled it out of the bag, this made Amelia angrier as she picked up her hairbrush threateningly, James backed off slightly.

“Unless you want me to shove this so far up a very delicate place and make it so only a Healer will be about to remove it, I suggest that you get away from me.”

James gulped slightly as he looked down at the hairbrush. “But you can’t leave,” he told her stammering slightly.

“And give me one good reason why not.” Amelia snapped waving the brush in front of his face, James’s eyes followed it.

“Because dad has put protective spells around the house to stop people apparating out or in, and he has done the same for the holiday home so there’s no way of you using apparation.”

Amelia stopped waving her hairbrush around, “I could walk to the field that we apparated into.”

“It’s midnight, you can’t go out in the dark; Mum and dad will get suspicious.”

“Fine, I’ll go in the morning,” Amelia told him.

“But, everyone will see you,”

Amelia stopped and glared at him, he chanced a smile.

“At least you get a free holiday out of it,” he joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Amelia let out a growl like scream at him, before turning around and dropping her hairbrush, she picked up her pyjamas from the bed and shoved passed him to the bathroom so she could get changed.

“Amelia, I am truly sorry.” James said as he decided to get ready for bed in the bedroom. After he had changed he took a cover and pillow off of the bed and placed them on the floor, he got under the quilt making his makeshift bed on the floor. There was no reply from the bathroom.

“Amelia,” James called again. Amelia walked out of the bathroom and over to her bag, placing her stuff on top of it before grabbing James’s quilt off of him and laying on top of the quilt on the double bed she was sleeping in and using James’s quilt as a cover.

“I know you’re angry and I’m sorry, but can I please have my cover back?” he pleaded with her. She refused to say anything as she kept the cover over her.

“Look, it can’t be all bad. And I did pack you extra clothes so you would have something else to wear on the holiday.”

She got up and looked over at James, who thought she was going to thank him for being so kind; instead she glared at him again and reached over, grabbing the pillow from underneath his head, causing his head to thump to the floor. She placed it under her own head and waved her wand which was on the side so the light went off.

James lay on the floor and sighed, “I guess I’ll have to use my clothes to keep me warm.” James stated. Amelia lay in quiet as James tried to get comfortable on the floor, a T-shirt covering his torso, acting as his quilt.

The next morning James woke up in pain. He stretched out slightly causing his back to click, he let out a small wail of pain his hand darting to his back he rubbed it slightly. Why did he agree to sleep on the floor?

He moved slowly into a sitting position and looked around him, rubbing his eyes and attempting to flatten his hair, his eyes searched the room and he saw that the room was empty. James’s eyes widened slightly as he looked around the room for a sign of Amelia, he noticed that her bags were missing and there was no evidence of Amelia having been in his room at all. He got quickly off of the floor, biting down a yelp of pain as he felt his back ache.

He threw on a pair of trousers and a T-shirt and ran down the stairs as quickly as he could, his eyes were darting around as he went from room to room, finally ending up in the kitchen, pushing the door open.

Four sets of eyes rounded on him each looking at him as if he was crazy, he was sure that he looked it. His eyes found Amelia sitting next to Lily and sipping at her drink, she moved her glance away from him. James felt relief flood through him.

“There you are.” he said loudly running a hand through his hair, not realising what he had said until it was too late. His parents and Lily looked at him in confusion.

“Calm down, James. She only came down for breakfast,” Harry said with a laugh at his son, “you can spend a few moments away from each other.”

James nodded, as he walked over to where they were sitting and sank into the seat next to Amelia, he turned to look at her but she was careful to avoid eye contact.

“Albus.” Ginny scolded loudly, causing everyone to once again look up at the door to see Albus strolling in his hair a mess, yawning loudly and in just his Chudley Cannon underpants. He scratched at his leg as he sat down in the empty seat next to his father, ignoring the looks from them all.

“What’s for breakfast?” he asked, yawning again as this time he scratched his head.

“Albus, you get upstairs right now and you put some more clothes on,” Ginny snapped her teeth gritted angrily, “we have guests.”

“It’s only, Amelia,” Albus said, pointing at Amelia, who was starting to feel uncomfortable, “it’s not like she hasn’t seen it all before.”

Amelia felt her mouth fall open in shock at his words. Harry dropped his fork and Ginny turned red, James and Lily were gawking at their brother. He frowned at them.

“Well, she’s obviously seen James naked, and that’s just the same as seeing me naked.” Albus told them. Amelia felt embarrassment flood through her as she hid her face, James shifted uncomfortably, Harry looked like he wanted to escape the room, Lily was giggling and Ginny looked like she was going to explode in anger. She stood up and grabbed Albus by the arm and pulling him up, escorting him from the room, Albus began yelling as he was dragged out. “If you’ve seen one naked person, you’ve basically seen all naked people. They’re all the same.”

As soon as Ginny and Albus left the room, the others sat in uncomfortable silence. All not looking at each other and picking at their food.

“Well, I suppose we should all go and get ready to leave,” Harry said with a small embarrassed cough, he stood up and carried his empty cup and plate to the sink, placing them in and leaving the room.

“I suppose I should go get ready too,” Lily stated as she too stood up.

“We need to talk,” James said, turning to look at Amelia, who in turn looked up at Lily.

“Would you like some help?” she asked ignoring James.

Lily nodded and both of them left the room and left James at the table.

He sighed before grabbing for a slice of toast on the table. This was going to be a long holiday.

“Do you need any help?” James asked Amelia ten minutes later, he had finished his toast and had taken a slow walk up the stairs and to his room.

She didn’t even turn around and acknowledge him as she continued going around the room, to see if she had left anything lying around. James continued watching her; he had shut the door behind him so no one could hear them.

“So, you’re not even going to talk to me now,” James stated moving forward to reach her. Amelia moved quickly out of the way and refused to look at him as she darted into the bathroom to pick up her toiletries, James followed her, blocking the door and stopping her from getting past him.

She sighed as she stopped in her tracks and stood staring at the floor, the bag in her hand as the other one clenched and unclenched beside her. She kept her gaze on the floor.

“Amelia, please talk to me, I said I was sorry,” James pleaded. Amelia let out another sigh as she stopped clenching her hand and ran it over her face wearily before dropping it back down to her side. Still, she refused to say anything to him.

“Ignoring me isn’t going to achieve anything,” He told her softly as he walked forwards taking her hand gently; she closed her eyes tightly as though this action pained her before wrenching it away from him.

“I think you would rather I ignore you then what I want to do to you,” Amelia warned him as she pushed passed him, shoving him roughly aside. He turned to look at her.

“And whys that?” he asked her as she stuffed her toiletry bag into her other bag, finally zipping it up.

“Because I really want to hurt you, and so far I have been able to resist doing that,” Amelia growled as she picked up her bag and walked out of the room, leaving James behind staring at her. He shook his head slowly and sadly before he decided to get his things ready, He bent down, letting out an ‘ouch’ as his hand flew to his back and rubbing it slightly.

“Bad back?” came Albus’s voice from the doorway. James stood back up, stretching his back as he continued rubbing it and looked at his brother, who was wearing more clothing.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep well last night,” James said, causing Albus to start smirking.

“I bet you didn’t.”

James shook his head at what his brother was implying, “Do you have to be that weird? And no, it’s not what you think me and Amelia didn’t do anything like that.”

Albus raise an eyebrow at him, “Yes, I am always weird; I blame that on our cousin, Hugo. So I take it you just had a solo night.”

James glared at him and shook his head as he bent down again, this time managing to grab his bag.

“Hey, there’s no shame in it!” Albus said, holding his hands up in defence, “But you could have at least not had the wife in the room at the same time. That’s a bit degrading.”

“You’re a jerk,” James told him, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” He grabbed for his clothes that were lying in a heap on the floor.

“Although if it was me, and I had a wife that looked like yours. I would have done the same thing.”

“Get out,” James yelled at Albus, picking up a pillow and throwing it at Albus, who caught it quickly, “get out now.”

Albus grinned as he looked down at the pillow, “Is this Amelia’s one?”

James stood up quickly, ignoring the pain in his back as he rushed over to his brother and wrenched the pillow out of his grasp and throwing it back onto the bed. “You are sick,” he told him before shoving him out of the room and slamming it shut. Albus’s laugh could be heard from the other side.

“Don’t worry, I’m all packed, I’ll just go and hang around with Amelia. I think she’s sitting downstairs alone.”

James ignored him and carried on his packing, he needed to pack quickly and get downstairs. He didn’t trust his brother around Amelia, who knew what kind of things he would try and get up to.

Picking up his packed bag he raced from the room and down the stairs, throwing his bag in front of the door and going into the front room just in time to see Amelia slap Albus across the face.

James stopped in shock, as Lily laughed, Amelia glared at Albus and Albus held his face.

“If you ever say that to me again, I will do more than slap you,” Amelia growled threateningly, pointing at Albus who was still rubbing his cheek. He shot her a smirk and opened his mouth to say something else.

“If you say anything else towards my wife, in what I can only assume was a sexual way, I will make you live to regret it,” James warned, Amelia looked up at him quickly and Albus reluctantly turned around to face his big brother.

“Oh come on, James. I was only kidding,” Albus said with a laugh, James had to repress a grin at seeing Amelia’s hand print on Albus’s face. “Amelia knows that, don’t you?” Albus turned around and went to reach forward to grab hold of Amelia’s hand, she quickly moved out of the way and edged away from him, going over to James and hugging onto him. James tried to hide his shock at Amelia’s sudden change in attitude as he wrapped his arm around her protectively.

“Do you want me to tell, Mum?” James warned, knowing the only person Albus was truly scared of was his mother, Albus blanched.

“I’m sorry, Amelia, I shouldn’t have said that,” Albus said, walking out of the room and out of the way, Lily followed giggling at Albus and mocking him as she too went out of the room.

When Amelia was sure that they were out of earshot, she moved away from James, who looked at her in question.

“We need to make this look real don’t we?” She told him before sitting down on the sofa Lily had previously occupied. James walked over to sit next to her; he noticed that she didn’t move away as soon as he sat down.

“Yeah, but what happened in the past ten minutes to change your mind?”

“I haven’t changed my mind,” Amelia snapped, finally moving away from him, “I still want to hurt you. But I realised that I had two choices, spend the two weeks with you or spend it with Albus coming onto me, and you seemed the lesser of two evils. Besides, when you’re around, he doesn’t try anything. This doesn’t mean I forgive you for anything and I still hate you.”

James nodded slowly, “I understand that,” he told her fiddling with the arm of the sofa, picking at a thread that had come apart from the seam.

They sat in awkward silence together until Ginny came into the room and told them that they would be leaving very shortly. They both stood up and walked out of the room and over to the front door. They looked up to see Harry was magically levitating the bags down the stairs in front of him. They landed on the floor in front of the door and Harry stood beside them. He looked at them a small smile filling his face as they all stood in silence, waiting for the others to finish getting ready. They all came down a few moments later bags levitating in front of them.

Ginny looked them all over before she deemed them all ready to leave, harry opened the door and they all scrambled outside, wrapping their cloaks around themselves as they all moved the bags down the path. Harry stood on the side of the road and stuck his wand arm out, calling for the Knight Bus. A strange but quick way to get to their destination, as Harry didn’t allow for the floo network to be connected to his holiday home. They all bundled into the three story high bus, pulling their bags after them and settling down before the bus shot off. Being thrown around was not Amelia’s ideal way to travel and she kept being thrown into James who didn’t seem to mind. It wouldn’t be long before she got off of the bus and she was glad as she was starting to feel motion sickness fill through her.

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