Charlotte's P.O.V

I made my way down to the dungeons for my detention with Snape. I walked in and Malfoy was already there. Snape looked up at me and smirked. God! I rolled my eyes and then walked to the chair at the far end of the class room away from Malfoy, then Snape stood up and cleared his throat.

"Right! I want you both to clean this room! NO MAGIC!" Snape orders

"What? You expect me to clean this place by hand?" Draco whined

"Yes Mr Malfoy! I expect you to clean this place by hand!" Snape snapped back at him, I giggled then Snape looked at me so I shut up

"And you Miss Brown, I should have expected more from you! Both of you since you two are the Heads! What did Dumbledore do?" Snape said while shaking his head, me and Draco looked at each other and shrugged.

"I'll be back in an hour to check up on you two, I expect this place to be spotless, by the time I get back!" he said and left.

I walked to the sink and got a clothe then started cleaning, I could feel Malfoy staring at me, I turned around and placed my hand on my hip.

"Yes! Can I help you with something?" I said

"No!" Malfoy snapped back

"Then why are you staring at me?" I asked

"I'm not staring! I was observing!" he lied

"You're a right liar you know that!" I said going back to cleaning the tables

"How am I a liar? I never lied!" he said

"Of course you lied! You said you weren't staring! You so where! What's so fascinating about me that got you staring at me?" I asked while raising my eyebrow

"Nothing, is fascinating about you Brown!" he laughed

"Oh really! Let's see who is the 'Slytherin Princess'? Hmmm! Oh yeah that's right it's me!" I said

"Just because your the 'Slytherin Princess' doesn't mean ALL the guys are fascinated by you, because you know what I'm one of those guys that are NOT fascinated by you!" he answered

"Oh please Draco! I can ask Blaise if you have talked about me! And since Blaise is mine AND your best friend I think he will tell me!" I said

"Damn!" he said I smiled.

About an hour later we both finished then Professor Snape came in, he looked at us then walked around the room and searched every little piece, then he came and stood in front of me and Draco.

"Miss Brown you may leave! Mr Malfoy a word please!" he said

I didn't look back at Draco or Snape. What they talk about is not my business. I was making my way back to the common room when I was grabbed by someone, I was about to scream when they put there hand to my mouth to stop me from screaming, then they whispered into my eye.

"Don't more or your dear Draco will die!" they said, I gulped. As much as I hate Malfoy I wouldn't want him dead. They turned me around and I gasped, it was Marcus Flint.

"F-Flint what do you want?" I asked

"For you to shut up and listen! You're mine! Not Draco's not anyone's mine! Understand, If I see any guy near you, that means Draco, Blaise, Nott and your Gryffindork friends to, I'll kill them!" he smirks, I was about to cry.

"Why?" I asked

"Why? WHY? Because you are mine! From day one you have been mine! And I wont have them dorks take you!" he said "Are we clear?" I nodded.

Then he leaned in and kissed me, I struggled to get away but he was to heavy I just let him kiss me. Once he pulled away he winked and walked back to the Slytherin Common room. Once I knew he was out of eye shout I ran and ran til I got to the Head's dorm, I shouted the password and ran to my room, I didn't even take notice that Draco was back from talking with Snape and I was in to much pain and I could feel myself about to claps, I was just about to make it to my door when I collapse and fell down the stairs.

I woke up with a banging headache, I opened my eyes to see light. I slowly sat up and seen EVERYONE there, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Draco, Pansy, Astoria, Blaise, Lavender and Nott, they all looked like I died. I groaned and looked at them. Then they ambushed me with hugs, I let out a loud groan and they all let go saying 'Sorry'. I looked at the boys then remembered what Flint said, my eyes widen.

"Guys you have to get out of here! Hermione Astoria Lavender Pansy and Ginny can stay but you guys have to go. NOW!" I said they all looked at me weirdly "DON'T JUST SIT THERE GO!" I shouted

"Wait...wait what are you talking about?" Ron asked

"I have no time to explain!" I said for the tenth time

"We're not leaving you!" Blaise said I started to cry, they have to leave.

"Y-You h-have t-t-to!" I cried

"What? Why?" Harry said hugging me, I pushed him off of me "Charlie!" Harry shouted

"I'm sorry but you have to go!" I said whipping my eyes

"Why? Why do we have to go?" Draco asked

"I...I can't tell you! PLEASE GO!" I said

"Guys go! She'll be fine!" Hermione said looking at the boys

"Fine! We'll go but we'll be back later!" Nott said and they left.

Once I heard the door shut the girls looked at me, I started to cry again, then Astoria came and hugged me.

"Shhh! Tell Astoria what happened?" she asked

"F-Flint!" I said

"FLINT! WHAT DID HE DO?" they all said except Lavender she was busy playing with her hair

"Lavender if you don't want to be here you can leave!" I snapped

"Good!" She got up and walked out

"Prat!" I said under my breathe

"Charlotte Brown you better tell us what is going on?" Ginny said I gulped

"F-Flint told me that the boys can't come near me, I'm his apparently, and I'll always be his! He said if he sees any of the boys near me he will kill them! Then he kissed me, and I ran to the Head's common room, before I could open my door I collapsed and here I am!" I explained the girl's mouths were dropped.

"MARCUS FLINT! THAT GOOD FOR NOTHING SLYTHERIN!" Hermione said "Oh no affiance you three!" she said looking at me Astoria and Pansy

"None taken!" we said together

"What are you going to do?" Pansy said

"I have no clue!" I want to be round the guys but Flint will kill them

"Do you want me and Ginny to explain to Harry and Ron?" Hermione asked I nodded

"I think me and Pansy should explain to Draco, Nott and Blaise! Since Flint is in OUR house and he will most likely be near you!" Astoria said

"I hate him!" I screamed

About an hour later the girls left, I had to stay in the hospital wing for the nice I was allowed out tomorrow.

The next day I made my way to the Head Common room, Once I walked in I seen Draco, Nott and Blaise they looked worried, I then relaxed and remembered Flint doesn't know the password nor is he allowed in here without mine or Draco's permission. I smiled at them then sat down.

"The girls explained to us what happened? That...that prat!" Blaise said

"Now...Now Blaise we can see her in here! Flint isn't allowed in here nor does he know the password!" Nott explained

I looked at Draco and seen something in is eye. What is he playing at? We had detention yesterday and we were at each others throats now he's all friendly with me. I stood up and walked to the stairs.

"Are you sure you want to go up there? Remember last time!" the voice said I turned around and seen Draco looking worried at me.

"Why do you care?" I said and walked to my dorm.

Half an hour later I heard a knock at my door. I got up off the bed and answered it and there stood Draco Malfoy, I left the door open and walked back to my bed and laid down, I hear him enter my room then shuts the door he then walked towards my bed and sat down at the end, I sat up and grabbed a cushion and hugged it, I still had tears coming down my cheeks, he leaned forward and whipped the tear away. I looked up into his gray eyes and smiled slightly, he smiled slightly to, he then pulled his hand away and placed it on top of my hand and sighed.

"Tell me what's wrong?" he asked

"Flint! He...he thinks he can control me! And he can!" I said looking down

"No! No he can't you are an independent girl!" he said

"Draco he said he will kill any of you guys if you come near me! I'm freaking out as it is! I want to spend time with my 'guy' friends but he isn't letting me!" I nearly shouted

"You have to stand up to him Charlie!" he said

"Are you mad? He's a guy! He could easily take advantage of me!" I said

"I'll be there to stop him!" he said smiling

"What are you being nice all of a sudden? Yesterday we were at each others throats now, were acting like buddy buddy!" I asked

"I...guess we need to put aside the past and look forward to the future!" he said

"Future? I have no future if Flint has anything to do with it!" I laughed

"Right that's it!" he said.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my room then down to the Slytherin common room, I was struggling all the way there, he said the password. Once we got inside everyone looked at us, I hid behind Draco as I seen Flint's look. I seen him get up from the couch and walked towards me and Draco. He came face to face with Draco.

"WHO IN THE NAME OF SALAZAR SLYTHERIN DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FLINT?" Draco shouted, everyone went quiet, I slowly backed away from the two as I knew they would end up in a fight, I backed up into Astoria and Pansy they pulled me down on the seat.

"Well as I recall I'm Marcus Flint!" Flint laughed in Draco's face. Oh bad choice

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO CHARLIE LIKE THAT! YOU DON'T OWN HER!" Malfoy shouted, I smiled, he was standing up for me...wait, no. no don't think that!

"Oh and what's a guy like you defending Charlie anyway, you've hated her since day one!" Flint said

"I may have hated Charlie since say one but I would bloody well protect her from someone like you...and it's CHARLOTTE to you!" Draco said

"Oh I'm so scared what are you going to do hex me?" Flint laughed

"I'll do more then that!" Draco said, but before Draco could do anything Flint punched him in the face, my eyes widen and I ran to Draco.

"OMG! DRACO! Are you ok?" I asked kneeling down beside him but he didn't answer me he got up and punched Flint "DRACO!" I shouted

"What?" he said and turned around


"I'd rather that then see this prat hurt you!" he said then he got hit in the head and fell down, he was unconscious

"OMG! DRACO!" I screamed I ran to him and seen him, I looked up and seen Flint laughing with his 'gang' I stood up and held my wand to his throat "I swear to god, he better be alive, if he isn't I'm going to haunt you and kill you!" I hissed at him "You better leave me alone! I'm no-ones girl!" I said I lowered my wand and told Astoria Pansy Blaise and Nott to help with taking Draco to the hospital wing.


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