I am sodding James Sirius Potter. I am a man. And men, my friend, do not get dumped. Potter men don't at least.

Well, actually, that's a bit of a lie seeing as Albus is always getting dumped (he's a little pushover) and Dad said he got dumped too (maybe that's where Albus gets it from). Although, Mum always said Dad had never really been going out with the girl anyway. He'd agreed. I think I got the headstrong thing from Mum, she said she was always the one that did the dumping too. It's kind of weird to get something like that from your Mum rather than your Dad I guess. But then, Freddy got his frightening side from his Mum, and his humorous side from his Dad. Let's just say our family was filled with a lot of scary women. In fact, all of them were terrifying.

Lily reminded me of her terrifying fury when she cornered me after Defence last week. She started mouthing-off to me about how I'd treated Lise, and even though I begged every member of my family to help me when they walked past, they didn't. I got the feeling that they were all disappointed in the way I'd handled it all. Really, being my family they should understand that I don't treat girls very well (not on purpose), but I think the fact that it was Lise that I'd hurt- a girl they loved as their own, has turned them a bit sour.

It was only when Lise herself marched over and dragged Lily off me (she'd pinned me against the wall with her wand at my throat) that it was all put to an end. But, to be honest I wasn't even glad, of course I was grateful (I thought Lily was about to murder me) - but it just made me feel guiltier.

I didn't know what to do! I'm a man! I'm a Potter! It should be well known that we Potter men are useless with feelings! It makes us go stupid and we start to sweat and stutter. Basically, when I apologise I turn into the way my cousin Hugo does when he talks to girls. It's ugly, I assure you.

Lise knew that, she knew I was rubbish with feelings. But she didn't approach me, she didn't even acknowledge me, she just... ignored me. And it stung. Freddy said she was waiting for me to apologise, and I supposed it was fair enough, but I couldn't build up the guts. What was I meant to do? What was I meant to say? Would she let me kiss her? Did she even still like me?

Not to mention, I was still a little preoccupied with the question as to why Naomi wasn't bothered about ending our relationship. Not one girl that had ever been my girlfriend had been so... chilled when we broke up. Hell, she'd even been the one to break up with me! It was humiliating!

I tried to ask Lily for her advice, but she'd ignored me, Rose said it was because she was waiting for me to apologise to Lise before she'd speak to me again. In fact, that had been the last thing Rose had said to me for a while, it appeared that Lily had instructed the females in my family not to communicate with me. I even got a reply from Teddy back yesterday, and he'd relayed that Victoire wanted me to know she was sincerely disappointed in me and told me I should get over my massive ego. Teddy had added a bit of advice that was, and I quote:
'get over yourself James and just apologise already. I know how much you like her.'

And so, I had turned to my female friends, who happened to be best friends with Lise, but I suspected Lise had told them to be nice to me (she was lovely like that) and they'd agreed. But Bea constantly seemed too busy being attached to Nick's face to do much talking (their passion for each other was revolting) and so, slightly reluctantly may I add, I had turned to Alice for advice. Which was never really the best thing to so, as she was a complete drama queen. However, Drew had joined us for a chat and I hoped he'd level her out a bit.

"On principle James, I really should hate you" was the first thing Alice said as she and Drew met me in the boys' dormitory. "But Lise told me not to."

Alice frowned at this, she obviously didn't agree with Lise's constant kindness towards me.

"You don't deserve her niceties James" she told me and I nodded, how could Alice think I didn't know that?

"What do I do Alice?"

"Apologise?" Alice suggested, making it sound as if it was the easiest option.

"Isn't there anything easier I could do?"

"No!" Alice frowned. "Lise deserves you to take the pain of the hard way to make it up to her."

"I know, I know" I sighed. "But I stink at apologising."

"Do you still like her James?"

I shrugged.

"That doesn't look promising" Drew commented and I avoided Alice's evils.

"I just..." I paused, I didn't know how to explain myself in a way that wouldn't stop Alice from hurting my pretty face. "I don't know. I'm sort of interested in Naomi-"

"Only because she's the only girl that's ever broken up with you! You don't actually like her James!" Alice snarled frustratedly and I shrugged again.

"Oh Merlin" Alice rolled her eyes. "You're an idiot Potter" she stood up suddenly and looked at me with an appalled expression. "You definitely don't deserve Lise. Don't even bother!" Alice shook her head scathingly before stalking out of the room.

Drew and I sat in an awkward silence for a moment.

"Do you think she's right?" I asked him.

"I dunno mate. But I think she's right about the Naomi thing, you know. I don't think you really like her at all" Drew stood up, brushing himself off before heading to the door.


He turned to face me again.

"What should I do?"

He shrugged, in the way that all boys do, showing they were clueless about the minds of girls. "Talk to Naomi?"

I nodded and gave him a wry grin before he disappeared out of the door after his girlfriend.


"Naomi?" I stopped the blonde as she walked about of her Transfiguration lesson. Rose and Albus, who had exited the classroom just after Naomi, shot me confused looks before continuing down the corridor to lunch.

"Hi James" she acknowledged me, stopping in front of where I leant against the wall opposite. "Did you want something?"

"Yeah.. I, um... wanted to talk to you" she nodded and moved to lean against the wall beside me. We waited in silence until every last student had disappeared to the Great Hall before we said one word to each other. I didn't want my insecurities displayed in front of some random kid. I didn't particularly want them displayed for Naomi either, but I had to suck it up.

"So, how come you're not with Anneliese yet?" Naomi asked curiously, fiddling with the strap of her bag.

I shrugged. "I said some stupid stuff."


"You" I answered truthfully, turning my head to see her surprised expression.

"What could you say about me that would piss her off?"

"Well, I was just kind of... Well..."

"Spit it out James" she interrupted my rambles and I was instantly reminded of her harsh Ravenclaw attitude.

"I wanted to know why you dumped me" I blurted out. "For Nott."

"Well... Theo's actually lovely" I snorted at Naomi referring to Nott (a Slytherin) as 'Theo' and 'lovely'. She ignored me. "And I'm sorry to bruise your ego James, but I never went out with you because I liked you."

"Excuse me?" I was utterly confused. Ok, so maybe I'd gone out with Naomi in the first place just to piss Lise off and make her jealous (Darcy asking her out had caused me to realise some feelings for Lise), but I'd genuinely thought that Naomi had actually liked me.

"I went out with you because..." she took a deep breath. "Well because I wanted to piss of Anneliese."

Hang on, so we'd spent four whole months together, purely because we both wanted to piss Lise off? My reason made sense to me, but I was completely confused as to why Naomi felt she wanted to piss Lise off.

"What did Lise do to you?"

She shrugged. "She didn't do anything to me... I guess. It's just... well, it's complicated and I think I just deluded myself into thinking everything was Lise's fault."

"What could possibly have made you think that?" I pushed for an answer, I was extremely curious.

"My mum had an affair" she murmured. "And I found out about it. She was lying to my Dad, but she made me swear not to tell him..." Naomi took another deep breath before continuing. "I didn't know what to do, but I found out who the man she was with was..."

"Who was it?" I didn't pay much attention to the way Naomi appeared to be getting steadily upset by the memory, concentrating on the answer she would give me instead.

"Aidan Lynch" she mumbled and I gasped.

"As in... Lise's dad?!"

She nodded miserably. "I just... saw red. And when we came back to Hogwarts... I just wanted to do something. I saw Lise, and I felt like it was my opportunity, you know?"

No, I didn't understand really, but I remained silent, waiting for further explanation.

"Everyone who has a brain could see that you and Lise were obviously completely in love with each other and hadn't realised it yet... and it seemed like an easy way to ruin things for her. I knew you'd be jealous when she agreed to go to Hogsmede with Robert Darcy... and I took advantage of that" she glanced over at me. "I'm sorry James, I really am."

"Then why did you end it with me? Aren't you still bitter over the whole thing?"

"My mum broke it off with Lise's Dad. I guess she realised how much my Dad meant to her... when he found out. I was... you know... spending time with Theo..." she smiled apologetically at me. "And he made me realise that I couldn't just hide something like that from my Dad, it wasn't fair for my Mum to ask me to do something like that..."

"What did your Dad do?"

"He was angry at first. But he forgave her. He was being an asshole too, always working and ignoring her...us. I think that's why she did it. But they love each other... and I guess they wanted it to work out between them."

"I'm glad."

"I'm sorry James, for using you, I honestly am. I know I should apologise to Anneliese too.. but I don't really know how."

"Me too" I ruffled my hair awkwardly. "Does Lise know her Dad cheated on her Mum?"

"No" Naomi bit her lip. "My Mum said his wife knew about it... apparently they're only together for Lise now... Aidan Lynch said Eveline Warbeck has affairs too. Lise doesn't know anything about it. I always thought it was kind of disgusting that her parents had the nerve to pretend to her like that."

"It is" I was heartbroken for Lise, it wasn't fair that somebody as amazing as her should have parents like that.

"I can't apologise to her yet James" Naomi sounded scarily close to tears. I hoped to Merlin she wouldn't cry, I'm awful with that sort of thing. "She wouldn't understand... and I don't be want to be the one to tell her."

"I guess..." I inhaled a rattled breath. "I should tell her, shouldn't I? It might make her trust me again... it might help a bit."

"You're her best friend James... It's best from you" Naomi smiled and I returned it half-heartedly.

"I don't really know if she wants me to be her best friend anymore."

"Of course she does!" Naomi exclaimed. "You can't just decide to rid yourself of your best friend!"

"I miss her."

"And she misses you."

I wrapped my arms around Naomi and squeezed her gently. "Thanks Naomi."

"I'm really sorry about everything James" she chewed on her lip after we ended our hug.

"It's forgiven. You don't seem so much of a bitch now I know the full story."

"You think Anneliese will think that?"

"Probably. You know her, she's too nice to actually enjoy having an enemy."

"I hope so."

"Make sure Nott treats you well, yeah?" I patted her shoulder as a goodbye and she nodded.

"He will" she turned to leave. "Bye James."

"Bye Naomi. Thanks for the help."

She smiled, before turning down the corridor and heading to the Great Hall.

That was when it hit me, really, really hard.

I had to tell Lise about her parents.

How in Merlins name was I meant to do that?!


A/N - hope you liked James' POV again! This chapters very important, thanks for all the reviews so far, and I'd love to hear everybody's feedback after this bombshell! Next chapter will up after I've had some feedback and had time to sit down and write! Please forgive if it's longer than usual, I have a lot of school work at the moment, important GCSE mocks coming up! Lots of love x

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