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By the time she had arrived back at the Heads Dorm, Hermione was ridiculously tired. After a quick examination of her silver watch, which read midnight, she came to the conclusion that she desperately needed sleep. Without further ado, she climbed into her bed, feeling unusually warm inside, like she hadn't done in a long, long time.
A brilliant ray of sun through the huge windows of the Hospital Wing woke Draco the next morning. He sat up in bed and coughed croakily. Looking around, he saw Blaise still fast asleep with his mouth wide open. Draco chuckled quietly. Typical Blaise... He flopped back down on his bed and stared at the high, majestic ceiling above him. He thought about last night. Me, Granger, Apology, Purple pajama’s. Oh god, Draco... But he felt happy. Happier than he had done in a long while. Father is going to kill you... What if I don't care? Remember... His internal argument with the logical side of him was going well. His rebellious side was most certainly winning. I don't care. He repeated. And then it really hit him.


'Ha, I don't care...' he said out loud in an amused tone.



'You know, talking to you self is one of the first signs of madness.' Blaise had woken. Draco laughed.

'Shut up, you!' he chucked his pillow across the room and it hit Blaise in the head, producing a muffled grunt.



'Alright, alright!" said Blaise, even more amused now.

'What are you even doing here? You only had a broken jaw?' Draco teased. 'Getting all soft are we?'



'Ha ha. No I had a concussion too.' He said. 'But I did want to stay for my best friend...' Blaise joked in a childish, cooing voice.



'You're an idiot, you know that.' said Draco. 'Can I have my pillow back now please?'


'Nope!' Blaise said laughing. 'Unless, you tell what it is that you "don't care about."


'Just give me the pillow.'

'Nope.' Blaise replied cheerfully. Draco jumped out of his bed.



'Blaise! Gi-'

 'Mr Malfoy! Get back in that bed this instance! You are not healed!' Madam Pomfrey said in a stern voice. She had apparently heard the commotion and came running out of her office. Draco grunted and stropped back to his bed. Madam Pomfrey nodded approvingly and rushed back to her office. Draco looked at Blaise who was sniggering. Git, thought Draco. He raised his eyebrows and Blaise through the pillow back.



'Mr Zabini!' came a voice from the medi-witches office, 'you may go!'

 'Yes!' Blaise jumped up and headed towards the door.



'Cya later!' he said to Draco, mockingly. Whilst Draco was submerged in his annoyance with Blaise, Madam Pomfrey came out and inspected his head injuries.


'Can I go yet?' he asked, coldly.

 'Absolutely not, maybe later tonight, but definitely not now..' she said sternly. Draco grunted again. There was no one left in the hospital wing to talk to, hell he'd even take Potter... Well, maybe not.. he reconsidered. Hang on, the match!

'Madam Pomfrey?! Madam Pomfrey!?' the medi-witch rush back to his side.



'What it is Mr Malfoy? Your head?' Draco laughed at the sheer stupidness of this question.

'No. The match.' he demanded. 'Did we win?'



'No i don't believe you did... As far as I'm aware, Miss Weasley scored twice before you caught the snitch...'

Draco's heart sunk. Two Weasley's he felt about ready to kill. This was going to be a long day.






'Hermione! ... Hermione!'

She whipped around to see Blaise Zabini fighting through the lunch crowd to get to her.



'Hi, Blaise. You alright?'

'Hi. Yeah i'm all good now. Listen, i just wanted to say thanks for last night.. You know. Draco really needs someone like you right now. It was good that you came to visit us. Well, him.'



Blaise chuckled nervously, but Hermione just smiled.



'No problem, Blaise.' she said to him as he grinned

'I've got to go, but i'll probably see you soon... Bye!' he squeezed her shoulder and ran aup the main staircase. Bewildered, Hermione spun around, he had a certain a certain charm about him, Blaise. She laughed quietly and then-

Her stomach dropped.

'Him? You went to see him?!'

 'Ron, I...' 

'So I'm your boyfriend and you didnt come visit me? But you visit the ferret in the hospital wing?'


'You flew into him! I was checking if he was alright!' Hermione retorted, her voice shaking with anger.



'I dont even need to explain myself to you, Ron. And you can forget this.' she indicated the space between them. A fair few people were staring now. Surely Ron and Hermione, the perfect couple, part of the Golden Trio wouldnt break up? 'Its over, Ron.'



Ron's mouth dropped in awe. He didn’t actually think she'd break up with him. A few people around chuckled nervously. All of a sudden, out of nowhere Ron lunged. Standing behind him, Harry grabbed onto to him quickly and struggled to pull him back. He pushed Ron behind him who staggered slightly and looked back with a red blotchy face that clashed brilliantly with his hair. Hermione looked at Harry desperately and he had pity in his eyes. There was no need for words; Hermione knew he was sorry for Ron. She nodded curtly and Harry dragged Ron away who was muttering nastily. Hermione’s heart was beating fast and her hands were shaking. He wanted to hurt me, she thought. Fuming, Hermione pushed her way back through the crowd, only thinking of one place she could forget the world. The Room of Requirement.

Later that evening, Hermione stalked into the Heads dorm, feeling privatelyrelieved. These past few months with him had been pure torture. Looking around, she discovered that the Heads dorm was empty. He must be out, she thought. Deciding that she really needed a hot shower, she bounded up the stairs to her room. Tapping the door with her wand, she heard a small click and the door creaked open for her. As she stepped in, she searched around quickly for a towel, dressing gown and clothes. This took all of two minutes. After finally extracting a pair of bottoms from beneath her bed, she made her way across the room to the bathroom.


It was empty, no surprises there. As much as she loved the peace and quiet, she still felt lonely but privacy was something that you couldn't get in the Gryffindor Common Room. Hermione locked the door behind her, and made sure the door to Draco’s room was locked too. She didn't want any more awkward situations, that had initiated the first argument and after her chat with McGonagall and her time in the hospital wing last night ago, she didn’t want to break the second lot of peace they had made. In fact, it was more than peace. It was... Well... Hermione shook her head. She carefully peeled off her clothes, taking her time and stepped into the cubicle. Turning the hot all the way, she closed her eyes as the water pounded on her head, trickled down her back.



Bliss. She sighed and let the heat wash away her stress. She thought about Ron and his face when earlier when she had ended it, it was almost comical, after the way he had treated her. How could he expect her to be with him anymore? She thought about Ginny and her perfect happiness with Harry, finally. She was lucky. Hermione felt so alone, despite her friends being so wonderful. She thought about Draco, and the vacant expression, like he was lost and lonely too, that he constantly had plastered on his face. Well, that was unless he was sneering. Not that he does that much more, anyway. She lathered her body, massaging, and then let the water wash away the soap. She saw a different side of Draco last night, a side she really liked. Maybe a little too much.

She tried to relax, but all she could think about were Ron and Draco.She sighed again; this meant she had to go through her relaxing process again, washing away the thoughts. When she was finally satisfied, she turned off the water, stepped out and wrapped a fluffy Gryffindor red towel around her.



She dried herself thoroughly and started to get dressed, throwing on a pair of comfortable grey bottoms and a lilac long sleeved top. As she was about to dry her hair, she noticed the emerald towels sprawled over the floor messily. Slob, she thought. With a flick of her wand, they were hanging on the rail. He'll thank me later, she thought. And then, Ha! Yeah right... Pointing her wand to her hair, she muttered 'crinisicca' and her hair instantly became the light brown wavy sight she was used to. She walked out of the bathroom into her room again. She dumped her robes on her bed and picked up her current book from her bedside table, A History of Londonian Magical Creatures and then made her way out.

She climbed down the stairs, pausing slightly at the sight of platinum blonde hair just visible over the back of one of the sofas. She slumped into the one closest to the fire and stuck her nose in her book, hoping it would be more exciting than the last one she had read and occasionally snuck glances at the boy across from her. He hadn't seemed to notice her, or if he had, he didn't show any acknowledgement. Figures, he is an arrogant Malfoy...she thought. And then corrected herself, he’s not anymore, is he. Her heart told her the truthful answer she still getting used to. After a few moments, and several inconspicuous glances later, he stood up and walked to the desk in the corner. He pulled out his wand and mumbled something she couldn't hear. Though she soon found out what it was when he brought back two hot chocolates, placing one on the coffee table. He still hadn't looked at her, and it was starting to bug her now. What about last night?



Sipping his hot chocolate which wasn’t even half as good as Lacey's, he carefully watched the bushy haired girl across from him. Though she wasn't bushy haired anymore, he thought for the millionth time, no, it falls in lovely waves over her delicate face. And that top, wow her curves... Purple suits her. He paused his thoughts momentarily. Ah hell...He acted on impulse; after all, he had basically confessed his love for her last night. He chuckled silently at the thought. Standing up slowly, he picked up the other hot chocolate and walked over to her. She looked up at him slowly and he gave her the mug. She smiled at him gratefully.



Hermione's heart skipped a beat quickly, taking note of the use her first name. It sounded nice coming from him. That’s the first time he’s ever said it, she mused. He didn't look cold or mean and his face didn't portray someone of loneliness, he looked pleasant.

'Draco?' She thought it common courtesy to use his first time, he after all had made the effort to use hers. It felt strangely comfortable on her tongue, almost leaving a tingly feeling. A smile played at Draco's lips, I like the way that sounds, use my name more often.



'Twenty questions.' He said promptly. Hermione's eye brows raised in a perfect arch.

'I'm sorry?'



'You know, twenty questions, I ask you a question and you answer it and then-'

 'I know what twenty questions is,' she said with laughter dripping in her tone, but not quite coming out yet. 'Why?'



'Well, I thought, you know, we should learn more about each other, being Head Boy and Girl..' His voice trailed off, and Hermione swore she could see a delicate shade of pink appearing in his cheeks. Amused, she decided not to comment on it. He sat back down on the settee.

'Hmm, okay. You start.' He smiled a genuine smile. Not a trademark Malfoy smirk.



'Birthday?' He asked.


'19th of September, you?'


'5th of June, your turn.' Hermione paused for a moment, thinking.



'Middle name?'



Er.. Lucius' He said glumly. 'And you?'





'This may be a hard one for you, favourite book?' He smirked. Hermione laughed sarcastically.


'Hogwarts: A History, and yours?' Draco stifled a laugh before replying.

It was Hermione's turn to laugh this time and she really did out loud. Draco, Draco Malfoy, The PUREBLOOD likes Macbeth? This was too much.



'Stop laughing!'

'Dra- Draco that's a Muggle play!' She scoffed, still giggling.



'Yeah, and?!' He retorted, though he couldn't be angry, she had said his name again. After several moments, Hermione calmed down and was ready to continue. It felt nice to be laughing and smiling, instead of glaring and throwing insults. And this was much better than him completely ignoring her…

'It's your turn to ask.' said Draco. Hermione put her index finger on her chin, in mock thinking.



'Most embarrassing moment?' She asked, slyly.

'No, absolutely not!' He said quickly.



'Nah uh, you can't back out!

 'Uh fine, when you hit me, third year.' Whilst Hermione roared with laughter, Draco pondered the memory. I lost all my dignity that evening… stop laughing woman! Do you know how long that took me to regain?! ..Thank merlin only Crabbe and Goyle saw it...

In his train of thoughts, he hadn't noticed Hermione had calmed down.



'Thank merlin you've stopped laughing!' He said coolly, but with amusement in his voice so Hermione didn't panic. 'Do you know how much respect you lost me?!'

'You deserved it! You're a - well you were being a git!'



He smiled sheepishly and looked at her, expectant.

'I have a few, but they are all the same... When everyone used to make fun of me for knowing all the answer, especially in the first few years.'



She grimaced and Draco nodded, not saying anything. He couldn't, he was one of them who had teased her. He thought of another question.

'First kiss?' He said smiling, trying to look innocent. Hermione blushed a ferocious red.



'Er, Victor...Krum..'

'I figured as much, Pansy' He said the word as though it tasted bad. To Draco, it did.



'You say that with such distaste? I thought you two were a thing?'

'Thought you and Weasley were a thing?' He retorted, defensively.



'Yes, well things change, don't they?' Hermione blushed again. Her cheeks felt hot as she remembered the previous events of the day.

'They most certainly do' he said, looking at her meaningfully.' Your turn!'


'Okay what number are we up to?'

'Six, four more to go.'



'Okay, greatest achievement?'



'Hmm, living and surviving with Voldemort...' He said carefully. Hermione looked at him curiously; his eyes suddenly looked dark again. She had a sudden inspiration.

'What was it like, living with him, I mean..?'



Draco looked at her, she's genuinely curious. There was a sudden solemn feeling hanging over the common room.

'It was...awful. Like I was trapped and was never getting out. I knew that he had to be killed, or I would be there forever, and eventually die at the hand of him. He treated me like vermin, punishment for my father, but I always felt cold whenever he was around, almost like a Dementer attack, you know?' Hermione nodded. 'Felt as though I'd never be happy again. The only time I felt alive, was when I was alone in bed, it was the only time I could escape.'



Hermione searched his face; he looked in pain at reminiscing that memory. This was the closest thing they had shared, if you didn’t count their moment last night. She was starting to realise that he wasn't what she thought he was, McGonagall had been right he is a good man. He had compassion. And he was much gentler and kinder now. And now that she had seen him smile, he definitely looked much better, instead of that smirk on his face or distant look. Her eyes raked over him, his pointed jaw, high cheek bones, elegant nose. He really is attractive... She cleared her throat and Draco looked up.

'It’s over now though, you can be happy now right? … Mine? Helping. Being in the process that brought him down.'



He smiled at this, but didn't ask questions. He knew how it had been. Draco tried to lighten the mood.

'Favourite drink?' He asked, and Hermione laughed at the sudden change in topic. She felt relieved though as the weight was lifted from the room. She couldn't help it, he was acting really different and she liked it. She liked him. Did I just say that? She suddenly remembered she had a question to answer and she wasn’t fighting with herself anymore.



'Hmm, Tea... Oh wait! And Butterbeer, I can't choose.'



'Well, er Hot Chocolate' he laughed guiltily, pointing to the cup on the coffee table between them. 'My favourite house elf back at the Manor, Lacey, she makes the best Hot Chocolate, I can never get it quite right though.'

Hermione smiled again.



'Two more!' She said, 'Favourite subject?' 

Ha, trust her to pick this one. Though he was kind of glad she had.

'Transfiguration.' He said proudly, remembering the random book he had picked up in the library the previous week. Draco knew she had been expecting him to pick Defence Against the Dark Arts.



'Really?' She looked shocked, just like he knew she would. 'Mine's Charms.' Draco acknowledged this with a smile.


'Last question! Hmm...' His eye brows creased in the middle and his lips were pouted. He actually looks really cute...Hermione couldn’t help but notice.



'Your Patronus?' He asked. Hermione grinned at this and pulled out her wand. Thinking strongly of the new found smile on Draco's lips, she said quietly 'expecto patronum'. The well-known silver otter bounded from her wand and glided over to Draco. It jumped playfully around his head, causing him to laugh. Actually laugh. It’s a pretty sight... She thought, as Draco whipped his head around trying to follow the otter. It finally faded to wisps of silver and it was Draco's turn. 


'Don't laugh, please.' He said to her, shyly. He pulled his wand out of his back pocket, thought of the smell of Hermione's hair that wafted down into the common room with her and said 'expecto patronum!' 



An eagle erupted from the tip of his wand and soared above their heads. It flew for a bit, and then landed on Hermione's shoulder. Draco was surprised.


'Wow, he must like you; he's never done that for me.'


Hermione looked adoringly at the elegant bird perched on her shoulder before it disappeared.


'An Eagle, hmm. Is that really you?' She asked. Draco looked scandalised.



'Of course!' he said. He suddenly remembered something. 'Look, wait here!'



Hermione watched as he bounded up the stared to his room, evidently confused by the expression on her face. 


Where is it?! Draco thought desperately as he rummaged through his trunk. Aha, gotcha! He pulled out a handsome midnight blue book with gold letters stamped across the front. A Guide To Your Patronus. A Christmas present from the Zabini family two years ago. He had never really taken it out of his trunk. He hurried back downstairs to find Hermione standing exactly where he left her.

'Well come on then!' He opened the book the right page and Hermione followed him over to the coffee table. She looked at him curiously and bent down.




The Eagle 



The eagle has a striking presence as the of caster of this Patronus. As is typical of bird personalities, their high metabolisms make them edgy and unable to remain in one place for long. Sleek and well groomed, the eagle's looks are striking like the casters. They exude a strong sexual energy that turns heads. Casters of this Patronus enjoy most outdoor activities and have a particular affinity for extreme sports such as the position of Seeker in Quidditch, Dragon Taming, or Troll Slaying. Eagles are truly at their best when performing for others.



This is Draco... Hermione thought. She was shocked at how well he fitted the description. She looked up to see him grinning.



'Ha, well I suppose the Eagle is you then.' She said in a rather amused tone.

'I know.' He laughed at her stunned reaction. 'So,' He said slyly, 'you even think the bit about... what was it?' He looked down at the book. 'My strong sexual energy that turns heads?' Draco grinned even wider, seductively. Hermione blushed a furious red. He can't know, absolutely not. I don’t even know! Do I like him? The honest answer was yes, but she wouldn't admit that. Draco could see her having an argument with herself by her expression. This amused him even more.

 'That’s, er... Well that’s- Stop smiling!' She exclaimed. Draco laughed.



'I'm going to bed now anyway.' He said grabbing his books. He turned around towards his staircase. 'Try not to have too naughty dreams tonight...' He turned around a winked. Oh, he didn’t... Hermione looked at him in shock, her mouth falling into a perfect 'O', not being able to say anything. He laughed at the expression on her face.



'Close your mouth Hermione, geez I was joking.' He laughed. Hermione noted the use of her first name again, and she like the way it sounded on his tongue, but he was NOT to know that, no way! She nodded once in amusement, grabbed her book and went to turn to her staircase.

'And Hermione?' he said it again! 'It was nice, this... We should do it again sometime...'


Hermione definitely saw him blush this time and it brought a smile to her lips.


'I'd like that, goodnight... Draco'




They both trudged back into their rooms and collapsed on their beds.


Hermione lay there, looking up at the scarlet red canopy. This.Is.Ridiculous! I can't fall for Malfoy! Draco Malfoy. The Pureblood Prince. Her stomach flipped at the thought of it, and it took Hermione a good few seconds to realise it was nerves and pleasure. She groaned. I have, ugh, I've fallen for him. His smile, his genuine smile and not his smirk, his eyes when they are full of happiness, his platinum blonde hair falling carelessly in his face. She wanted him, she couldn't deny it. Tonight had made her realise that he maybe just wasn't the evil person everyone made him out to be, but the person she truly believe him to be, and the person McGonagall claimed he was. He was good on the inside and she could tell that he hadn't wanted to be a Death Eater from the way he spoke about Voldemort. But what would Harry and Ron say?! They hate him! And Ron! He will... Ron… she had just called it off with him today! Surely she can't be falling for someone else already. But you haven't liked Ron for ages now, so it’s not surprising. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and gave up on her internal battle. She rolled over and closed eyes. Maybe, just maybe, this will work.



Well, that was odd. Nice, very nice. But odd. He thought about Hermione's wavy hair and the way her curves had grown since the last time he saw her. Or was it just the fact she wasn't covered in her school robes? It didn't matter. She looked good. He had to admit it. Even he wasn't all for the Pureblood/Mudblood bollocks anymore. He put it on as an act, for his Malfoy facade, but the war had made him realise a lot. Great, spectacular, I’ve fallen for Granger. No, Hermione...The Gryffindor Princess. He had finally accepted it. He grunted in annoyance, he hated the fact that he like her this way, liked her at all in fact. Though he was happy at the same time. He hadn't even realised it. It was almost like a thought at the back of his mind that had finally resurfaced. A silent wish.





A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys, but heres Chapter 9, the longest chapter yet! I hope you enjoy it and leave reviews! You're all wonderful, ~Lady Malfoy

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