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“Van, you’ve got to get up. It’s another Hogsmeade visit today, and we’re supposed to be meeting all the others at ten. It’s now half nine. SO GET YOUR FUCKING ARSE OUT OF BED!” I rolled over and tried to block out her voice with my pillow, but unfortunately it got through anyway.

“VANESSA MCIVER, GET OUT OF BED NOW!” She roared, and I grunted in response. She came over and jabbed me hard on the side of the face, so I flipped over again tried to elbow her with my eyes shut.

The result? I elbowed the bed post and shrieked as a spasm of pain shot down my arm. Lily snorted and I swung my legs around under the duvet in hopes of hitting her.

Yeah, I should be so lucky. I kicked the bedpost at the end of the bed instead, and nearly broke my ankle. I have such a wonderful, karma loving life, don’t I?

“Lily,” I mumbled, “I’ve only got to get dressed and brush my teeth, I had a shower last night, so I only need ten minutes. So leave me alone for another twenty minutes.”

“Vanessa, you’ve got to get up!” She moaned, and she tried to shake my shoulder a little bit to try and snap me out of my half-dead sleeping state.

At that point the door crashed open and Lily whirled around and screamed. I shot up in bed and spat my hair out of my mouth, quickly brushing my hair off my face and screaming a little bit myself.

Louis, Fred and Hugo were standing in the entrance to the dormitory wearing very shocked expressions and slightly pink cheeks. Two of them were staring very hard anywhere but Lily and I, whilst the other one seemed to be staring at my pyjama shirt.

I glanced down and saw that I was wearing the same pyjama shirt that I had when I had spent the night in Albus’ room. And that is the pyjama shirt that seems to enjoy riding down so it sits around my waist. And this time I was wearing a bright pink bra covered in white hearts.

Thank you Merlin, for making my life a living hell.

I yanked my top up and Hugo flushed a bright red and quickly looked down at the floor.

I blushed and pressed my lips together to stop myself for grinning like a bloody retard.

But you know what, I’ve acted very maturely for years now, so I should be allowed to let out a few of my girlish high spirits.


Okay, I’m done. I glanced up at Lily to see her glowering at the three boys in the doorway, who were trying very hard to avoid her demon gaze.

Mind you, she can get violent, so they’re probably worried that they’ll disappear with a puff of smoke if they looked right into her eyes.

You know, like that Greek woman who had snakes for hair and could turn people into stone with just one look? Yeah, that story was probably based on Lily in a past life.

“How on EARTH did you even get up here?” She shrieked, and Louis blushed, Fred tried to smother a smirk and Hugo ran his hands through his silky soft hair, that shone in the moonlight and perfectly accents that tanned face, and his strong jaw...

Okay, went off on a little bit of a tangent there. Anyway, the point is, Hugo ran his hands through his hair.

I suppressed a strong urge to leap out of bed and... Never mind, you probably don’t want me to go into detail, for fear of severe mental scarring.

“Well, when Hugo was dating that blonde girl last year, we put little bars on the wall so we can get up the staircase, you know, we use them to haul ourselves up the slope when...” Fred trailed off when he saw the dangerous red colour that Lily’s face was quickly turning.

Fred, Louis and Hugo all glanced at each other and at the same time all chorused -

“We love you, Lily!”

She folded her arms and pursed her lips but let it go. She raised an eyebrow at Hugo and her mouth twisted into an amused smirk, which grew wider as he flushed a brighter pink and ran his hands through his hair again.

“Was there a reason you came bursting into our dormitory this early in the morning? Or did you just do it in the hopes of getting a glimpse of Vanessa in her underwear?” The boys all flushed, but none as brightly as Hugo, who looked like he was about to burst into flames he was that red.

“Yeah, we wanted to know if you had any spare lipstick.” Fred said unabashedly.

The silence was so thick you could practically hear the crickets chirping. I tucked some hair behind my ear and stared at the duvet, and Lily’s jaw fell open. But nobody is asking the question that needs to be asked. Is anybody going to? No? Anybody?

Guess it’s up to me then.

“Fred, are you a transvestite?”

Hugo tipped his head back and roared with laughter, at the same time Louis bent double like some sort of deformed sea creature, making loud hacking noises as he attempted to laugh in a manly way. I raised my eyebrows and Fred flushed bright red.

“No.” He said, as though it was obvious. I smothered my smirk and forced an innocently curious expression onto my face.

“Then why do you need the lipstick?” I prompted, and the lads all glanced at each other before turning back and wincing at the two of us.

“So many reasons.” Louis said vaguely. I sighed and tucked another curl behind my ear. It is far, far too early to be dealing with these people.

“Like?” Lily asked, in a tired voice, and then ran her hands through her own hair and plopped down on the end of my bed, pulling her knees up under her chin.

“Well, Lilykins, if we told you that, we would unfortunately have to kill you, which we really do not want to do, as Uncle Harry would probably kill us in retaliation. And we don’t want to die.” He finished his sentence with a grim nod.

I rolled my eyes and hauled myself out of bed, padding over to my trunk and lifting the lid up. I rooted around for my make up bag, which was stuck somewhere near the bottom, and pulled out a tube of some bright red lipstick. I turned around and held it up for the lads, with a puzzled expression on my face.

“Now, I have this one, but I don’t think it will do.” I grimaced seriously. “It would like fine on Louis and Hugo, but unfortunately it will clash horribly with your hair Fred.”

Fred shot me the finger and marched across the room, snatched the tube out of my hand and then stalked back towards the door. He turned around when he reached it and grinned at me.

“Thanks.” And with that, the three of them left the room, with me staring after them gormlessly. God, Hugo even walks in a sexy way. His legs look all strong and muscular and... I’m pretty sure I’m drooling right now.


I hauled myself to my feet and walked over to my wardrobe, pulled the doors open and started to rifle through my large collection of vintage dresses. I pulled out several and held them up against myself but none of them really seemed to go with my mood.

Five minutes later I had settled for an off the shoulder cream dress with a large amount of cream lace on the bodice, which sounds like some sort of ancient, slutty wedding dress, but is actually one of my personal favourites. Whenever I wear it I always feel like my day is a little bit better than it would have been if I had been wearing something else.

I was spending the Hogsmeade trip with the Weasley/Potter family, Jen and Scorpius. Now, the thing with spending the whole day with that particular group of people is Hugo will be there. All day. And he has a girlfriend. So I will have to pretend like I’m not head over heels in love with him, when I am.

I know, you all wish you had my life, don’t you?

Ah, snide comment maker, you haven’t made an appearance in a while, I was starting to worry. Everything alright I hope? Good, good. Well, if it makes you feel any better, that comment was as rude as ever, which is good for you I suppose, as your comments before your sabbatical were a little stale.

I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face, and then Lily and I headed down to the Common Room to meet the rest of her family. I wondered idly whether or not Fred would be wearing my lipstick. Now, when you think about it logically, that is actually a very disturbing thought to have about somebody who has... ahem... manly parts.

I sat down on a fluffy little pouffe in front of the flameless fireplace and crossed my legs, waiting for everybody else to arrive. Lily sat down on the pouffe next to me and whipped a nail file out of her back pocket. She started filing her nails and hummed a toneless tune to herself.

I glanced out of the window and watched the puffy white clouds drift across the sky, occasionally veiling the sun from view. Considering it’s the end of October, it’s actually a really nice day.


“Get off me you little weasel!” I shrieked as Al tickled me around the middle. My hair flew into my mouth as I laughed and he tickled me even harder. I tried to elbow him but my arms didn’t seem to be responding to anything that my brain was telling them to do, as they were paralysed by stupid Al’s stupid fingers.

“S-Stop i-i-it!” I spluttered, and he started laughing as he tickled me even faster. By this point all of his family were watching, as were most of the shoppers as we were standing right in the middle of the crowded high street. I definitely got their attention when I starting laughing in such a meffed up way it sounded like screaming.

“Okay, I think you’ve had quite enough fun now.” Hugo said, grabbing Al’s hands and forcing them behind his back, his muscles rippling in his tight grey sweater. I looked into his face and saw that it looked almost... pissed off.

Albus looked uncomfortable and he started a very flimsy conversation with Fred to try and force the tension to dissipate. I tucked my hair behind my ear and we all progressed to The Three Broomsticks in silence.

When we got into The Three Broomsticks I happened to end up sitting in between Al and Lily, but for some reason Albus gruffly cleared his throat and moved so he was in between James and Rose. I frowned at him but my attention was quickly diverted, as Hugo sat down in his vacant seat.

Right, come on Van, sexy and alluring smile, shoot it right at him, and knock those sexy socks of his off.

Come on, sexy and alluring smile. COME ON! Anything? Okay, it’s been ten seconds now and you haven’t extended any form of greeting.


I hate my life.

You know brain, when I ask for a sexy and alluring smile, I do not mean show the bloke every single one of your teeth. Because in about three seconds he is going to lean back with a very creeped out look on his face.

And waiting for the creeped out expression... No? Okay then, no problem as far as I’m concerned.


Dinner passed peacefully, and we ended up having a lovely time. The food itself was great, and the company was beyond wonderful. And even though I love my parents more than anything, I found myself wishing I had been born into their family.

I was in the middle of my third bottle of Butterbeer when Scorpius checked his watched and cleared his throat.

“I think we all ought to head back up to Hogwarts now.” He said, and he jumped up off his seat and started to pull on his jacket.

I stood up at the same time the rest of the family did, and turned around to pick up my jacket. But as I reached my arms out to take it off the back of my chair I realised that it wasn’t there anymore. I frowned and turned to look at the back of Lily’s chair, to see whether I put it there by accident, but it hadn’t.

I opened my mouth to ask if anybody had seen it, but I was stopped by the sudden shocks that were shooting up and down my arm.

Somebody had gently laid their fingers on my arm, just above my elbows, and was softly moving my arms into the sleeves of my jacket.

They slipped the sleeves up past my elbows and gently shrugged it on top of my shoulders. I’d stopped breathing at this point.

“Thank you.” I breathed to Hugo, who was slightly pink in the face, but was staring into my eyes as though he was reading them like a book. I took in a deep, strangled breath and tried to swallow.

Yeah, that didn’t work at all.

“No problem.” He muttered in my ear, and I tried very hard to draw a breath, with no significant results. I suddenly became very aware the side of his face was only inches away from my own.

I heard some muffled whispering so I snapped my eyes away from Hugo’s cheek and looked out at his smirking family. Every single one of them was wearing an identical smug smile, standing in silence and looking like they were trying very hard not to laugh.

Oh shit. They must realise that I like Hugo.

I cleared my throat and shrugged my arms out of Hugo’s hands, which were still wrapped around my elbows. I fought back the blush that rose in my cheeks and cleared my throat again.

“So, are we going to go up then?” I said into the silence.

“Yeah!” Hugo said loudly, and we both nodded like nodding dogs and started to head out the door. A stampede of footsteps behind us told me that the rest of his family were following.

I tucked my hair behind my ear and focused on the cobbled path that led up to Hogwarts, ignoring the whispering that was going on behind me. I noticed I was still walking next to Hugo, though neither of us was saying anything.

I was left alone with my own thoughts until Roxanne came rushing up behind me and crashed straight into my back. I stopped myself from falling my jamming the toes of my shoes into the ridges between the cobbles.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?” I screamed, and she peered at me like she was seriously fearful for my sanity.

Okay, maybe she had good reason, but whatever.

“You,” She said, looking like all her dreams had come true at once, “like Hugo.”

My heart stopped beating.

“W-W-What... No! No, no way! That is absolutely ridiculous, who would tell you something like that?” Lily walked up next to me and I turned to her. “Why would you tell her something like that?”

Roxanne smirked and I scowled, while Lily flushed slightly and stared very hard at the tips of her shoes. She mumbled something inaudibly and I elbowed her in the ribs.

“Sorry, want to say that a little bit louder?” I said, in a dangerously innocent tone.

“Because, well, you do like him. And, um... I’ve kind of told Roxy, Lucy and Molly.” At the look of outrage that appeared on my face she backpedalled quickly. “BUT, BUT, that’s only because we want you to be happy, and we’re making sure that you will be happy.”

I frowned and looked at her. “And how exactly does telling Roxanne, Molly and Lucy that I have a teeny tiny crush on Hugo make sure that I’m happy?” I asked.

Lily tossed her hair over her shoulder and scratched her nose. She glanced around the high street and her expression became slightly desperate. Her hands began to wave around like a manic person and she suddenly screamed-

“Hey look, that guy is wearing a blue jacket!”

Everybody went silent and just stared at her. She blushed slightly but shook her hair over her shoulders and continued to march up the high street in a dignified manner.

Well, it would be dignified if she hadn’t tripped over a ridge in between two cobbles and landed flat on her face, with the whole of Hogsmeade staring at her. I snorted and stepped over her, going to continue up the high street, but Lily grabbed hold of my ankle and I fell down onto my arse.

I yelped in pain and she started laughing.

What an evil little bitch.

“That’s what you get for snorting at me.” She cried, and she pointed a finger at me and waggled it dramatically.

Wow. What an amazing telling off. I feel like going to cry in a corner now.

No, not really, you daft git.

I scowled at her and used my hands to prop myself off the ground, to try and take the pressure off my throbbing arse.

“You absolute bitch, my arse is bloody killing me.” I grumbled, and she grinned. Her family crowded around us, smirking, whilst Scorpius checked his watch anxiously and tapped his foot.

A strong arm swung out of nowhere and held itself out to me, and I used it to haul myself and my throbbing arse to my feet. I staggered slightly on the cobbles and Hugo stepped forwards, letting go of my hand so he could grab hold of my shoulders and steady me. I smiled at him gratefully and he grinned back at me, flashing me the most beautiful smile in the world.

I forced my lungs to cooperate with me and carried on breathing, slightly too loudly for my liking, but you can’t have everything in life.

Scorpius cleared his throat and glanced at his watch edgily again.

“Look, sorry to break up all this sexual tension and everything,” Hugo and I stumbled away from each other quickly, “But can we hurry up and get back to the castle?”

Everybody looked at him and he smiled awkwardly. “You know, because there’s chicken and sausages on tonight, and I don’t want to get stuck with the little sausages with the knobbly ends and all that...” He trailed off and ran his hands through his (admittedly gorgeous) blonde hair.

Rose stepped towards him and laid a hand on his arm. She peered into his face curiously and I felt a pang as I read all the love that was written there. “Is something bothering you baby?” She asked, and he shook his head, but looked a little bit frantic.

“No, no, baby, everything’s fine, I just want to get up to the castle for dinner.” Rose stared into his face for a little bit longer and then nodded quickly.

“Okay. Everybody up to the castle, now.” She barked, and at the strong note of authority in her voice we all started to follow the two of them as they made their way up the bustling street.

Lily grabbed hold of my hand and grinned at me to see whether or not she was forgiven.

I smiled back at her and her shoulders visibly relaxed. She leaned sideways and kissed me on the cheek, and I gave her a one armed hug before tossing my head to the other side, to peer at Roxanne, who had just tapped me on the shoulder.

“Yeah?” I asked her.

“Can I have a hug too?” She asked, and she held out her arms with a desperate expression on her face. I grinned at her and dropped Lily’s hand, so I could give Roxanne a massive bear hug. She buried her head in my chest and her curly hair tickled my face.

I beat it away and she leaned back so she was grinning at me, showing all of her teeth.

She really can be a little scary at times. I’m worried about her.


“Hey Fred, pass me the pigs in blankets will you?” I asked, and he grinned at me, showing a mouthful of chewed up Yorkshire Pudding. I gagged slightly but took the platter off him regardless.

Why are they called pigs in blankets I wonder? I get that the sausages are made of pigs, and everything, but so is bacon! So it should really be called pigs in pig, if you think about it logically, which I do.

Okay, stop looking like me like that. I can have strange thoughts if I want to.

I piled the pigs in pig onto my plate and speared three with my fork. I shovelled them into my mouth in one go and chewed them like some sort of rabid animal. Louis snorted at me and threw a napkin in my face, laughing when I shot him the finger and glared at him.

“Close your mouth when you chew, it’s disgusting.” He teased, and I pretended to wipe tears from the bottom of my eyes.

He smirked and leaned across the table so he could flick me on the nose.

I rolled my eyes at him and then continued to eat my dinner like some sort of crazed creature. Most of the table was watching me, and I was so engrossed in my delicious meal I didn’t even notice. Someone cleared their throat next to me and I looked up with my mouth hanging open, just so they could have a nice little glimpse of whatever I was eating.

Hugo was leaning past Lily, who was sitting on my left, and smiling at me hugely.

“Yesh?” I asked through a mouthful of food. And then my senses caught up with me.


I picked up my water goblet and swallowed my food quickly. I forced my blush to remain out of my face and looked back into his eyes. Their deep ocean depths washed over my own and I blinked super fast to prevent my head from filling with the smoky haze that always seems to arrive with Hugo’s presence.

“Have you finished that Charms essay we got set the other day?” His eyes were smouldering and I struggled to remember whether or not I had actually done the essay in question. I decided that I hadn’t.

Oh crap, I actually need to do that, it’s due Monday.

“No, I haven’t.” I said worriedly, and I started to chew on my thumbnail as I wondered when I was going to do it, as I have plenty of other work that I need to do tomorrow.

“Well, I know it’s a little bit late now, but I’m busy tomorrow, so I was wondering whether or not you wanted to go and work on those essays when dinner is over?” His voice was husky and velvety, and I had to force myself not to swoon off the bench.

Because that would just not be cool.

“Yeah, sure.” I said weakly, and he grinned so brightly the room almost burst into flames with brightness. I smiled back at him and looked back down at my plate, suddenly not hungry anymore. I laid my fork down next to my dish and smiled to myself, ignoring Lily’s suggestive jibes in my rib.

Scorpius checked his watch again, and I opened my mouth to ask why he kept doing it but he shook his head and widened his eyes pleadingly.

I rolled my eyes and looked back down at the table.

I glanced up when the lights started to dim and the ceiling went pitch black, not like the night sky but like the block colour.

I glanced around and saw Scorpius running his hands through his hair. He swallowed tightly and blinked quite quickly, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

The poor thing looked terrified out of his wits.

Scorpius really is one of the cutest people I have ever met. If only there was no Rose...


Speaking of headlights, a spotlight just appeared out of nowhere and is shining on none other than one Mr Scorpius Malfoy.

He swallowed again and blinked around at every person in the hall, who were all staring at him and watching like he was a mildly interesting television programme.

Even the teachers were watching, though a few of them looked more excited than curious.

I looked back at Scorpius and saw him getting up off the bench, where he was sitting next to a curious looking Rose Weasley.

He stood up for a moment and then he blinked and breathed out deeply. He looked so nervous my heart broke for the poor bloke. He took one more deep breath and then he opened his mouth.

“Rose Weasley, I love you.” He started, and when he saw her beam at him he seemed to gain a little confidence. “When you smile, it’s like my whole day is made perfect. If I could just look into your eyes once a day, then I would be able to die a happy man when the day comes.”

I froze when I thought I realised where this was going.

“You’re so perfect I wake up every day with a smile on my face, because I can’t believe that someone as downright amazing and incredible as you is actually mine. And I never want you to be anybody else’s, because I love you too goddamn much. We’ve been together for a year now, today actually, I don’t know if you realised, and I realised that I want to spend the rest of my life with you Rose. So, all I want to ask is... Will you marry me?”

His expression was completely unsure and slightly sick by the end of his speech. It was so beautiful I dragged my sleeve up around my hand and wiped my streaming eyes.

Scorpius’ eyes never left Rose’s face, which was glowing slightly with the light from the spotlight reflecting on the tears that were streaming down her face.

With every second that passed Scorpius looked more and more like he was going to throw up.

“Yes.” Rose whispered, and his jaw fell open.

“W-What?” He spluttered, and she grinned so widely she showed the world her teeth.

“Yes Scorpius, I will marry you.”

The hall exploded.

Everybody leapt to their feet and started applauding loudly, screaming and waving their hands in the air. Everybody had been rooting for the two of them since first year. Seriously, we had a whole school party in the Great Hall the night he finally grew the balls to ask her out.

Aunt Hermione, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Ron, Uncle Harry, Mr Malfoy and Mrs Malfoy came running out of the little room attached to the hall, clapping just as hard as any of the students, with the women wiping their eyes and the men clapping each other on the back.

It looks like the animosity between the two families has finally evaporated, as Mr Malfoy and Uncle Ron smiled warmly at each other and shook hands.

Aunt Hermione rushed forwards and gave Rose a massive hug, dragging her hand out so she could look at the enormous rock that was glinting on her skinny finger.

“I’m so happy for you, baby.” She whispered into her hair, and Rose started crying harder than ever. I threw my arms around Lily and gave her a massive hug, still cheering.

But whilst I was cheering there was something niggling in the back of my mind.

What the fuck is it with this family and getting married straight out of school?

Seriously, can’t you just move in with each other or something, do you really have to run off and get married? Maybe they have a deal with the church or something, you know, half off on the reception if you get married before twenty.

Roxanne pried my arms from around Lily’s shoulders and threw them around her own, jumping up and down and cheering. Rose had broken free of her family and was kissing Scorpius while her mother cried on her father’s shoulder.


Everybody carried on cheering but made an effort not to look at the two of them. Well, everybody except Joshua McVey, who was staring at the two of them with some drool running down his chin.

Now that is officially disgusting.

A strong pair of arms pried Roxanne off me, much like she had done with Lily and I, and pulled me against their own chest. I slammed against his rock hard stomach and my heart faltered.


My brain eventually managed to start working (I knew I had that thing for a reason) and I flung my arms around his waist, hugging him just as tightly as he was hugging me.

His smell was intoxicating, and it made my head swirl even faster than normal.

Okay, is it just me or are his arms tightening even more? Oh my Merlin, his muscles are even harder than I thought. Now you listen to me Vanessa, don’t you dare drool.

I pulled my head off his chest and looked up at his face. His head was moving closer and closer towards my own, and I found myself slowly standing up on my tiptoes to get my mouth closer to his.

And then I realised what was going on. Again.

I slammed the heels of my feet back down onto the floor and flushed a bright red. I whirled around and stared at the tabletop, slowly growing redder and redder.

Holy crap on a cracker, I almost kissed Hugo AGAIN. Seriously, he’s going to think I’m a pervert that can’t keep my hands of him or something.

But how sweet is he, he didn’t even shove me away in front of everybody.

He really is the sweetest person in the world.

I glanced up and saw all of his family staring at me. AGAIN.

“So... congrats Rose and Scorpius, hope you have a lovely life together and all that jazz, well, I’ve got to go and... get ready for some serious essay writing in the Library later, so... come on Lily, let’s go to the dormitory.” I said loudly into the silence, before grabbing Lily by the hand and sprinting out of the Great Hall, with her stumbling along behind me.

When I got to the door I whirled around and stood up on my tiptoes.

“I’ll meet you in the Library at seven!” I screamed, and then I shoved the door open and sprinted out into the Entrance Hall.

I collapsed onto the floor, completely out of breath. BLOODY HELL, I SERIOUSLY NEED TO START WORKING OUT!

“You need to get with him already!” Lily moaned, sitting down on the floor next to me.

“Shut up.” I grumbled, and I flipped over so I was lying face down in the concrete.

What does she know anyway?


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