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 “Fine just leave Ginny, see if I care!” shouted Harry angrily why was she being so secretive?

“I can’t believe you Harry...” screamed Ginny, the look on her face identical to Mrs Weasley’s, which struck the fear of god into him.




“Just go Ginny...” sighed Harry




“Fine I will but, no...” she stormed out of their quaint cottage into the pouring rain no idea where she was going to go until she got to the main road and realised it was 3am the only place that was open was The Leaky Cauldron. 


With a small pop she apparated into an alley around the corner then walked up to the blackened sign, that was dripping with water and walked through the heavy wood door with a creak. She walked over to an empty table by the fire, her face still streaming with tears as she sat down. She got lost in her thoughts, why wouldn’t he just listen to her, it was so important but how would he react now, he’s so stubborn after a fight, they’ve been bickering non-stop recently. It would be impossible to talk to him now but what if....she forgot what she was thinking as the door creaked and a tall man with white blonde hair walked in took off his coat and walked towards her. 


Draco, the last person she wanted to talk to right now, she looked at the table hoping he would get the hint and go somewhere else but a  squeak of the chair opposite told her he hadn’t. 


“Hello Ginny, argument with your husband.” He seemed far to happy and how did he know.


“ Maybe, what’s it to you?” She snapped giving him cold look


“No need to be so mean Ginny, I'll get you a drink.” He smirked and walked to the bar. Ginny considered walking off, but he was back before she could and handed her a butterbeer. He took a sip of fire whisky and looked at her strangely not blinking. A wave of warmth washed over her and all of her problems went away. She took a sip of butterbeer and started spilling all her secrets and thoughts to Draco without a second thought. “I need to tell him but he won’t listen, I need someone to talk to Draco. I’m...I’m so lonely.” 


Her eyed prickled with tears and she sobbed into Draco’s open arms. Unaware that what she was doing was wrong.  She looked up as Draco whispered into her ear “It’s ok you can talk to me, I'm here for you, there’s no need to be lonely anymore.” She took another sip of butterbeer and a fresh wash of bliss washed over her. She sobbed into his arms, he moved next to her and he embraced her in his arms she looked up with her face on his chest, and before she could do anything his soft lips were on hers, she carried on crying while they kissed making his face wet with tears, they pulled away and he stroked her face. 


A burning sensation hit her cheek and she cried more into his arms it felt like her face had been burnt with a hot poker, then he suddenly stood up making her fall onto the seat, he smirked and walked off before he got to the door he looked back and sniggered “Bye Ginny, check your cheek before you go back to your husband.”  The door swung shut with a creak, she felt all the warmth leave her as she sat there stunned into silence, everything she just did came back to her and her conscience wreaked with shame. How could she ever cheat on Harry? No matter what he did he was her husband, the love of her life. The pain in her cheek came back and she ran out  the pub leaving a half full butterbeer on her table, she ran into the alley way and contemplated where to go? Hermionie’s, The Burrow, Home or the flat? She decided Hermionie wouldn’t understand and nor would her family. So she apparated into Hogg Street where the little 1 bed flat with dark dingy windows stood.


She opened the door and collapsed on the sofa falling asleep instantly she had a strange dream about being in a house fire and woke up with a start with her cheek burning. Terrified she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror , she screamed so loud. Her cheek was burning red with a engraving of a snake. She immediately tried a scouring charm and various other spells with no success. She shouted with frustration, a flashback of Draco stroking her face came back to her. She looked in the mirror again and her face was red raw, in the corner of the mirror stood a figure with grey eyes and white blonde hair.



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