Song! That's what I need. But which one?


I know, that one that Rose has been mad about recently! Oh God, what was it now? Come on, Scorp, think! Tonight will not be perfect unless I can find that song!


I race over to the CD rack to see what's there. The Weird Sisters, Black Magic, Three Wizards, Living Vampire, more Black Magic, Charity Comfort. God, we own some crap music! No, it's none of them, I know every single track on those ropey old CD's.


Think, Scorp, think! Try humming it to yourself.


No, it's gone! Shit!


I know, I'll ring Hugo. He's a cyber stalker, isn't he? Working for the WN.  I'm sure he knows what songs Rose's been looking at online.


Ring! Ring!


Come on! Pick up. Pick up the -


'Oh, hi, Hugh!' I ask, running my hands through my blonde hair, 'I was just wondering whether you knew...what songs Rose is in to.'


'How am I supposed to know that?' he says in his long droning voice, 'Rose moved out ages ago. She lives with you, remember?'


Oh, very funny.


'Of course I remember!' I reply, getting seriously pissed off with my girlfriend's brother,  'I can't exactly ask her, can I?'


'Why not?'


'Because I'm planning a romantic meal for her tonight, Ok!'


Why did I say that? I cannot believe I have just told my blabbermouth brother-in-law my plans for tonight! You're stupid twat, Scorpius Malfoy!


"Right, Hugh, gotta go!" I say, glancing at my watch. Only one hour! "Busy, busy, busy!" 


Right, Scorp, get your head in gear. You've got food to cook, rooms to clean, candles to light. So get cracking!


I go over to the fridge, grab a packet of bacon and a couple of salmon fillets and get started on my main. Why did I have to pick such a dodgy menu? Who eats pink fish? With bacon! 


If this menu doesn't work I swear down I'll murder Fred Weasley! Why did I ask him for advice about romantic nights? His idea of a one in involves a blonde and a quick shag, for God's sake! Only a complete prat would take advice from him!


I guess that makes me a complete prat then!


Mind you, it does look impressive, salmon with bacon and onion


Right, how do I do this salmon? First cut the bacon and the onion into. thin strips. Sounds simple enough.


'Shit!' I shout, as I cut my finger whilst cutting the bacon. Holding my hand to stop myself bleeding to death, I grab my wand and attempt to remember the spell to fix cuts.


After several failed attempt, involving a swelled finger, a black eye and green hair, I give in and phone Molly. She's good with that kind of stuff.


'Oh, hi Mrs Weasley.' I say, whilst wrapping about sixteen different plasters around my finger.


'Oh, is that you, Scorpius?' she says, 'What do you need now? Hugo told me you were planning a meal for Rose. Do you need help?'


Great. Who else has Hugh told? 


'Oh, no' I say, balancing the phone on my shoulder whilst I wrap my finger in seventy different plasters, 'Well, yes. But not with the food. I need a spell,'


' What kind of spell?' she asks, warily.'


'One to fix cuts.' I say, then add, 'Not serious ones, mind.' because I know she worries.


'Oh, well try 'Lorem Medica',' she says, 'If that doesn't work, then try 'Figam Secta'. They should work.'


'Thanks, Mrs Weasley,'


'Bye, dear.'


'Right' I say to myself, then grab my wand, and point it at my finger. 'Lorem Medica'


Ouch! That bloody hurt! But it seems to have fixed it. Well, if your finger not spurting out blood when you remove your plaster counts as fixed, then it's fixed!


Right on with the show! 


I turn back towards the half-cut bacon and onion. Where is it? I hear a soft 'Meow' from the corner of the kitchen, and slowly turn in that direction. Sat there, stuffing it's face with my dinner is Paws, Rose's evil grey cat. Me and that animal have been at war, ever since Rose and me moved in together. I don't know what it's problem with me is, it just doesn't like me. 


But I'm not going to let that cat ruin tonight! 


'Out!' I shout, pointing at the door, but the lazy thing just looks at me with it's big, ugly yellow eyes. 


Eventually, after a ten-minute stand-off, the cat wins, and, after putting the salmon in the oven, I go out to buy some more bacon and onions and to see if I can find that song.


Arrgh! Only forty-five minutes! Run, Scorp, Run!


I race down the road and into the supermarket, amid shrieks and giggles from passer-by's. Maybe it's because of the green hair and the black eye. Did I fix them?


Probably not.


But, to be honest, who cares about them?

As I'm running round the shop like a headless hippogriff, grabbing random ingredients, I spot something.

'Hey! What's this?' I say aloud to myself, reading the sign above the till, 'New single, from Antonio Magico, press to listen.'


What the hell is Antonio Magicio, a well-known Spanish wizard 's song doing in a bloody Muggle supermarket!


I press the button and quick guitar music starts playing. I recognise that music! It's the song Rose has been mad about!


Yes! Yes! Yes!


I grab the CD, pay for the ingredients and race back home to find...


My bloody kitchen on fire!


'AGUAMENTI!' I screech,pointing my wand at the flames. It only takes three minutes to put out the fire.


As you can probably guess, the salmon is burnt. More than burnt, it's practically dust! The cat still enjoys it though.




After a couple of Firewhiskeys and about ten minutes of Anton Magico, I've finally calmed down.


Right, the food's burnt, the kitchen's smoke damaged and the Firewhiskey's gone! Nothing else can go wrong, right?


It can.


'Scorp? Are you in? I've brought my dad back for dinner, is that OK?'


No! It's not


'Yes, dear. Perfect! We've not got any food in so shall I phone for a takeaway!' I shout through to the hallway.


Right, hide the Firewhiskey, and find the phone.


'Same as usual, love.' I call out.


'Yes!' she replies, 'And Dad'll have the same!'


I place our order, shut the kitchen door, then lock it, and make my way into the living room.


'Hello, Ron.' I say nervously, because he has only just come round to the idea of me and Rose being within six feet of each other. You should of seen his face when he spotted the double bed last time we had the family over for Christmas. 'Slick git,' he'd said, which for some reason Ginny found hilarious.


'Hello, Scorpius,' he replies politely, sitting down in my spot on the sofa.


Cue awkward silence, whilst Rose bites her nails, and


Ding! Dong!


Thank Jesus for the takeway man!


I rush to the door and pay the man, then unlock the kitchen door, attempt to locate three plates that aren't covered in ash, and serve up the food



Halfway through the meal, I remember the CD I spent ages worrying about, the CD that ruined my meal! I put it on, and Rose's face lights up.


'Hey,' she says, her blue eyes shining, 'How did you know this was my favourite song?'


'Lucky guess,' I reply.


Then Ron ruins the moment, 'What is this sentimental rubbish? No, I prefer a bit more class, me.' He picks up a CD from the rack, 'Lets listen to this one.'


'Shut up, Dad, I like this song' Rose says what I've been thinking, 'Any anyway, we all know you only want to listen to that because you fancy Charity Comfort!'


A/N: I know, that sucks right?

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