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I made my way towards McGonagall’s office to receive some information and a schedule of my Head Girl duties. I still knew nothing of who had been made Head Boy. My speculations had been all over the place. Harry Potter from Gryffindor, perhaps? Everyone knew he was the Headmaster’s favourite student. Then again, could be Draco Malfoy from Slytherin. He is the godson of Severus Snape, Dumbledore’s right hand.

From Hufflepuff I knew of no one, so there was no one to pick from there.

I stopped as I reached a medium wooden door, and gently knocked my knuckles against its surface three times.

Magically, the door swung open to reveal Professor McGonagall and:

“Weasley?” I blurted. Ron Weasley was Head Boy? How?

Weasley shrugged lightly. “I’m as clueless as you,” he sighed and I sat down on the chair beside him, looking up at McGonagall.

“You will be sharing a dorm together on the 7th floor,” she began and Wealsey and I shared an uncomfortable glance. I knew nothing of this lad except the basics; Harry Potter’s best friend, dating Hermione Granger, brother of Fred and George Weasley, Ginny Weasley and that he doesn’t get very good grades. It had surprised me he had even made it as a Prefect. Head Boy was overdoing it. By far.

“Your password is Serpentine. The common room will be dressed in both Ravenclaw’s and Gryffindor’s main colours, and you will have one bedroom each with the colours of your house.”

Sounded fair enough. At least I got my “own” common room, which meant fewer disturbances. Unless Weasley decided to bring his lot of friends, though if he tried I’d simply change the password so he wouldn’t be able to get in. I could do that, right?

“However,” McGonagall continued, alarming me. “You will share a bathroom together–”

“WHAT!” blurted Weasley.

“But Professor!”

“Professor, please,” I said, speaking in a pitch louder than my fellow Head, getting his attention as well as the Professor’s, and to shut him up. “We are of opposite sex’s. I do not have anything against Weasley, though I do not wish to find him peeing, nor do I wish to walk in on him while he’s showering.”

“You cannot look through the glass, Miss Penelope,” McGonagall explained. “Moreover, every other Head Girl and Head Boy have been able to make it work, therefore I expect you to do exactly the same.”

She gave us both a stern look, so I rested my case. She did make an excellent point: every other Head Girl and Head Boy had been able to make it work, so Weasley and I simply had to as well.

“Dismissed,” McGonagall announced. I stood up and walked out into the hall, Weasley right behind me.

“How did you make Head Boy?” I asked him as he caught up with me. “Dunno,” he shrugged. Certainly, neither did I.



“Serpentine,” Ron, as he had asked me to call him, groaned while pulling his left hand through his fiery red hair. The door opened and we both stepped inside the warm room that immediately made me feel relaxed and at home.

There was a fireplace only few feet away from us, and it lightened up the whole room. Two big chairs in dark brown leather were placed on either side of the fireplace, and a sofa in the same coloured leather in between them, just pushed a little back as a little table had been placed in the middle of the half circle.

A little table was placed underneath a window on the other side of the room, and 5 bookshelves filled with books took up two whole walls.

“Looks nice,” Ron commented and I nodded as I approached a sign, which read “Head Girl”. There was a square hole in the wall and build in it there was a staircase. As I looked behind me, Ron had already disappeared and I figured he’d gone up his own staircase.

I skipped two steps up before I ran smack into something hard.

“Hey!” Ron grinned as he grabbed my arms to steady me. “Watch it, Kaya.”

“How did you get there?” I blurted, finding his eyes in the dark. “Through the bathroom. It connects our rooms,” he explained and I nodded in understanding. “Right. Got it.”

I grabbed for my wand and lit the torches that hung on the walls. “Don’t ever creep in my room, Ron,” I warned as he passed me, grinning. “Don’t worry, I won’t,” he replied before disappearing up his own staircase – again.

Shaking my head I continued up the stairs to examine my room. I was overwhelmed when the door swung open, revealing its inside. It was nothing like my old dorm.

In between two large windows was my King Size bed. My bed sheets were decorated in the blue of the ocean, and it looked as though I’d disappear in all of the pillows and soft mattresses.

With a girly squeal I threw myself on the bed, grabbing the nearest pillow and hugging it close to my chest.

There was a blue Ravenclaw banner covering a whole wall, while another wall was covered in bookshelves.

A huge desk was placed against the wall on the left hand side of my bed with all my books on it. It just looked absolutely marvellous.

“Wonder if Ron’s room looks the same,” I thought aloud, sitting up. I stared at a door, though not the one I had entered in. “Must be the door to the bathroom,” I told myself, and before I knew it I threw the door open. To my horror, Ron stood there wearing no less than his boxer shorts.

Ron gave me a long stare before he broke the silence, “We should probably make those rules…”

“Probably,” I replied, my tone several pitches above normal.




A/N: Do let me in on your thoughts and leave me a review! I love reading your opinions, no matter what they are. :) 

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