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I'm a Hufflepuff. Just because of the house I was put into, doesn't mean I'm a pushover. It doesn't mean that I'm an idiot. It certainly doesn't mean that I'm boring.

Obviously I'm not extraordinarily intelligent, exceedingly cunning or ridiculously brave.

I am sarcastic though.

I can hear your awe. A Hufflepuff can be sarcastic? That is unheard of! Well no actually, since I am.

I'm also coordinated. Most of the Gryffindors I know assume us to be unco. Just because our qualities aren't blatantly obvious doesn't mean our faces love the ground.

I'm also ridiculously competitive. Not openly though, just discreetly.
Because you really needed to know that. Insert eye roll here.

Oh, and I have quite the temper. No, my hair is not a fiery red, it is actually blonde.
There goes that theory.


I woke to my alarm blaring. Why, oh why did wizards have to invent alarm clocks like those stupid muggle ones? The sound seriously grates my nerves; like fingernails down a blackboard. It makes me shudder just at the mere thought of it.

I rolled over and bashed the snooze button. Drifting back to sleep I thanked Merlin for the protective enchantments surrounding it. Next thing my alarm was blaring again. There goes my extra five minutes sleep. Ugh, I hate Monday mornings.

I stumbled into the bathroom, stomach growling, and blearily washed my face. My favourite roomie and best friend, Georgiana, bumped into me, causing me to stab myself with my toothbrush.

“Watch it, potato-face,” I grumbled at her, giving her my best evil glare.

She just rolled her eyes and continued what she was doing. Obviously I'm not actually very intimidating, and I'm not really aware of what I say of a morning.

It takes me about two seconds to get ready; it takes Gee about two hours. After waiting about a million years for her to get ready, I staggered down the stairs in a hurriedly fashion to make my way to breakfast. You see, I hate mornings but I love breakfast. See the dilemma?

Anyway, one of the corridors was blocked on the way to the Great Hall. I know, big deal, right? But there are no other ways around this particular corridor. Not even any secret passages! Oh yeah, I know about those, this generation of Weasleys are a little careless.

I shoved my way to the front, accidentally sending a firstie flying to the ground, to see what was going on. A sixth year-non prefect-multiple detention receiver still has some authority, right?

Upon reaching the front of the growing crowd of idiotic Hufflepuffs (the stereotype is correct in 95% of cases), I was horrified to see that the wait was, in fact, only caused by two fourth years duelling across the corridor. Without wands.

I suppose you could say they were fighting. Well they were quite clearly having a little tiff and couldn’t be bothered to whip out their wands. Or they were too stupid to use them. And apparently everyone was too scared to stop them! Just because a pair of children were fighting the muggle way.

I stomped up to them, one was a Huff, the other a know-it-all Ravenclaw, and knocked them down.

“Stop being effing idiots and get out of my way!” I screamed, with a little too much force for our tender ears of the morning. In no mood to delay my breakfast any further I strode down the remaining corridors and into the Great Hall, not even bothering to wait for Gee. She understands my breakfast needs.

The momentary adrenaline rush left my body as I slumped into the nearest seat. By the time Gee arrived, I had devoured almost all of the food at my end of the table. Gee just rolled her eyes at me and sat down.

Gee is seriously the best. I actually have no idea what I'd do without her. The unwavering loyalty our house is supposedly known for is actually present in our friendship. We may not confide in each other about absolutely everything, but we know each other inside out. Somehow.

Gee is actually really similar to me. She is sarcastic - I don't think I could live with someone who didn't understand my sarcasm. She is also lazy like me. Yeah, I didn't mention that earlier. I am like a sloth – only angry. Can you picture a mad sloth? No? Well anyway, that's me.

Gee doesn't have my temper though. She just goes with the flow and manages to calm me down whenever I get too angry. I don't get seriously angry often, as it takes some serious shit to make me go that far.

Oh, and Gee likes to roll her eyes. A lot. Mainly at me. I swear her eyes will roll out of her head one day... Okay, that was lame.

I love food and I love my metabolism. Or my athleticism. Anyway, I eat truckloads of food everyday (the poor elves! I know they love it though), and I never put on weight. Ever. Well not quite a truckload, but still a fair bit.

I am a stick, with a few bumps here and there. Quite frankly, I wish I weren't actually so skinny sometimes, but at least I have muscle. Unlike those girls who seem to think that boys are actually after the ‘oh I’m so full, I just ate a carrot stick’ look.

I love to run and dance. They are my passions. Quidditch is okay too, I guess, but it isn’t really my thing. I try to run at least once a day and usually it ends up being in the evening. I love the feel of the incoming night breeze caressing my shoulders and the burn of my calf muscles as I jog around the lake.

Well back to the present, and I've almost finished eating. Half the time I think I'm a Weasley male. But not quite. I waved Gee goodbye and made my way to class. Which means I turned in the opposite direction and walked half way around the castle until I reached my class.

I really hate potions. I've come to the conclusion that even though walking around the castle alone is insanely boring, potions is worse. Professor Grimsby knows not to expect me on time anymore; not that it makes him like my tardiness any more.

I was almost at class, running 15 minutes late of course, when I managed to trip on the uneven rocks. I swear the dungeons are a really dangerous place. They are in desperate need of repairs if Professor Grimsby wants to see my face for much longer. Not that he probably wants to anyway.

As I began to haul myself up, muttering angrily, I heard sniggering. Oh great, I had an audience. I glanced around to find none other than Adrian Nott looking down on me. I instantly froze. He is the toughest of the tough. Not one person in the school wants to stand up to him. Nott is the scariest guy you will ever see.

Actually, no, now that I think about, he isn't. Without his bodyguards hanging off him, he looked small, kind of unimportant and vulnerable. He is actually really short. As in, shorter than me and the rest of the school. Well, he might be a bit taller than the firsties.

He is quite buff though, and to put it simply, he is the school bully. Apparently he wants to live up to the old Draco Malfoy. Stupid idea, since he wasn’t that bad anyway. And he changed – something like that. So really, Nott is just a little twit trying to take out his insecurities through bullying.

As I tried to walk away, he pulled me back, just because he wanted to 'laugh at me a little longer.' The nerve of him! I struggled under his grip, and he growled, “Stand still, you stupid, good for nothing Hufflepuff.”

And that's when my anger got the better of me. I hate being called unworthy. I know I am worth something and it seriously rubs me the wrong way when someone doesn't appreciate that. Everyone is worthy. Everyone is equal. The under-appreciated, the ‘worthless,’ are those who become depressed, weak and upset. I don't want that to happen to me; no one deserves that.

I tore out of Nott's grasp and slapped him. Who the hell is he to have the right to say that I am good for nothing? With his fist raised in an obvious stance to punch me, I sprinted out of there. Never have I appreciated my athletic ability so much. I practically flew into the classroom and I knocked over the nearest cauldron in my haste to escape from Nott. No matter how short he happened to be, he was still intimidating as hell.

Panting, I slid into my seat, and glanced at the clock. Thirty minutes late. Instant detention. I opened my mouth to explain what happened. Professor Grimsby silencioed me and said sternly, “ I don't want to hear your excuses, detention tonight at seven.”

My mouth was gaping like a gold fish. He didn't even give me a chance to explain. Nott was going to be punished. He was going to feel the wrath of Caitie Rowland. He was going to feel the wrath of a good for nothing Hufflepuff.

Author's Note:

So this is my first story ever. Which means I would love to hear your feedback.

Constructive criticism ahoy! I know I am not the world’s best writer, so many thanks for constructive reviews ;)

I haven't really read over this thoroughly since I really just wanted to get it posted! So please tell me if I've made any mistakes. I may have slightly changed tenses throughout? I'm not sure though...aaand I'm probably not so good in the character development area..early days though!

Oh and I'm not sure whether I've followed the idea of the challenge completely, but oh well, we'll see how it goes. I really hope you like it though :)

Edit: I’ve gone through and made a few edits. Hopefully I’ve fixed up everything. Tell me if you notice anything amiss. :)

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