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Life for Hermione was rough. She had been drinking a lot since the incident with Ron but it was just making everything worse.  She just didn’t understand why she kept doing it. Where on Earth was the smart Hermione Harry and Ron had known a couple years ago? She went from being the smartest witch of her age to having drinking problems and being on the verge of losing her job. Nothing was on Hermione’s mind anymore as she sat on the couch day after day just sitting on the couch and bored her eyes into the fireplace ashes that were once lit with happy times and memories. She hadn’t even bothered to light the fire anymore. The wood was as cold as her heart.

No one had really heard much from her as she stayed home most of the time. The only reason she would get out of the house was to buy food or go to work. Which she wasn’t doing as frequently now. She would always get phone calls from Dianne asking her where she was that day or why’d you miss the meeting for whatever she said. After a while, Dianne had stopped calling. The words of the last call still burned in Hermione’s head as her memories swirled like food coloring in water.



                Hermione reached for another cracker as she sat on the breakfast table inspecting her fingernails. The phone rang through the small room and she got up to answer it warily.


                “Yes, hello Hermione. When are you going to get your bloody arse off the couch and move it to work? You haven’t been coming in all week! I’ve had to work the register by myself and do all the work! And Helen has had to work double also!”

                “Sorry.” She slurred.

                “Sorry? You’re sorry? That’s not enough Hermione. I can already tell you’ve used all your last paycheck on wine and firewhiskey!”

                “Oh how’d you guess?” Hermione rolled her eyes and picked at her fingernails.

                She could hear Dianne give and exasperated huff through the phone. “Hermione! Stop it right now! You are ruining your own life for s stupid death eater that doesn’t even love you anymore! Stop living in a fairytale and walk into reality!”

                These simple words put her to a stop. Hermione’s heart froze at all the toughness that these words brought to her mind and all the painful memories that it brought to her eyes.

                His touch.

                His smell.

                His kiss.

                His face.

                His eyes.


                She dropped the phone and never picked it up.

                “Hermione? Hello?” Said Dianne’s muffled voice through the line.

                She never responded.

End of Flashback

                She winced a bit at the memory as she lay in bed still at noon. She had not left her room since last night.  She didn’t even bother to eat dinner last night, let alone breakfast. Inside she was famished but Hermione’s mind was simply telling her she doesn’t have the will to eat. Her eyes were as blank as her stomach.

                Hermione stared at the clock on the nightstand and waited one by one for the numbers to change. 12:34, 12:35, 12:36. She did this until her eyes drooped and she fell fast asleep into nothing.



                Hermione woke with a start to the sound of her doorbell chimes. She groaned while it rang and she planned to ignore it until about a half a minute passed and the person would still not quit jamming their finger into the doorbell. Sorely, she slumped off the bed, her robe trailing a bit on the floor and her hair as droopy as she felt. Finally reaching the door, she placed her hand on the doorknob and turned it revealing a man with a package. He had neat brown hair and normal everyday jeans and a striped polo. His warn blue eyes radiated coolness and peace.

                “Um, package for Hermione Weasley?”

                She scowled. “Granger, sir. Hermione Granger.”

                “Oh, sorry.” He said as he kindly thrust the package in front of it.

                “What is it?” She asked stupidly.

                “I’m not supposed to look into boxes. I’m not sure.”

                “Well, who’s it from?” Tipping the box a bit, she furrowed her eyebrows at the man in front of her and her shoulders tensed nervously.

                “The sender said it was anonymous.”

                “Oh.” Her shoulders relaxed a bit when he said that and her eyes got that familiar twinkle of the old Hermione Granger.

                “Would you like a cup of tea?”

                “Well I have to work but…” He checked his clipboard.

                “It seems I finished for the day.” He smiled at her.

                She gratefully returned the smile; she smiled for the first time in what seemed like years.

                “Come on in!” She waved her hand with a giddy smile on her face.

                “Alright.” He followed her down the hall and into the dining room where she set the box on the table and started the kettle.

                “I’m going to go upstairs and make myself look…presentable. Be right back.” She called down the hall that led to her room.

                She burst into her room and scoured her closet for something to wear. Randomly, she pulled out a white long sleeved shirt and black pants with flip-flops. Throwing them one she thrust the door open and ran back to where the man was still sitting on the table patiently.

                She stood there and smiled at him as he turned to see her.

                “Um, your shirt is…” He said sheepishly.

                “Huh?” She mumbled as she twisted her head around to get a look at her shirt.

                “Bugger.” She whispered as hot red blood rushed to her cheeks and she darted into the bathroom in front of the room.

                Right when Hermione flicked on the light switch, she gasped at the unruly sight before her.

                Dark purple outlined her eyes and her face was pale. Her hair looked dirty and more tangled than Ron’s words get when he sees a pretty girl. She ducked into the cabinet and dug

 out make-up to conceal the rings around her eyes. Why the heck would he have wanted to come in here when I look like a witch…no pun intended, she thought to herself and gave an inwardly chuckle at her own joke. When she finished applying the make-up she looked into the mirror. The only thing left was the hair. Hermione dove back into the cabinet to grab the bush when someone’s voice appeared at the door.

                “Is everything alright?”

                With this, Hermione gasped loudly and was going to lift her head up rapidly when she clashed it with the roof of the cabinet.

                “Are you alright?” He said as he began to rush to her.

                Grabbing her head, she lifted her hand up to stop him.

                “I’m fine.” She said. He nodded and said he would go make the tea and left.

                Wary of fixing herself up manually, with a wave of her wand she made herself look like she never scratched a nail and like she never bumped her head against the cabinet roof.

                She walked slowly to the dining room, tracing her hand against the wall just thinking.

                When she finally arrived she found the man had placed tea and biscuits on the table. He was sitting down and watching Hermione as she neared the table.

                “You didn’t have to do all this.” She said as she sat down.

                He shrugged. “You seemed like you were in a bad place when I saw you. And wow,” He gaped at her. “You sure clean up fast.”

                Hermione gave him a smile and sipped her tea. But she felt like she was missing something…

                “What’s your name?” She asked, remembering he had never told her.

                “David Coral.”


                She grinned again; she was going to like David Coral.


SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SOON!!!!! I just have not been very inspired lately. Keep the reviews coming!!! By the way, I’m thinking about rewriting the first few chapters because I feel like Hermione and Draco’s time together was so short. What do you guys think? Also, I’m thinking about writing a one-shot but I don’t know for what…

Please tell me what you think and what I need to improve on! I want more reviews (:

Until next time…




P.S. - I have a new banner for this story! It’s beautiful! I love it!!! :D

P.P.S. - Sorry for the length of the chapters! So short, I know. But as I said, I just wasn't inspired. : /

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