I have been in love with Eva Finnigan since first year when she pushed me off of the boat and into the black lake. She's sassy and ruthless, and whether she knows it or not she will be the future Mrs Albus Potter.

Although the fact that she has gone from hating me to pretending I don't exist stands as a problem. However I have been considering how to woo her for the majority of summer and have finally come up with a fool-proof plan. What I will do is set her best friend up with my best friend and then by the rule of friendship she will be forced to associate with me and eventually realize that I am perfect for her.




Setting my best friend and her best friend up will be the hard part of this beautifully orchestrated ordeal. You see, my best friend is the one and only Scorpius Malfoy and well... Her best friend is the one and only Rose Weasley. Getting Scorpius to want to date Rose is the easy part, because he will do anything to disapoint his father (hence why we are friends). But Rose on the other hand is a wet blanket and loves nothing more than pleasing her parents. Dating a Malfoy would definitely not please her parents.




Although, as I have mentioned; This is a beautifully orchestrated ordeal. So I have a solution. Or a bribe. Bribing any of my cousins or siblings is easy. We are all in it to win it. 




After convincing Rose to date Scorpius for some kind of payment, it should be smooth sailing. I'm certain they will hit it off straight away. Scorpius really is quite charming with the ladies, a skill he obviously hasn't shared with me.




Now to face troll lady. AKA Rose Weasley. 




Don't get me wrong, I love Rose. I kind of have to, shes family. However she's nerdier than me, boring, and she can be extremely scary when shes angry, which thankfully she usually directs toward my brother James and my cousin Fred. I'm basically invisible to her, and the general population at Hogwarts. I'm the stick in the mud of the Potters. If only the media thought this way as well.




I floo'd to Rose's humble abode on a mission. Humble is a joke. There is nothing humble about Rose's house; its practically a castle. Same with the rest of my family to be honest. Even the Burrow got revamped after the war and is looking pretty slick these days.




I landed in one of the many living rooms with a thud. Standing up and looking around to make sure no one was around. I really am not in the mood to deal with Uncle Ron's rants about choosing my friends wisely. He still hasn't got over the shock and disapointment that my best friend is a Malfoy or that I'm a slytherin. But Honestly, Hugo is a Hufflepuff. I find that a lot more humiliating to the family name.




Entering stealth mode, I slinked toward Rose's bedroom. I knocked on her door three times.




"Go away, I'm studying ...naked!" Rose calls out. I shuddered.




"It's Albus." I call back. Then realize after a long pause that that probaby holds no importance whatsoever to her. "It's urgent business!" 




Soon after she rips the door open. I cover my eyes in case she is naked.




"I'm not naked you dolt. What do you want?" She says, annoyed.




I gingerly remove my hands from my eyes. I sigh in relief at the sight of Rose in clothing and push past her into her bed room. Her Room is so ridiculously large. My room is tiny. I understand how Dad felt living underneath a staircase in such a confined space. Lily says I'm over dramatic and my room is a perfectly fine size and that it looks so small because I have to much junk filling up all the space. I think Lily is wrong. 




"So," I start as I flop onto Rose's bed. Geez, even her bed is more comfortable then mine. Lucky. Rose must be channeling some serious Felix Felicis. "How have your holidays been?" Best to be polite before jumping straight into it.




"Cut the crap Albus, What do you want?" Snappy, snappy.




I feign hurt. "Can't I just pop around to see how my favorite cousin is on this brilliant day?" Always best to butter a Weasley up before you bribe them.




"We all know that Dominique is your favorite cousin-" It's true. She has a lot of really mint friends who baby me. Its endearing. "And we never talk unless... Well actually we never talk." She pops her bubblegum at the end of her sentance. Classy cousin.




I say nothing. Rose stares down at me. I begin to feel intimidated. I get intimidated quite easily. Uncle Ron says its one of my many Slytherin flaws. 




"So the thing is..." I trail off and look around awkwardly.




Her eyes narrow. "What?"




This is a lot harder than I thought. 




"Well... Do you know my friend Scorpius?" I look at my hands.




"Malfoy." Rose says blatantly. "Ew!"




"Yeah, so." 




"What about Malfoy Albus?" She clenches her fists. I'm so glad she is not legal to do magic outside of Hogwarts yet. Happy days. 




"Well he really likes you." That's a lie. "And he's really shy. So he wanted me to ask you if you will go on a date with him?"




"Ew." Rose shudders slightly.




"I think you two will really hit it off." That's not a lie. "You have a lot in common." 




She perks up a bit. "Yeah... like what?"




"You know... Long walks in the sunset, Punching people, Not smiling."




Rose is not so perky anymore.




"So what do you say Rose? Give him a chance?" I'm basically pleading. But it's for the good of mine and Eva's future children.




"What is in it for me?" Rose asks raising her eyebrows. This is where the bribing comes into it.




"A years supply of sugar quills." I suggest.




She cackles. Rose doesn't laugh, giggle, chuckle, or any other flattering term to describe it, she simply cackles like a story book witch with warts and a crooked nose. "What? The same years supply that my family gave you for your birthday?"




Oh she is good. I look around her room for ideas. It's hard to find something she likes, her room is so bare of personality. "Books?" I suggest upon seeing her stacked shelves.




She shakes her head. "I want two tickets to the witches concert. Its in a week." 




Rose drives a hard bargain. Those tickets are at least twenty galleon a pop. "Deal." I say extending my hand, she grabs my hand and shakes it. 




I leave promptly and enter stealth mode as I sneak back through the house and toward the fireplace. I floo to the Malfoys straight away. Scorpius and Rose need to be in love pronto, there's only two weeks left of Summer and I need them to be a couple before we head back to school. That way Eva and I will be able to share a train compartment and a love deeper than no other.




I land with a thud for the second time today. Mastering the art of flooing is not something I have yet accomplished.




"Albus dear, Are you okay?" Scorpius mum Astoria asks worriedly as she rushes toward me and helps me off of the ground. Astoria is great and loves me for some reason. Sometimes I think she loves me more than my own mother. I always get better presents off of Astoria than mum (Really what kind of woman gets a sixteen year old boy pajamas and socks... at least Astoria brought me a broom... even if I don't play quidditch; its still the thought) and Astoria owls me more than my mum. In mums defence, she is a very busy woman though.




"Yes thank you Mrs Malfoy-"




She smacks me on the arm softly. "Please call me Astoria!" She always tells me this, but I usually always forget because my parents drilled it into me to call elders Mr and Mrs.




"Sorry Astoria, Is Scorpius around?"




"Yes, in his room." She gestures toward the staircase. I smile thankfully and head toward his room. "Will you be here for dinner Albus?" Astoria calls out after me. 




"Yeah okay, I'll just check with my parents first." I call back and continue heading toward Scorpius room.




The Malfoy's house really scares me. Its so big and dark. The house is at least a million years old and every corner you turn there is a painting of some old dead person sneering at you and calling your a blood traitor or a half blood. I'm sure they were really nice people though.




I don't bother knocking on Scorpius door. Scorpius room is completely different to the rest of the house. His room is full of color. Its covered with posters of bands and half dressed woman. The walls are bright yellow which irritates me because it really clashes with his hair and reminds me of annoying Hufflepuffs. 




Scorpius sits up grogily. I must have woken him. He is basically a wombat with the amount he sleeps. It's four p.m and he has just woken up. Nonsense. "What'd ya want Albus?"


 I sit at the end of his bed and pat his feet gingerly. I'm sure Scorpius will go along with my plan but its comforting if he agrees whilst in a good mood. 


 "So you know my cousin Rose?" I say.


 He rubs his eyes and yawns. "Such a troll."


 "Yeah..." I trail off and decide there is no easy way and a good mood won't soften the blow. "Will you go out with her?" I ask somewhat begging. "It will really piss your dad off." I add hopefully.




He looks at me like I have sprouted a third head. 




"What are you planning?"




"Who says I'm planning anything? Maybe I just think you would be a really good couple!" I act offended.




"You never think of anyone besides yourself so what are you planning?" Scorpius is so onto me.




I sigh. "So, the thing is..." How to say this without sounding utterly pathetic? "Eva Finnigan is the love of my life, and the only way to get to her is to go through Rose and the only way to go through Rose is through you." 


"Your pathetic." 




I hold my hand to my heart." Ouch."




"Has Weasley agreed to this?" 




I grin. "Yeah, I just have to buy her two tickets to the witches concert."




"Thats sold out." He states smirking.




I deadpan.




There must be a way to get tickets though. I'm Albus Potter. I might have to expose myself in a magazine or let out some family secret... but its for the good of my future and I'm sure the Weasley/Potters will forgive me in due time.




"I'll deal with that." I say waving him off. 




Scorpius shrugs. "Well what is in it for me then?"




"My happiness." I reply.




Scorpius shrugs again. "Oh well should be fun..." He trails off. "Does your cousin put out?"




I punch him in the knee. Git.



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