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"James, James.” I muttered against his mouth, pushing his chest slightly with my hands. “The others will be back from class soon; I don’t want them to catch us.”

Oi, stop looking at me like that, we’re not skiving, we have a free period. Okay, I do. James actually is skiving, but that’s just him. So stop with the judgemental little eyebrow raising thing, alright?

James merely grunted slightly and pressed his mouth back against mine to stop me from talking. It seems to be his improvised gag of choice.

“James.” I muttered again, but it came out more like a load of garbled rubbish.

I’m so eloquent.

I shrugged and wrapped my arms back around his neck, pulling his face closer to mine and slipping my tongue inside his mouth. James grunted again – I think that one might have been the approving one - and leaned forwards so I was flat on the couch.

Ah, maybe I should take a moment to explain. How about I just start at the beginning?

I can see you all sitting up a little straighter with interest now.

I am Summer Lancaster – woah, no shit – and I am the daughter of Daphne Greengrass and Jason Lancaster. I was born in London, exactly a year before my favourite cousin. And I mean exactly to the day. Scorpius and I generally have joint parties. Yeah, our families are cheapskates, what you gonna do about it?

I’m in Gryffindor, and best friends with Dominique Weasley – nutter if there ever was one – and Penelope Wright – the ‘are you sure you’re not in Ravenclaw’ girl – and the official snog buddy of James Sirius Potter.

I would just like to point out that I do not hate him. Most people think ‘snog buddy, oh, they must hate each other, which is why they’re not dating’, but it’s not like that. There are several reasons why we aren’t actually dating. I’m not going to bore you with them now.

Okay, scratch that, yes I am.


1. James and his brother Albus are very close, and therefore James is very close to Al’s best friend, who just so happens to be my darling cousin. Said cousin would actually murder James in his sleep if he found out that we were dating.

2. Snogging him is too much fun to screw it all up by involving feelings and all that shit. Yeah, hopeless romantic, that sums me up perfectly.

3. James has some freaky thing where he is terrified of falling in love. Therefore, he does not have girlfriends, he just has me, whom he snogs in the oh so romantic locations of his choice – generally the empty Gryffindor Common Room, the roomy broom closet on the second floor or his dorm.

4. Having been snog buddies for a year, we really can’t be arsed changing that status now.

5. Snogging James is fun. Did I mention that?

Anyway, moving away from the boy who is currently snogging me like there is no tomorrow, and onto the rest of the Summer Lancaster Story.

I would just like to take a moment to lament on the actual bane of my existence, none other than Mr Kane Owen. Not that the bleeding twat knows that I can’t stand him, and my skin crawls at the very thought of him, since Penny begged me to be nice to him.

Just because she’s been dating the arse for two years. Honestly, if she wasn’t one third of THE AWESOME GIRLS – shut it, we came up with the name in First Year – then I would pummel his arse to hell and back for all that he’s put her through.

But I’ll tell you more about Kane Owen later, thinking about him too much in a short period of time makes me want to either throw up or claw my brain out so I don’t have to think about him anymore. Yes, I really hate him that much.

I suppose I better tell you a little more about Dom then. Do you know what is a serious morale crusher? Having an absolutely stunning part Veela for a best friend, who is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met, and can get any bloke she wants.

I can’t get anyone, mostly because I’ve never tried. If I ever try to talk about how hot some random passing bloke is, James gets in a girly mood and starts stabbing his bacon with a fork rather viciously. He denies any form of jealousy and says that I’m ‘at perfect liberty to date whichever arse I like’

This does not help Dom’s already high suspicion levels on whether there is something going on between James and me.

Anyway, the thing about Dom is she knows she can get any bloke she wants, and she takes advantage of that. She’s probably had about six different boyfriends in the past two weeks, but the annoying thing is how easily she falls in love.

After a couple of hours, she’s proclaiming undying love for the new lad, and in a couple of days, when he’s snogged her enough and is bored, her heart gets broken when she’s embarrassingly and usually publically dumped.

Still, Penny and I are usually on hand with three tons of chocolate ice cream and sympathetic expressions. We are ace at being sympathetic, because let’s face it, we’ve had plenty of practice over the years.

If only she’d realise that she’s destined to be with Connor. Everything would just be so much simpler Dom-wise, and Hogwarts’ chocolate ice cream bill would shoot down by so much we could probably get...well, everything.

Dom eats a lot when she’s depressed.

Oh yeah, Connor. James’ best mate, along with Fred. However, unlike James and Fred, he is much more studious, and is actually the owner of an obsessively shiny prefect’s badge. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the three Princes of Pranks.

The little cutie doesn’t even realise how perfect him and Dom are for each other, because he’s really, really bad around girls. Seriously. Like, terrible. He can barely even talk to any girl that isn’t me, Penny or Dom, simply because he knows us so well.

But they’ll end up together one day, I just know it. Call it best friend telepathy if you want. In fact, you can call it whatever the hell you want, I’m not really arsed.

Fred, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He doesn’t even bother to make girls his girlfriend, he just snogs them and then leaves them to squeal with their little friends about how ‘OHMIGAWD, I just like, totally made out with Freddie Weasley’. Just a little note, fan girlies at the back there, Fred absolutely loathes being called Freddie.

He’s the kind of bloke that takes life by the horns, and then proceeds to dance around naked, holding onto said horns. Now that is an extremely disturbing mental picture, and I have probably just scarred myself for life.


But anyway, moving over Dom’s boyfriends, Penny’s twat of a boyfriend, James’ girly huffs, Connor’s quietness, Fred’s naked dancing, Scorpius’ best friend roster and pretty much every other part of my incredibly average life.

Well, you know, average in every aspect except for the part that currently has been lying on the couch with a topless James Potter pressed against me. I should probably get my head back in the current moment, now I think on it.

I groaned slightly and tightened my arms; crushing his lips so hard against mine I was sure that I was going to have a very bruised face in the morning.

But Merlin, it just felt so good.

Snogging James is like nothing you can ever imagine. The way his hands are running up and down the length of my legs, the way his tongue is doing that, the way his mouth feels so hot and rough and perfect on mine, the way my hands are wrapped around his neck, my hands clutching at the roots of his’s indescribable.

And then reality can-canned its way back into the picture and I remember what I had been saying a couple of minutes ago. I pushed against his annoyingly perfect abs and tried to pry his lips off mine.

“James, there is going to be fifty people in this Common Room in a moment, so unless you want them to walk in on the pair of us snogging on the couch, I suggest you get off me.” My voice was muffled, but I think he got the rough gist.

“I – don’t – care.” He muttered, in between pressing his lips down on my mouth. I could feel my resolve crumbling. I hate being the one that always has to end the snogs.

I feel like such a frigid prude. Or a masochist, because snogging James just feels so bloody amazing.

“People might think that I’m your girlfriend.” My voice was a little airy, and my lips were pressed against his neck at the time, so I was surprised when he actually registered what I said.

He nipped by bottom lip a couple of times and then pushed off the couch, sitting up straight and flicking his mess of brown hair off his forehead. I grinned at him and tried to smooth down my own dark brown hair.

James has only ever had one girlfriend. Oh for Merlin’s sake, it’s not that surprising, shut your mouths. He dated her from the beginning of Third Year, right up to the beginning of Sixth Year. Three years, for all of those of you that can’t do incredibly simple maths.

Anyway, after they broke up James got really weird. I mean, you can sort of understand, he really loved her. He wouldn’t tell any of us why they broke up, but he was really crushed. And ever since that day he has refused to have a girlfriend.

That’s part of the reason that James and I are official (yes, you have to put official almost every time) snog buddies. I just do it because it’s fun.

The only fly in the ointment – is that world’s best saying, or what? – is that Connor, Fred, Dom and Penny get really worried because they think that James is still hung up on Natalie. I mean, I’ve been his snog buddy since a couple of days after they broke up, so I know that James is absolutely fine, but they think there is something wrong since he hasn’t been with anyone else since.

Honestly, they’ll get wrinkles if they don’t stop worrying so much.

“Here’s your shirt.” I grinned at James, and I tossed it over to him. Since I can’t play Quidditch to save my life, due to my awful hand-eye coordination, the shirt sailed over his head and landed on the lamp behind him.

That sums up perfectly the failure that is my life.

“Thanks.” James grinned, and he unfortunately pulled the shirt over his head. Sigh. He looks so much hotter without a shirt on.

Honestly, I know that he plays Quidditch and all that, but how does a seventeen year old boy –man? I never know what to say at this age – get abs like some kind of demigod? They, ahem, may have been the main reason that I started snogging him in the first place.

They’re just so bleeding perfect.

I went to get up, but before I could even take one measly step, James had wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down onto his knee. He bit my bottom lip lightly and then leaned in so his mouth was next to my ear.

“Transfiguration classroom, tonight, 11 o’clock.” James growled, and I nodded. He kissed me one on the lips, once on each cheek and then once on the tip of the nose, slapped my arse and shoved me off his knee.

I landed in a heap on the floor, and he laughed.

And what idiot said that chivalry was dead?

“You’re an arse.” I moaned from the floor, as I watched him walk to the boy’s dorms.

James laughed. Again.


“So, what did you do in your free period this morning?” Dom asked, pouring about a lakes worth of gravy onto her helpless roast potatoes. You could practically hear the potatoes crying out as they were unceremoniously drowned.

Well, you know, you would...if potatoes could talk.

“Oh, just read up on a load of Transfiguration shit.” I shrugged, and Dom nodded vaguely. I should probably have mentioned that James and I are excellent actors. Well, he’s an excellent liar and I’m a great actress.

Yes, you little shit, there is a difference.

“Oh.” Dom said. “How come you skipped Ancient Runes this morning, James?”

James looked up from his mountain of turkey and hill of peas to blink at her. He ruffled his hair slightly – oh yeah, Merlin forbid that it lie flat. Oh the horror! – and shrugged.

“I was tired. I went to bed instead. Besides, you know I’m a beast at Ancient Runes.”

That is true; the bloke can translate anything with just a glance. Dom rolled her eyes and started on her gravy, I mean dinner.

“Dude, you know Victoria from Hufflepuff?” Fred asked, looking up from his own enormous dinner. Honestly, the boys don’t half eat like cavemen.

It’s actually disgusting.

“Yeah, what about her?” James asked, looking up from his dinner with a little bit of gravy trickling down his chin. Lovely. And to think I voluntarily snog the bloke on an almost daily basis.

“She’s got a massive crush on you.” James nodded his head, his expression thoroughly disinterested. Who on earth is Victoria? I scanned along the Hufflepuff table and my eyes fell upon a pretty blonde girl with brown eyes and a little too much makeup on for my liking.

She looks like she’s just escaped from Whores ‘R’ Us, but that is just my opinion.

“Good for her. I’m not interested.” James shrugged, and he glanced over at me. I resisted the strong temptation to roll my eyes. Remember I said that I was the better actor, but he’s the better liar? Well, that is what I mean.

I’m generally shit at cover stories, but James is ace at them. But once I have a cover story, I can get anyone to believe me. James is a little sketchy at times.

“Dude, she’s hot.” Fred said, looking really shocked. I again had to resist the urge to roll my eyes. Fred’s general opinion is that if a girl is ‘hot’ or ‘smoking’ – yes, he honestly did use that word one time. I think he may have scarred me for life – then you should just pounce on them like a rat on a biscuit.

“Yeah, she’s hot, and I’m not interested.” James shrugged again. He’s going to get shoulder spasms if he keeps doing that. It can’t be good for you.

“Merlin, you’re going to have to date someone sometime. You haven’t snogged a girl since you broke up with bleeding Natalie, and that was a year ago.” Fred actually put his fork down, which was a big sign of how serious he was.

Fred never puts his fork down unless he really wants to talk.

“Who says I haven’t snogged anyone?” James asked, and my heart missed a couple of beats. If I have a heart attack, then it’s all his fault. I quickly, and I like to think subtly, kicked him in the shin and dug my nails into his arm.

“Mate, if you’d snogged someone then it would have been all over the school.” Connor chipped in, and I nodded like a nodding dog.

“That’s a good point. Anyone that you’d snogged would have spread it around the school like a Slytherin with an STD.” Penny snorted at my example but didn’t join in the conversation. She’s always been quiet.

“Really? Are you sure about that? Anyone?” James asked me, his eyes widened in innocence. I resisted the strong urge to pour the rest of the gravy boat over his annoyingly messed up hair. Would it kill the bloke to brush it once in a blue moon?

No, is the answer you’re looking for.

“Guys, just trust me. I’m completely over Natalie, and I really don’t need you trying to set me up with people. That reminds me, Dom, will you tell that creepy friend of yours to stop following me around everywhere? If she asks me out one more time, I swear I’m going to combust.”

Dom blushed slightly and widened her eyes. James shot her look that quite clearly told her that he didn’t believe her in the slightest. Charming. Cousin love, right there people.

“Right, well, I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go study for that bloody Transfiguration test tomorrow.” I rolled my eyes – yes, I do know that I do that a lot – and pushed myself off the bench. Dom frowned and grabbed my arm.

“I thought you said that you studied for Transfiguration this morning?” Dom said suspiciously, and I froze.

It would be right around now that you get to see how truly dreadful I am at those bloody things called cover stories. You would have thought that after a year of being James Potter’s snog buddy, I’d be good at them, but nooooo.

I’m still bloody dreadful at them.

“Yeah, well, pfft, you know,, need to revise for...NEWT Transfig, you know, because, um...I’m so studious, and...” Thankfully, James decided now was the time to cut off my pathetic excuse for an excuse.

“Summer, it’s alright. You don’t need to lie for us; we know that you’re terrible at Transfiguration. You can just say that you didn’t understand what you read this morning.” He smiled at me, and it seemed so real that I almost believed him.

“Right, well, I’m just gonna go...” I said awkwardly, and I headed out the hall. Honestly, that was a seriously close one. Normally James jumps in before I dig myself that far into a hole.


I wish Dom would go to sleep already. How am I supposed to sneak out to meet James if she’s faffing around, brushing her hair and reading and just generally not going to sleep? I jiggled my leg slightly, my tell tale habit for when I’m getting impatient.

I glanced down at the watch on my bedside table, which is actually Penny’s, and glared at the little screen. 10:58. I’m going to be late.

“Dom, I’m just going to get some food from the kitchens.” I said. Yes, that was the excuse that I have spent the last fifteen minutes coming up with. Dom glanced up and stared at me.

“Is that why you’re still dressed? I wondered why you hadn’t put your pyjamas on.” I nodded like a rabbit on nodding tablets and climbed off my bed, headed over to the door and grinned at her.

“Oh, and will you get me some apple pie?” She asked. I nodded and smiled but was inwardly cursing her to the fiery pits of Hades and beyond. Now I actually have to go to the kitchens. I hate the school kitchens, the giggling pear creeps me out. I don’t know why, it just does.

I’ll send James instead.

I snuck down the stairs to the girl’s dorms and across the empty Common Room, climbed out of the Portrait Hole, ignoring the disapproving look from the Fat Lady, and shot down the stairs, being as quiet as I could whilst still running.

Considering I have the fitness levels of a twenty five stone office worker, you can probably tell that I really wasn’t being that quiet.

I reached the Transfiguration classroom and shoved the door open. James looked up from the desk he was sitting at, a scowl already set on his face and his arms folded across his chest. Did I mention that James hates people being late? Probably something to do with being a Quidditch Captain or whatever.

“You’re late.” Woah, no shit Sherlock. Someone should make you a detective.

“I know, I’m sorry. Dom wouldn’t go to sleep. Now I have to go to kitchen and get her apple pie when we’re done, and you know I hate the giggling pear.” James cocked an eyebrow as I walked over to him.

“I don’t like people being late.” He said, but his tone was a little softer now. He leaned up and pressed his lips against mine. “I don’t think I’m going to snog you now, just to show you how annoyed I am.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“So, you’re not going to snog me now?” I asked and I leaned forwards, unfastening the top button on his school shirt.

“No, I’m not.”

I undid the second and third buttons on his shirt, running my finger down the exposed part of his neck and chest. I leaned my face close up to his and smiled slyly. James held his breath.

“Are you sure about that?” I whispered. He nodded, but his resolve was crumbling.

I slowly undid the rest of the buttons, running my fingers up and down his chest.

James growled quietly and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his bare chest and kissing right the way up to my jawbone.

Not going to snog me, yeah right. Honestly, I should get a badge or something. The Official Seducer of James S. Potter.

And then his lips found mine, and all thoughts of badges fell out of my head. The boy really does know how to snog. 


disclaimer: nothing belongs to me. everything in this story belongs to their respective owners. story :)

the idea for this popped into my head a couple of weeks ago, and it wouldn't go away, so i decided to start writing it. i really hope you guys like it.

so, any thoughts so far?


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