-A Game Of Truth Or Dare-


-Chapter 11-




Lily’s P.O.V

 “C’mon, you gotta spill!” Tracy whined at me. Again. I think that makes it the 50th…60th…billionth time she’s asked. And we had just woken up too, and were currently sat up in our beds. Everyone else seemed to have gone, so we must’ve been late to get up.


“Nope, and I still haven’t forgiven you for doing your part.” I stuck my tongue out at her.


James had used the key last night to finally let us out considerably later than the half an hour originally planned. Giggling and shushing each other and maybe stopping for another quick snog now and then, we made it back to the common room. Unsurprisingly it had been empty, so we’d sat in front of the fire for a while, just…talking. And it had been nice. Then we saw a flyer for Hogsmede and had decided to go today.




What the hell has happened to me?


Then, after one really long snog, we had both gone to bed. Beth had already been sock on, bless her. And she wasn’t here now, in the morning. She was an early bird, even on her days off.


“I’m sorry! But not too sorry. You look like you enjoyed it anyway. You should be thanking me!”


I threw my pillow at her, knowing she was right. But I wasn’t going to tell her just yet. It was too much fun. But that reminded me…


“What were you up to last night then?” I caught my pillow as she lobbed it back at me, then leant back on it awaiting her answer.


“I thought I had crawled in at a late time…”


“I…don’t know what you mean.” She bit the inside of her cheek.


“Tracy Stone don’t give me that! You’re dying to tell me. Come on, what did you do?”


She blew out her cheeks in imitation of not telling me, then five seconds later, let go of her breath in one big gush.


“Okay! Me and Sirius went out and snogged!” she gabbled, then clapped her hands over her mouth.


I blinked.


“Eh? Hang on, you called him Sirius. Oooo, you’re getting serious about him! (No pun intended =P)And you snogged him? Ahhh, Tracy Black, sounds so good, doesn’t it?”


“Shut up Evans!” She stuck her tongue out at me but she grinned as well.


“So anyway Lils, now that I’ve told you…”




“Aw! Why not?”


“In time.”


I had to get my mixed feelings straight first. I mean, what now? I knew, deep down, that I had liked last night. A great deal. But the rest of me couldn’t help but wonder if I had just played into his hands by letting him kiss me. Was I just another girl to him and that’s it? Forgotten in a couple of weeks? I’d have to wait and see.


Guuuys!” Beth chirped, appearing in the door way.


“I got you both some waffles, I didn’t think you’d get up in time.” She told us, handing over plates of waffles.


“Beth! You’re an angel!”


“Thanks Beth!” I said happily as she gave me my plate.


She grinned at us, then sat on her bed, looking at us.


“So…” She began calmly.


“Do you guys mind just telling me… where the hell you went last night!? I worried for ages, and eventually Remus told me to go to bed. I had to use a charm to make it easier for me to sleep!”


Uh oh..


“Don’t ask her, she won’t spill.” Tracy pouted.


I mimicked her playfully, then sprang to my defence. “You know where I was last night anyway. You guys put me there! Or do I need to remind you, that you locked me in the broom cupboard…?”


Beth blushed, even though she hadn’t actually locked me in or anything. No, all the handy work had been left to Tracy and Sirius…


“Um…what happened to you Tracy?” Beth changed the subject.


“Black wanted to go outside and we sorta lost track of time ‘cause…”




“We kissed.”


“What!? You like Sirius! Oh my gosh Tracy!” Beth squealed getting up.




“Congrats!” She hugged Tracy excitedly. Getting syrup all over her.


“Er Beth…” I gestured to her sleeve.


“Hmm? Oh drat! I love this cardi. And I’m going out too.” She mumbled, rushing around getting a new cardigan out.


“Where are you going like?” I asked, curious.


“Oh, erm, well, I’m going to Hogsmede today.”


“So am I!” Me and Tracy said together.


We looked at each other for a second, and giggled.


“What are we like?” Tracy grinned.


“But, uh, I’m going with someone else…” Beth blushed.


“So am I.” Tracy and me said together again.


We stared at each other.








“Oh my days.” Tracy giggled and we joined in. How typical of us.


“So why don’t we all go together then? A triple date kinda?”


“Good idea.” Beth nodded.


“Let’s get dressed and tell the guys then.” Tracy jumped out of bed and pulled me out of mine.


“Excuse me, but I’m already dressed ‘cause I’m not lazy, unlike some-”


Beth was cut off as two pillows met with her face.

“How long does he want to bloody take?” Tracy muttered impatiently.

As soon as we had got here, Sirius had demanded we went to Honeydukes. So we did, and we had all gotten our sweets and returned outside. Everyone but Sirius. Who was still in there.

“He needs to get a move on. I’m thirsty.” She moaned, looking forlorn.

“If I know my friend Sirius – which I do – he’ll be stuck over which sweet he wants.” James informed us.

“Usually it’s between acid pops or fizzing whizbees.” Remus input.

“Yeah, and he’ll prolly end up buying both.” James added.

Wow. Either they really knew Sirius, or he was just that predictable.

After five more minutes of waiting, Sirius finally burst through the door.

“Okay, I didn’t know what to get, acid pops or fizzing whizbees.” He told us, and James and Remus looked smug.

They needed to get out more.

“So, guess what I did?” he asked, beaming happily.

“Hey Lily, if Sirius says he bought both, I dare you to snog my face off later.” James whispered in my ear, grinning his little head off.

What!? How unfair! Of course he bought both!

“Not fair Potter!” I whispered back, digging my elbow into his side.

He didn’t even flinch.

Humph, no need to show his strength off.

“Guess!” Sirius told us again.

“You bought both?” James guessed happily, giving me a sly wink.

Damn it Potter. But, yeah, I’d go through with it and snog him. I mean, a dare’s a dare right?

Stop giving me that look.

But did he have to dare me? Like he was winning some kinda game? He knew, that riled me. Actually… maybe that’s why he did it. Well, I’d show him. I’d win this so called game… I smiled back at him, accepting his challenge.

“No!” Sirius exclaimed happily.

The grin was wiped off James’s face.


“I bought a bag of everything!”

“You did what!? Sirius! Th-that’s…”

“Brilliant, I know!” The shaggy haired boy beamed, oblivious to the fact he’d help me win and destroyed James’s plan. The baffled marauder in question seemed unable to close his mouth from shock.

“Aw, bad luck. Maybe next time Potter, eh?” I smiled sweetly at him and tapped his nose playfully as he stared at the pull along suitcase Sirius had just revealed.

“The shopkeeper even conjured up this suitcase for free! Isn’t that great of him?” Sirius was saying to James as the rest of us headed after Tracy who had suddenly started trotting off to the Three Broomsticks, unable to contain her thirst.

“Brilliant mate, just brilliant.” James shook his head and put his arm round his best friend’s shoulder and they skipped to catch up to us.

“Drinks are on Siriuuuuus!” Tracy sang as we – baring the drink buyer in question – all sat down quite happily at a table in a secluded corner of the Tree Broomsticks.


“I’ll have a butterbeer mate!” James immediately yelled.

“Me too!”

“Me three, mate.”

“Oh, me…four?”

“I’ll have one.”

“Cheers mate.” James saluted Sirius who grumbled and stormed off to order six butterbeers.

“Ahhhh Sirius… what a tool.” Tracy sighed as she stared at the back of the shaggy haired head currently at the bar.

“So, when did you two start like, y’know…” Remus tried.

“Getting jiggy?”

I slapped the back of James’s head to shut him up.

“Ow! Evans! I was just helping! Will you always be so abusive?”

“Will you always be such a big headed jerk?”

“Probably.” He winked. I sighed but struggled to keep the smile off my face… I needed to get a grip on my emotions.

“Well…after being sufficiently distracted…” Tracy shot me a look that was half smug, and half ‘that was still weird to witness’ “I’m gonna say, we confessed attraction to each other, last night.” She announced, refusing the term James had offered. Didn’t blame her.

“Ooo, are you ever going to explain what happened in detail?” Beth asked from Remus’s arm.

“Maybe.” She grinned predatorily. Playing with me and Beth, who she knew were dying to know.

“Here. Six bloody butterbeers. At a sickle each.” Sirius suddenly appeared, setting the beverages down on the table and not looking happy about it.

“Aw, thanks Sirius.”

“Yeah man, we couldn’t have done this without you.” James clapped his back.

The messy haired marauder beamed immediately, not even thinking what it was we couldn’t have done without him.

“Really? Truly?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure man, you saved us! Now come take a seat.” James congratulated, and Sirius fell for it, cheering up instantly.

“That was… nice of you Potter.” I whispered to the green eyed marauder on my left as the others immersed themselves into conversations.

“What can I say? I’m a nice bloke.” He smirked.

“I guess so, sometimes.”

“So, but how about it Evans? Don’t you think the nice guy deserves something for being so nice?”

“Don’t push it Potter.”

“Aw c’mon, a reward now and then wouldn’t go amiss.”

“Hey James, I dare you to shut up.”

“Playing that game are we?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Right, then I dare you to try and act natural.” He smirked at me, hazel eyes glinting.

Um, act natural? The hell was he on about? I was acting natural, wasn’t I? But the I suddenly understood what he meant, and struggled not to flinch. I could feel my face warming and body tensing.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“Act naaaaturaaaal.” He whispered back.

Oh that boy was dead. He was so so dead! I felt the warm soft pressure of James’s hand, gently resting on my thigh.

He wouldn’t. He can’t. Yet he did, begin to slowly slide that hand up…

“Anyone else need a bathroom break?” I shot up out my seat, trying to ‘act natural’. I shot the hazel eyed marauder a glare. He seemed slightly amused, yet a hint of annoyance played about his features. Well good. I’m sacred property; he can’t just go touching me up when he felt like it.

To my relief, Tracy and Beth both agreed and headed off to the bathrooms with me, leaving the guys looking weirdly empty behind.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” Beth suddenly brought to our attention as we shut the door behind us.

“Who knows, who cares?” Tracy said as she pouted at herself in the mirror, fluffing up her hair.

Leaning against the marble effect counter, I felt myself return to normal, no more tensing or embarrassment. The heck was that boy playing at? I just hoped no one else noticed.

“Aw, Tracy, that was a little, um, harsh?”

“Nah. Tis the truth Bethy Boo. He’s probably off with some other unfortunate chick.”

“He might be a nice bloke underneath his… appearance.”

“Yeah, and he could also be a secret follower of you know who…”


“What? I’m only joking, of course he’s not. Even he wouldn’t be that stupid.”

Beth suddenly noticed my silence and came over to me.

“You okay there Lils? You’re pretty quiet.” She asked me gently.

“Hmm? Sure, I’m fine.”

Just annoyed that Potter had made a little bit of a panicky fool out of me. Next time he does something like that, I’ll play him at his own game and ignore him. Either that, or put him in the lime light instead.

After a few more minutes of touch ups and hair fluffing, we returned to our table in the secluded corner.

“Finally! I was beginning to think you weren’t coming back.” Sirius exclaimed as we sat back down. I shot James a warning glance and he smirked at me.

“Shut it Black.”

“You can’t make me Stone.”

“No, but Albert can…”

“…I’ll be quiet.”

The rest of us looked at each other, puzzled. Who’s Albert…?

“Oh.” Beth’s little sigh distracted me from asking. She was more important than this Albert.

“’Sup Beth?”

“Oh! Oh nothing, it’s just…” She glanced outside and I followed her gaze. A group of girls were walking past laughing and giggling and wearing the same type of fluffy scarf wrapped round their necks.

“Wait, I think I get it, today’s the day they release those scarves you wanted, right Beth?”

“Yeah, it’s just, they’ve probably ran out now…” She sighed. I knew she wanted one because the magazine she’d read it off declared that it would ‘add to your cuteness’ and ‘bag you that man’. A big con, but it did look pretty, and it kept Beth happy.

“Hmm, why don’t we go check?” Remus smiled.

“O-oh no, I couldn’t possibly pull everyone away from their drinks, a-and-”

“Beth, you go with Remus. We’ll be fine here.” Tracy encouraged.

“Yeah! In fact, didn’t you say you wanted to check out another shop Lily…?” James asked me, a familiar spark in his eyes. I was about to decline and protest that I had said no such thing, when he cut me off with:

“That’d make you feel less guilty, right Beth? If we were all going out anyway?”

Damn it! Why was he doing this? Again, I was about to disagree, but stopped when I saw the hopeful look in Beth’s eyes.

For Merlin’s sake.

“…Yeah, I did.” I sighed.

“Mmm yeah, and Sirius and I were gonna go look at shoes!” Tracy enthusiastically agreed.

“We were?”

“Yes. Albert insisted.”

“Oh yeah, we were. So I remember.”

“Thought you might.”

Beth was positively beaming, relieved that she wouldn’t be ‘ditching’ us anymore bless her. She was too soft for her own good.

“So, shall we go?” Remus smiled at her again, gesturing for her to go first.

“Um, sure!” Beth blushed, and practically skipped out the door.

“Thanks guys.” Remus said to us softly, then the sandy haired marauder followed his love out of the Three Broomsticks.


“Right then, ladies first…?” James stood up and mock bowed to me.

And I accidently elbowed his face as I got up and walked past him.

“Oh, thank you James, now where are we off hmm?” I asked him sweetly.

“Ow! Where eber.” He said, rubbing his nose that had collided with my elbow so that it came out weird.

I smiled and set off outside, but underneath, I was feeling the adrenalin. It was gonna be me and him alone again, and I was nervous, excited and anxious as to what would happen next. I mean, we all know what happened the last time we were alone… Would it be like that again? Or will it be awkward because of that?

Christ, I was starting to sound like Beth and her worrying.

Hmm, but what did I really want…?



James’s P.O.V

Swirls of beautiful ember red flew behind her as she ran a little ahead of me. And when the sun caught those embers… it was like a fire had started in my own heart. She didn’t realise what she did to me, what effect she had on me. This beautiful, stunning girl.

“C’mon then Potter, are you coming or what? I thought this was your suggestion!” she asked me and looked over her shoulder, a pose that nearly blew me away. Wow she was amazing.

“Yeah I’m coming. I was just distracted by this fit girl.”

“Ugh, you just have to, don’t you Potter?” Even when scowling, she was still beautiful.

If only she knew that said girl was her. If only I had the freaking guts to tell her. If only she could see that I’m telling the truth when I say I love her, not just playing as she most likely sees it. I wondered, did she feel the same amazing connection as I did last night...?

“Yeah well, y’know me.” I grinned at her, hiding away the soppier sentence that was dying to come out.

“Which can sometimes be a bad thing. Like when you’re ogling all those pretty girls. They aren’t meat y’know. And you don’t have to get off with every single one of them.” She told me, and I could detect the anger in her voice.

I love her when she’s angry. Well, to be honest, I love her anyway.

Oh Lily. If only you knew the reasons why I have so many girlfriends. To fill the emptiness that you leave within me, every single time you shoot me down. You refuse to be with me before even considering what it’d be like. I’d treat you well Lily, you mean the world to me. I promise you that. But you don’t even think about that, do you? When you’re mercilessly telling me no, time and time again. That hurts my heart. Leaves it empty. So to try and fill it, I take any girl I can for my girlfriend, try and treat her like I’d treat you, to show you what it’d be like, to make you consider me, just for a second.

But I never get that far before I end things with them. Because Lily, they just don’t match up to you. They don’t fill me with the same feelings that you do, even when you simply say my name. They aren’t as special as you Lily, they don’t feel right, and they aren’t my Princess that I’m searching for. No, that is you Lily. So I find it hard to treat them so. I know I don’t treat them that well, and it’s not fair of me to be dating them. So I end it, set them free of me. And of course, I ask you again, and you give me the same answer. Then the loneliness starts again, and along comes another girl… It’s a vicious cycle. Will it ever end Lily? And if it does, will it be you to end it? Will you ever say yes…? ‘Cause it’s you I love Lily. You and no one else. And I so badly want to tell you this. To change your opinion of me… I should tell you right now…

“…Yeah. Sorry Evans.”

Damn it!!


Lily’s P.O.V

Merlin that boy aggravates me to high heaven! It seems like he’s totally forgotten last night! Already staring at other girls! Damn, I was such a fool to let him snog me!

“…Yeah. Sorry Evans.”

I had to bite my lip to prevent my scream. He so knew how to rile me up! Inconsiderate arse! I couldn’t take much more of this hint dropping. He still wasn’t picking up on the fact that I was hurt he was already searching for someone else. That we shared a special snog last night. That seemed to have not happened at all to him! If it had, he would’ve said he didn’t want to kiss all the rest of the girls, that he knew they weren’t meat, and he didn’t care for them, ‘cause last night was too special to do so. Or something like that.

Instead, he was already searching for the next girl to have. Dismissing me with a ‘sorry Evans’ and that’s it.

I picked up my pace as I felt my eyes sting. How could I have been so…stupid? He’s got what he wanted now. Another girl down, less than half the school to go.

“Lily? Hey, wait! Lily!”

I hadn’t realised my fast pace had turned into a full blown run away from James Potter, until I heard his surprised voice calling me. But I didn’t stop. I carried on, I kept running. Never slowing. Until I finally got to a dead end, the field in front of the shrieking shack. I sat down on the soft grass, breathing hard, thanking Merlin that it was quite a sunny day so the grass was dry. At least that was lucky for me.

It seemed like that’s where my luck ended though, as a few minutes later, I heard footsteps coming my way. I didn’t look up to see who it was, as they sighed in relief and slowly sat down next to me. I knew who it was though, and the identity was confirmed as he spoke.

“What did I do Lily…?”

I remained silent, anger not allowing me to speak. He seemed to understand as he didn’t say anything. Just sat back and left me in silence, sitting next to me still. Minutes past like that, until the blood boiling anger faded away. All that remained was… hurt. To my disgust. I lifted my head up, getting slight head rush as I did so, and James took this as an invitation to start speaking again.

“I couldn’t see where you’d gone at first.”

I didn’t answer.

“But I refused to give up until I found you.”


“I have to know why you left, ran away like that.”

Well, you can keep guessing for all I care.

“C’mon Lily. You at least owe me that for running away.”

Oh he so did not!

Owe you? I owe you nothing James Potter!”

“Huh? What…?”

“It’s you that owes me something. An apology.”

“An apology? What for?”

“Was last night so insignificant to you that you don’t remember any of it?”

“You’re joking. I remember it all!”

“Really? Then it must’ve meant little to you that you’re already staring at other girls. I can’t believe I let those kisses mean something to me coming from you!”

“Th-that kiss meant something to you…? Really…?” He asked softly.

“Oh how I wish it hadn’t.”

He recoiled as if he couldn’t believe what I’d just said. Like it hurt him. How dare he? I was the victim of his false love here.

“Now do me a favour for once in your life Potter, and leave.” My voice broke on the last word, to my dismay.

“Lily…Lily I need to tell you-”


Tears sprung to my eyes again. Damn I was crying too much today, I never cry! My heart was braking in two. Last night had meant something so amazing to me. I felt as if we’d had a connection, almost like a part of me was being filled… To find out that was a lie now… it hurt. And yet, the other half of me didn’t want him to go… I resented that half.

“…Okay.” He simply said.

And then he was gone.


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