That dream that Harry had last night was bothering him awfully.How Voldemort was "In" that person that Harry didnt quite know who heor she was. Hermione didnt ask what the dream was about or anything,because in Hermiones head she was saying: "It must have just been a usual dream that Harry gets regularly" she thought, "Ill not bother doing anything until or if anything gets too serios.

"Hermoine,wheres Ron?" Harry asked,since the bed next to him was empty.

"Hes downstairs having breakfast, hes been a foul little git this morning"Hermione replied .So the two went down to breakfast at the bottom floor of the burrow. Ron was there munching on a sausage,he gave Harry and Hermione each a dark look and then continued to chew. Harry awkwardly sat next to Ron, as he did so Ron slowly moved his chair away a little  from Harry. Harry tried to ignore him but he felt terribly insulted. Why on earth had Ron turned on him like this?

Soon ,on the Hogwarts express Harry and Hermione opened the fist lot of empty chairs and slid open the door. They kept the door open to let Ron in too but he simply ignored them and went to another one. Harry looked at Hermione confused about the attitude Ron was giving them. They both chatted about it, but they felt extremely uncomfortable talking about one of their best friends in the way they were but couldnt help it. there was nothing to see why Ron had turned like this. In their heads they couldnt think of a thing they could have done wrong. But did they do anything wrong remains to be a mystery.

After a long while the train finally came to a halt. The two both came out into the corridor.Harry looked up and down it, to see if he could see any of his friends but he saw something that really gave him a shock. Ron was standing talking to someone, making a regular conversation with Draco Malfoy! Hermione had noticed this too and gasped,took Harrys shoulder and pointed in their direction. Hermione did this atthe wrong time because they boh looked in Harrys direction Hermione, feelng embarassed slowly lowered her finger but it was too late Malfoy had seen them and and called across, "what are you staring at you filth little mudblood" and Ron laughed bitterly. Harry, being protecive over Hermione came up to both of them and said "Ron, why speak and be friends to a pathetic little swot like him" he said furiosly. Wanting to see if he could get to the bottom of this, maybe it was Malfoy thats made Ronact convniently like Draco does on a regular basis.   "Actually I can chose my own friends thank you very much scarhead" Ron once again bitterly laughed. Harry ,feeling hurt walked away with Hermione. "Thanks for trying to protect me Harry," Hermione said almost in tears. "But it wasnt Draco insulting me that hurt me, it was Ron laughing at it. I mean even if he turned on us like that I really didnt think his new friend would be the one and only Draco Malfoy" then she broke down with tears. "Dont worry Hermione" Harry said comfortingly "At least Weve got each other".

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