Why is she with him? I wonder as I watch Aria from across the classroom standing about an inch away from Dean. She's looking up at him, smiling as he talks, then he leans down and kisses her. I feel like I got punched in the stomache.

I continue to watch them as Aria straightens out Dean's tie and his collar. I can't help but wonder why his clothes are all messed up. They probably just got done having sex, with my luck. Ever since last week when I saw the grin, I always wonder if they're off having sex.

I wonder if Aria thinks he's better at it than me. She told me I was the best in bed, but what if Dean is somehow better? Nope, there's no way. I wonder how many times they've had sex, Aria and I had a very healthy sex life. We did it twice a day, three times if I was lucky.

Aria didn't want our whole relationship based on sex, and I didn't want that either. But she didn't realize that after four years of pent up feelings for her and only fantisizing about sleeping with her, I had a craving to do it all the time. Not to mention, I'm a guy.

I loved those hot nights of passion and love. I missed pinning her down on the bed, or a desk or wherever and having my way with her. I missed tearing at eachother's clothes, unable to control ourselves. I missed feeling her bare skin against mine. Oh, who am I kidding? I missed her.

I wish I knew if she missed me too. Sure, that's what she put in the card, but right now as she's sucking Dean's face, it didn't look like she missed me at all.

I'm able to be distracted from Aria and Dean when Professor Snape comes in. He doesn't even tell them to stop kissing,because Aria is his favorite student. He even likes her more than he likes me. Lucky for me, Aria pulls away anyways when Snape starts talking.

"It's that time again when I will assign you partners for the rest of the year. There will be no switching. I have chosen these partners carefully."

Aria and Granger started whispering to eachother. "Aria do you have anything to share?" Snape asked, not even sounding angry.

"No, sir, I'm just very excited for the potion we're brewing, I already read about it." Aria said innocently.

"Five points awarded to Gryffindor for being prepared, Aria." Snape said giving her a small smile that was rare.

"Thank you, sir." She said sweetly.

Snape started calling out partners. "Wouldn't it be great if we were partners?" Pansy asked clutching my arm.

"Uh, sure." I said.

"Parkinson and Potter." Snape said pointing to a table. Pansy huffed walking over to the table. Potter kissed Granger on the cheek and then walked over.

Snape went to the farthest table in the back. "Draco and Aria." He said. No way. Partnered with Aria for the rest of the year?

I looked over at Aria, she and Granger were exchanging looks that I didn't recognize. I went over to the table and sat down ready for the fresh hell I was about to enter.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Dean pulled Aria in for a kiss. And I could have sworn I saw him look my way as though taunting me. Does he know who I am? Does he know how many of Aria's relationships I've ruined? I could pay to have him killed and it wouldn't set me back at all. Infact, I could have Crabbe and Goyle do it for free, hell they're so thick, they'd probably pay me for letting them kill him.

When they pull out of the kiss, I hate the way Dean is looking at Aria. All full of lust and desire, I bet he's undressing her with his eyes. He'll probably be undressing her with his hands after class. I shook that horrifying thought out of my mind as I noticed Granger trying to get my attention.

She starts mouthing something that I can't understand. I shake my head to show her I don't know what she's saying. She looks frustrated and then pulls out some parchment and a quill and writes something. She pointed down, so I looked down, and on the table it says: Win her back before it's too late.

I looked up at her surprised,she nodded. I nodded back, not sure how I was going to do that. She obviously moved on to Dean, but then again if Granger is telling me this Aria had have feelings for me still.

Aria was now making her way towards me. When our eyes met, I'm flashbacked to when we were together and when we'd meet up, I'd always be waiting for her. Then I'd see her and when our eyes met, she'd run over to me and jump into my arms and kiss me. Then she'd whisper "Finally." in my ear. That was kind of our joke because of the first time we slept together, I whispered 'finally' and she said she was freaking out over what that meant.

For a second Aria walked a little faster, but then I guess she remembered we were no longer together and she slowed down. "Hey." She said sitting down next to me.

"Uh, hi." I said breathlessly. She had that affect on me.

"How have you been?" She asked looking at me like she would anyone else.

I wanted to say terrible and that I missed her more than anything, but I didn't. "Fine." I said. "A-and you?"

"I've been great."

"Great." I said faking a smile.

Aria smiles back and starts digging through her bag. I listen to the other partnerships.

"Granger and Goyle…Thomas and Bulstrode, share a table with Weasley and Zabini." I laugh at Blaise having to be partnered with Weasley.

"Aha." I hear Aria say triumphantly. I turn my attention back to her. She's putting lip balm on her lips. I can't help but stare at her lips as she rubs them together. I think of what those lips can do, how they've pleasured me countless times. Then she licks her lips, and I know she's tasting the strawberry flavor.

I force myself to look away, I was getting too worked up and that couldn't happen, because then something might come up. And I'm talking in the trouser department. Only Aria could turn me on that much to have the little guy down there pop up. It's happened on multiple occasions, but there's one occasion that stands out.

It was last year during Charms. Aria had forgotten to put her name on her essay, and I was the closest one to her who had a quill out. So, she leaned over a desk and asked if she could borrow my quill. I said yes, and I realized after I'd handed it to her that I could see down her shirt because she was leaning over. I could see her red lacey bra. That's when I felt it happening, I looked down, and there was a bulge. I quickly grabbed my bag and threw it on my lap before Aria noticed anything. When she was about to give me back my quill I told her to keep it. I didn't want her to notice what was going on. She used it for the rest of the year.

"Draco." Aria says bringing me back to reality.

"Yeah, babe?" I said on accident. When we were together, I always called her that. I cleared my throat. "I-I mean yes, Aria?"

I saw a smile creep across her face. "Um, do you want to get the ingredients, hun?"

I smiled at the nickname she gave me when we were dating. "Uh, s-sure." I stuttered.

"Great, I'll set up." She said still smiling.

I looked at Blaise, signalling him to get up to get the ingredients too. "What am I going to do?" I whispered to him.

"I don't know man, but I think Dean is noticing something is going on between you two. Especially with the way you guys are looking at eachother. All in love." Blaise said smirking slightly.

"This isn't funny." I said. "Granger told me to win Aria back before it's too late, how am I suppsed to do that without being obvious?"

"I don't know." He shrugged.

"Oh, come on you dated her for like six months." I said desperately.

"But I'm not the one that's been in love with her for four years." Blaise pointed out.

I sighed. "That's true."

"Look just make her laugh and tell her she's pretty, you know, shit like that. But whatever you do, don't kiss her in plain sight, or Dean might kick your arse." He looked amused.

"Very funny. Don't you have to get back to your partner, Weasley?" I asked.

"Fuck you." He grumbled walking away.

When I returned to the table, Aria was tying her hair back, which also managed turn me on. I sat down quickly and put my bag on my lap, just in case I couldn't control myself. "So, uh what are we brewing today?" I asked trying to sound casual.

"The Draught of Peace." Aria answered.

"No idea what the hell that is." I said.

Aria chuckled. Yes, I made her laugh! "It's all right, I do. Just do what I say."

"I'll do anything you want me to." I said staring at her intensely.

"Good." She said smiling.

Aria was very serious when it came to school work. She was focused only on the potion. She only talked to me when she was telling me to get something or cut something up. She did all the important stuff like adding the ingredients. I was fine with that, I honestly just loved watching her work, she was so intense and passionate and sexy. It's pretty amazing how she can make Potions sexy and interesting.

Sometimes she'd catch me staring, but she was much too focused to actually say anything, Aria would never let anything distract her from work. She was mumbling French under her breath as she worked, it seemed to sooth her.

Finally, we were done. Snape said the potion was "Superb." And then we cleaned up. We were the only ones done, but I'm sure Granger would also be done had she not gotten paired with Goyle.

At first we were silent. Blaise shot me a look showing he was annoyed by Weasley, Dean, and Bulstrode. I laughed.

"What?" Aria asked.

"Blaise looks upset." I said chuckling. She looked over to see Blaise's expression and laughed.

"It's like boyfriend central over there." She said. "You know, without Bulstrode. The only person missing is…" Aria trailed off. I knew she was talking about me.

We were silent for a few moments. "So…how's Parkinson?" Aria asked.

I wanted so badly to tell Aria that Pansy was horrible and nothing compared to her. I wanted to tell her that no one can and ever will make me feel the way she does. I wanted to tell her I wanted her back. But I couldn't. "She's fine, I guess." I said shrugging.

"That doesn't sound very good." She said.

I shrugged. "Well, it's not. It's just after you know, us…"

"Nothing seems good enough and it will never compare." Aria finished for me.

I stared at her. She did feel the same way. "Yeah." I said.

"I get what you mean, it's the same thing with Dean. I feel like I'm settling for second best." She said.

At that moment I knew Aria did miss me and she wanted me back as much as I wanted her back. I looked at her lips, I needed to kiss her. Her thoughts were the same as mine, she leaned into kiss me.

"Draco and Aria, please come here." Snape said from his desk.

Shit, why does he have to ruin everything. We got up and went over to him. "Yes, professor?" Aria asked.

"I need you two to take this to McGonagall." There was a package and a note.

"I got the note." Aria said smiling.

I picked the package and we walked to McGonagall's room without saying much. We quietly went in and put the package and the note on her desk.

While we were walking back I stopped and leaned against a wall. "What are you doing?" Aria asked.

"I don't want to go back yet." I said.

Aria smiled and stood next to me on the wall. I turned on my side and just stared at her. We both said nothing. She noticed my staring.

"What?" She said.

"You're so beautiful." I said honestly.

She blushed and turned on her side to face me. "More beautiful than Parkinson?" She asked.

"A thousand times more beautiful." I whispered.

Aria sighed and gently touched my face. I closed my eyes, completely weakened by her touch. Her hand moved down to my neck. She suddenly chuckled. I opened my eyes.

"Why are guys so messy?" She asked fixing my tie, like she had done with Dean. She stepped closer as she adjusted my collar. She was too close, I could smell her hair it smelled like watermelon. Her warm breath touched my lips and I craved to kiss her.

"There." She said. Her arms were still around my neck and she was so close. And before I was fully aware of what was happening, we were kissing.

I don't know who started it, but I didn't care, I just never wanted to stop. Our hands moved quickly, untying, unbuttoning, tearing. It felt just like it used to. It felt right. But I knew it was wrong. We were both supposed to have moved on, yet here we were, snogging the hell out of eachother.

I attempted to pull away, but Aria kissed me with such force, that I stumbled back a little, bringing her with me. After that, there was no stopping what was happening. I pinned her up against the wall, tracing kisses from her jaw line to her neck. Only one word escaped her lips.

"Draco." She whispered. I knew she wasn't telling me to stop, she was telling me not to stop. I brushed my lips against her neck, taking in her scent. Again she whispered my name. I kissed her hard on the mouth, running my hands down her unclothed stomache, she felt so good.

Aria pulled me into her, pressing my body against hers. I pressed even more, not satisfied, I needed to be closer. I kept pressing, even though there was no way we could be any closer, we were entertwined, but that wasn't enough. Nothing would ever be enough when it came to Aria. I'd always want more, crave more, beg for more.

She was the only one that made me feel desperate and weak. The only one that truly made me feel anything at all. But mostly, she was the only one I loved, and the only one I would ever love. I needed her to know that. But at the moment, I was a bit preoccupied with her.

Suddenly we heard a loud noise and we broke apart. We were practically gasping for air. We stared at eachother, looking at what we had done in a mere few minutes. Aria's shirt was completely unbuttoned and half way off. Her hair was no longer tied up, but was wild. My shirt was completely off and my pants were unbuttoned.

The silence was killing me, but I couldn't say anything. Aria looked as though she was on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry." I managed.

Aria just shook her head and started straightening herself out. I did the same, then when we were done,we walked back to class in silence.

We sat down avoiding eye contact. The next few minutes were nothing short of akward. I kept opening my mouth to say something, but I didn't know what to say, well I did but I was scared to say it.

"Look about what happened back there-" I started, but Aria interupted me.

"We can forget it happened if you want." She said quietly.

"No." I said surprising myself. "I don't want to forget it. If anything, I want it to happen again. Aria, I love you, and I can't forget about anything we've done together and I don't want to."

"Draco please, stop." Aria whispered.

"No." I said. "I'm tired of missing you. I want you back, and I'll do anything to show you that I do."


"Tell me you don't love me." I said.

"What?" She asked weakly.

"Tell me you don't love me and I'll leave you alone, I promise." I said.

"I-I don't…I can't." Aria stuttered.

"Then why won't you let us be together? Why do you insist we forget about everything that we've had when it's so fucking amazing?"

"Just stop!" Aria said. "I can't talk about this right now, I need time to think. Just let me think."

"Fine." I said.

We didn't say anything for the rest of the class and when the bell rang, Aria quickly got up and muttered "Bye."

I watched as she went up to Dean and he kissed her. I can tell Aria is not at all into the kiss and before they leave, she looks back at me.

"We need to talk." I said.

"About what, baby?" Pansy asked smiling.

"I'm breaking up with you." I said sighing.

Her smile faded. "Why?" She asked.

"It's just not working, I'm sorry."

"This is because of Merona, isn't it?" She asked. I nodded. "What's so special about her?"

"I'm in love with her." I said.

Pansy shook her head and walked away. I sighed and started to walk to a special place to think.

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