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He looked at her from across the room. It had been many years since he had laid his steel grey eyes on her brown locks. He didn’t need her to turn around because he would always recognize her. He could feel her powerful presence in the room. Her lithe frame was shaking slightly from laughter. He had heard through the grapevine that she had left weasel and moved to America. He had searched for her but he had been stealthy about it because Potty and Weasel would have been knocking down his door with those lovely Auror badges that they wear with false confidence. He sneered to himself. Given the chance they would throw him in Azkaban if they could. They did not believe his innocence even though Potty had been a witness that night on the Tower. She was beautiful tonight.








“Draco please?” she had begged him and it didn’t take much for him to give in. He loved the way his name rolled of her tongue. He slowly made his way to her. He had loved her from a distance for far to long and now to hear her plead to him to love her he couldn’t resist the urge. He slowly wrap his hands around her tiny waist and pulled her closer while trying to savor every moment they had together. His hands explored her body and his lips tasted her neck and she, the beautiful, sensual women, moaned in pleasure.



“Are you sure?” he whispered in a husky voice. He silently pleaded her to say yes.



“Draco, you are the love of my life. The one and the only. Yes, please make love to me. Show me what it is like to be loved.” She whispered to him while staring at him with her irresistible honey eyes.



He did.



*End of Flashback*



It had been their first time and their last time. He tried to never think about her. He knew no one would ever take her place in his life so he never tried and brushed off all other advance he received from single witches.



She left from reasons unbeknownst to him. He was sure it would have to be a good reason because she had left everyone and everything she had ever known. He could help but make his way across the room he hadn’t even known he was doing it. He was almost to his side when a little blonde boy ran up to Hermione.



“Mummy!” He yelled as she turned around to catch the young boy in her arms. She had a son. A young man with piercing grey-blue eyes and blonde hair was calling her mum. Hermione looked up into his eyes and a flicker of fear crossed her face and then she gave him a feeble smile. She slowly stood up and took the boy’s hand and walk to Draco.



“Hello Draco.” She said in a nervous voice. He could tell she was completely nervous. He was about to respond when the little boy spoke up.



“Mum, why are you calling him Draco. My name is Draco.” He ask with sincere confusion. Draco stared upon the young boy’s face and then it hit him like a ton of bricks. He was a father.



“Mione, how old is he?” he asked as he watched her formulate a response.



“Draco, “ she paused and he noticed that his name still rolled of her tongue in a way to send a shiver down his spine. “He is four.” She stated waiting for him to get it. As he stood there dumbfounded she kneeled into of the little boy.



“Draco” she addressed big Draco “Please meet Draco James Malfoy, your son.” Little Draco stared at the older man.



“Hermione, why didn’t you tell me before now?” His eyes begged her for a good answer.



“Draco, I loved you and I still love you but for the sake of the child I decided to wait till your name had been totally cleared before I came back. No one knew he was alive. Harry owled me last week to let me know all of your charges had been dropped and you were finally off the blacklist for the Auror’s. Harry knew about us but he didn’t know about him until tonight.” She stopped to look at him and breath. He didn’t say anything as she twisted the little white gold diamond solitaire ring around her finger so she continued on. “I decided it was time to come back and let him meet his father.” He still had nothing to say but just grabbed her in a hug and he never wanted to let her go.



“Mione, I would have gone away with you. I have missed the most important part of his life. Losing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me and I thought you had died and no one wanted anyone to know part of the Golden Trio was gone. I have thought about you every single second that you have been gone.” He just held her till a little hand pulled on his arm.



“I think you’re hurting my mum! She is crying!” he finished with a stomp on Big Draco’s toes. Hermione turned quickly.



“Draco James Malfoy that was not okay. Apologize now!” Hermione told him.



“But mum, he made you cry and no one can hurt my mummy.” He declared to Hermione.



“Draco, this man is going to be in our lives for a long time if he wants to be and you need to be nicer to him.”  She turned and looked at Draco with questioning eyes.



Draco dropped to his knees. “Hermione Jean I gave you that ring a long time ago with the assumption you would be my wife. I didn’t think it would take this long but my offer still stands.” He finally turned to Little Draco. “Draco, would you mind if I was in your life?”



“No, but if you make her cry again you will pay.” He leaned in really close to Draco and glared at him, “I already know magic!” being a threatening as a four year old can be.



“Draco, you do realize I am your father and I will use my magic right back.” And with that Draco flipped his hand upward with a coin on his palm that slowly transformed into a bunny. Little Draco started laughing.



Draco stood up and grabbed Hermione and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. The kiss held the promises and the wants and the needs he had for her.



“Eww!!” was all Draco heard before the rest of his life finally began.

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