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September 1st, Seventh Year.

James Potter pushed his trolley past various platforms whilst trying to reach his destination. His best friend was constantly trying to be a little bit in front of him, trying to get ahead a little. It was infuriating James because he knew Sirius Black was just doing it to annoy him. Sirius turned around and grinned at him the minute the past platform eight, James grinned back and started to run, trying to avoid any passing muggles himself and Sirius raced towards platforms 9 and ten.

James stopped to catch his breath, of course Sirius had beaten him, there was no way Sirius would lose. Even though James was fast on a broom, Sirius was of course the better runner. With his beater strength and big build, Sirius could run faster than anyone James knew.

James also had an athletic build, but the build of a chaser instead of a beater. The build of a Quidditch captain, finally. James was a tall boy, with messy black hair, which stuck up in all the wrong places, he wore glasses on the end of his crocked nose. His best friend, practically brother; Sirius, had flicky black hair which swept across his forehead, almost as messy as James’s but didn’t stick up in places. They were both good looking boys, and two of the most popular boys in school. Most girls were part of an adoring fan club, which James found slightly weird yet slightly flattering.

Sirius adored the attention, he bathed in. James liked the attention but he would rather have the attention of a certain person who insisted not to give it to him.

James was drawn from his thoughts as he heard Sirius wolf whistle, James looked as he saw Rosie Chaplin and Alexandra walked towards them, well towards the barrier, but the two boys were stood in front of it.

“Do that again Black and I’ll shove my fist so far down your throat it will be impossible for you to repeat that noise” Rosie snarled, her long brown hair in a long plait down her back.

“Charming” Sirius grinned, Alex rolled her eyes and avoided Sirius’ gaze.

The pair were still on awkward terms since Sirius dumped her near the end of sixth year, after almost a year long relationship, he didn’t explain why but James had a pretty good idea, they were just praying Alex never found out. James suspected Sirius was still crazy about her, but she was with a sixth year now, and refused to even talk to Sirius.

They were both extremely similar, came from the same background. Both had been placed in Gryffindor house, coming from Slytherin family, both had run away from home. Sirius to James and Alex to her Grandmothers or most summers she spent with Lily Evans.

“Looking forward to our last year?” James asked.

Alex looked up, “Should be interesting” she smiled, trying her long blonde curly hair up into a pony tail.

Alex was a friendly person, but Sirius brought out the worst in her, he drove her insane. James smiled back at the two girls.

“Yeah, Jamie’s very excited, our little boy got made head boy” Sirius teased, tweaking James’s cheek, James blushed instantly and Alex and Rosie gaped at eachother and then exchanged a knowing smirk.

“Interesting” Alex repeated, smiling slightly.

“Can we go through now” Rosie asked impatiently, jerking her head toward the barrier, which Sirius was leant against.

The invisible entrance in between platform 9 and 10 was called platform 9 and ¾ you had to take a run at the wall to get through to the scarlet express.

“What’s the magic word?” Sirius teased.

“Avada Kedavra?” Alex snapped at him, her temper obviously rising.

Sirius raised his eyebrows and smirked at her, “Try again”

She glared at him, “Sirius Black please would you move the fuck out of the way” she said sardonically.

“Temper, temper” Sirius smirked, but he moved anyway

Alex gave him her most sarcastic smile before pulling back her trolley and running at the wall at a full speed. A second later she had disappeared and the muggles around them were none the wiser. Rosie followed after her, not as fast but still at a run.

“Ready?” Sirius grinned; James nodded as his best friend took a run at the barrier.

Seconds later he had disappeared and James paused before running through, he took a last look around the muggle world, he wasn’t going home for Christmas, he never did. He would see his parents probably at the end of this year, the next time he saw this platform he wouldn’t be coming back.

He took a quick run at the wall, closing his eyes like normal, he always feared the collision with the wall. But like usual a second later he was stood back on platform 9 and ¾ ready to board the Hogwarts express. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar flick of red hair boarding the train.


“Lily” somebody called, Lily Evans whipped around. Her long red hair blowing in her face, as she stepped off the train; after putting her luggage on board, the source of the voice threw her arms around Lily’s neck surprising her, but Lily returned the hug of her best friend.

Louise Edwards was a tall, slim girl. She had short pale blonde hair, which reached her shoulders. Her huge blue eyes were dazzling in the light. Louise was a bubbly girl, who was quite bookish but very friendly. Lily had met her on the first day of Hogwarts, during the feast at the great hall.

“Good summer?” Lily asked, after she pulled out of the hug. Louise nodded.

“How about yours?” she asked.

Lily shrugged, “Too much Petunia” she smiled, “and Vernon” she shuddered.

Louise gave her a sympathetic smile, before the two girls made their way to the train, Lily helped Louise drag her trunk onto the train, when asking her where her wand was Louise simply grunted she had accidently placed it in her trunk.

The two girls scanned the train for their other two friends. Walking up and down the aisles a few times they came to the conclusion they had gotten there first. Lily looked out the window in scan of them but the two girls were nowhere to be seen.

Grabbing a compartment, Lily chatted happily to Louise about her appointment of head girl. Louise was to take over Lily’s prefect position alongside Remus Lupin, which Lily guessed Louise was secretly happy about. Louise had liked Remus since fourth year, Remus was a friendly boy and it was impossible to dislike him. It was a pity he was friends with two arrogant boys like Sirius Black and James Potter, who Lily despised.

“LILY” she heard somebody gasp, Lily and Louise’s heads swivelled to the door.

She saw Alexandra McCord and Rosie Chaplin both stood there, Alex was gasping for breath and her long dark blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail, her green eyes sparkling. Alex and Lily had similar eyes, Lily’s were brighter than Alex’s but Alex was still stunningly beautiful. Rosie was grinning, leaning against the door frame, her brown hair in a brown plait and her brown eyes looking extremely tired.

She smiled at her two best friends as they grinned at her and Louise, “We have something to tell you” Rosie grinned.

Lily frowned, “What?” she asked curiously.

“Nice to see you too” Louise interrupted, pulling a face at Alex.

“Sorry Lou, was America good?” Alex grinned.

“I’ll tell you later” she rolled her eyes, “carry on” obviously sensing Alex and Rosie were eager to share their news.

“You might want to sit down” Rosie announced.

“Im already sat down Ro” Lily said impatiently.

Rosie grinned cheekily, “Oops, you’ll never guess who head boy is?” she smirked.

Lily raised her eyebrows, her heart thumping a little as she saw the looks on Alex and Rosie’s faces. Their smirks, their urge to burst out laughing, their teasing attitude, Lily’s heart physically stopped beating and she felt her face go white.

“Not, not, not” she stammered, unable to make words.

“Potter” Alex snorted, her face splitting into a wide grin, Lily’s eyes widened.

“Has Dumbledore drank too much fire whiskey?” she screeched.

Potter, James Cocky Potter. Head boy, she had to work with him. James, seriously? James. The boy who claimed he was in love with her. Yes, that’s what he said, that he was madly in love with her. She always snorted at this, she didn’t believe him. He was going to be impossible to work with. James Potter, she wanted to scream.

It would be impossible to work with Potter, with Potter. She felt her temper rise, and she was getting even angry. Thank Merlin; they didn’t have to share dorms, only a common room. How much Potter could she take?

“Lily, come on, we need to go to the heads carriage” Louise sighed, after half an hour, “stop laughing you two” she snapped at Rosie and Alex, who were still grinning.

They had been laughing ever since the train left the platform, which was twenty minutes ago. It was now time to go and face her doom, her fate. To face what she dreaded. This year was going to be very interesting.

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