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I’m so fricking bored! James is off practicing quidditch-there’s a game tomorrow and Remus is helping Peter study. I wish it was a full moon. Those are always fun…

Frick, why is this school so boring? Maybe we should plan a new prank. We haven’t really done any good pranks this year since we’ve been so wrapped up in Operation Shampoo.

Stupid Lily, she should just fall in love with James already…


I made my way down toward the common room, maybe there is someone there that I could hang with. The common room was noisy, filled with the younger classmen. I turned around to leave but then I spotted Nate’s blond hair. I started walking toward him but then I noticed Amy sitting next to him. She was laughing at something he said.

I immediately walked out of the common room. I have no desire to be near Amy at all.

God, I made such a fool out of myself in front of her! Why did I even try that hard? It’s because of Nate! He was the one who told me to go after her…And he was on a date with her last week.  

I mean what gives? Amy just keeps throwing herself at Nate…it is disgusting! I mean, he’s defiantly the person she likes! They hang out all the time! But he deserves better. Someone like… well I don’t know who… but still…

I wandered the corridors thinking about Nate. I mean, he’s a funny dude. I really don’t understand him at all.

He works so hard everyday, and has so many friends-even though he just transferred here. He’s got this sense of determination, to survive and help his friends survive…But then why was he so close to giving up on life?

When we were trapped in the maze, he seemed so hopeless and sad. I don‘t understand where that came from. I haven’t seen him like that since either…

He lived in France before so I don’t know how the war could have affected him so much. The way he was talking down there…it seemed like he’s in the middle of it.  

He really doesn’t make any sense to me…


I suddenly realized I had walked all the way up to the astronomy tower. How’d I end up here? I looked around, noticing subtle changes. Like how some kids wrote on the floor, and how a vine is growing around the window. It’s different than when I took the class.

I looked out the tower window and noticed that nobody was on the quidditch field anymore. James must be back from practice.

I made my way toward the common room, glad to see that James was back.

“Hey mate.” I said sitting on the couch next to James.

“Hey.” James said wearily.

“How was quidditch practice?” I asked.

“I think we’re going to win!” James said confidently.

“Alright man!”

James smiled but then he fell back into exhaustion. “I’m so tired!” he whined.

“How about we go to the kitchens right now, so you can grab some food, and then turn in early?” I said, wanting James to be energized for the game tomorrow.  We are versing Hufflepuff, who miraculously beat Ravenclaw in the first match of the year.  We can not lose to those puffs!

James nodded at my suggestion, so we made our way toward the portrait hole. As we walked out we ran into Lily.

“Hey Evans.” James said in his ‘cool’ voice.

Lily just ignored him and walked away. Wow, she must be in a bad mood; normally she would at least acknowledge our presence. 

James looked really dejected at her rejection-you’d think he’d get used to it by now, but he still always gets really hurt.

“I reckon Nate was right.” I said.

“Right about what?” James asked confused.

“That you should try and become friends with her.”

“What?” James exclaimed.

“Well look at him…” I said. James still looked confused. I really didn’t want to bring back this unpleasant memory but James seemed to be extra slow today-did he take any blugders to the head?

“Nate became friends with Lily first, and she got a crush on him in the first week of school. He’s also friends with a bunch of other girls and well I’m sure they all like him too.”

“Are the bunch of other girls you are talking about Amy?” James asked.

“And others!” I replied childishly. “But stopped trying to switch the subject.”

“I don’t know…being friends won’t work. Because then she’ll only think of me as her friend. And I don’t want that!” James said sighing.

“Maybe you should at least give it a try.”

“I don’t know…maybe…But you man, need to get a new girlfriend.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked confused.

“You are still brooding over Amy.”

“I am not!” I said as James tickled the pair picture to get into the kitchens.


“Master Black, Master Potter!” said a bunch of house elves swarming us.

“Hi!” James said happily. “Can Sirius and I eat out dinner here?” he asked. The house elves nodded and quickly sat us down at a table. Food appeared almost instantaneously. I smiled at the elves and said “Thank you.”

“No problem Master Black. Is there anything else you would like?”

“No we are all good.” I said glad with what they brought us.

The house elf bowed and walked away.

I grabbed some mash potatoes on my plate and started eating. I looked up at James who had mash potatoes all over his face.

“Attractive.” I said, “No wonder Lily can’t keep her hands off of you.”

“Shuup” James said trying to swallow all his food. “It’s not like you’re doing any better! You’re still brooding.”

“I am not!” I said.

“Are too!” James said back.

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“Ok, what are we doing? We are not 5 year olds.” I said stopping this ridiculous thing before it gets out of hand, and James and I end up having a food fight. (It has happened before; we got detention for a week).

“Really, I was sure I would never grow up.” James said.

“Man we’re so old!” I said realizing we only have one more year of Hogwarts, after this one.

“No, you’re so old. Look you’re getting lines on your face from brooding so much!”

“I am not getting lines on my face!” I said quickly. “And I’m not brooding!!”

“Yes you are!”

“You are really intent on getting me to talk about this.” I stated noticing how James keeps switching the topic back to Amy.


“We’re not chicks! We don’t talk!” I said scoffing.

“But we are the Marauders! And the Marauders tell each other everything.” James said proudly.

“That was deep Prongs…very deep.” James smiled at me, so I suppose I’ll have to talk to him. Prongs is very stubborn, he always gets what he wants.

“I’m not sad or anything…” I said, “I mean I kind of just did what I thought I should do. And…well it pissed me off that she rejected me after I actually tried to win her back!”

“Why did you even try?” James asked.

“I don’t know…because of something Nate said. And it’s annoying because Amy defiantly likes Nate! Why do all these girls like him?”

“Sounds like you’re jealous of him!” James said amused.

“I am not jealous; especially of Nate! It just pisses me off that all these girls just throw themselves at him.”

“Jealous! Jealous! Sirius is jealous!” James said singing and dancing around the scared house elves.

“Shut up!” I said annoyed. Note to self, don’t talk to best mate!

“Sorry mate, it was too easy.” James said smiling.

I just glared at him until he motioned to leave. We walked back to the common room discussing Quidditch tactics. The common room was empty-everyone went down to eat. James went to bed, and I was bored again. Maybe I should get join Remus and Peter in the Great Hall. I am getting hungry.



The next morning was filled with tension. This was the first time in decades that Hufflepuff actually stood a chance to win the cup. They were not going to lose easily to us. But this was our first match of the season-and if we win this, we’ll have a huge lead, and could probably win the cup.

James was his normal, smooth self, all throughout breakfast. He smiled and laughed easily, surrounded by his teammates. I supposed doing this for years would make James confident. He is a really good seeker.

“Yo Prongs!” I said going up to him, “Good luck mate!”

“You’ll be great!” Peter said smiling.

“Thanks you guys!” James said smiling.  “Where’s Remus?” James asked noticing that his friend was missing.

“He’s feeling a bit sick. His…furry little problem is two days away so he’s getting kind of edgy. But he said he would watch the game!” I said assuring James whose fall fell momentarily.

“Well then, I should be off to the pitch. Rogers is calling us over now.” James said walking away.


Peter and I found a seat on the stands early so we could be the first ones on the pitch when we win. I was confident that we would win; Peter on the other hand, looked a bit queasy.

“I heard Hufflepuff’s team is really good this year.” Peter said, “I mean last match they flattened Ravenclaw! And that Whiting fellow- he’s an excellent seeker.” I didn’t care how great of a seeker he was. Nobody could beat James. Peter needs to have more faith in him.

“Yes but he’s nothing compared to Prongs!”  A voice said behind me. I turned to Remus standing behind me.

“Moony” I said motioning him to take the seat next to us.

“But Whiting has a Silver Arrow!” Peter said.

“The broom doesn’t make the player.” Remus said.

“James is going to win.” I said confidently. Remus smiled, but Peter still looked uneasy.

But James’ flying was excellent-Whiting couldn’t compare. James caught the snitch easily, and the game was won 230 to 20.

We caught up to James on the quidditch pitch.

“I knew you’d win!” I said patting James on the back.

“Whiting didn’t know what hit him!” Peter said.

“Nice job!” Remus said.

James smiled, and said “Thanks!” Then he yelled to the on coming Gryffindors “Party in the common room!”

 “Yeah!” I heard someone in the crowd scream as everyone else cheered.



“Hey Nate!” I yelled over the loud music, “It’s party, you’re supposed to have fun!” I pointed to all the people dancing.

Nate looked around with a grimace on his face, and yelled back to me “It’s not really my thing.” He was looking toward the dorms. “See you later.” He waved.

I don’t want Nate to leave! This was his first party, he should be here! Everyone was having such a good time! He should have a good time too! I attempted to get him back but I couldn’t walk two feet without falling over. I shouldn’t have drank so much. I swayed and had to grab on to the first person near me.

She turned around quickly ready to yell at the drunk who grabbed her, but her face changed right when she saw me. Regina Elk. She’s a girl in my year with really pretty hair…and I think she’s liked me for a long time. She always gets me to dance with her, and flirts with me…even when I was dating Amy.


“Oh Sirius!” She said smiling flirtatiously.

“Hey!” I said still holding onto her for balance, if I let go, I might fall.

“Wanna dance?” She asked.

I nodded not really knowing what I was agreeing to. She put her arms around me, but this isn’t a slow song. Why is she dancing like that? But I suppose its ok. She’s pretty. Her black hair is so silky. I like how it feels. I twisted her hair around my fingers.

“Sirius, are you playing with my hair?” She asked with a giggle.

Oh, I am. “Sorry,” I said taking my hand away but she grabbed it and placed it back.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” She said smiling. Oh, well that’s good. I like her hair, I wonder if Nate’s hair feels like this. His hair always looks so nice. I should find him…I want him to enjoy the party too!

“Sirius!” Rebecca said following me, “Where are you going?”

“I need to find someone!” I said brushing her off and heading toward the dorms. Rebecca looked sad, but that’s ok. She should know she has no chance by now…


I throw open the door and fell onto the closest bed. Walking up the stairs was a real challenge.


“Nate!” I said happy to finally reach him. “You gotta come down…the party! It’s amazing!”

“You’re drunk!” Nate said looking scandalized.

“Do you want some?” I asked. “James has a stash up here…” I tumbled toward his bed and grabbed a bottle from under it.

“We are under age!” Nate said.

“So?” I asked. Nobody cares, what does it matter if we’re under age?

“It’s illegal!”

“So don’t you do anything fun?”

“I have lots of fun!”

“Oh yeah, studying for…” I grabbed his potions book, “Potions is fun?”

“Hey, give that back!” Nate said trying to grab the book from my hands. I held it high above his reach.

“You’re too short!”

“I am not short!”

“Shorty!” I sang.

“I liked you better when you were sober.” Nate said sitting down.


He doesn’t like me now? I wonder why? Maybe I shouldn’t have stolen his book...


“Attack!” Nate yelled as he rammed into me. I tumbled to the ground, my back aching from the fall. Nate had fallen on top on me…he didn’t seem to notice but instead grabbed the potion’s book from my hands.

“I win!” he said triumphantly as he grabbed my book. Then he looked down and noticed where he was. His eyes met mine, and I smiled widely at him. His face turned all red and he got up quickly retuning to his bed.

I smiled at his face. Nate gets embarrassed so easily…But he was really light when he fell on me…almost like a girl.

“Nate!” I said attempting to get up, “You killed me!” I gave up and collapsed on the floor. I like the floor, it’s comfy…I think I’ll stay here for now.

“That’s what you get for being drunk!” He told me as he put away his books. “I’m going to sleep now, so don’t disturb me!”

“You’re going to sleep? This early?” I asked.

“For your information, it is 1-o-clock.” Nate said.

“Really?” Wow, time sure does fly.

“Yes, so I am going to sleep.”

“Nate…” I said bored. “Nate are you asleep yet?”

“Why don’t you back down to your party? Then I can sleep in peace!” He said annoyed. 

“Too…much effort!” I said, “I can’t even get up!”

“That’s nice…” Nate said sleepily. I should let him get some rest, he sounds tired.


But now I’m bored! What should I do? I attempted to get up again. It took a full five minutes before I could sit up straight, and another five to get me standing.

Maybe I should head to bed too, but the party seems really fun. But I don’t think I can make it…

I sat on the bed next to Nate’s. Why did he fall asleep so early? He could have had so much fun at the party! But Nate doesn’t do things like drink…he’s a good guy…

I stared at his face while sleeping. I wonder what Nate would be like drunk? I can’t imagine him going wild, or do anything crazy.

I noticed that Nate is frowning in his sleep…is he having a nightmare? I crouched down next to his bed. I poked his check with my finger but nothing happened.

Nate’s lips were quivering…I wonder what type of dream he’s having. I hope it’s nothing bad…I don’t want Nate to be sad anymore…

I moved my face closer to his and poked his check again. He still seemed like he was about to cry.

His lips were shaking a lot now. I want them to stop. I wonder… I take my hand and lift his head…


I pressed my own lips against his. I felt the quivering stop. He has really soft lips. He tastes like a girl… Just like a girl…  It makes my heart race. Weird, my heart normally doesn’t feel this way… I want to kiss him longer, but I think he’s ok now.


I lift myself up, pleased with myself. Nate looks happy now; his frown is now a smile. He doesn’t have a look of terror on his face anymore; now he’s peaceful. That’s good; Nate is going to be ok!

I trudged my way back to my bed, a smile on my face. At least Nate’s happy now. 

Oh my god! Sirius kissed Nate!!! Waaaa!!! Ok, so if you didn't realize, yes this chapter was in Sirius' POV. I think it was pretty obvious but I tend not to notice things like this in stories so sorry if you didn't!

Anyways... this chapter was kinda awkward for me to write, and I'm not sure if I did that kiss justice. Sirius was drunk, and Nate was sleeping... So there was not much I think i could write. 

Also the chapter's kinda short, but I figured you'd want a chapter out, and I had nothing more to write... I hope you guys liked it!! Any predictions for the next chapter? What did you guys think about the kiss? 

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