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                Right after Hermione threw the paper away; Ginny said she and Harry were going out so she left. Hermione said bye and stayed home for the whole day. At home, Hermione drank a couple Firewhiskeys and 2 bottles of wine. Now she was at work, running the register while Dianne was sorting out the books. Great start for a morning, isn’t it?

                A woman in about her thirties walked in looking very professional. She wore a cream business skirt and a black turtleneck with a jacket the same color as her skirt. Her hair was pinned up in a bun that looked like it would come off and her white designer purse was almost stuck to her shoulder blade. Sunglasses on her head, her heels clacked on the wooden floor as she made her way to the register.

                “Hello, may I help you with something?” Hermione said warily.

                “Yes. I want to buy the book ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks.”

                “Then go get it.”

                “Well, I came yesterday and I asked the lady behind this very counter—who obviously wasn’t you—and she told me that the book would in stock by tomorrow. So today I’m here and I want to know if they did come.” She tightened her lips.

                “Well, I don’t know.” Hermione mumbled and she giggled.

                “You must know for you work here!” The lady was losing her patience.

                “It’s probably in one of the bookshelves. Go look you old fraud.” Hermione said drunkenly. Oh, did she mention she had three bottles of wine for breakfast?

                “I will not be spoken to like that!” The lady snapped, her head shaking as if it was about to explode..

                “What is going on here?” Dianne appeared suddenly with a box full of books.

                “This drunken woman is not treating me with respect! I asked her if they had ‘The Notebook’ and she kept telling to go look for it! I am very disgruntled right now!” The woman said shrilly while her bun threatened to come loose.

                Dianne stepped closer to Hermione and leaned slightly over the counter and sniffed.

                “Hermione, have you been drinking?” She whispered so the lady could not here.

                “Pffft, why-“ Hermione began.

                “I am still here!” The woman shrieked.

                “Why don’t you shut your-“

                “Stop! Here,” Dianne handed a book from the box to the woman. “On us.”

                The woman twisted the book around to look at it. Then she stuffed it in her purse and said, “Hmph.” And walked out the door with a jingle from the bell.

                Dianne slammed the box onto the counter and said very sternly, “Hermione answer the question.”

                “What question?”

                “How many bottles of wine did you drink over the past two days?”

                Hermione giggled and counted her fingers. She held eight up and said, “Five.” She now started laughing even more and soon enough it turned into cackling. And she threw up and passed out right onto the counter.

                “Ew.” Dianne said.

                “I’m going to teach this girl a lesson.” Dianne said to herself. She grabbed her bag from the counter, patted Hermione’s unconscious head, changed the sign from “Open” to “Closed”, locked up, and left.



                Ron casually walked by Hermione’s bookshop. Hm, why are the lights off? Hermione doesn’t leave until 5, he thought. Ron peered inside and saw a figure sleeping on the counter, standing up.

                “What the…” He mumbled. He walked around the back and opened the back door with the hidden key in under the mat. When he walked in, he discovered a large storage room with numerous books. Thousands of them were lined up on shelves or packed in boxes. Some were even scattered on the floor. He crossed the room with caution of not stepping on anything and opened the door that led to the actual shop. His eyes boggled as he saw a bushy head on the counter and something that looked a lot like throw up on the counter running down to the floor.

                “Excuse me miss?” Ron asked. She didn’t wake up.

                “Miss?” Ron said. She started to stir.

                “Where am I?” Hermione asked as she lifted her head up and inspected her surroundings.         

                “Hermione?” Ron commanded.

                “Ron?” Hermione put a hand to her head.

                “What the bloody hell happened in here?” He nagged.

                “I-I guess I fell asleep.”

                He signaled both hands to the floor, where the vomit remained. “Fell asleep? There’s vomit on the floor!”

                Hermione’s eyebrows furrowed and she peered over the counter to see what Ron was talking about.


                “So are you going to tell me what happened?”

                “Well I don’t know!”

                “How do you not—wait were you drunk?” Ron interrogated.

                “No! How dare you think I would do such a thing?”

                “You look like goblin piss and your breath smells like dragon dung!” He swatted his hand in front of his mouth.

                “Someone woke up with the wrong wand.” She said.

                “Well, I wouldn’t be talking if I were you! I’m not the one who was drinking and threw up!”

                “It’s your fault I’m like this!”

                “My fault? How the bloody hell is this my fault? Blimey, if you would have gotten over that scum and gotten your life back you wouldn’t be like this!”

                “You just have no idea do you? You think life is just a bunch of relationships and that you can just move on. Well, that’s because you’ve never really loved anyone as much as I loved Draco, or Harry loves Ginny, or as your own mum loves your father!”

                “Don’t start with me on that love crap Hermione! I’m not going through the same conversation again! I’ve had enough with all your stupid love drama and whatever else your bringing into our lives!” Ron backed towards the door.

                Hermione’s feelings changed instantly. No longer did she feel bitter and heated, she felt helpless and lost. She felt like…like an orphan. No one was there to care for her anymore, no one wanted to have her or deal with her anymore. She was a baby bird abandoned in a nest while the mother searched for something else. She now stared at Ron with a hopeless expression. Lost. Forlorn. Dejected.

                “Wait.” She said in barely a whisper.

                But he was already out the door.

                Two and a half bottles of rum and four buckets of tears later, Hermione was sitting at home staring at the fireplace. Right after Ron left, she had cleaned the vomit off the floor while she wept and then left with her things (she even grabbed a few books to take home). When she got home her first priority was drinking to “clear the head”. No one had stopped by, thankfully. Maybe Ron never told anyone about that little scene yet; maybe they had a mutual understanding that was never spoken aloud. Hermione sighed. No one was going to help her anymore. Everyone she had known had tried but she just would break down and shoo them away. Now, there was no one left.

                Oh, bugger.

                Hermione got up to pour herself some wine in a paper cup. The wine ran down the bottle and into the glass as she sat back down. She drained the cup and held it in her hand while she stared into the fire. Something was running down her cheeks, she wiped her hand hastily and discovered she was crying. Again. Frantic, she threw the cup into the fire and watched it burn to ashes. The flames devoured the cup and nothing was left. Nothing. The cup had been drained first and then demolished. The cup had no way out of things, no one wanted it, and no one reused it. They just used it.

                Just like Hermione.



I’m so sorry the last chapter took so long but the chapter took so much time to be validated! Do you like it so far? Do you hate me because I’m going to keep you waiting for Dramione to unite again? Are you even sure they are going to end up together again? Haha, you’ll just have to see because I’m going to put my own twist into the story. I have a vague idea of what the ending is going to be. I can’t wait! By the way, we are going to hear more of Draco in the next chapter! (;

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