I stood there complete shock over took me. It shouldn’t have been a shock everyone had been telling me that he was in love with me. But, coming from the horse’s mouth was a different experience. So I did the only thing I could do I smashed my lips against his my hands gripping the front of his white button up pulling him closer.  After a moment I let go of his shirt and stepped away. “Wow,” David sighed after a moment. “Lizzie?”



“Shh…” I shushed him. I looked him right in the eye’s and took a deep breath. “David McAllister, I love you.” I meant these words with all of my being. David grinned and wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug. My face was buried in his chest. I took a deep breath in taking in his smell; which was like a combination of pine tree and old spice. He smelled delicious. “Promise me something,” I said looking up to see David’s face.






“That no matter what happens for the quiddich cup you will be happy.”



“What do you mean.”



“Like when I kick your ass off the field after winning you’ll not get angry with me.”



“Sure, but only if you allow me the same curtsey,” David smirked.



“Like that will ever happen,” I said sarcastically taking David’s hand. “We should get to class,” I said.



“Yeah,” David agreed. We headed to potions hand in hand. We took our seats ignoring all of the stairs we were getting from the people around us. Felix being one of them. David and I started working on the potion and continued working until our potion exploded on us. Well mostly David because he was the one who got knocked out. Felix was on the other side of the room snickering.



“Felix what the hell is your problem!?” I turned to him angrily. I moved so I was barely a centimeter away from him with my wand pointing directly at his neck. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”



“Babe, calm down,” Felix said trying to sound cool.



I pushed my wand further against his throat. “Do not call me babe, and don’t tell me to calm down you’re the one that ambushed me this morning!”



“Eliza what has gotten into you?” he asked starting to shake in fear. “My darling I didn’t mean anything by it.”



“Forget the wand! I want to strangle you with my bear hands!” I said angrily sticking my wand in its place and wrapping both of my hands around Felix’s neck and started throttling him. “You bastard I hate you if you ever touch or kiss me again I’ll mangle you!”



“Miss Winchester?!” Professor McGonagall said shocked by the outright violence being used. I immediately dropped Felix who fell to the ground coughing and rubbing his neck. I looked up at McGonagall. “What do you have to say for yourself?”






“My office now,” McGonagall said. I walked passed her. “Someone get Mr. McAllister and Mr. Felix to the hospital wing.” I followed her to her office. She took a seat behind her desk. “Sit Miss. Winchester.” I sat. “What has gotten into you? I know you’ve been sneaking out of your dorm and sleeping with Mr. McAllister. And I know that you snuck to Hogsmead last night.”



I started at McGonagall how did she know all of that? I’m in so much trouble. “I…”



“You not in trouble for the sneaking around, I know why you did it,” She said smiling slightly. “I want to know why you were throttling Mr. Felix?”



“He’s been harassing me for a long time and he went too far this morning,” I told her. “I don’t regret it. And I’m not sorry either.”



“Why didn’t you report him before?” she asked.



“Because it wasn’t bothering me until he kissed me and then made my potion explode on my boyfriend,” I said.



“I don’t think you handled that situation very well Miss. Winchester.” She started. “So you will be serving three detentions with Professor Longbottom. If I catch you throttling anyone else I will be more sever.”



“Yes professor, I understand.”



“Good, you may join Mr. McAllister in the Hospital wing. Stay away from Mr. Felix.”



I left before she could change her mind and expel me or something. I hurried to the Hospital Wing. David was sitting in a bed rubbing his temples. I rushed to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank Merlin your alright!” I said.



“I could say the same, how much trouble are you in?” David asked.



“Three detentions, not bad, she knows that I’ve been sneaking into your room in the middle of the night.” David laughed. “I’m so glad your alright I thought I was going to have to lure Felix into the forbidden Forrest and leave him to the centaurs.” David rolled his eyes and kissed me.



“Eliza you and your mudblood better watch out!” I turned to see Felix on his way out the door. I rolled my eyes. He still didn’t get it. He was a moron.



“Yeah whatever creep,” David glared at him, and at the same time tightened his grip on me. Felix exited the hospital wing. David loosened his grip. “I should have seen that one coming,” David said.



“What exactly? The fact that Felix fails to notice every time that I have non-magical parents or our potion exploding?”



“Both I guess but the exploding potion, I knew there was something wrong with the…”



“Hey no one could have predicted that he was going to sabotage our potion, I didn’t even think he was smart enough to do that,” I stated plainly making David laugh. “So when do you get to leave?” I asked curiously.



“Never?” David said shrugging.



“Tomorrow,” the nurse answered. “He needs to rest now miss,” she told me.



“Yep, okay then, see you tomorrow then Dave,” I smiled pecking him on the cheek before leaving the Hospital wing. It wasn’t till dinner that I saw Vicky. She instantly rushed me wanting to know what had happened with David. I told her pretty much everything; including me practically jumping him that morning. She squealed at that particular bit of news and hugged me. She told me that she had been hearing rumors all day long and she tried to get out of her tutoring to ask me about it. “Vicky calm down, it’s really no big deal.”



“Hey Winchester!” I looked up and saw Freddy standing up. “Is it true?”



“Is what true?” I asked walking towards the table Vicky on my heels.



“Did you gouge out Felix’s eyes and sock him in the family jewels?” Freddy asked. I really worry about how things spread around here. It’s seriously ridiculous. One time Teddy told one of his friends about him finally asking out Vicky and then like two hours later it had changed to Teddy had finally got Vicky in the sack. I know right? Completely ridiculous.



I glanced over to the Slytherin table where Felix was nursing his bruised ego. “If I had gouged his eyes out I don’t think he’d be over there sulking like a little girl that got her baby doll taken away.” I pointed out. “And I don’t want to be anywhere near him or his family jewels.” I said.



“Then what did happen?” Vicky asked. “I mean I heard that you bashed his head against the dungeon wall, I mean I know you didn’t do that but it’s what got around to me.”



“I throttled him that all!” I said. “It wasn’t anything extraordinary. I swear it.”



(AN: Okay so I'm not sure if this is the end of the story or not. I've sort of run out of Ideas for this particular story, So this may be the end but I'm open to suggestions because I'm not sure what more they can do to get into trouble at this point. If there is another chapter it might just be an what happened to them deal. But let me know what you thinkg and stuff... Summers :))

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