I missed lunch and dinner and was still sitting in my bed when my dorm mates went to sleep. I was very confused about what to do. I couldn’t ask Vicky she would hurt me if I woke her up and going to David wouldn’t help me and Freddy would be all I told you so. So I snuck out and headed to a secret passage to Hogsmead, Teddy had decided to move in there and I knew he could shed some light on my problem. I knocked on his door, still in my PJs. “Lizzie? What are you doing here? Isn’t it past your bed time?”



“shut up Teddy like Vicky wasn’t going to sneak out after hours to see you!” Teddy laughed.



“Well okay, come in then before someone sees you and reports me for allowing you to be out here without taking you back to the headmistress.” I stepped into Teddy’s flat it was small and very bachelor padesque. I don’t think that’s even a real word but that is the best way to describe what his place was like.



“Nice place!” I commented.



“I know you didn’t come here to see my flat, Lizzie,” Teddy said. “Why don’t you tell me why you’re here?” He said. So I told him. I told him everything that I had been thinking. I told him about what had happened with Freddy till earlier today. Teddy laughed when I finished. “That’s it?”



“Yeah, It’s not that funny Teddy!”



“Actually it is, you are the most oblivious person I’ve ever met. You can’t even decipher your own feelings.” Teddy said.



“Please enlighten me Ted!”



“You are in love with David,” Teddy said nonchalantly. “You just can’t admit it to yourself. You feel safe with him, you like being around him. And even though he might have hurt you, you can forgive him because you know you can’t live without him.”



“When did you turn into a girl?” I asked.



“Shut up moron,” Teddy said. “I feel the same way about Vic. You’re not seeing the bigger picture are you?” I glared at Teddy. “You’re going to have to admit to yourself that you love him, and soon. If he doesn’t find out soon you’ll have to live with him being with someone else for the rest of your life.”



“I should go back to the school,” I sighed. I knew Teddy was right though, I would have to tell David something. I luckily got into my dorm without anyone catching me out of bed. I couldn’t get to sleep. I finally did around two in the morning but woke up less than an hour later after a nightmare. I climbed on my broom nearly half asleep and flew to the Gryffindor tower. The window was unlocked and after determining that everyone was asleep I landed and put my broom the same place it had been last night and climbed into David’s bed. He was sound asleep thankfully. I fell back asleep and was glad that David didn’t freak out when he woke up. Because I woke up before he did. His arm was draped over my waist. 



“David you lazy bum get out…” The voice opened the drapes and saw me looking up at him. “What the bloody hell!” I knew this person to be Jameson Hall he was one of the smartest people in our year. David woke up when he yelled and looked, well, like this was a normal occurrence in the morning.



 “Good morning, Jay.” He grinned.



“Yeah I bet it is,” Jameson said looking from me to David and back again.



“It’s not what you think,” I said.



“It’s not?” Jameson smirked. “You have no Idea what I’m thinking so how could you know?”



“I think what Liz meant to say that it’s not nearly as bad as it looks,” David said. “Liz has been having nightmares lately and since I had been staying at her house the last couple of weeks she seemed to like being near me.”



“See and here I was thinking that maybe she was just a little scared to be in her own dorm in her own bed.” Jameson said. “Lucky for you I’m the only one left everyone’s down to breakfast.” I climbed out of bed and grabbed my broom.



“Thanks Jay,” I smiled, “See you down at breakfast David.” I took off out the window. I did the same thing I did yesterday and rushed to get dressed. I headed down to breakfast and as soon as I entered the great hall the room fell silent. I stopped and noticed that everyone was staring at me. What was going on did I do something. Did Jameson tell everyone what he’d witnessed?



“Eliza I’m glad you finally came around.” Felix said wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I tried to push his arm off of me in disgust. “We’re going to be so happy together!”



“What are you talking about?” I said.



“Good one babe,” Felix said kissing me on the mouth and leaving me standing there. What the hell just happened? I ran out of the hall and up to the third floor girls room and started gargling soap trying to get the taste of Felix off of me. It was as bad as or worse (I can’t decided) than when Ivan tried it. The door slammed open and David stormed into the bathroom.



“This is the ladies room David,” I said.



“Yeah, what of it?” David said angrily.



“What is your problem?”



“Come on, seriously what the hell was last night about, you snuck into my bed and acted like it’s no big deal and then I find out you’re Henry Felix’s new girlfriend!”



“I am not his girlfriend!”



“What was that kiss all about then?”



“I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on with him. I never would have agreed to that! Why would you be so angry I thought we were just friends?”



“I thought I could handle being just your friend and then you started sleeping in my bed when you had nightmares and couldn’t sleep. I thought that it would be okay that I would be able to stay platonic with you. But I can’t, Lizzie I love you!”

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