Chapter Eight – Skylar


 Halloween was looming and with it came my birthday. I know – ironic isn’t it? The, and I quote, ‘Goth Freak’ (courtesy of Pansy Parkinson) has her birthday on October thirty first? Classic. Oh, and my middle name also just so happens to be October as well. Funny how things work themselves out, huh?




 To be completely honest, it’s just one massively messed up coincidence. My mum gave me the middle name ‘October’ simply because, as they say, the shoe fit. Born in the month, so why not give me the name? As for the whole ‘gothic’ thing, let’s just say it’s been twisted a bit. I’ve always liked the supernatural. My dad had been interested with astronomy, so I was often gazing at the moon and the stars, which then led to my interest in werewolves and such. As for the black, if you want someone to blame then blame my muggle friend, Josephine. All her influence. But she’s right, it’s a warm colour and it looks good on me. That’s all. But to most of the Hogwarts population (I’m looking at you Pansy Parkinson) it’s just another reason to taunt me.




 Anyway, as always, I was looking forward to Friday. Immensely, may I add. Vicky and I had already started costume design. As per usual, Vicky wanted to go out of her way to be extra creative and dress up as someone, or something, from my extensive horror story collection and usually I’d jump at the chance; but this year I wanted to do something a bit more traditional. In the end, I won our debate over it and we co – ordinated; Vicky was to be the storybook portrayal of a witch and was her black cat. Except we were going for the slightly more sexified version.




 The school week came to an end and, luckily for everyone above third year, there was a Hogsmeade trip. This news was very much appreciated in the Gryffindor common room as everyone third year and up needed a costume. Vicky and I formulated a plan that was something like this: Go to Hogsmeade with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny, Girls go to get costumes together (without showing each other as that would ruin the surprise), and then meet the boys at The Three Broomsticks later on.




 So, come Saturday, we were all prepared. Vicky and I rose early out of excitement, showered, dressed, grabbed our purses and headed downstairs towards the Great Hall to grab some breakfast. Then we spent the remainder of our time chatting until the others arrived.




 At around twelve noon, all those who were attending, and there were a lot of us, congregated in the courtyard. There, our little group got together before we handed our permission forms in and followed Filch into the little town. The six of us then split up upon arrival and we watched the boys make their way to Zonko’s. After they’d left, us girls were free to go to the only small costume shop there and began browsing.







 After a good hour of costume shopping, we made our way to The Three Broomsticks to meet the boys and grab a butterbeer. We soon found them. Harry and Ron were sitting at a table near the back, laughing along at something with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan.




 “Oh, crap!” Vicky squeaked and then she jumped behind me.




The three of us turned to look at her.




 “What on earth are you doing, Vicky?” Hermione asked.




 “Yeah,” Ginny gave Vick a pointed look, “It’s only Dean and Seamus.”




It took me only a moment to work out what was happening between the lines, “Seamus!” I cried triumphantly, “You have a crush on Seamus!” Vicky blushed a deep shade of crimson; “You’ve been jittery around him all term! How on earth did I not see it before now?”




Vicky would’ve replied but her chance was lost as the boys had spotted us by then and were beckoning our little huddle over to the table. Naturally, given her crush, Vicky shot for the seat furthest away from Seamus and so ended up next to Ron. Ginny sat with Dean, as they were going out, and Hermione and I sat next to each other.




 The conversation soon turned to Quidditch and, at this point, Hermione and I tuned out, uninterested. We began to chat about the party and decoration ideas. After a great deal of discussion, Ginny and Vick had finished with their Quidditch talk, whilst Hermione and I had decoration plans ready and waiting for Friday. With our discussions over, our butterbeer’s drained and the day drawing to a close, we gathered our things and made our way back to the castle, chatting as we went.







 Friday was absolutely hectic. People were fretting over costumes, decorations, food, drink and so on. There wasn’t one person who was, for the most part, completely sane at the moment. Those with free periods spent them in the common room decorating every spare bit of wall. By dinnertime, the stress had evaporated and everything was looking fantastic. Food and, strictly virgin, cocktails were set up behind a counter and costumes had been laid out on beds. All that was left to do was get through dinner and then party through the night.




 As I was about to enter the Great Hall, I heard my name being called, well whispered, from the next corridor. I turned to my left and saw Draco standing in the shadows, carefully concealed and watching me. I walked over to him and then allowed him to pull me slightly further along the hallway.




 “Hi.” I whispered.




He smiled and kissed my cheek, “Hi, yourself.” I laughed silently to myself, “We haven’t got the time to talk now but can you meet me in the room? At midnight?”




I moved forward and kissed him lightly on the lips before leaving him and rushing to the hall to join my friends. I knew he got the message. But, still, I occasionally snuck the odd glance in his direction. Every time I was rewarded with a smile and a warmth in my heart. Oh, man was I looking forward to tonight.







   At about five to ten, Vicky and I pulled our costumes on and prepped ourselves for the night ahead. I’d decided on a mask instead of makeup as it saved me time and finished the costume off nicely. I sat on my bed as I waited for Vicky to finish her hair. Soon enough we’d be fashionably late and therefore, by Vicky’s count, presentable. I didn’t agree, of course, but Vicky argued that, as I was the birthday girl, I’d want to make a big entrance. I hoped she was right. I looked across at Hermione’s trustworthy alarm clock. Five past ten. Showtime.




Vicky glanced at me, grinning, “And. Here. We. Go.”




 We descended the staircase into the already packed common room and made a beeline for Gin and Hermione. As an ironic joke, Gin was an angel and Hermione had gone as a devil, horns and all.




I laughed when we reached them, “Wonderful, just wonderful.”




 “Speak for yourself, Catwoman.” Ginny said, gesturing to my costume, “How did you manage to find a Lycra catsuit? Seriously?”




I laughed again, “Oh, just around.”




 “Never mind that,” Hermione smiled, “You look fantastic. You both do.”




Vicky grinned, glad that someone had noticed her costume. She gotten a black tutu a pink, red and black striped corset thing, Stripy pink and black tights, and she had also painted her face green. It was astounding, “Not so bad yourself.” She replied.




 “No, really” Hermione giggled, “Only you two could pull off the rocker witch and sexy, bad – ass, biker chick look.”




 “Cat.” I said, pretending to look offended, “I’m a cat.”




Gin laughed, “Oh, whatever!”




 A few minutes later the music stopped, as Harry and Ron stood up on tables, glasses raised.




 “First off,” Ron began, “Thanks for coming.” The crowd cheered.




 “And secondly,” Harry continued, “We’d like for you to join us in singing happy birthday to our good friend, Sky, over there.”




The boys raised their plastic cups and began singing that very annoying; out of tune version of happy birthday that always makes people so very embarrassed. The party – goers joined in and soon I was doing my best to hide my face from the humiliation. The song ended, the crowd cheered and I took the opportunity to tackle both boys with a massive hug.




 Later on, with the clock ticking ever closer to midnight, I left the party, telling my friends that I needed to get some air. I ran as far along the corridor as I needed to before I felt remotely comfortable and extremely sure that I was not being followed. Then, when the door appeared before me, I stepped through and, at that precise moment, my heart nearly stopped. In front of me was a room completely bare of anything. Anything except the thousands and thousands of candles that covered every surface. Every inch of the place was bathed in a delicate, flickering golden light and, in the very centre of it all, stood Draco.




 “Happy birthday.” The words were a whisper, barely even there.




I ran forwards and half – jumped, half – threw myself into his arms. I was like a five year old at Christmas time. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung on like it was life or death. I looked like a koala bear.




 “I can’t believe you did this.” I whispered once he’d dropped me back to the ground.




 “It’s your birthday.” He replied, as if it made all the sense in the world, “Why wouldn’t I?”




I placed my hands on my cheeks and shook my head, disbelieving, “Draco,” I breathed, “This…this is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.” I pulled him towards me again, resting my head on his chest, “Draco, it’s beautiful.”




 After a wonderfully short eternity in his embrace we pulled apart, Draco still holding my left hand firmly. Then, to my surprise, he pulled out a rectangular box from inside his jacket.




 “Happy birthday, Sky.” Draco whispered, grazing my lips with his.




Smiling, I took it from him. I lifted the lid to find the last thing I’d expected. Inside was a very small, very beautiful leather – bound journal. The pages within were fashioned in such a way that it looked centuries old and the book itself was held closed by a piece of string.




 “It’s wonderful.” I smiled, raising my head to meet his grey gaze, “Thank you.”




Draco’s eyes glinted playfully in the candlelight, “I’m glad that you like it.”




Our faces were close now. Draco moved a centimetre forward, grazing my lips with a soft, chaste kiss. He pulled back ever so slightly, teasing me, waiting for a reaction. I wound my arms round his neck and crushed my lips to his. Draco responded instantaneously and the kiss deepened. For what could’ve been minutes, hours or days, neither of us knew or cared, we stayed this way. But the kiss soon slowed and we parted, breathing heavily.




 “Happy birthday.” He whispered to me for the third time this evening.




 “Thanks.” I replied and pressed my head to his shoulder. He wrapped both arms round my waist and hugged me tighter. Then he began to rock me to and fro, spinning me gently around the room. I smiled to myself. Then, our perfect moment was ruined.




 “What the hell is going on here?”




Draco and I pulled away from each other and spun to face the door. My heart dropped into my stomach. There in the doorway was a furious Ginny Weasely; backed by Hermione and Vicky who were both refusing to meet my gaze. Well, wasn't this a treat?









Hi there! There we are, finished! I know it was super long but don't judge me; i had a lot of ideas. I am so sorry this wasn't up earlier but i've been super busy with school and such so i haven't had much time.  Anyway there you go! I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment 'cause i'd love to hear your thoughts! thanks so much!




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