"RUN!" yelled Harry as Bellatrix and death eaters chase Ron, Harry and Hermione through the woods.The trio had been running for minutes which felt like hours. Running, dodging spells and casting curses left the trio to be feeling more tired after a couple of minutes.

Suddenly, Hermione came to a halt.

"WHY'D YOU STOP?!" shouted Harry and Ron in unison looking at Hermione. Her eyes were filled with sadness, worry and lost hope, slowly she lifted up her arm pointing towards the direction they were running to. 

"We can't run.. we are surrounded.. completely surrounded.." Hermione whispered barely audible for anyone to hear. Harry and Ron qickly looked up to the place were Hermione is pointing at and and searched to what the problem was. Ron and Harry's face fell to see what the problem was. To their surprise they saw at least a dozen half-formed werewolves behind their leader, Greyback.

"Wh-what? How is this possible they aren't even fully formed yet and the full moon doesn't come until next week!" Harry said in confusion. Hermione who still had a glazed/shock look on her face took no time to answer.

"It's not possible unless.." Hermione hesitated. "Well what is it? Get it out already!" Ron nearly shouted, which earned a glare from Harry. "Vo-voldemort already figured out a way to ha-half-transform werewolves to make them as fa-fast and as s-strong as if they were in there werewolf form but still half human for them to know their place of mind.." Hermione continued.

"Bloody hell..." Ron whispered. All of a sudden a flash of red light landed on the dirt next to them causing a big explosion. The explosion quickly snapped the trio out of their shock and into sudden realisation of their current position.

"COME ON GUYS! WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEM OFF UNTIL WE CAN FIND AN EXIT!" shouted Harry as the trio realise that Bellatrix, death eaters and werewolves were closing in on them. After a couple of minutes of the trio trying to hold the death eaters back Ron suddenly had a great idea.

"Oh I know how could i have been so stupid (Hermione and Harry roled their eyes) we could just apparate!" Ron said with glee.

"How could we miss that?!" Hermione and Harry said at the same time as Bellatrix, death eaters and werewolves were getting uncomfortably close. "Okay guys just hold on to me so i can fully concentrate, so i can't splinch you two!" Hermione said.

Just as Hermione, Ron and Harry were about to apparate Bellatrix, Antonin and Greyback sent spells at the trio. All the spells ended up hitting the trio seperately just before apparating. The trio suddenly land in a brightly lit hallway full of candles.

The trio landed uncomfortably from the blow the spells have given them. Harry, Ron and Hermione began to stand up only to find them selves wincing in pain.

"Hermione! Where the bloody hell did you apparate us!" yelled Ron in confusion. "I don't know i was thinking of Godric's Hollow for your information! Where in merlin's name are we?" said Hermione. "I don't know guys, but this place looks oddly familiar.." wondered Harry.

All of a sudden a loud crack sound appeared out of no where. Unfortunately in place of the sound the trio saw no other than Bellatrix, Dolohov (Antonin) and Greyback was there.

Then instincts took over the trio as they sent curses at the death eaters. Unfortunately the death eaters were faster in casting curses, causing Harry and Ron to be flung backwards only to hit a wall. Before they could stand up Dolohov and Greyback pinned the boys harshly towards the wall, while Hermione was pinned by Bellatrix to the floor.


Hermione thought to herself "that was such a childish answer"

Before Hermione can think anymore she heard Bellatrix shout "LIAR! IF YOU DON'T TELL ME I'LL FORCE YOU TO TELL ME!"

"NOTHING! NOTHING! I SWEAR!" cried Hermione

"LIES! CRUCIO!" screeched Bellatrix

All of a sudden this bright light hit Hermione straight in the middle causing her pain that no one can ever imagen. It felt like her skin was ripping of slowly with no mercy, like her bones were braking without anything snapping. This caused every nerve and cell in her body jump in pain, leaving Hermione thrashing, jerking and screaming in pain.

"LEAVE HER ALONE! HERMIONE!! HERMIONE!!" shouted Ron and Harry at the same time. Harry couldn't stand it, watching his best freind trash about in pain. Watching Hermione in pain left Ron close to tears. Both of the boys felt like Hermione was there sister in pain and the can't do anything about it.

The curse was finally lifted of Hermione, leaving her conscious but weak enough not to do anything. "GREYBACK! GIVE ME THE BLOOD-TRAITOR!" Bellatrix screeched. Greyback who was still in half-human half-wolf form shoved Ron violently towards Bellatrix causing him to stumble and fall to his feet right next to a close-to-passing-out-in-pain Hermione.

"FINALLY YOU FILTHY BLOOD TRAITORS AND MUDBLOODS KNOW YOUR PLACE! RIGHT BELLOW A PUREBLOOD!" Bellatrix said while cackling. When Bellatrix stopped laughing she aimed her wand at Ron and yelled "CRUCIO!"

Ron began to trash and scream in pain. "NO!! LEAVE THEM ALONE! NO! RON! RON!" cried Harry. After a while the curse was lifted leaving Ron in the same state as Hermione. Bellatrix then turned slowly to Harry and said "Well last but not least is the Great Harry Potter! The boy-who-lived! Let's have some fun shall we?" Bellatrix said with a smirk that could give Malfoy a run for his money. "DOLOHOV! BRING ME POTTER!"

Dolohov threw Harry towards the floor next to Hermione, causing him to trip and fall. Wasting no more time Bellatrix suddenly shouted "CRUCIO!!" towards Harry. The curse hit Harry straight in the chest causing hime to trash and scream in pain. Moments later, the curse was lifted off which left him in the same state as Hermione and Ron.

"Too bad we can't kill you Potter, it woudl've been alot of fun.." Bellatrix pouted and ended it with an ear-splitting laugh. She then turned towards Hermione and said "It's a shame we can't say the same to you, you filthy little mudblood. Although it will be fun, I can't take all the pleasure.. Isn't that right Greyback?"

Greyback responded with a deep growl. He then walked towards Hermione with his teeth bearing, crouched above Hermione before biting deeply into her shoulder. Hermione screemed in pain as Greyback sunk his teeth deeper into her shoulder.

Before Greyback can take a chunk out of her a spell hit him straight in between the shoulder blades causing him to howl in pain. Quickly turning to see who did that an unfamiliar voice shouted "LEAVE THEM ALONE!!"

"How odd" Harry thought "I think i heard the  voice before"


"COME! WE MUST INFORM THE DARK LORD!" Bellatrix screeched before running towards these big wooden doors before apparating.

By now Harry and Ron saw four unfamiliar figures before passing out in pain. Hermione who was already bleeding at a curiosly fast rate was already passed out. The last the trio remebered was being lifted in air.

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