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Authors Note: Sorry It took soooo long to get this out been working on several other stories, but I decided to take my stories two at a time. This and Dangerous Obsession are the ones I'll be updating the most. Since this one has the most people reading, and the other one is for a friend. Also college is a pain. Anyway on with the story, Enjoy. I know it’s a short Filler. Forgive me. Soundtrack to this chapter/inspiration. 306 by Emilie autumn, Dance with the devil. (Don't know who sings that one) Paint it black- remake, Hollow like my soul by EA and Give your soul to me by disturbed.. oh and Gypsy woman is a recurring one for this story. You'll understand why in a couple of chapters. oh and things you see in the graveyard. (From Repo)



  Ron groaned, looking over the old maps for the thirtieth time. "Harry, let’s face it, even with the map we got from the library we will never find Vlad Tepes's castle some of these are so old that there would be nothing there now.

  Harry wasn't convinced. He peered over Ron’s shoulder. "It would be somewhere hidden, somewhere the locals wouldn't dare trod. We are looking for a place that is isolated, probably in the middle of the forest somewhere. There!" He suddenly shouted causing Ron to jump and nearly drop the map.

"Bloody Hell mate, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Ron questioned putting a hand over his rapidly beating heart.

 "Sorry," Said Harry. His stomach churning it had been over a week now. and he was more than Worried about Hermione, He could think of a 1001 ways that she could have been hurt by this time. Why he and Ron were plotting out the easiest way to it. It was through a Marsh an old battle field and a thick forest. It would take at least a week if not two to get there. That’s when they heard a group of Romanian monks talking in low whispers.

  "Yes, The Vampire hunter's leader is heading there himself, he says the vampires plans to raise Vlad , Sacrificing the newborns. Also I heard that There was a wizard there, turned that still has his powers. Also A witch, the gypsy Aurora said they will be our only chance to stop it from happening, if they don't figure it out they still may be our only chance to put him back into his prison.

  They both froze and harry looked over his shoulder, Making sure they couldn't see him started to follow curious, planning on asking them for help maybe they could point him and Ron in the right direction. Maybe give a little help. He just hoped he wasn't to late.



  The next morning, or evening Hermione didn't know and couldn't tell. She was gently awoken. She tried to ignore the gently shaking and bury her head under the pillows, she was dead tired. Pun not intended. Draco Sighed he was having absolutely none of this. He took her pillow tossing it to the side as well as her blankets. She curled up suddenly cold and unfortunately wide awake. She peered at him through blurry eyes, His features slowly started to come into focus, First his platinum blond hair and silver blue eyes, and for some reason his lips before she could even register the rest of him

  Come on Granger, Up you get. They are about to explain the first task everyone else is already there. Suddenly Hermione was wide awake jumping out of bed she gathered some cloths and ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind her and quickly getting dressed. Malfoy was laughing. It wasn't until she stepped out that she noticed he was still in his pjs.

"Haha, that got you up! The meeting isn't even for another hour, but you seriously need to eat, your blood sugars low..." As he spoke Hermione was trying to analyze the sudden look that went over his face but it was covered by his hair and gone in a heartbeat.

  "You could Have been a bit nicer at waking me up." She mumbled looking at her feet since as he spoke he was pulling his white shirt on and buttoning up the buttons.

  Hermione felt a distinctive blush creep up her cheeks before growling and grabbing her book. What’s the matter with her? She had seen Harry and Ron without shirts before, why was she suddenly so self conscious of it now? Normally she was a morning person, but at that moment she wanted to use her book to murder Draco Malfoy. But didn't get the chance, He was already leading her down Hall into the room before. But instead of going through the red door at the bottom he lead her to the one off to the side to a small kitchen.

 "I did, you ignored me and put a pillow over your head." He chuckled grabbing a bottle of blood for himself Why she made a quick sandwich and took a bite of it . She instantly started to feel better and her mood improved.

 'Better? “He chuckled using his thumb to wipe some of the blood that had trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"...Yes." She grudgingly agreed.

 "Come on," He chuckled obviously enjoying riling her up." The meeting starts in Five minutes." He threw the glass into the sink before heading out of the door. Hermione Quickly finishing her sandwich went after him, Going through the Red door from the golden one to the left of it they were in.

 When they got in only a handful of people were there. Damien and Axel were sitting in tall chairs. Axel had his legs crossed and was wearing a black suit and white tie. His long black hair tied in an old black tie the old fashioned kind Hermione had only seen in books. Damien however seemed relaxed, Wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. His sandy brown hair looked like it had been windblown and his red eyes were bright and he seemed to have a permanent smile on his face. Though there was one vampire she didn't recognize. He was leaning up against the wall.

 This vampire was older looking; in his fifty's with silver and black hair. He wore a stern expression and kept his arms folded. He wore what seemed to be medieval robes. He didn't look Happy. Hermione was trying to guess who he was when, one of the new borns asked who he was. She hadn't realized the others had Filed in already.

 "I'm Damascus, and I'll be telling you of what your task is. Now listen up. I will say this once and once only. I'll be sending you into the mountains. You have Three days to find your way back here by noon of the third day or the ones that don't make it. I'll personally kill. “Draco Tensed beside her. "I'll be telling each of you the directions. “This task is to test how well you adapt and work under pressure and harsh conditions. It will also test your memory. You need these skills to survive in this world.”

 "We begin tomorrow." With that Damascus walked off without another word to them.

 "Well, Isn't he just peachy' Said a vampire who didn't seem to be a new born. He was far to comfortable. The newborns, she noticed were twitchy. The one who spoke had strange cloudy silver eyes and white teeth. That didn't appear to have any fangs.

 "I'm Vector by the way, Edward Vector. He introduced himself. Bowing to her and kissing the back of her hand.

 This resulted in a growl from Draco, He pulled her back and behind him. She felt her cheeks flush from Edwards’s old fashioned greeting. She was even more puzzled by Draco's sudden behavior.

 "Got a Problem there Malfoy?" Vector asked with a sneer similar to that of the one Draco normally reserved for her Ron and Harry.

  "Yeah, I do actually. She's here with me. Try anything again and I won’t hesitate to set you on fire, or worse. Come on." Before she could respond he had dragged her out of the room. All the vampires looking up quiet interested on what was going on. Hermione, quite used to Malfoy's temper knew what he could be capable of. However this didn't stop her from rounding on him once they were away from the room.

  "What was that I can handle myself. He wasn't don't anything threatening, I have a wand If something had happened I know how to use it. So don't treat me like a child!" She hissed at him close to a yell.

 "For your information Granger, You were one witch in a room full of blood thirsty vampires. Most of them you can tell have no qualms with killing a human. And I could tell he was up to something. He was being way too sweet. I'm just watching over you. I know I rather hang myself. But it’s that or fail and never find out what their plans for everything are. So I'm stuck with it Besides; Potter and Weasley would be pissed if I didn't bring you home in one piece. Trust me granger. I intend to do just that." he whispered this last part so Low Hermione didn't catch it. But she got the gist. "So if you know what’s good for you. You'll keep your bookwormish nose out of trouble!"

  Before Hermione even had a moment to register what he said. He was gone. It left her feeling Confused, uncertain, and In need of a relaxing good book. She headed back to the room she shared with Draco. Unaware she was being followed by someone with ill intentions. And it was far more dangerous than an Angry Malfoy or Vector.

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