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Dedicated to all the people who have experienced this, magical or not.

My head hurt a little when I woke, but nothing too extreme. The side of my face was still plastered to Roger’s stomach and he was breathing easily. Alicia was between his arm and his body. It looked like she got cold in the middle of the night. Katie was snoring loudly (so attractive) and Angelina was sleeping with her feet resting on Peter’s lap, who was propped up on the poofy chair beside their bed.

I eased my way off of Roger and padded to the bathroom, staring myself in the mirror. Ignoring the fact that I looked like hell, I hopped in the shower.

What the hell happened?

I started to piece it together as the hot water washed over my skin. The girls dragged me to the pub. Where we met Peter. Handsome Peter. He bought us drinks, as did several other nameless boys. One of which was blond. Peter recognized me. And knew my name. Or something like that.

It hurt to think.

He helped us back. We took the elevator. Came in. He used the mini Floo system the hotel had set up. Then Roger’s face was there. Yes, I remember that. Alicia flipped out over makeup. Katie looked dead. Roger showed up—he asked me about Oliver. About Peter. He told me everything would be fine.

Would it?

Oh no. My fingers went to my hair, massaging in the shampoo. Oh no no no. Please tell me the part about writing Oliver a letter was a dream. Did I actually write that? There was no way. I certainly wouldn’t be able to write correctly while that intoxicated. It would be scribbles and nonsense.

Still, though, the image was so fresh.

I rinsed off and towel-dried myself, staring back into the mirror.

I did write that letter. Oliver was going to read that letter. And I was going to be single for sure. I’d definitely told him Roger was here. And something about Peter. At least he knew the girls were around too. But things were rocky enough as is.


Fuck. I scooped my hair up in a towel and put on my fuzzy white robe. This was going to require some serious damage control. Later. After I found a camera to capture Katie with her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

“You’re up early.” Peter smiled at me from the chair. He placed Ang’s legs back on the bed and started the coffee pot. He was an expert by now.

“I don’t sleep well in hotels,” I explained, walking over to my suitcase and rummaging through it. “You stayed.”

“Wanted to make sure if one of you made a bee-line for the toilet you had someone to hold your hair.” He smiled pleasantly.

“And you do know all of us have boyfriends,” I noted, not looking up at him.

“I do know.”

“And you’re okay with holding hair back?”

“I’m okay with holding hair back.” Peter chuckled lightly and glanced down at me. “If you’re willing to let me. I’m rather good at it, you know.”

“I hope I never have to know.” I laughed a little. I released my hair from the towel, running the brush through it. “I’m sorry if last night was a bit of a downer.”

“Are you kidding?” Peter laughed, arranging the mugs so everyone could have a cup of coffee when they woke. “I spent hours drinking with three beautiful girls at a pub and then got to talk Quidditch with them. I couldn’t imagine a better night.”

“You’re not being sarcastic.” I arched a brow.

“Not all men are pigs, Jane.”


Peter nudged me a little. “You think Oliver Wood will be jealous you spent the whole night with me and Rog?”

“Probably,” I replied. “Maybe.”

“Then my life goals are met.” Peter chuckled again. The pot of coffee finished and he poured me a mug, handing it over. “Rookie of the Year is jealous of me. I can die happy.”

I actually smiled, taking a sip. “It’s sad your life peaked so soon.” I tossed the brush back in my bag. “Are you guys staying today too? Or back to the real world of production assisting?”

“We’ll be here,” Peter replied. “We have a bunch of treatments scheduled and to be honest I don’t have a bloody idea what any of them are. But one is supposed to make my skin as soft as kittens or some shit. I can’t imagine my face feeling like kittens, but apparently it’s ideal.”

“I would totally grope your face if it felt like a kitten,” I teased, sitting on the end of the bed near Roger’s feet and taking another drink. I nudged his toes. “Wake up, sleepy.”

Roger rolled over and draped an arm across Alicia’s stomach. She snuggled into him.

“I’ll have to carry him back at some point.” Peter leaned against the credenza, sipping on his own drink. “Our first session starts in an hour.”

“What is it?”

“Facials.” He grimaced. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

“She might not,” Alicia mumbled against Roger’s chest, “But I will.”



The boys left just before their facials (Peter practically carrying Roger out) and promised to meet up with us later that night. We had room service bring up breakfast and after a cup of coffee our headaches seemed to diminish (thank you, Peter) and we felt refreshed.

“That bar stool did nothing for my back,” Angelina mumbled, rubbing her lower back as she got into her robe after a shower. “I’m glad we have massages first. I’m really going to need one.” She stretched and tied her hair up.

“Me too.” Alicia tossed her slippers into the air and caught them on her feet. “I’m glad I took a shower too. Bloody smelled like Roger. Not that he doesn’t smell lovely and all…but I’d love Lee to get a sniff of that.”

I chuckled and pulled open the door for the girls. “He’s quite the snuggler.”

“Do you think they sell copies?” Alicia asked. “I’d buy him just to snuggle with at night. I’m so damn serious.”

“I’ll let Roger know.” I led the way down the brightly lit hall and into the elevator. “Are you lot dragging me to that pub again tonight?”

“Dragging my arse,” Katie said loudly, pressing the button for the ground level. “We may have dragged you there but I recall around two when I asked when we should leave you gaped at me like leaving was some sort of treason.”

“No idea what you’re talking about.”

The massage room was large and seafoam green with white tables. There were fountains set up and large windows overlooking the gardens. It felt tranquil just being in there.

“Oh, this is going to make my life,” Alicia said. “I’m sending Lee here to train. Screw the twins’ shop. He’s massaging me for a living. I’ll pay him in…snogs.”

“Don’t think that’s entirely legal…” Angelina raised a brow.

“And I care about that?” Alicia was the first to shake the hand of the blond woman giving her massage. “Nice to meet you. I’m a horribly tense girl with a bad attitude. I’ll need the works.” She stripped off her robe and plopped down on the table under a little cover.

I laughed, following suit. My masseuse was a tall Asian woman with glasses. I moved onto the table, Alicia to my right, Ang to my left and Katie on the other side of her. Immediately, I wondered why we hadn’t scheduled massages every hour of every day. This woman’s hands were like magic. She could have been using a charm for all I knew. For all I bloody cared.

I felt the stress lift from my lower back—my spine—my shoulders. I sank down onto the table, eyes closing. There was piano music somewhere in the background.

“I think I’ll ask George what he thinks of the napkins I have at home next time we visit,” Katie said out of the blue. There was a smirk in her voice.

“You going to write a book about how much you love that git?” Alicia called. “Because I’m not going to read it.”

“I just think it would be silly,” Katie replied. “We both know how stupid we were being.” I could almost feel her blush from where I was. “I just like…being with him.”

“I’m happy for you.” I kept my eyes closed.

I heard a rustle—an apology—and a door slam.

I glanced up.

“Where’d Ang go?” Alicia asked. “No—don’t stop—did you see anything?”

I shook my head, glancing over at the ginger that had been giving Angelina a massage. “Did she say—?”

The woman shook her head. “She looked a little sick.”

“We did have a late night,” Katie offered, wrinkling her nose.

“Ang was better off than all the rest of us,” Alicia replied. “She was sober by the time she went to bed. Hell, by the time I went to bed. And she was fine this morning too. I don’t think it’s a hangover. You know, maybe it is. Maybe tequila does fucked-up things to her stomach.”

We waited for our massages to finish before redressing and making our way upstairs. Angelina was hovered over the toilet. Her eyes were puffy and red, body hunched over, and she looked downright miserable.

“Ang?” I crossed the titled bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub, rubbing her back. “Love, what happened? Are you all right?”

“I just felt so sick,” Ang sputtered, releasing more vomit. Alicia smoothed back her hair. “It’s horrible. It was like I smelled the massage oil and had to puke.”

“And puke you did,” Katie said, grimacing.

“I’m sorry.” Ang wiped her mouth with a clean tissue.

“Was it something you ate?” Alicia asked. “Well, we ate the same things. Maybe your eggs were less cooked?” She started laughing. “Fred probably just knocked you up.” She snorted.

I laughed too. “Fat chance,” I said. “I don’t know about the eggs though. They looked fine to me…you had sausage too though.”

Angelina’s eyes had gone the size of tea saucers.

“What—I’m not being serious, Ang.” Alicia threw her hands up defensively.

“What if I am?!” Angelina cried, gaping at the three of us. “Oh my god. What if I’m pregnant?

“You’re not pregnant,” Katie said, rolling her eyes. She paused. “Wait, you’re not, are you?”


“Okay, do you use protection?” I asked, trying to calm the situation down. Angelina was still on the floor next to the toilet.

“Fred takes care of that,” she replied. I could tell she could barely breathe.

“And what do you mean by Fred takes care of that?”

“I mean it’s up to—I don’t know—isn’t there a charm or something?”

I blinked. “You don’t KNOW?”


I groaned loudly. “Okay, so perhaps no protection. When did you and Fred shag last?”

Alicia nudged me. “Question is, when haven’t they shagged?”

“Not the time,” Katie whispered.

“I don’t know,” Ang replied. “Right before I came here. At the Burrow. Before the Burrow. Before that.”

“Fucking BUNNIES.” Alicia gaped at her. “I’m telling Lee.”

“You and Lee still no go?” Katie asked curiously.

“No, but I think—”

“I’M PREGNANT CAN WE FOCUS ON ME PLEASE.” Angelina was starting to shake.

“Okay, okay.” I stared around the bathroom. “We need a test.” I opened a drawer.

“Yes, because they’re going to have a box of them just hanging out in there.” Alicia rolled her eyes. “We’re going to have to go to the store.”

“Where’s the bloody store?” Angelina snapped. “I can’t go out like this. They’ll know I’m pregnant! They’ll all know! Oh my god. I’m going to have to drop out of Hogwarts. My mum is going to kill me. Fred’s mum is going to kill me.”

“No way,” Katie said seriously, “Mrs. Weasley wants grandbabies.”

“GRANDBABIES!” Angelina was sobbing hysterically now. I helped her to her feet. “Oh my god. I don’t know anything about kids. They just slobber a lot. And cry—oh, what if I can’t get it to stop crying? What if Fred wants to name it Fred Junior? I can’t name it Fred. Or worse, what if he wants to name it like Phineas or something?”

I steered Ang out into the room and into a pair of jeans. I slipped a sweater over her head since she was shaking and forced her to sit while the rest of us got dressed. I kept an eye on her as I threw on some shorts and a tank. Alicia cast me a concerned glance.

“C’mon.” I grabbed Angelina’s arm. We’d have to skip interpretive face-painting and our pedicures today. The hallway was quiet. Which might have been worse than if it was busy.

“And I don’t even know where we’d live,” Angelina continued in the elevator. “We’d probably have to live at the Burrow. Oh my god. We’d have to live at the Burrow. With his family. Not that I don’t love his family but—all the time? I don’t know…”

I ignored her for a moment, my own heart pounding. I wouldn’t freak out until it was verified. And even then I’d try to keep her calm and talk through things.

“And he wouldn’t be able to afford the joke shop as much as before,” Ang continued breathlessly. “They’d have to cut back for sure. A baby is really expensive.” She was crying now. Angelina rarely cried. She was tough and logical. Just not when it came to babies. “You guys…you could throw me a baby shower…when we find out the sex of the baby…” She sniffled.

“Ang, bloody cut it out!” Alicia said after a while, loudly, and a few people in the lobby stared as we passed through. “We’re getting you a test. Stop freaking out.”

“You don’t even—how would you feel?” Angelina asked, her face swollen with tears.

“Still.” Alicia grabbed onto her hand and steered her through the revolving doors. “Don’t freak out yet, okay? Just…think about it. But don’t freak out until we know.”

Angelina stayed silent for a moment. I tried to keep my eyes away from her, knowing she was probably humiliated. I couldn’t help but think—what would actually happen? What would happen if Angelina was actually pregnant, she had to tell Fred, and she had to live with that. She couldn’t play Quidditch—she’d lose her Captain bid! That regret would eat away at her for the rest of her life. And Fred. His plans to open the shop would be shoved to one side. To raise a child.

They were in love, but anyone could tell Fred and Angelina weren’t ready for a step like that.

“I guess you should talk to Fred about that charm,” Katie said quietly, crossing her arms as we walked down the stairs and out over the grounds. The sun was directly above us but the wind was cool. “Did you guys never learn it either?”

I shook my head. Alicia didn’t need to.

Angelina gaped at us. “Why the hell should I have learned the charm?!” she said hysterically. “Why didn’t they teach us this in Hogwarts instead of stupid bloody History of Magic?”

“Did they preach abstinence?” Alicia guessed. “That can’t be right. I think most of the Slytherin house was sexually active by their third year.” She chuckled.

“Now I’m going to pay for it.” Angelina stared at the ground.

“Okay, let’s think about this rationally,” I said, kicking gravel up with my shoes as we left the property and made our way onto the country road. There were huge trees flanking it. I had to take Ang’s usual rational stance, even if I wasn’t feeling particularly rational. “If you aren’t pregnant, what are you going to do?”

Angelina took several minutes to respond. “Well, I’ll probably dance a little. And owl Fred. And use capital letters to tell him how much of a git he is for not discussing this protection bit with me. And then find out how to do the spell…”

“All good ideas,” I said with a steady nod. There were lights up ahead. “So you’ll go about life as normal. That’s a good game plan because a few things change, but not much.” I moved my hair back away from my face, stomach crawling with nerves.

Oliver had never mentioned the charm. Was he a master at it? He had other girls before. He was popular. He was the star of Quidditch. I was fairly certain he knew what he was doing. But I could have punched myself for being so careless those times in his bed. And couch. And floor.

“And if you are?” Katie glanced over and I braced myself for this answer. “No freaking out. We need a plan.”

Angelia wiped the tears away with the back of her sweater sleeves. “Well, I’ll have to get some sort of vitamins or something…I guess. And get a book on it. Because I don’t know anything about it. Then go tell Fred because that’s something you can’t write down…” She paused for a moment as we walked, shaded by the trees. “Then tell both of our parents and sort of come up with a game plan. Where we’d live. What would happen with Hogwarts.” She fell silent again and I could hear the drops of our shoes against the road. “I’d have to send McGonagall my Captain resignation.”

For some reason, that hurt my heart more than the rest of it.

“It’ll work out, you know,” Alicia said quietly, squeezing Ang’s hand. “Whatever happens, you have us. And you and Fred love each other. A lot. I think you love each other more than Lee and I do so we’re going to have to step up our game.”

Ang finally cracked a bit of a smile. “Thanks,” she said weakly. I’d never seen her that shaky before—this concerned about something. But this was big. Something that would possibly change her entire future. From Quidditch star to mother.

“Fred Junior isn’t such a terrible name,” Katie whispered and the rest of us giggled.

The store was brightly lit, something I was uncomfortable with. It seemed like every box was staring at us. We made our way, arms linked, to the back of the store where the pregnancy tests, muggle protection, and other unmentionables were kept. Then we stared.

“Is there something I can help you with?” The cashier came around the corner with a huge, obnoxious smile.

“No!” I chimed. “Thank you!” I tried to hide what we were standing by. I failed miserably.

“Okay.” She shot me a quizzical glare. “Uh, just let me know if you need something.” Then she disappeared back toward the registers.

Ang was in tears again, staring down the boxes. “Which bloody one?” she said in a whimper. “How am I supposed to know? They all say ninety-nine percent. Just bloody fucking pick one.”

I leaned down and examined them. “This one’s a brand name,” she said quietly. “Let’s pick this one. Do you want me to get more than one…just in case?”

Angelina shook her head. “Just get one,” she whispered. “So I can start picking out names.” She choked back a sob. “I’m so not ready for this. I’m really not ready…I don’t know anything about kids. Anything about being pregnant. I probably fucked the kid all up last night by drinking. Oh my god, it’s going to come out with two heads and then Fred will dump me.”

Alicia patted her on the back as I led the way to the register. “He won’t,” she said, “Fred likes odd things. He’ll make the baby part of the shop and make loads of money and then take you to Hawaii or somewhere grand like that.”

Angelina didn’t return the smile.

I paid with my muggle money and glanced back at the girls, holding the plastic bag. What an image. “So…here? Or wait and go back to the hotel?”

Angelina glanced around, her heart still racing. I could tell by the way she was breathing. Everything was so bright. “Let’s go back. I just…let’s go back, okay?”

I nodded. Alicia and Katie both took Ang’s hands as we led her out of the store (“Have a great day!” said the cashier. Bloody bitch). The road back was much longer because all of our thoughts were directed at Angelina. And if she was pregnant.

“I like babies, you know,” Katie said when we were about halfway back. “They’re cute and soft and pink and wear tiny clothes.”

Alicia nodded. “And they do hilarious shit. Like when you teach them to talk you can have them say bugger and rubbish and they won’t know any of it.”

“Until they repeat it,” I said with a smirk. “And then you’ve got a little tot running around screaming ‘bugger’ through the market.”

“That would be Alicia’s kid,” Katie said with a smile. “Lee trying to chase it down with a jumper because it’s naked.”

“Who bloody says I’ll be with Lee?” Alicia said, snorting with laughter. “Maybe I’ll be with Liam fucking Denters, that hot man. I want to spend more time with him, Jane. When do you think he’s free?”

“As long as it’s not my father I’ll set you up.” I rolled my eyes and chanced a glance over at Angelina.

“Babies aren’t too terrible,” she said quietly. “My cousin just had twin girls and they’re cute. She puts bows in their hair. Little pink ones—but different shades so you can tell them apart, you know?”

“That’s cute,” I said with a nod.

“And they say funny things,” Ang continued. “And my cousin takes lots of pictures and puts them in frames. And her husband—“ She paused. “Her husband takes them out in their pram and pushes them all over the park and in the little baby swings.”

“Now that’s a good man,” Alicia said with a confident nod. “I’ve changed my mind. I want Roger. He seems like the pram-pushing sort of bloke.”


Angelina opened the door to the bathroom. Her face was flushed red. The test was behind her sitting on the counter of the sink. “Three minutes,” she said calmly. Her hands were shaking.

“You were in there for a few,” Alicia said, arching a brow. “You washed your hands, right?”

“Do you even know what it’s like to piss on a stick?” Ang asked, folding her arms in annoyance.

Alicia grimaced and leapt on the bed, checking the bouncability again.

“So three minutes.” I poured myself a mug of warm coffee. “What are we going to do for three minutes?”

“Read the letter that came for you.” Katie waved an envelope around. “Scratchy handwriting. Wrinkled envelope. Oh, this is from Mr. Oliver Wood.”

“Give it!” My face was already flushed red. “Fuck! I should have had someone intercept that owl.” I held the parchment between my fingers nervously. “This is going to be horrible.”

“Why?” Alicia asked, still bouncing.

“Because Jane wrote him last night.” Angelina leaned against the wall. “I saw while talking to Peter.”

“Jane!” Katie cried, gasping. “You didn’t.”

I opened the letter. Hands shaky. Palms sweaty.


I don’t even want to know how drunk you were when writing that. Some words I couldn’t even make out. If you want to go away, we’ll go away to talk. We just need to. I’ll pick you up Monday. Owl me the time you will be home and ready and I’ll be there.

Give the girls my best.

Not Doger. Bloody pinhead.


“Well, at least he signed it with his first name,” I said quietly, frowning. “Not taking the Roger thing too well. I didn’t expect him to.”

Katie sat down beside me. “So you’re going to talk things out?”

“I told him I wanted to go away. Just him and me.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” She patted me on the back. “It’ll work out, you know. Even Roger said so. You and Oliver are far too perfect. You just need to reach an agreement.”

“That sounds like we’re business partners,” I grumbled, leaning my head against her shoulder.

Alicia plopped down on my other side. “Jane, you love each other. It’s a little disgusting, really. He’s worth it. He knows you’re worth it. It’s all a sick, disgusting fight over bloody nothing.”

“You really know how to make a girl feel better.” I pinched her thigh and she yelped.

“Ang, tell Jane she’s—Ang?” Alicia shot up from her seat. Angelina wasn’t in the room anymore.

“Ang!” All three of us raced across the hotel room (Katie hitting her shin on the other bed) and threw open the bathroom door. Alicia was poking her head in.

Ang was standing next to the mirror. Her hair was around her face, framing it. She stared back at us, her dark eyes glassy from crying. Her lips were parted, but only just. “It’s negative,” she whispered, blinking once. Then she smiled weakly. “The test says negative.”



Manicures were much more enjoyable once we knew Ang didn’t have a bun in the oven. We sat at a long chestnut table getting our hands massaged and staying far away from the topic of infants. For now. Instead, the focus was on Oliver and me. Shocking.

“Just tell him the truth,” said Katie tenderly.

“Tried that at the Burrow.” I nodded to the woman when she asked if I wanted a French manicure.

“You were also piss drunk.”

I let out a sigh. “We fight too much. Do you guys fight that much?”

“Of course not,” Alicia replied and I glanced over. “But none of us have your temper and Oliver’s stubbornness. Lee and I play fight. I’ve got bruises from the git and he’s made me bleed. That’s our quirk. You and Oliver scream at each other and make up.”

“You mean makeout,” Angelina pointed out. She was in a much better mood now, though her eyes were still red.

“So what am I supposed to say then?” I asked in frustration, my mind swimming back to our argument on the beach. The fire in his eyes. “He seems pretty set in seeing me when he can and going off to flirt with Bridget and smile for photos. I bet he’s got a whole new wardrobe just for interviews about lady love.”

“Yeah, I’m sure those are his exact words.” Alicia rolled her eyes obviously. “Jane, just bloody tell him you love him, work out a schedule, express your concerns about him being a famous piece of rump, and then have him pose for a photo shirtless so I can frame it. It’s not that difficult. Especially the last part.”

“He seemed so angry.”

“Once again.” Katie groaned. “He was drunk and you were bringing things up he didn’t want to talk about—oh, don’t look at me like that, I’m well aware it needed to be aired.”

“Well then back at the flat he stared at me like he was looking right through me.”

“Because he thinks you’re through with him!” Katie cried. “Jane. Seriously. Just talk. Why don’t you bring some wine? You two like wine. Since you spent all of last term stealing mine.”

I colored. “Well, you shouldn’t like wine.”

“Or let you and Oliver off on your own.”



We skipped the pub that night and instead set up a spread of snacks on a stone table in the gardens. It was getting dark, but fairy lights were strung from trees, bathing us and the surrounding flowers and shrubs in a soft yellow glow. Ang draped a table cloth over the stone and started setting up the healthy cakes, veggies, and fruit.

Roger and Peter joined the group again, this time with Colin, a pretty boy with a charming smile (what was it with these boys?) and captivating blue eyes. They brought champagne.

It was peaceful, passing around peanut butter and laughing over Peter’s stories of how they initiated Roger into their group (It had to do with an octopus, tea leaves, and a razor). Colin threw in a few comments about the earphones they had to wear at work and how Peter wore them backwards his entire first week on the job. He poured more champagne.

We talked for hours. Katie giggled over Colin’s pretty eyes. Alicia announced her transfer to the Magpies. Angelina finally got rid of the purple under her eyes.

I enjoyed finally clearing my head. Roger patted me on the leg. “Cucumber?” he asked, stuffing it in my mouth. “Smile a little, Jane. It’s not every day you’re at a spa in the summer and don’t have to worry about the spacing of your Potions essay to get it to two feet.”

I smirked. “Yeah, yeah.” I chewed up the cucumber and swallowed hard. “When do you see Madeline next?”

“Next weekend,” he replied softly. “She’s got a game Friday and I have practice Saturday morning.” He threw another and caught it between his teeth. His hair was just as shiny as it had been in the Entrance Hall the first night we’d spoken. The difference was, though I knew how cute Roger as, he reminded me of a wonky older brother. Protective. Kind. Good with words of advice. Someone I could always talk to.

And my stomach still tensed thinking about Oliver.

Not to mention the gladiator outfit. I couldn’t even dwell on that. The jolts in my stomach were almost painful.

“I like her a lot but we’re taking things slow,” Roger went on. “With us on different schedules it’s complicated.”

“Do you think Oliver and I should take things slow?”

Roger shot me an irritated look. “Jane, as much as I can’t stand the guy…you’ve been dancing around this for too long. Maddie and I just started dating. Hell, we just met a couple months ago. You and Wood have known each other for six years.”

I took a sip of my drink as Alicia and Ang demonstrated my snitch catch from the Final. Ang played me and Alicia was Oliver (she even puckered her lips while catching Ang).

“So bloody stop whining.” Roger ruffled my hair. “And let’s talk about what it going on in your non-love life.”

While munching on assorted berries, I told him all about my father, Lou, Amanda, Valerie Gig, and that crazy game at the Burrow that got Katie and George snogging again. He listened so well, laughing in all the right places, and tried with Colin to get Katie to talk about kissing against that tree. It was funny how I told him more about my life in that conversation than in months of dating.

Better late than never.



Per Alicia’s request, Roger tucked all four of us in that night. He gave each of us a slobbery kiss on the forehead (along with a glare that told me to stop whining about Oliver) and went to the door. Colin left Katie his tie (she had taken to wearing it once Peter stole his back) and followed Roger out.

Peter, however, busied himself stacking mugs. He put them in an orderly pyramid as Ang and Katie shuffled around to get comfortable. After a while he turned, making sure Alicia was already snoring. Leaning down, he brushed the hair off my forehead. Chills went down my spine.

“Oliver Wood is a lucky man,” he said quietly, frowning. “He’d better never let you go.”

I didn’t reply. I didn’t have the words for it. Instead, I stared up at him until he followed Roger out. The door clicked shut and darkness fell over us again.




After getting our rescheduled pedicures and taking a relaxing swim, the girls and I showed up for a good bronze by the pond. We didn’t talk about boyfriends, Quidditch, parents, or Hogwarts. But the thing I thought would be long buried by conversations of bathing suit shade and high heel colors did surface just after we flipped and Katie lost her magazine to the water.

“Do you think Fred wants kids?” Angelina glanced over. Her sunglasses were hiding the emotion in her eyes.

“Well, he might be sick of them with all his brothers.” Katie chuckled, leaning over and trying to fish out the magazine with her lotion bottle. No luck. “I don’t see why not, though. He seems like he’d make a lovely father.”

“Any reason you ask?” I swatted a bug off my arm.

“Just a thought,” Ang replied. “I was just thinking about it. What his reaction would have been if…”

“I bet shocked.” Katie then lost her lotion bottle in the pond. “But it’s with you, isn’t it? I bet he’d be happy. Plans would have been changed, but you wouldn’t be some sort of freak. You would have had a baby. A piece of both of you.”

Angelina was silent for a long time. “Would have been cute.”

“Will be cute,” I corrected. “One day when you’re all settled with a house and a cat—okay, okay, dog—you’ll have babies. Maybe you’ll have twins.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Let’s not go that far.”

“Name one of them Georgette.” Katie giggled.

“You going to tell Fred?” Alicia asked, tilting her head and setting her chin on the chair.

“Would you tell Lee?”

We were all quiet for a moment after that, our minds swimming with strollers, pink cheeks, and little onesies.

“I’d tell Oliver,” I whispered, staring out over the rippling water. “It’s a scary thing to go through and I’d want him to be able to be there for me when I needed him.” Because I missed him so much.


I’ll be home soon and ready by five. I need to make sure Dad is okay and set for the evening. This may require groceries.

Sorry about the letter. I had a few too many drinks. As I’m sure you could tell. And maybe smell.

See you soon,


See you soon?


A/N: I know, I know, I know. You're probably peeved at me for the serious lack of shirtless Oliver Wood in this chapter. I'm mad at me too. But never fear! Soon! Have to stir up a little more drama. Can't resist.

I hope things are going great for all of you! I just got a new job (no more working at the hotel) and it's one in my field. And my wedding planning is going amazing!! Thank you SO much for all the wonderful people who asked. And BIG THANKS for the Dobby nods. I love you all and have something special planned :) 

Any thoughts on what's going to happen with Oliver and Jane? 

Up Next: Oliver and Jane.

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