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After her outburst with Draco, Hermione managed to keep her mask firmly in place. Christmas came and went and before long summer had arrived.  Hermione was sitting on the floor reading in the hot weather. After giving it much thought she stood up and put her bikini on and headed for the great lake. Being Head Girl had its advantages because she wouldn’t get in trouble for being out after curfew. Arriving at the lake she dropped her towel and dived in. The cool water nipped at her skin and she was grateful for the refreshing change from the usual hot sun. When she surfaced she saw a shadowy figure coming her way. She couldn’t tell if I was a student as the figure looked quite tall and strong, Hermione made her way to the shore so she could give the correct punishment if it was a student. After stepping out of the water she was embraced in the humid night air and immediately wanted to be back in the water. Grabbing her towel and wand she walked over to the figure




“Well well Granger I wouldn’t expect you to be the one to swim in the lake at night.”


“It’s hot and I needed to cool off”


“Looks like great minds think alike.”


“Is someone else with you because I don’t see any great minds right now?” Hermione smirked from the look on Draco’s face and she turned and walked back into the lake. As Hermione jumped into the lake she heard Draco following her. When she turned around he was right behind her.


“Oh my Merlin! Don’t do that.”


“Do what?”


“Stand right behind me. It freaked me out.” Draco just grinned. Hermione then lay on her back, Draco followed suit. Thoughts ran through Hermione’s mind. The onetime she could let her mask down and someone was with her. Why? I just want to be left alone. She closed her eyes and forgot that Draco was with her. Pain washed over her face and it didn’t go un-noticed by Draco. He thought that she was in physical pain so he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her out of the water. The look on her face shocked Draco; he had never seen so much hurt in someone’s eyes. In a flash she regained her composure and put her mask back on.




“Umm you arr you just looked hurt.” Draco strutted.  Hermione looked down, ashamed that he had seen her at her most weak.


“Oh. Umm thanks but I wasn’t, I was just thinking...” The two stood in the water and then Draco realised that he still had his arm wrapped around her waist, he quickly let go and both felt the sudden coolness between them. Hermione was the one to break the silence “we should get back.”


“Right, yeah.” They walked out of the water and Hermione put her towel around her waist and Draco performed a drying charm on his clothes.




The two walked in silence, Hermione leading and Draco following, admiring the curves of her body. He never realised that she actually had curves under her robes and wished that she showed them more often. Shaking his head he stumbled on the steps and Hermione turned around to help him.


“You alright?”


 “Yeah just tripped, another shock Granger, when did you get the belly ring?” Hermione blushed at the comment.


“Oh umm with some friends two years ago.”


“Who would have thought?”


“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Malfoy.”


“Really? Like what!” Hermione turned around and carried on walking. Draco quickly ran up to her and started guessing “a secret boyfriend? No you wouldn’t have time. Umm you actually have pink hair? No you wouldn’t be that wild. A tattoo? No can’t imagine you in a tattoo parlour.” But when Draco said a tattoo a small smile crept on her face but she tried to hide it. This didn’t go unnoticed by Draco. “A tattoo!! Really?”


“I didn’t say anything” but Hermione was beaming, only making the answer obvious.




“I’ll leave that up to you.” Hermione teased and turned and walked down the hall, thankful that her hair was covering her back.


“Granger you can’t do that!”


“I’ll show you another time, when were not standing in the middle of a hallway after curfew.”


“You know we can be out so do not give me that!” Hermione ignored him and carried on to their common room. Once there she went straight to her room and got into her pyjamas, she then went and got a drink.


“Please Granger!”


“No. You may see it but I'm not showing you.”




“Good. Now goodnight Malfoy.”


“Night Granger, and I will find out.”


Hermione went to sleep with a smile on her face for the first time in months.






When Hermione woke the next morning she was in a happy mood. The nights events had stayed in her mind and when she got changed in muggle cloths, seeing as it was Saturday, she decided that a white sundress was a good outfit for the day.  She let her hair out and it now was sleek and shiny and sat in soft curls down her back. Making her way out of her bedroom she found Draco in the kitchenette making a bowl of cereal. Turning around he smirked at her


“So when did you get it?” Draco drawled




“The tattoo; when did you get it?”


“Oh right umm a year and a half ago, right before the war.” Hermione tried to keep calm and keep her mask up. The fact was that she had gone with her mum to get the tattoo and it was the last thing she had done with her. It had more meaning than anything she owned and to have a permanent reminder of her mum kept her sane. Apparently the cracks in her mask could be seen


“You know, you may be good at acting and fooling others but some can see through your mask.”


Hermione was shocked; she stood gaping like a fish out of water. Finally she managed to choke out a sentence. “None that care.”


“Well, then do they really care?”


“What is this, ‘point out the flaws in Hermione’ day?” She was annoyed because she knew that what he said was true “because you’re missing out a few major ones!”


“Oh yeah? Like what?”


“As if I would tell you, it’s not like you care.”


“Look, all I'm saying is that you don’t have to keep your mask up around me. What’s the point when I can see through it?”


“So you’re saying that you care?”


“I never said that!”


“You implied it!”


“Whatever! Believe what you want Granger but you haven’t got me fooled. I know there’s more to you.” Draco turned and left the room leaving a stunned Hermione in his wake. She repaired her mask, the one shaped like a butterfly and was pale blue, perfect for a summer’s day, and after putting the Concealment Charm on her back, she headed for her field.




Sitting down in the middle of her field and pulling out a book she discovered that she couldn’t keep any train of thought. Sentences from this morning kept running through her head


What’s the point when I can see through it?


I know there’s more to you.


Her mind just wouldn’t let her be. Was Draco really the one she could trust? What happened to her friends? Were they really her friends when they couldn’t see the real her?




And that’s how Draco found her, deep in thought in the middle of his field. Approaching the small figure he sat next to her, she gave a small yelp at his arrival


“Are you trying to scare me to death?”


“That wasn’t the plan” he replied, a smirk playing across his lips “what are you doing in my field anyways?”


“Your field? Umm I always come here to think, it’s my field.”


“Ha! Whatever, but it’s my field.”


“Is not” Hermione replied like a child


“Is too”


“Is not”


“Is too”


“Is not”


“What are we doing?”


“Sitting in MY field!” Hermione stated with a grin


“You do realise we are acting like two year olds?” Draco and Hermione couldn’t help but burst with laughter. Once they had regained composer they sat in silence. It wasn’t the awkward silence that would normally fall between two people but more of a comfortable agreement. Hermione let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding.


“So you said you came here to think, what did you need to think about?” Draco brought her out of her daze. She looked at him, wondering whether or not to tell him. Here was someone who had actually bothered to ask and yet she was meant to hate him. He met her gaze but didn’t say anything; both had thoughts swarming through their heads. Once again he was the first to break the silence “what happened to you?”


“Nothing, I'm fine” she had this line well rehearsed and she slipped into her role of happy teenager. She was just putting on her mask that would enforce her statement when Draco spoke


“Stop! Don’t put that mask on. You may feel the need to hide from others but not from me. I know I have been a complete arse these past few years and I'm sorry but I need to make it up to you and if that means just sitting with you in the middle of MY field” Hermione’s lips twitched up at this “then so be it, I will. I know I will probably get the living daylights beaten out of me by your two bodyguards and by everyone in Slytherin so could we just keep this between us for now?”


“Keep what between us, there is nothing! We hate each other. Everything was simple before my mu... well just before! So please don’t talk to me about not hiding my feelings because it’s all I have right now.” Hermione could feel her eyes fill with tears and she tried her best to hold them back. She stood up and made to leave when Draco grabbed her hand and tried to stop her from walking away. “Just don’t!” She yelled as she freed her hand and walked back up to the castle.




Arriving at lunch, Hermione couldn’t keep her bright mask on. She sat down and filled her plate with food only she didn’t eat; instead she pushed it around with her fork. Draco was all that occupied her mind. She needed to figure out a way so he would stop asking her what was wrong.




I could ignore him.


No he would just keep on trying




Actually open up.


Ha, like that’s going to happen.




Seduce him.


Pfft whatever! Never ever ever going to happen.




Hermione almost laughed at her last thought. Finally she had a smile to reassure her friends. She joined in with their conversation and but soon got bored with Quidditch tactics so she excused herself to go to the library.




The day went by without anymore encounters with Draco. After arriving at the Heads Room she grabbed her book and sat down to read. An hour later she yawned and decided a few more minutes of reading will do for the night. Returning to her book she was unaware of Draco walking into the room. She only looked up when thunder from outside indicated that a summer rain storm was starting. (A/N I know that it doesn’t get that hot in England or have summer rain storms but just imagine that they do)Hermione finally noticed Draco in the kitchenette


“Oh, Malfoy, I didn’t see you come in.”


“I only just got back.”


“Right. Well uhh umm gotta go.” Hermione headed to the portrait hole but Draco spoke up.


“You know its past curfew? All the other Common Rooms will be locked.”


“Oh I know. I’m going outside.”


“Why? It’s raining.”


“Exactly.” And with that Hermione walked out of the Common Room and through the castle.




Draco, as always, was interested in what Hermione was doing so after waiting a few minutes he left the cosy Common Room and followed Hermione. Exciting the castle he found Hermione on the edge of the lake, barefoot and spinning in circles. He jogged towards her and slowed to a walk a few paces away from where she was twirling. Reaching his arm out he stopped her mid spin and caught her in his arms.


“What the-“


“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question and soon the two were waltzing in the rain getting absolutely drenched. The pair moved as one as they floated across the grounds. Hermione was the first to come to her senses and tried to push Draco away but in the process managed to slip. Desperately, she grabbed onto anything she could, and in this case it was Draco. She pulled him down as they tumbled to the muddy terrain.


“Are you okay?” Draco asked concerned but his only reply was the laughter from a muddy Hermione.


“I really shouldn’t have worn white! I’m so sorry Malfoy.” Draco was shocked as her watched Hermione on the ground laughing. He hadn’t seen a genuine smile on her face in so long and it made him smile in return. Finally gaining composure, Hermione sat up. “We should get back. N.E.W.Ts start tomorrow and we don’t want to be tired”

“Umm yeah sure.” Draco replied while helping Hermione to her feet. The two walked back in silence and said goodnight as they went into their respective rooms. 

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