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“This is destiny!” Dianne said as she paced around Hermione’s room in her apartment. Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed.

                “Someone’s been watching too many fairytales.” She mumbled as she placed her hands in her lap. It was the morning after the incident at the Bistro and Dianne had come immediately after Hermione called to tell her she had an emergency. She made her breakfast and demanded her to eat.  Hermione didn’t even bother to change. Now, she was being forced to talk about seeing Draco at the restaurant. Dianne had a theory that this was “true love”. They were in the Hermione’s bedroom and Dianne was pacing around the room in excitement while Hermione reminded lazy and sat cross-legged on the bed.

                Dianne’s face turned to hurt as she faced Hermione. “Well I’m not the one that’s got their knickers in a twist.” She placed her fists on her hips.

                “My knickers aren’t ‘in a twist’! I’m just grumpy,”

                “Seriously Hermione? That’s what it means! Blimey, I thought you were smart.”

                “Alright, alright. Sorry. I’m just not in a good mood.”

                “Obviously.” Dianne mumbled and resumed her pacing. Hermione ignored this.

                “What do I do? Do I follow him? Or should I stay with Ron? Maybe I’ll go apologize to him.” Hermione got up and walked into her closet to change.

                “Well, after how you told me he acted in the restaurant, it’s going to take a lot more than ‘sorry’” Dianne said when Hermione came back out. Hermione straightened out her floral dress and put on some sandals.

                “What am I going to do?” She said in desperation. She sat on her bed and put her head in her hands.

                Dianne carefully sat down next to her and rubbed her back. “I don’t know.” Hermione finally looked up from her hands and they sat there in silence for a while.

                Dianne broke the silence. “Do you love him?” Hermione turned her head towards her.

                “Who Ron?” Dianne didn’t look at her but just continued staring straight ahead of her and nodded.

                “Well not like—“

                “Just answer the question.”

                “I’m trying to—“

                “It’s a yes or no question.”

                Hermione sighed. “Fine. No. I don’t love him.”

                Dianne gave her a sad and small smile. “I think you know what to do now.” And with that she got up and left.


♥                                                                      ♥                                                                      ♥



                After this little soap opera, Hermione went down stairs to read a bit. When lunch came ‘round, she whipped up a nice pasta with pesto sauce. She brought out her plate to eat when something banged on her window. She looked to her right and noticed an average brown owl with a letter. That’s strange, I haven’t gotten a letter from an owl in a long time, she thought. She furrowed her eyebrows and set her plate on the round breakfast table to go retrieve the letter. When she opened the window the owl flew to the coffee table by the couch and hooted while sticking its leg out. Hermione smiled and walked towards the owl and held the letter in her hands. She opened it.


17293 James Ave. #241

Your welcome. J

Oh and, P.S., that’s the address for Draco’s apartment!


                She smiled to herself as she recited the address in her head. But just as she was about to apparate she hesitated. What if he had moved on? She had no idea whether or not he still loved her. He never contacted her since Hogwarts. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Hermione broke down. She sobbed and sat against the nearest wall. Resting her head against her knees she’s cried until her eyes were sore. After a few moments, someone came bursting into her house.

                “Hermione where have you been?!?!? I’ve been waiting by the store for an hour!” Ginny hollered as she set her purse on the table. She walked over to where Hermione and cowered over her.

                “What’s wrong?” Ginny’s expression softened slightly.

                “What do you mean ‘where have you been’? We never made any plans.” Hermione looked up. Her voice sounded as if she were sick because it was stuffy from crying.

                “Yes we did. Last week you said we would meet at the little shop next to your bookstore!” She placed her hands on her hips.


                “OH? How could you say that when we missed a whole day of shopping! Come one. Get on up.” She grabbed Hermione’s hands and hauled her up. Hermione groaned and went to curl up on the couch.

                “I don’t want to. I’m going to stay here and rot. Die old.” Ginny walked over to her and sat next to her.

                “And lonely!” Hermione started to cry onto Ginny’s shoulder.

                Ginny grabbed Hermione’s face and held it.

                “Stop this. You are the smartest witch anyone has ever known. You don’t deserve to be sad. A girl this beautiful, smart, wise, a bit annoying, a pain in the arse sometimes, and-“


                “Gorgeous. Don’t cry over a man who hasn’t written to you in 4 YEARSS! He doesn’t deserve you. There are plenty of wands in the shop.”

                Hermione chuckled at Ginny’s feeble attempt at a joke.  For some reason, Ginny’s words reach her more than others. Ginny was Hermione’s older, but younger, sister. She always knew how to make her feel better. Whether she was heartbroken or just couldn’t decide what to wear, Ginny was always there to help in a flash. This is exactly what set her apart from Ron. Ron never knew what to do or say. He was always the one in the background, waiting for his moment. But that’s the problem. He waited, that’s it. He didn’t do anything to support his dreams. He just waited for them to come to him. Shaking her thoughts away, Hermione got up from the couch and trudged toward the fireplace.

                “Where are you going?” Ginny said. Hermione smiled to herself as she grabbed Draco’s address from her wool sweater pocket.

                She stood in front of the fireplace, still smiling, kissed the piece of paper and threw it in the trash.


                Now, hell was really going to start.


A bit too dramatic? Haha, that’s me. I just want to let you guys know that I kind of fixed the last chapters so if you want to check them out again you should. Let me give you a heads up, this is just a filler. I realized this needed one. Hermione is going crazy isn’t she? Sorry for updating so slow but I am trying my best! By the way, get ready for Hermione to seriously break down completely. Have any of you seen Degrassi? I don’t watch it much but what happened to that Eli kid is going to happen to Hermione. But it’s not going to be that bad. J


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