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James and Lily Potter sat stunned as Dumbledore finished telling them the prophecy he had just heard. They sat huddled together in the home they would soon have to leave, pondering what it meant.

Lily shivered slightly as she mentally replayed the words she had just heard:

***"The children with  the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approach...born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark them as her equals, but they will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives, but the children have but one advantage, linked in birth they must also be linked in death at the hands of the Dark Lord...the ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

She knew instantly that it could mean her unborn children. Sudennly so thankful that they had only told Dumbledore, Sirius, and Remus that htey were to have twins. As James and she held near silent conversation, they instantly accepted the fact that they needed to go into hiding.

*Eight Months Later*

Lily groaned as her labor continued, but smiled when she noticed James pacing again. He was completely freaking out. For the last few weeks his questions had been all the same. "What if I'm a bad father?" "What if they don't like me?" And she had laughed good naturedly each time and reassured him.

*Two Hours Later*

Lily smiled down at the two beautiful children in her arms, and then looked up to beam at James who loooked like a little boy on Christmas. They had already decided on what to name them. The boy who looked like James in nearly everything, but had Lily's emerald almond shaped eyes would be named Harry James Potter. The little girl who also looked almost identical to one of her parents, in this case Lily, but while her eyes were shaped like James' they were an odd grey, but yet somehow deep blue that seemed ever moving. They reminded Lily of the ocean, she was named Ashley Elizabeth Potter.

The small family enjoyed their limited time together, you see becasue there was a plan in place.  A plan they hoped would succeed in stopping or at least slowing Lord Voldemort. They had painstakingly decided with Dumbledore to hide away their daughter, so that hopefully  the prophecy could not be fulfilled. They spent the month they were to have as a true family constantly together. They made Sirius Black Harry's godfather, and Remus Lupin Ashley's. They deeply regretted the fact that Ashley couldn't stay with Remus. But Ashley looked too much like her mother and their would also be the problem of the Ministry saying he was 'unfit', which while that enraged Lily there wasn't  much she could do about it.

*One Month Later*

Lily and James both cried over their children as the day had come for Ashley to be taken away from them. Dumbledore had arrived a few moments earlier and was allowing the family time for their difficuly goodbye. And to think they all believed it would be just for a small time, that they did not know that Ashley would live her life unknowing for fifteen years. And as the time approached for her baby to leave Lily Potter placed a necklace around her neck, with three simple charms: a trident, an owl, and an archer's bow. The necklace would become a reminder to the little girl as she grew up, never leaving her neck even once. Dumbledore left the tearful family with a redheaded little girl in his arms. In her eyes he was surprised to see strength and pain, not the simple smiling expression one would expect from a baby. The fact that she somehow understood made this even more difficult for him. He apparated across the Atlantic Ocean under a disillusionment charm, to the smallish suburb of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He couldn't even fathom how different the little girl's life would be. He hid in an alleyway next to a hospital, and did what he had to do. He first placed a fidelus charm with him as the secret keeper on Ashley, hoping it would keep the redhead hidden. Then to throw any searches off further he charmed her to make her a year older. Wrapping her in a blanket he pulled out a letter he had written earlier that day, tucking it into the blanket.


This little girl's name is Ashley Elizabeth and she was born on November 29, 1995. As she grows let her know that the necklace she wears now was a gift from her mother, and that her parent's love her dearly. They regretted most deeply having to send her away, and hope that one day she will know and understand. To whomever this beautiful little girl is to live with, let he know that she was adopted and that someday she may accept her destiny.


Dumbledore placed the little bundle gently on the steps outside the hospital, took charm hiding them off her, and stepped back ringing the doorbell. He had to wait only a few moment before a woman in her early thirties, dressed in scrubs, openned the door and seeing no one almost closed it before she heard the soft sounds Ashley was making  and looked down. She gasped slightly and leaned down to pick up the child and the letter tucked into the top layer of the blanket. She peered around, but seeing no one she closed the door.

Dumbledore stayed hidden in the smallish town to see what would happen and to make sure the little girl, whose life and safety had been placed in his hands, would be adopted by a loving family. He wasn't going to let her live her life in foster homes or a children's center, he would not give the chance that she could become cold and unloving like Tom Riddle. But luckily he didn't need to worry. The nurse that had taken her into the hospital last night had a husband, they despretly wanted a child of their own. However, they seemed unable to have one. That very morning the two of them went to Children's Services to begin the procees of adopting the little girl named Ashley Elizabeth born on November 29.

A month and a half later, Sophie and Zach McDonald took home the little girl with the auburn hair and ocean colored eyes home with them to begin their life together as a  family.

Ashley would grow up knowing she was adopted, but still fully the daughter of a nurse and Navy man. She would live as a confident and unique little girl with outstanding intelligence. Who knew in her heart that the strange things that always seemed to happen when she was angry or scared , meant something.

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***J.K. Rowling The Order of the Pheonix pg.841

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