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Yay chapter three I dont know if anybody likes my story though so can you please review so that I know there is a point on posting this :D

Also can anybody tell me how to create/post a banner and cany anybody think of a good name for my story, i know there is not much to go on but if anybody wants to help me in any way it would be appreciated.

Anyway on with the story



Harry was woken the following morning by something soft and squashy hitting him in the face. He sat up, shocked only to hear Ron’s hysterical laughter ringing round the room.

“Your face” laughed Ron from the other side of the room, his laughter has soon stopped as Harry had just launched the pillow back at him.

“Happy Birthday mate” said Ron as he caught the pillow easily.

“17” said Harry thoughtfully. Then he reached to pick up his wand which had been left on Ron’s bedside table since he had arrived two days ago. The movement caused his arm to shoot with pain. He gasped and knew that the playful mood was instantly broken. He pulled his arm back towards him and looked at it. Even without his glasses he could tell that is was still bruised and swollen. He sighed and reached over with his left hand to find his glasses but they were gone.

“Here mate” said Ron as he crossed to room to pick Harry’s glasses up off the floor where they had landed after being knocked off the table in the pillow fight. He took them from Ron who sat down on the bed next to him. Being able to see properly made the arm look even worse.

“That looks bad” said Ron sympathetically.

“17 and I can’t even hold my wand” harry moaned flopping back down in bed. This was just his luck.

“Come on, Mum’s made you a special breakfast” Ron’s voice was cheerful and kind but Harry could hear the sympathetic undertone. He smiled and carefully got out of bed. He and Ron trouped downstairs and were met by a small chorus of “Happy birthday” as they entered the room. The table was filled with presents of different shapes and colours. Harry had never seen such a large pile of presents waiting for him.

“Do you want to open them now or this evening, I’ve invited some guests for your party and I’m sure they will bring more.”

“Um, later please. And you don’t need to throw a party, I don’t want to cause you any trouble”

“nonsense, everyone needs a party when the turn 17” she hugged him tightly. “Anyway, I thought you would have your wand on you as you can now use it legally?”

Harry shrugged, not wanting to admit that he couldn’t move his fingers enough to hold his wand at the moment, let alone do magic with it.

Eventually everyone was sitting down at the table, eating Harry’s birthday brunch.

“So Mum, are we going to Diagon Alley today?” asked George as they began to clean the breakfast things. Harry’s head snapped up in interest. He loved the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley but recently it had become quietened because of Voldemort’s rise to power. Since losing the Battle of Hogwarts there had been fewer killings and Harry hoped that Diagon Alley was returning to normal.

“Yes” she replied thoughtfully, “That is if Harry wants to go, I mean it’s his birthday” Harry smiled at her as he knew that she knew he was excited but a trip to Diagon Alley just by his reaction when George had asked.

“Good, we have some new products to order and the stock is getting low anyway” answered Fred as he finished his bacon roll that he had been eating whilst leaning against the counter as his plate was now being washed up.

All of a sudden Harry felt a burning in his scar that he had not felt for months, making his hand twitch involuntarily towards his forehead.

“I need the loo” mumbled Harry as he hurried from the room. The pain was making his eyes water  

He ran up the stairs but only got to the second landing before he dropped to the floor and gave in to the pain.

He was in a cold, dark, stone room surrounded by many people. They all looked nervous and they had complete reason to.

“My Lord, I come to bring you news, news of the Boy” whispered a small dumpy man called Peter Pettigrew although he was commonly known as Wormtail because of his animagus form.

“What of him? I trust he is not dead, for as you know, I must be the one to kill Harry Potter.” Harry looked down at his paper white hands as he toyed with his sleek wand, the one that shared a connection with that boy’s. Why couldn’t he have picked a different wand, then this would be so much easier, for he would already be dead. The boy was only alive because of the two wands connecting in the graveyard, how he hated that boy and his ways of spoiling his plans.

“No my Lord nothing like that” he looked back down to his feet, terrified of what would happen next.

“Where is he then?” Harry whispered in his cold chilling voice.

“We don’t know, we scanned the house this morning and he wasn’t there, and there was no plans to take him anywhere, nobody arrived to take him either”

“He must have left at some point” Harry hissed.

 “We were watching the skies all night and nobody came, my Lord” the small man backed away fearing for his life.

“You blithering Idiot” Harry hissed angrily as he twilled his wand and a green beam of light shot from the end. The room was filled with terror at once. Death Eaters running towards the exit, the Dark Lord filling the air with zooming green light, and a small grey rat scurrying in between feet as he desperately made his escape. Harry was so angry he didn’t care who he killed, the anger raged inside him, threatening to engulf him completely. He could hear his own ravenous laughter echoing off the walls. But he knew deep inside that the anger wasn’t his. The more he thought of it the further away the laughter sounded.

“Harry? Can you hear me?”

He opened his eyes and found himself staring up at the panicked face of Mrs Weasley. He slowly sat up on the ground and stared around. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George were all standing in a tight ring around him looking worried.

“What happened?” He asked as he tried to rub the prickling feeling out of his head with his hand.

“We heard a thump on the ceiling so we ran upstairs and found you lying on the floor, sort of shaking and mumbling, we had been trying to wake you for a few minutes and then you started laughing, like evilly, then you sort of woke up” Ron answered after a few seconds of silence. Slowly Harry got to his feet aware of the sharp stabbing pain in his arm. He winced slightly as he looked down to examine it. It felt worse now, he must have landed on it when he fell.

“I’ll talk to you in a minute, Harry. Meanwhile everyone else should get ready to go to Diagon Alley, Ok?” everyone disbanded and Mrs Weasley gently took Harry’s arm in her hands again.

“Harry, what happened” she asked gently.

“I don’t know” he replied, he definitely didn’t want to tell her that Voldemort kept overtaking his brain.

“When I ran up the stairs all I could see was you withering on the floor. I thought you were having a fit and nothing I did could bring you out of it” Harry could hear the upset in her voice but he didn’t know what to do so he simply stared at his arm.

“Well, it’s not broken again but it’s very swollen, I’ll put a bandage round it to protect it” she told him after a long examination. “And I’m sure you don’t really want people to see that bruise” she added raising her eyebrows.

“Yea, it’s a bit too hot for a jumper” he agreed grinning. She nodded and conjured a long white bandage in the air which landed neatly in her open hand. She gently wrapped to round his arm and up to his palm carefully avoiding his thumb.

“Right, do you still want to go to Diagon Alley?” she asked when she had finished.

“Defiantly” he replied, all he wanted was to have a normal birthday, was this too much to ask?

“Well ok, make sure you wear your sling, if not your arm will only take longer to heal.”

“Yes Mrs Weasley” he sighed, but he honestly knew that he was lucky to be going and he didn’t want to push it.

He found Ron and Hermione in Ron’s room again. They were both ready to go out and were sitting on the bed. They seemed to jump apart as he opened the door but it could have been a figure of his imagination.

“So are you going to tell us what you saw?” asked Hermione after a few long seconds of silence.

“I didn’t-” Harry began but he was quickly cut off.

“Oh come on, Harry! I’ve been your friend for six years now and I know that you just had a vision and I won’t believe any other story you tell!” she interrupted, she sounded exasperated.

“Come on mate, we...” Ron trailed off mid sentence not knowing what to say.

Harry sighed, knowing that he would have to say “I just saw him being told that I’m not at Privet drive any more, he was furious that I had slipped past him and furious that his death Eaters didn’t even know it happened. He killed them” Harry finished.

“But that’s a good thing, at least he won’t go after your Aunt and Uncle if he knows that you’re not with them” Hermione piped up, trying to make the situation look better than it really was.

“Yea, but he might still go after them thinking that they know where I am” he added. As much as he hated the Dursleys he didn’t want Voldemort to get his hands on them. They were cruel and heartless but they still didn’t need to suffer like they would if he got hold of them.

His thoughts were broken when the room was suddenly filled with the snorting laughter of Ron. He rolled back lying on the bed with his legs still hanging over the edge in a sitting position, trying to catch his breath from laughing so hard.

“What?” asked Harry and Hermione simultaneously, trying to work out what on earth Ron was finding so ridiculously funny.

He gasped, finally bringing his laughter to a halt. “It’s just” Ron chortled, “He, he killed his own army” he half shouted, then burst back into laughter.

Harry smiled and shot a puzzled look at Hermione, which she returned, her eyebrows raised.

“Have you drank anything strange, eaten anything that Fred or George gave you...?” asked Harry, completely confused. He had never seen Ron act like this before, even over something that was actually funny.

“No, why?” answered Ron when he finally stopped laughing completely. He too now looked confused too.

“Never mind” Harry replied smiling as he sat down on the bed between his friends.

“So, are you coming to Diagon Alley then?” asked Ron his voice eager but calmer now.

“Yup I just need to change” he replied getting back up and searching the floor for his jeans which appeared to have vanished.

“Here” called Hermione, pulling a tattered pair of jeans out from under the bed. He took them from here and went to the bathroom to change.

Twenty minutes later all six of them were down in the hall waiting for Mrs Weasley to finish the washing up so they could go.

“All ready?” she asked strolling briskly into hall. Harry knew that she hated going to Diagon Alley without Mr Weasley but she had promised her children and she felt that she had to keep her promises. She scanned the group making sure they were ready.

“Harry, sling” she snapped, exasperated. He groaned and turned to march back up the stairs. It took him a long time to find it but eventually he did and shoved it over his head, carefully slipping his arm in. He had to admit his arm felt better like this but he knew that he looked stupid. His wand caught his eye as he left the room. He knew that it was pointless him bringing it as he was unable to use it but he felt defenceless without it so he stuffed his wand into the back pocket of his jeans.

The others had grown inpatient whilst he was upstairs and they had all sat back down in the living room. Mrs Weasley jumped up from her chair the moment she saw him and began to hastily usher everyone out into the hall and into the kitchen. Mrs Weasley had decided that they were Flooing to Diagon Alley as neither Harry nor Ginny had licences yet and she didn’t want to risk side-along with everyone having their licences for such a short amount of time. They all took turns at taking the green powder, throwing it into the flames and yelling “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” before spinning out of sight.

Harry hated using the Floo network as it made him Dizzy but he soon found himself standing in the grate of Fred’s and George’s little flat above the shop.

Harry loved Fred’s and George’s shop. It was always filled with exiting and unexpected things and it was always crowded no matter how empty Diagon Alley was. Harry and the others spent the next half an hour or so browsing the new and old products, before Mrs Weasley hurried over to them.

“It’s getting hot and crowded in here so I’m taking Ginny to get an Ice-cream but you can stay here if you like, minding that you don’t split up and you meet me there before one” she told them sternly. And they all nodded in agreement. This was more than they could ever hope for, to be left to shop by themselves by Mrs Weasley, who normally watched over them like a bat. She left dragging a slightly annoyed looking Ginny behind her. Although they enjoyed their shopping Harry, Ron and Hermione soon found the cramped store too warm and stuffy and edged their way to the exit.

“So what has our brave hero been up to this time?” Harry jumped at the sound of the voice and turned in the direction that it had come from. He felt his heart drop when he saw the sleek, blond haired boy leaning against the door the door that led to Fred’s and George’s office.

“Oh, shove off, Malfoy” said Harry calmly as he turned back towards the exit. He had really hated Draco since they had met on the train on the way to Hogwarts in their first year but his hate had strengthened when Harry had fond Draco responsible for the Death Eaters getting into school last term. Draco Malfoy looked annoyed as Harry started to walk away, he had been denied of the argument that he had been longing to have.

“Trying to get a bit more fame? Or what is it? Sympathy this time? Sneered Draco, trying his hardest to wind Harry up. Harry stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around again to glare hard at Draco.

“Harry, don’t” whispered Hermione, putting a warning hand on his shoulder but he simply shook it off and continued to glare at Draco.

“Oh look isn’t the Little Mudblood is defensive today? He continued, still concentrating on starting an argument.

“You’ll regret saying that...” snarled Ron as he tried to storm towards Draco but found that someone was holding him back. He turned to look and found Hermione was holding his shoulders, stopping him from moving forward without a struggle. “He’s not worth it” she whispered calmly into his ear.

“Full of knowledge you are, but you’re wrong. I’m worth everything to someone, I have a mission” Draco’s eyes gleamed as he spoke, he was clearly proud of whatever he had been asked to do.

“Is this the same task as last year? The one where you let death eaters into school, and where did that get you? Expelled!” Retorted Harry.

“Yes well will see about that” muttered Draco in a way that made Harry feel slightly uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” asked Harry suspiciously.

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know” teased Draco, a smirk back on his face. He couldn’t let anybody know about this task, they had guessed his part in letting the Death Eaters into the school but nobody had even thought about this one, or at least he hoped not as his job would be an awful lot harder if they knew.

“What are you on about?” hissed Harry. He knew Draco and his plans always led to trouble.

“Everything is always a drama with you isn’t it? Always something to panic over. Always something to get sympathy for. What did you do this time Potter, trip over a pebble?” Draco sneered, hastily trying to get the argument away from himself.

“Oh, shut up Malfoy” Ron retorted angrily.

“Or is it a secret, Potter. Been up to no good? Maybe I should have a little talk with Rita about it? You know what good friends I am with her.” Draco loved the power he felt over them. It was like payback for all the things they had said to him.     

“I said shut it” hissed Ron, seeing how uncomfortable Harry about this subject

“So it is a big secret, a big secret that nobody can know” Draco smirked. “I think I might just go and tell...”

“You wouldn’t want anybody to know if your Uncle...” Hermione interrupted in an angry hiss, only realising what she had started to say when Ron gave her a sharp elbow in the ribs. She clamped her hand over her mouth when she realised what she had said. Draco’s eyes opened his eyes wider, staring at Harry who looked around and suddenly ran from the shop.

“Oh dear, not a good secret to let slip” he sneered, regaining his cool pose and leaning back against the door, folding his arms.

“If you dare tell a single living sole I’ll...” started Ron, only he never got to say what he would do because at that moment Draco’s eyes widened in shock and he let out a gasp of terror as the door behind him opened and he fell over backwards into the office. Seeing the falling body Fred jumped back, causing Draco to land with a thump on the ground. 

“Oh, hello you two.” He called merrily stepping over Draco as if he wasn’t really there.

“Where is Harry?” asked George who had just followed his twin out of the office. He watched as Hermione suddenly jumped and ran out of the exit and turn down the alley.

“Er, what’s up” Fred asked Ron who was still staring after Hermione.

“Nothing” he mumbled before also running from the shop. Fred and George watched their brother in confusion, wondering what on earth was up.


When Harry had ran from the shop he didn’t know where he was going. All he knew was that he needed to get away. Hermione had told his biggest secret and to Draco Malfoy of all people. It would be all over tomorrows Daily Prophet and he really didn’t want any more publicity and if this came out he would never be left alone again. He found a deserted street and ran down it, finally sinking down on a step. He shut his eyes and lent his head back against the door, still breathing heavily. A minute later he heard footsteps walking towards him but he didn’t open his eyes. He didn’t care who it was. The footsteps slowed and finally stopped a meter or so from him by the sound of it.


It was Hermione. Harry tried not to react hoping she would go away but she didn’t. He really didn’t want to see her at the moment, he was completely furious with her for having such rubbish control over what she said. She whispered his name again, slightly louder and more urgent this time. Harry was surprised by the gentle pressure on his shoulder and snapped his eyes open only to find himself almost nose to nose with Hermione. He gasped, not thinking she would be that close. Harry’s sudden movement had shocked Hermione and she had jumped back in surprise, nearly falling over backwards and stumbling slightly.

“Sorry, I...I thought you had passed out again or something and I...” she trailed off, seeing how angry Harry looked. She swallowed hard before gaining to courage to speak again.

“I’m sorry for what I said, I wasn’t thinking and it just slipped out. I know how much trouble I have caused you and I’m honestly not surprised if you hate me now” she spoke timidly and her voice broke slightly at the end.

Harry stared at her and then lowered his head. He couldn’t be angry at her, what she had said had been an accident.

“I’m not mad” sighed Harry, shaking his head and sitting up so he was less slumped against the door. Hermione gave a small smile and sat down on the step too, just as Ron spotted them and ran up the street stopping just in front of them.

 “I really am sorry” she mumbled, looking down to her feet.

“I’ll be fine” he put his arm round her and pulled her towards him. “But if he spreads the news my life will be hell and I have a perfect reason to hunt you down” grinned Harry. He knew that being mad at her solved nothing and he really didn’t want to lose his friends.  

“I honestly thought that you’d hate her” grinned Ron sitting down beside Hermione on the path as there was no more room on the step witch made him look small.

“How on earth could I hate Hermione” grinned harry giving Hermione’s shoulder a squeeze. The three of them sat for a while in comfortable silence, lost in their own thoughts. Harry found himself brought back to the present by a loud “DONG” overhead making him look up in surprise.

“Oh god, we said we would meet Mum for an ice-cream before one” grumbled Ron as he jumped to his feet.

“She’ll go mad with worry” added Hermione as she pushed herself up from the step.

“And then she’ll never let us go off on our own again” finished Ron as he pulled Harry up. They ran to the ice-cream shop and easily spotted the flustered looking Mrs Weasley scanning the street for any sign of them. She leant back in her chair as she spotted them and Ginny waved just in case they hadn’t seen her. The shop was crowded outside but Mrs Weasley and Ginny had saved chairs for them. Harry flopped into a chair, panting from the running and the heat as it really was boiling today. Mrs Weasley ordered them ice-creams and they ate them hungrily, feeling the cooling desert slip slowly their throats.

Harry rarely had ice-creams as he was never looked upon as being worthy of one at the Dersley’s. The only time they had ever bought him one was when they had gone to the Zoo on Dudley’s 11th birthday. That was the same day he had set the python on Dudley. He grinned at the memory of aunt Petunia’s panicked face when she had spotted her son in a snake display. Being locked in the cupboard for a week afterwards had not been so funny.

Harry then realised that his ice-cream was melting down the cone and onto his hand. He licked it hurriedly, trying not to waist a single drop.  

“We really need to get going” sighed Mrs Weasley. “Everyone is coming round at three and it’s half one how. And I’ve got to...” she trailed off when she noticed Harry was listening. She hurriedly got up and made herself busy putting Hermione’s ice-cream tub in the bin.

They had to Floo back from Fred’s and George’s shop so began to make their way briskly back. Harry noticed Draco Malfoy raise his eyebrows at him but he pretended not to notice, knowing that Draco was only trying to wind him up. Fred and George decided to come back to the Burrow for Harry’s birthday tea but said they needed to come back to the shop afterwards.

“Why don’t you two go to the orchard for a bit” Mrs Weasley suggested to Ron and Harry in a voice which told them that they HAD to go to the orchard the moment Harry had spun out of the fire place. He had gone to the orchard with Ron without objecting as he knew they were setting up tea back at the Burrow. Being in the orchard wasn’t much fun as Harry didn’t really want to try flying again as his arm was still sore and Ron seemed to continuously forget that Harry was there as he glanced at his watch so frequently. Eventually Harry gave up any hope of convocation and lay back on the grass shutting his eyes, enjoying the feeling the afternoon sun on his face.

He soon found himself being shaken awake by Ron. He sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes. “Sorry, must have dosed off” he mumbled as he got to his feet and yawned. As soon as Ron saw that Harry was truly awake he began to run off down the track that led to the Burrow. Harry stared after him and then slowly a bemused smile spread across his face. He quickly walked down the track, not wanting to keep everyone waiting but not wanting to burst in on them when they were in the middle of their plan.

He hesitated at the kitchen door before slowly pushing it open enough for anyone inside to see the movement but not enough for him to see into the room. When nobody tried to stop the door opening he pushed it fully open. The room was empty and dark because the curtains were drawn. He stood and stared, completely puzzled. Then several things happened at once. The room erupted in loud bangs and brightly coloured lights as balloons and a banner fell from the ceiling and loud calls of “Happy birthday Harry” rang around the room as everyone jumped out from behind furniture or ran in from the hall. The bright light of a camera clicked in front of his face and Harry felt sure that his mouth was open in shock.

As the last balloon fell to the floor and the fireworks fizzed into nothing Harry stood and stared at all the people crammed into the small room. There was the six Weasleys that were at the house, Hermione, Hagrid and Lupin and Tonks who were holding hands. There had looked to be more people but maybe that was just Hagrid’s generous size. Harry felt himself grinning stupidly in surprise at all the people who had turned up to wish him “Happy Birthday”.

“WOW” He exclaimed after what felt like years which made Ginny start to giggle uncontrollably.        

“Ok, everyone into the yard” called Mrs Weasley suddenly as she clapped hr hands together. Harry could tell from her voice that she could hardly control excitement. The entire group of people moved swiftly into the garden. There was a large table in the middle of the lawn with a large pile of presents on top. Harry opened his mouth in shock again as Mrs Weasley ushered him towards the table. He had never seen so many presents for him in his entire life.

“Open them then” Ron said after a few moments silence. Harry turned towards the table and picked up a small blue and gold starry box. The stars on it seemed to sparkle and glisten as he touched it.

To Harry

Happy 17th Birthday

Love from Mr and Mrs Weasley

Read the label. Slowly Harry ripped off the seamless wizard wrapping paper. Inside was a small box which contained a golden watch with a little snitch to represent each hand which appeared to flap its tiny golden wings behind the glass. “Thank you” he almost whispered as he fastened it onto his wrist.     

It took him half an hour to open his presents and Harry felt that everyone would be bored but they seemed happy to watch him as they sat on the chairs from the table or on the grass. He got a miniature Quidditch pitch from Fred and George with little lifelike players that actually were miniature versions of his team apart from a chaser which was would be the new player he had to choose. And Ron gave him a set of chess pieces which must have been the ones he was arguing with the day before.

“They should work for you” Ron told him with a big emphasis on the word ‘should’. He got an assortment of other presents from people who were at the party and people who weren’t. He even received a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs from Professor Dumbledore.

After a fantastic party tea everyone gathered round the table as Mr Weasley cast a darkening charm on the area. Suddenly everyone burst into a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you” as Mrs Weasley swept out of the kitchen door carrying a cake alight with 17 candles. Harry felt like the cheesier cat as the cake was placed on the table in front of him. As the singing stopped he shut his eyes and, even though he knew it was childish, he made a wish as he blew out the candles. When the garden was flooded back with light Harry realised what shape the cake was. It a giant golden snitch perfectly presented in cake form. It tasted great too when he finally managed to try a bit.

“’ello ‘arry” Boomed a voice that could only belong to one person. Harry span to see Hagrid standing over him.

“Hello” he yelled up at Hagrid over the loud music that Fred and George were singing merrily to.

“‘ave you ‘ad a good birfday?” Hagrid boomed back down.

“It’s been the best” grinned Harry.

“Ah good. What’s with the arm?” Hagrid asked

“Tripped” harry hoped that his story would be believed by Hagrid. He nodded his head and looked down at Harry in a slightly unbelieving way but didn’t push it.

Harry found he had to repeat the story to Lupin as well although he obviously didn’t believe him. Harry had to hurriedly excuse himself before he accidently let something slip.    

An hour or so later Harry knew the party was coming to an end. The sky was now almost completely black apart from the silver stars that made the blackness look alive and the fireflies that fluttered above their heads. Eventually everyone was gone and Harry thanked Mrs Weasley for such a perfect party and headed up to Ron’s room caring as many presents as he could one handed. He dumped them on his trunk and changed into his pyjamas ready to climb into bed. Eventually Ron came into the room with the rest of Harry’s presents.

“That was a great party” said Ron as he put the presents down.

 “It was the best party ever” corrected Ron as he climbed into bed.

“Could have done with fire-whisky” shrugged Ron as he wandered back out of the room. But Harry disagreed. This had been his best birthday of his entire life. He smiled sleepily at the thoughts of his party as he removed his glasses and lay down, completely worn out by his brilliant day.


so thats the end of chapter 3. I hope you like it but wether you do or dont please review so I know where Im going right or wrong. Thanks :D 

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