The next morning Hermione woke up in her grand new bed with the sun streaming through the open window, casting an orange glow around the room like the flickering of a single flame. She vaguely remembered where she was; at Hogwarts, in her chambers, in the Head’s common room. She sat up abruptly. I have to get my timetable! She thought. Apparently that was the most important thing on her mind that morning, so clearly she wasn’t thinking straight. About what happened the previous night, that is.


Draco moved in and kissed her again, a wonderful sensation running through his body. He felt her hands in his hair and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer and embracing her. He felt like he had loved her forever, and she loved him, too. Oh, if only, he thought. Her hands were running up and down his back, she was pulling him even closer (if that was possible), she was pushing him further down on the couch, his heart started pounding. He wouldn’t have been surprised if she could hear it. He was really getting into it, then she slowly pulled away.


He stared into her beautiful hazel eyes, and she into his hypnotising grey ones. She opened her mouth slightly and murmured only just loud enough for him to hear, ‘I love you too, Draco.’


She had confessed to him. She returned his feelings, and she had forgotten. Oh well, she had more important things on her mind; she’d think about that later. She quickly pulled on her Gryffindor robes and Head Girl badge, plaited her hair and washed her face in the bathroom, then walked out into the common room.


She found Draco sitting on the couch reading a book when she walked in, and he immediately turned around and smiled at her.


‘Draco, what are you doing? We have to go to breakfast and get our timetables! Come on!’ She grabbed his arm and tried to drag him to the door while he just grinned.


‘Okay, okay, I’m coming!’ Before stepped through the portrait hole, Draco seized Hermione around the waist and pulled her closer into him and planted a kiss on her lips. She pulled away; she really need to get her timetable quickly, so they headed up to the Great Hall. They found Blaise Zabini standing in the Entrance Hall, and Hermione immediately thought of Ginny. She looked around the room and actually spotted her hiding behind a coat of armour! Ginny made hand gestures saying not to say anything, so Hermione turned to look at Draco and Blaise.


‘Hey, Draco, how was your new common room?’ he asked with a snicker directed at Hermione. She gave him mean stare, turned on her heel and waltzed angrily into the Great Hall and plonked herself down next to Harry and Ron, forgetting that she wasn’t talking to one of them.


‘Hey Hermione,’ Harry smiled at her. Ron just grunted.


‘Hi Harry, how was your night?’ she asked politely, completely ignoring Ron.


‘Uh, alright. Hey, do you know where Ginny went? I haven’t seen her this morning,’ he asked. Oh, that’s right, thought Hermione. What would Harry think if he found out Ginny liked Blaise? She quickly thought of an answer. ‘I honestly don’t know. I think I saw her in the Entrance Hall, but I can’t be sure,’


‘Don’t believe her, Harry.’


At this, Hermione whirled around to face the speaker. She glared at him and uncontrollably pulled her wand out of her robes. ‘Oh, be careful; we don’t want our Head Girl getting in trouble do we? Yeah, thanks for telling us Hermione, thanks for telling us you’re sharing a common room with the enemy.’


‘The enemy?! He is actually quite nice when you get to know him, but obviously you wouldn’t know because you never really talk to anyone you don’t like!’ People had turned to look at them frozen with their breakfast still in their hands as though someone had pressed the pause button in their brains. Hermione was going red she was so flustered.


‘Well, you—‘


‘Ah, Weasel. You know, I could take points off Gryffindor for being rude to the Head Girl. Or I could report you to Dumbledore. Or I could just finish you off myself yourself,’ Draco saved her. It seemed, strangely enough, that he was the only one standing up for her. She spotted Blaise walking in behind him and then Ginny sneaking behind him and sitting down at the table.


‘Shut your mouth, Malfoy!’ Harry yelled. Even more heads turned towards them. Hermione stalked off in frustration, grabbing a stack of toast in the process, in search of Professor McGonagall.


She could still hear them yelling at each other when she found McGonagall in the Entrance Hall.


‘Miss Granger, I trust you had a pleasant night in your new common room? Good. Now, Granger, Granger, Granger,’ she searched through her large handful of timetables in her hand. ‘Ah here it is! Your timetable,’ and she handed it over to Hermione.


‘Thanks professor,’ she muttered and walked back to her common room to brush her teeth. When she actually looked at her timetable she noticed she had Arithmancy first (yes!), then Transfiguration and Ancient Runes. Then she saw the Double Potions at the end of the day and groaned; it was with Harry, Ron and Lavender. Lavender still liked Ron even though he broke up with her two years previously, and that really annoyed Hermione. Anyway, she had Draco, right?


. . .


Hermione waited for the day to pass like a little child on Christmas Eve. She still listened in each class but her mind was wandering elsewhere; she was so angry at herself because it was only the first day. She walked into the dungeons for Potions and found Harry and Ron sitting at a table with…Lavender. She gave them grim stare and went to go find her own table. A few minutes later, Draco and Blaise walked in the room closely followed by Pansy Parkinson. She was attempting to listen to everything they said and either comment on it or laugh shrilly. Of course, neither of the boys were paying any attention whatsoever to the show off following them. They came over to Hermione’s table, ditching Pansy in the process (good riddance) and plonked themselves down, not even pausing their conversation when they got out their ingredients and equipment.


‘So, whata ya reckon about the little Weasley girl, eh? She’s kinda cute, you know,’ Blaise commented, much to Hermione’s surprise. She concealed a small grin, and made a mental note to tell Ginny at dinner.


‘I s’pose, but keep your voice down, we don’t want Potter and Weasel to overhear, Potter’s got a crush on her and if Weasel find out who likes his little ranger sister, he might start burping up slugs again.’ Blaise snorted and laughed so hard he had to bury his head in his cauldron to stifle the noise.


‘Mr Zabini, the next time you find Mr Malfoy’s comments amusing, please don’t dirty your cauldron in the process, otherwise you will be drinking your Draught of Living Death no matter how bad it is, so considering you just snorted mucus into your cauldron, I would be worried.’ The voice made the whole class jump in their seats as the Potions Master emerged from the shadows, his silky robes billowing behind him as he walked menacingly into the dungeon. The silence echoing around the room was deafening. As Professor Snape made his way to the front desk and began writing briskly on the chalkboard, a wave of muttering voices spread around the room like a colony of ants bringing food to their nest. As soon as he turned to face them all sounds were stifled and he started giving them instructions.    


‘Today, you will be brewing a Draught of Living Death. The recipe can be found in your books and ingredients in the cupboard. You have ninety minutes, and at the end of the time, if your potion is not up to scratch, you will drink it.’ These words sent a chill up every spine. ‘What are you waiting for? Go!’ His eyes swept the room with a threatening stare, then fell upon Hermione sitting with Draco and Blaise. He frowned slightly – Hermione was staring right back at him – turned on his heel and sat down at his desk reading something.


At the end of the class, Snape reluctantly announced that Hermione’s potion was the best, then hurried them out. Hermione walked in front of Draco and Blaise and saw Harry and Ron walking out with – she couldn’t believe it – Lavender Brown hanging off Ron’s arm and giggling at him. But, but, he doesn’t like her anymore, she protested to herself. But why was Lavender still talking and giggling with Ron when he made it quite clear two years previously that he didn’t like her? What had gotten into Ron?


Hermione marched briskly back to her common room, dumped her bag on the table and flopped onto the couch. She was having a very confusing couple of weeks, why couldn’t everything just go back to normal? Why did everything have to turn upside down, topsy-turvy? Nothing was making sense, and she wanted answers. Like, right that very second.


As soon as Draco entered the common room, she stood up and said, ‘Sit down. Now. On the couch.’ She pointed; he frowned and sat down. She plonked herself on the coffee table facing him. ‘What’s wrong, Hermione?’


‘I want answers,’ she replied without hesitation, a tone of impatience in her voice.


‘Alright then. What do you want to know?’ Draco was very puzzled at her; she didn’t normally do this. At least, he thought she didn’t normally do that.


‘Why did you suddenly pop out of the blue and announce that you loved me?’


‘Well, I just thought it was the right time,’ he told her. ‘Why did you suddenly pop out of the blue and announce that you loved me?’ he asked with a small grin.


‘I just thought it was the right time,’ she mocked, laughing.


‘You know, I really do love you. I have for a while, I mean. You’re just so smart and sensible, and there was no way I saw what you did last night coming. I guess I started to like you because I love it when you get angry. You know how, when a guy likes a girl he annoys her?’ He didn’t wait for an answer. ‘Well, we do it because we don’t know what else to do, and, like I said before, because you’re cute when you get angry. Hermione,’ he took her hand in his. ‘You are so not like any other girl I’ve ever met. You’re kind, gentle, patient; everything I want in a girl. You are the one, Hermione Granger. You. Are. The. One.’


She was so taken aback by this declaration that she almost didn’t see him lean in to her. ‘I… I don’t know what to say,’ she said breathlessly. ‘Don’t say anything,’ he whispered back. And he kissed her, with all the passion he had inside of him, wrapping his arms protectively around her and pulling her close. He again felt her hands through his hair and on his back, and he kissed her face, her ear, her neck. When he found her lips, she was pushing him down into the couch, lying on top of him; he was still managing to hold her. He pulled off her cloak and she his, making it easier for them both to actually see. She couldn’t believe she was kissing Draco Malfoy in the Head’s common room. She liked it, no, she loved it. Someone loved her and wasn’t keeping her in the dark, they were expressing their feelings, and she was proud of him. Maybe he was right; maybe he was the one…


A/N: Thanks for reading chapter 4; I really sorry, it took a little while to write because I’ve been doing so many other things. Special thanks to mindifislytherintom for inspiration for this chapter; you rock!


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