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If there was one thing she had learned after sixteen, almost seventeen years of living, it was this - family was everything.

Friends were important; school was important.

But in the end, through thick and thin, you had your family. Friends could desert you; everyone must leave school eventually.

But family - family was a bond that would never fail. Blood, after all, is thicker than water. This was the mantra that she had taken up since she was little.

Her friends had never failed her before - Hufflepuffs were known for being good friends, and she had always liked school and done passably well. Yet she had always made the effort to go home for every holiday, and she had never groaned like other teenagers when her parents came to meet her at the platform.

It wasn’t embarrassing; it was endearing.

She was a silly girl sometimes, she knew that. She could be gullible and emotional and she wasn’t the smartest in her year. But there were more important things in life than book smarts and being clever and witty.

She was not clever or witty. But what she did have was a big heart, and no one held a place in her heart quite like her family.

It was just her and her mum and dad at home. Her parents had wanted children terribly - but in the end, it was just her, which made their small family feel even more precious.

Her, her mum, and her dad. An impenetrable unit. Plenty of her friends were close to her and she loved them dearly - but when the summers came, she was happy to spend them in her neighborhood, enjoying the fact that they were together once more.

It was funny, how everything in your life could change suddenly, with no warning.

The Abbotts were not an outspoken family. Hannah believed Harry Potter, of course, that Voldemort had come back. Cedric had been in her house, after all; the Hufflepuffs chose to follow Harry Potter as a rule. It would be disrespectful to their fallen house mate not to.

But while her parents also believed Harry and didn’t support the rise of the Dark Lord, they were quiet. She believed they were safe.

Hannah was the most outspoken, if it could be called that. She was in Dumbledore’s Army. But her parents - they were innocent. They were safe.

Until, one day, they weren’t.

It was supposed to be an ordinary day. It was Herbology. Nothing bad is supposed to happen in Herbology. Nothing big is supposed to happen in Herbology. Herbology is supposed to be safe.

Only then it wasn’t.

Because then one day, she was taken out of Herbology, to see a professor’s sympathetic face looking down at her, to hear a professor’s pitying voice saying, I’m so sorry, Hannah, but your mother was found dead.

Because one day, everything that she knew crumbled.

Because it didn’t matter that her parents were quiet. It didn’t matter that they tried to be unobtrusive. It didn’t matter, because the Death Eaters still killed her mother.

Her father took her out of school. They stood, trembling, hand in hand as they watched Mrs Abbott’s casket be lowered slowly into the ground.

Their family, their indestructible unit had somehow been crippled.

She wasn’t allowed to go back to Hogwarts. Hannah and her father went into hiding; he didn’t want her to get hurt.

So they waited. They waited and waited, hiding out, watching the world that they knew crumble around them.

Going back for her seventh year was out of the question. Dumbledore was dead. Dumbledore. If Dumbledore was gone, then the world certainly was falling apart.

So they waited some more. They hid. They moved around. They hid some more.

Until one day in May, when everything changed once again. Because on May 2, 1998, the fake Galleon that she had forgotten about was warm once more.

Her father didn’t understand. It was too dangerous, he argued. She could die.

But she could die just sitting here, hiding. Doing nothing did not guarantee your life - her mother proved that.

And if she didn’t go and fight, her mother would have died for nothing.

Yes, Hannah might die if she went to Hogwarts to fight alongside her fellow Dumbledore’s Army members.

But people die all the time. The least she could do was make her death worth something.

“I have to.” Her voice was firm. “This isn’t just about me. This is about what’s important.”

Hannah Abbott went to Hogwarts, and Hannah Abbott fought proudly. She was not sitting back.

She was putting her family first: her Hogwarts family. Her magical family. The Muggles whom she had never met and never would meet but whose lives she might just help save. And her father and mother, too, even if her father didn’t understand.

In fighting, she was fighting for the right for her to live with her father again, no longer fighting. She was fighting for all the innocents who had been murdered, like her father.

Hannah fought for what was important.

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