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Gorgeous CI by Blackhorse @ TDA!!!

Chapter Two: Teddy


Pregnant. Dom’s pregnant and by who, nobody knows. But, I know. I’ve known since she’s started showing. Everytime I see her, my chest hurts. I feel sick with what I did to her. I took advantage of my fiancé’s younger sister the day I proposed and then, I got her pregnant. Dom can’t have meant what she said that night, it was just in the heat of the moment. She couldn’t really love me.


She has been ignoring me every chance she got these past eight months. Noone would dare think that I Ted Remus Lupin would ever get Victoire’s sister pregnant. My life has really turned to shit since then. Well, actually…since Dominique went and announced that she was pregnant with a nameless bloke’s child. For some reason, she hasn’t told anyone that it’s mine. Maybe it isn’t, then again..I’m not sure if she’s ever been with anyone else in that way.


“Teddy, what’re you thinking about?” Vic asked, from across the table. I look at her flawless face and almost frown. Her perfect eyebrow is raised and she has a salad fork in her hand. If I told her what I was thinking, that thing would probably end up securely shoved into my temple…or worse.


“The Wedding. It’s only months away, we have to make preparations,” I said, making her exhale a held breath. She seemed relieved, lately we’ve been fighting and I think she’s starting to suspect things. Vic is sharper than anyone gives her credit for. She’s just like her mother.


“Right, we do if we want to have it here and all,” Victoire said, pushing her salad around. I liked her better when she had an appetite. Lately, Vic’s become obsessed with fitting into her perfect wedding dress and it was getting annoying. I love Victoire but, maybe I’m falling out of love with her…I don’t know. Mr. Weasley would kill me if he found out that not only am I falling out of love with his first born daughter, I also happened to impregnate his younger daughter.


I just want to go to bed really, there’s no point in being here. I don’t even know why she wanted to go out. All we do is argue lately, and when we’re not arguing or talking about the damn wedding, we’re not speaking at all. Ugh, my life sucks sometimes. I cut into my very rare and slightly bloody steak, savoring it as the flavor sent my taste buds into overdrive. Victoire just looked at me and the steak in disgust. I really don’t understand her these days.


Everything I do makes her scowl or wrinkle her nose. I know that if Dom was here she’d be having a big steak right next to me. We finish dinner in silence and then we walk down the boardwalk. It’s beautiful this time of year. I love this place, and the cottage. It’s probably where I’ll end up alone with my face scratched to shit once everyone finds out that I am the father of Dom’s baby.


We’re both quite as we walk down the sandy beach in the direction of the cottage. Victoire’s mind is probably on the wedding. My mind is just on Dom, on the baby. I want to tell her how sorry I am, that making love to her was more than I’d said. I wasn’t nearly as drunk as I’d made her believe. Fuck.


I want to tell her that I always knew how she felt, that I felt the same way too. But, how could I say any of those things after what I’d done? There was no going back. I’d screwed up all three of our lives. And soon, Dom and I were going to pay for it. “Teddy do you still love me?” Victoire asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.


“Of course Vic, you know I do,” I said, smiling at her with as much pretend happiness as I could. The thing is that we’ve both changed and I know I’ll always love her but, I’ll never be in love with her again.


She managed a smile before we continued back to the cottage where I’m sure Dom would already be sleeping. When we got in the only light on was the one in the sitting room. The door of the room she was staying in was closed and all was quiet. She was asleep and safe from the both of us. “I’m going to go shower again, I’ll see you in bed,” Victoire said, making me nod. I rolled my eyes at this, she’d had a shower before we’d gone out.


“Alright Love. See you in bed,” I said, as she grabbed a towel and her robe and nightgown. I undressed and slipped on the pair of black and blue plaid pajama bottoms I’d gotten for Christmas from Dom the next morning after that night. I walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk bottle, uncapping it I drained half of it in one go. I put the cap back on it and then walked into the bedroom.


Victoire had turned it into a very white very fancy looking bedroom, all of my things where tossed in a few boxes and placed in the very back of my closet. When did she turn into such a priss? I don’t even know but, I put up with it as punishment for what I did to her sister. What I did to her. I laid in the bed and sighed as I closed my eyes trying to let sleep overcome me. Tomorrow would be another day in paradise or in my case another day in Hell.


A/N: I apologize again for the long overdue update and the shortness of this chapter. It’s rather late, I have a headache and my sleep deprived brain can only work itself over so hard. Hope you liked it!!


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