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A/N: I'm back! Did you miss me? No? Oh well, I'm back anyway :) This chapter's from Pansy's POV, so you get a look into her mind. I really enjoyed writing this one :) It's got some attempts at humor, and we learn Pansy isn't as stupid as she seems. I hope you like it. Enjoy :)




I looked over to the Gryffindor table and saw Loony, Abbot, and Astoria all looking at Granger and Weaslette's rings for probably the thousandth time. Why would Draco propose to the mudblood? He's been with her for a grand total of what, six, seven months? This better be some amazing setup during which he breaks the engagement in front of the whole school before coming and proposing to me. Obviously that ring should be mine. No, wait. A much more beautiful ring should be mine. Draco would get me a beautiful ring, with a large diamond on it, "Pureblood" engraved in it, and we'd live happily ever after with Johnathan, Lillian, and Julianna, as well as our cats Frisky and Marv. I just have to wait, right?




Ew. No. Draco just kissed the mudblood. I looked over for any signs that he didn't really mean it. Eyes open? No, closed. Light and short, without much effort? Not from what I saw. Keeping his distance? Wasn't happening. Draco's pretty good at faking it. Unless...




No. He couldn't really. I leaned over to Daphne. She was dating Theo, who was friends with Mudblood & Co., but she wasn't constantly with them like Astoria. She didn't compliment Granger, I actually didn't even know if they were friends. If they are, I'd rather not know.




"Daphne, do we have any left over Polyjuice Potion from Snape's assignment from a couplenof months ago?"




"I have a vial, in the drawer by my bed. Why do you want it?" She shoved some pudding in her mouth as soon as she finished talking. Really, for a Pureblood with a rich and well behaved family, she sure can be a pig at the table.




"I'm going to get it. It's time to find out what Draco likes so much about Mudblood Granger." I got up to leave, and Daphne, completely oblivious to my actual plan, shoved a piece of salmon in her mouth. Ew. Salmon after pudding? That girl is disgusting.




I went down to our dormitory and pulled out the drawer containing the vial of Polyjuice Potion. Everything was good, except... I hadn't planned out how I would get Granger alone. She's always got someone trailing after her. Except when she's at the library and Draco's at Quidditch practice. I am smarter than I look or let myself seem. I grabbed the Polyjuice and left to the corridor by the library to empty a conveniently placed broom closet in which I could leave Granger while she was unconscious.







I checked the time on the library clock. Granger should be arriving any minute. The library and corridor were abandoned, so everything was convenient for me. Lovely. I heard footsteps, and taking out my wand I checked who it was. Granger. Right on time, all alone. I stunned her, poured some sleeping draught down her throughout that I had stolen from Snape's stores earlier today, and dragged her into the broom closet.  I changed into her robe and tie and checked the clock again. Granger watched Quidditch practice for 45 minutes, came to the library for 10, and spent 5 minutes going back to the common room (I do NOT stalk her and Draco's daily activities), that meant that... I had to run. Two minutes and I had to be in the common room, ready to give Draco the usual hug and kiss. I was going to kiss Draco!




I was about to leave when I remembered the most crucial part of my plan. The Polyjuice. Right. I took on of Granger's hairs, dropped it in the vial, and drank the disgusting thing. My first time drinking Polyjuice was last year when I tried to get a fabulous Ravenclaw pureblood to notice me for one night. It was horrible, but I must say, that whatever-her-name-was actually tasted worse than Granger. Still, Polyjuice is disgusting. After I finished transforming, I looked down. Wow. Granger's got a body beneath that uniform. Guess that's one for Draco.




I looked at the clock. One minute. Was it even possible to get up there in a minute? I ran to a nearby portrait and pulled a list of passwords out of my pocket I had borrowed from a first year. Quickly stating the password and running through the passage, I found myself three feet away from the Head's Dorms. I quickly gave the password, and ran in, lighting up the fireplace. The door opened, and Draco came in all sweaty. No girl could turn down that wind-ruffled hair or bright smile.




"Hi Draco!" I said happily, in my best imitation of Granger's voice. Draco stopped smiling. He stepped closer, a confused look on his face, which turned into anger.




"Where's Hermione and what did you do to her?" he yelled. Ow. That damaged my ears.




"What do you mean? I'm right here Draco. Are you sure you didn't hurt yourself at Quidditch practice?" That did not sound like something Granger would say. She would have made it sound more intelligent.




"Yeah, right here, especially since your eyes aren't like Hermione's, your hair isn't as curly and brown, and countless other faults you'd get from a poor Polyjuice Potion. Who are you and what the hell did you do to Hermione?" Draco was furious by now. I gave in, he pretty much figured me out.




"I'm Pansy." I said quietly. "Granger's in the broom closet by the library, I gave her a sleeping draught, and she should wake up in half an hour." Draco went mental.





"Why would you do that? Are you even sure it was a sleeping draughts and not poison? I'm not waiting half an hour, I'm going for her now. What were you thinking Parkinson, you idiot! You're not getting away like you did when you nearly killed me! You're not happy but Hermione and I are, you probably just poisoned her!" Draco kept rambling on as he went back to the portrait hole.




"Draco wait!" I yelled. If I couldn't get what I wanted as Granger, I was going to find out as myself. "She's alright. I promise. Now could you please talk to me?" He turned around angrily.




"What do you want?" he spat. That was hateful.




"Why Draco? Just tell me why you chose her over everyone else. Do you really love her, if you do, how did you fall in love with her, do you really care as much as you seem to?"




"No. I don't care about her as much as I seem to. I car about her more than I seem to. Yes, I really love her. I didn't ask to fall in love with her. It was unintended. She just... Just being near her made me want to change, since the end of fourth year. I really liked her. I told Blaise in fifth. But until this year, I didn't know I loved her.




"Why her?" Draco continued. "Because she doesn't want my money. She doesn't care about my blood status, she's forgiven me for the wrong choices I made. She's given me a chance, a real chance, put the past aside. Do you know how much that means to me? I haven't taken many chances, so I took this one before I lost it. And I'm glad I did, because I've found someone I love completely and someone who loves me back just the same. She's not going to be walking through Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade in five years telling everyone she's married to Draco Malfoy, a rich pureblood, she's not going to be bragging that she's got a giant Manor. She's not that kind of person. I love her Pansy, I truly do. Hermione changed my life." He was crying. I knew why. He thought he wasn't good enough for her. "I don't deserve her. She's too good for me. But she's still always there, she loves me and she doesn't think she's too good." What did I tell you?




"Draco... I know after everything I've done, this sounds totally out of place and absurd, but I'm happy for you. For both of you. All I wanted was for you to be happy, and until now I've thought that you'd only be happy with me. I was blinded by my petty crush, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. For trying to ruin your happiness. And I swear I'll never hurt you again. I'd... I'd appreciate it if you'd let me apologize to Hermione as well." Wow. That came from my heart... I've never spoken from my heart before, I think I'm becoming a better person. Draco looked at me with a confused look on his face.





"You want to apologize? I-well-Pansy, I would have never expected that from you. I'd normally think you're lying but no offense, you're a horrible liar for a Slytherin. I can tell that was truthful. So, apology accepted. I'll let you apologize to Hermione. Just don't expect to be all whoop-de-doo, all forgotten, best friends forever." He led the way down to the library, where the broom closet was. My poor Polyjuice had worn off by now, so now I was Pansy Parkinson, walking through the school in a Gryffindor uniform, getting weird looks left and right.




"It's that one," I said, pointing to the broom closet. Granger was still asleep, but I knew the potion would stop working in five minutes. Draco still looked worried, even though he knew it was just a sleeping draught. "How did you know I wasn't her?" I asked, curious.




"Your eyes aren't like her's. Hermione's are chocolate brown, while yours are much darker. The Polyjuice wasn't done well enough to get that, as well as more minor features, such as the small scar Hermione has on her finger. I could tell you weren't her right away." Granger stirred, and Draco immediately drooped down to the floor the help her sit up. It was actually really sweet, the way he gently helped her up and made sure she was comfortable. I actually smiled to myself, seeing how much he worried and cared for Granger. My smile faded as Granger saw me.




"What is she doing here?" Granger shrieked. If my hearing still works by tomorrow, it'll be a miracle. As Granger fought to get up, Draco gently pushed her back down so that she could lean against the wall.




"Shh Hermione... Relax. Pansy isn't going to do anything or I'm going to kill her." Well that's good to know. Granger still looked doubtful, but she trusted Draco.




"What do you want?" she asked coldly. I took a deep breath. Granger was probably going to think I've lost my marbles.




"I'm sorry. For everything. I just wanted Draco to be happy, and even though I saw him being happy with you, I thought he could only be happy with me. I was obviously wrong. I was jealous, and I'm sorry." After an awkward silence, Granger spoke.




"You've lost your marbles." Told you so. "You're telling me that you're sorry for nearly killing Draco, for trying to ruin all my happiness and everything I have?"




"Yeah. I have apologized before. And I usually mean my apologies. Unless it's something stupid. But I know how much this relationship means to you and Draco. Draco's told me everything. And now that I know the full story, I'm truly sorry." Granger still looked shocked and doubtful.




"I forgive you. Just don't expect us to be all whoop-de-doo, all forgotten, best friends forever."




"Funny, that's what Draco said.", I said.




"What can I say, great minds think alike", Granger was standing in an embrace with Draco, smiling broadly. "However, I still must ask-Pansy, why do you have my tie and robe?"









Draco, Hermione, and their friends still weren't completely friendly, but they tolerated me for the most part, and I was welcome to sit with them if Daphne insisted on going over to them to be with Theo. It was kind of awkward, sitting quietly as Draco, Granger, Potter, the two Weasleys, Lovegood, Abbot, Longbottom, Blaise, Astoria, Daphne, and Theo all had great dun telling jokes. They didn't exclude me, just were hesitant about giving me their full trust. I don't blame them, I wouldn't trust one of them right away if they did those things to me. Lovegood was the most accepting the fastest.




"She's clearly sorry", Luna said in her airy voice. "I would know if Pansy was lying-firstly, when she apologized to all of us, I could see it in her eyes that she meant it, secondly, all sort of creatures would be punishing her for lying and trying to make us believe her..." Luna went off into an airy banter about creatures I'd never heard of before. Judging by everyone else's expressions, this was a daily routine. Daphne, Theo, Ron, and Blaise seemed to be having a competition on who can shove the most food in their mouth, which was a rather disgusting sight. I decided to try to start a conversation.




"So Hermione," I started awkwardly. "What are you planning on doing when you graduate Hogwarts?" Hermione started giving a detailed explanation of a four year job at the Ministry and the post of Ancient Runes teacher, and judging by the other's expressions, she has probably said everything about fifty times. However, I found it rather interesting, Hermione knew everything there was to know about the subject. She finished just as the bell rang, indicating the end of dinner. We all got up. Hermione and Draco had invited us to their common room for a while, since Draco was leaving for tryouts for the Montrose Magpies the next day. It was actually quite enjoyable-conversations and laughter over tea. I was actually quite jealous of everyone's close friendship, and though Hermione was engaged to Draco, she, Harry and Ron were still as close as they were since first year. I'm actually really jealous of their friendship. They've been through so much, and were so close. I smiled, knowing that they all had what they deserved-happiness. And I was done with trying to ruin it for them.








That night as I fell asleep, I dreamed of everything that had happened at Hogwarts up until this point in time. It was weird, like reliving all of my memories. As if I was looking in a Pensieve, a magical object I had read about which allows you to relive memories. At least, I think that's what it does.





I sat in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express with Draco, Blaise, Daphne, Theodore, Vincent and Gregory. The last two everyone called Crabbe and Goyle, they were so thick they probably didn't even know they had first names. I've know everyone here since I was born-we were all pureblooded witches and wizards, and our families had introduced us at a very young age, insisting that we befriend and marry only those that are pure like us. A ridiculously bushy haired girl with rather large front teeth appeared at the door of the compartment, asking about a toad, stating that she was helping a boy find his. Daphne and I couldn't help but snigger and whisper about her appearance, but I saw Draco seeming transfixed by her as he answered, saying that he had seen no toad. I decided then and there I'd keep him away from her-and make sure I found lots of unlikeable things about her.




At Hogwarts, the seven of us were sorted into Slytherin, all proud. The bushy girl was sorted into Gryffindor along with famous Potter and hand-me-down Weasley. I learned over time the girl was Hermione Granger, muggleborn witch, annoyingly smart, and, after a certain incident, best friends with Potter and Weasel. In her first year, she and Weasley helped Potter sack Quirrel. In her second year, she helped Potter and Weasley deal with the Chamber of Secrets situation while petrified. In third year, she somehow attended pretty much all the classes possible, and later publicly dropped Divination.




In fourth year, I watched as Viktor Krum chose her over prettier, pureblooded witches. I told Rita Skeeter everything I could that would embarrass Granger. In fifth year, Granger helped Potter and Weasley make a defense group, which was strictly against the rules. I walked through the halls alongside Draco and other members of the Inquisitorial Squad, ready to get the defense group punished after Edgecomb told us where they were. I felt a surge of cruel happiness as I knew Potter, Weasley, and Granger would get punished. After that, I heard they broke into the Ministry. Sixth year, Potter became best at Potions, leaving Granger rather disappointed. Later that year, I sat in the hospital with Blaise, Daphne, Theo, and Astoria, listening to Draco telling us about how Potter used a spell- Sectumsempra- but did not go into much detail on it. Draco later seemed to reluctantly ask me to be his girlfriend, and, ignoring the fact that it did not sound as though he actually wanted tonbe with me, I gladly began dating him.




It was May 2 of my last year at Hogwarts, and I listened as the Dark Lord spoke to us all, telling us to hand over Potter so that none will be harmed. I yelled to everyone to take Potter, who was in plain sight. No one took him and everyone instead turned on me. After we were lead out, I didn't return. I didn't want to, I feared getting injured or killed. After Potter defeated the Dark Lord, I was shocked to hear that not many were killed. I continued my relationship with Draco, but I could tell his heart wasn't in it. I ignored the fact, and eventually told him that he had gone soft with the Dark Lord's defeat. He broke up with me, and so began my mission to make sure no one other than me got him. Like everyone else who had been in my year, I returned to repeat my seventh year at Hogwarts.




Granger. Of all people, he chose Granger. Mudblood, member of the so-called "Golden Trio". I looked at them often, hoping to see any sign that it wasn't real, just a show. After seeing Weasley storm out of the Great Hall, I followed him, and knew what I was going to do. Sectumsempra- I didn't know what it truly did, and besides, Weasley would be doing it- under my control.




I was lucky not to be expelled and sent to Azkaban. My parents bargained, eventually settling for a month and a half suspension while serving at St. Mungo's, and some more service of my choice after graduation. When I came back, I continued to try to ruin everything for Granger and Draco. I held the firm belief that Draco could only be happy with me.




I awoke with a start. Seeing myself as I was now, I realized that I was a selfish, jealous girl, who though she ruled the world. I regretted everything. If I could relive those years, I would.




A/N: I know this chapter was short, but I really wanted to write some of Pansy's story. Turns out she's not stupid as she seems, but rather intelligent, and simply controlled by jealousy and selfishness, later being able to feel remorse for her actions. I'd love reviews on what you thought about the chapter, and I'll be back soon!


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