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So this is chapter 2 its re written and the timeline is changed a bit thanks to a review wich pointedout that he is already over 17 which made me think. THE PROTECTION ON PRIVET DRIVE WOULD HAVE BROKEN. so he now hasnt had his birthday yet. thanks for reading, please review so I can improve :D

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Harry arrived back at the burrow. The windows of the house glowed in the darkness, showing him that everybody was still awake. He felt dizzy and his head was spinning. He closed his eyes trying to make it stop.

“Harry, are you ok?” Mr Weasley had his hand rested on his shoulder. Harry nodded. He picked up Headwig’s cage as Mr Weasley was still holding his trunk. Harry followed Mr Weasley to the front door. The gate creaked slightly as they opened it. Harry was happy to be back here and to be away from his Uncle. He was happy not to have to worry that death eaters would attack the moment he turned 17 because the Burrow had its own protection that didn’t rely on his age. He stood and waited as Mr Weasley knocked at the door.

“What were Fred and George’s first words?” Called Mrs Weasley’s voice from behind the door.

“Boom” Replied Mr Weasley as Harry felt the corners of his mouth rise into a small smile. “And what happened that time when Ginny was three and she got hold of your wand?” he asked.

“She turned Ron’s skin green and it took you two weeks to figure out how to change it back” Mrs Weasley through the door and opened it to let them in. Harry looked around the room. It was just how he had remembered it. The pans were washing themselves in the sink and a broom was merrily sweeping the floor. The room was bright and homely, such a contrast to the Dursley’s cold house.

“Oh, Harry dear, it’s good to see you, would you like me to fix your-”

“Harry” interrupted Ron happily from the doorway. He came over and gave Harry an awkward hug as his arm was still hanging from his neck in a sling. Ron opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ginny who had just run into the room closely followed by Fred and George. Harry was surprised to see them here as he thought they would be running the shop.

“Hiya, I missed you.” she said brightly as he gave her a one armed hug apparently forgetting, or not wanting to mention, their break up last term. She stepped back and looked at his arm. She carefully reached forwards and tapped the blue plaster. It hurt but he tried not to react.

“Sorry” Ginny apologised as she stepped back. She had obviously noticed his shoulders tense and his sharp intake of breath.

“It’s nothing and I missed you too.” he told her. He noticed that everyone was staring at him. He shifted his feet, wanting so much to hide his arm and for everything to be normal.

“So, you coming through to the lounge?” asked Ron trying to get everyone to stop staring at Harry.

“Um yea” said Harry quickly as he began to follow Ron out of the room.

“Wait, don’t you want me to try and fix your arm first, Harry?” Mrs Weasley called to him. Harry’s face must have showed his feelings because Mr Weasley quickly spoke before Harry could even think of what to say.

“To be honest Molly, I don’t think Harry wants any more pulling around tonight. I think we should leave it until the morning”

“But...He...I” stammered Mrs Weasley. Harry knew that she was rather doubtful of the cast on his arm.

“I’m sure Harry’s arm will be fine for tonight” said Mr Weasley putting his hand on her shoulder. She sighed and nodded as they turned to leave the room.
Harry followed Ron into the Living room and he sank down gently in a comfortable armchair next to the fire. He was feeling sleepy again and his brain felt slightly muddled. He could feel it pounding slightly so he closed his eyes, not really listening to what Ron was talking to him about. He felt very light and free as he sat there in the chair. And for the second time that night he felt his head roll to the side as he drifted off.


“Harry, Harry” Ron’s voice was sharp but quiet. Harry could feel his shoulders being shaken furiously as his head wobbled on his shoulders. He opened his eyes and looked up at Ron. The light hurt his head but he forced himself to keep his eyes open. He sat up and straightened his glasses trying not to think of his arm that was stabbing sharply again. He looked around and realised that Ginny, Fred and George were also crowded round him.

“I must have dozed off” he told them hoping they would believe him.

“We weren’t born yesterday, Harry. We have been trying to wake you for ages.” Ginny retorted as she stood and walked around behind the back of the chair. Harry sighed and rested his head on the back of the chair. So they had not believed his story.

“Did you hit your head Harry?” Ron asked sympathetically.

“No” said Harry angrily. But Ginny obviously didn’t believe a word of it. Before Harry could stop her she had slipped her hand behind his head. Harry winced and leant forwards as Ginny’s hand ran over the back of his head.

“My God Harry, you have a bump like an egg back there.”

“Do you feel ok mate?” asked Ron concerned. Staring Harry strait in the eyes.

“Yea” Harry lied easily.

“No dizziness, no headache?” Ginny persisted. He shook his head knowing that there was a very slim chance they would believe him.

“Stand up then” she commanded, putting her hands on her hips which made her look very much like her mother. Harry groaned inwardly, knowing that as his head was spinning sitting down he would have a very slim chance of standing properly. He braced himself and then stood. He instantly felt his head swimming and he fell sideways, losing his balance. Ron caught him and pushed him back in the chair. Everything was spinning around him so he shut his eyes again.

“You seriously thought I would believe you?” asked Ginny raising her eyebrows. Harry nodded but didn’t reply. “I mean you just passed out and you obviously don’t feel well”

“Who just passed out?” asked Mrs Weasley from the doorway causing them all to jump. She scanned the room finally spotting Harry slumped in the chair with his hand on his head. She walked briskly across the room and knelt down next to Harry’s chair.

“Harry?” she asked gently. He opened his eyes and looked at her. Everything was still spinning slightly.

“Did you hit your head tonight?” he nodded seeing no point of lying because he would obviously be discovered.

“And have you passed out since it happed apart from just now?” He nodded again. He was aware that Ron, Ginny, Fred and George were being shooed out of the room by Mr Weasley. When he heard the door click shut he knew it was just him and Mrs Weasley left in the room.

“I’m guessing that you feel dizzy, have a headache and can see the room spinning?” He nodded again. “I will put you to bed in Ron’s bed for now as your camp bed isn’t made up. Can you walk?” He nodded yet again and let himself be pulled to his feet and led from the room. Mrs Weasley called her husband and together they managed to get him up the stairs. Harry didn’t remember lying down but knew he was in the bed and could now get some sleep.


Harry was woken many hours later by the mid morning sun shining through the window. He shifted in his bed and looked up at the ceiling. He was glad to realise that his head was not spinning and that everything he could see stayed securely where it was. He could feel his aching arm next to him so somebody must have taken off his sling. He sat up annoyed at the faint thumping in his head. He rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses glad when the room was finally back in focus. He slipped out of bed and put on his jumper over his clothes, which he must have slept in. He pulled the sleeve down trying to hide his cast. Putting his trainers on took a while with only one hand but he finally managed it.

Everyone was eating breakfast when he got downstairs. Mrs Weasley looked relieved to see that he stood quite straight and wasn’t looking dizzy. Harry scraped back a chair and sat down marvelling at how his appetite had returned.

“You look better mate” Ron told him smiling. He knew that everyone was looking at him again, waiting for his reply.

“I feel better too” he told Ron, relieved when they started eating again. He began to nibble a slice of buttered toast as that didn’t require the use of a knife and fork.

“I’ll fix your arm later” Mrs Weasley told him. He nodded in response happy to think that he the cast and sharp twinges would soon be gone.

“To be honest Harry, this has saved us quite a headache. We had no idea how to get you out of there without us all being attacked but the death eaters didn’t expect this and now you are here nobody has to worry about your Aunt and Uncle being attacked either” Said Mr Weasley happily from the head of the table.

“I was worried too, what’s the date?” he asked, wondering how much longer he would have had to be taken out of Privet Drive.

“Do you feel ok?” asked Mrs Weasley, who had looked sharply up from her breakfast.
“Yes” Harry replied, feeling confused. “It’s hard to keep track of the date without a calendar” he explained

“Oh well, It’s the 30th July, so your birthday is tomorrow, we would have had to think of a plan today”

“Oh, I didn’t realise that it was so close” he sighed and let his mind wander whilst he finished his toast. If he was turning 17 tomorrow then today was the last day which he would have his mother’s protection inside him would be with him, this was the last day he would be immune to Voldemort’s killing curse. This was the last day the little part of his mother would be inside him, it saddened him to think of it so he shook himself back to reality.

When everyone was helping to clear the table Harry and Ron went for a walk in the orchard.

“What were you thinking of a breakfast?” asked Ron

“Just how today was the last day my mother’s protection is inside me” It surprised him that Ron had noticed but then he was probably being watched closely just to make sure he didn’t black out again. On the way they had collected their brooms from the shed and Ron reassured Harry that he hadn’t let a single person ride it over the summer but Harry noticed that his fingers were crossed behind his back. Harry had given his broom to Ron so that he could look after it over the summer. He didn’t want to leave it at school but thought it might get damaged by Dudley or Uncle Vernon if he took it with him. Presides he wouldn’t be allowed to fly it anyway.

In the orchard Ron flew high above the trees whilst Harry watched bellow, polishing the handle of his broom on his zip-up jacket. Unable to bear it no longer he stood up and straddled the broom, with a gasp of excitement he felt himself sawing into the sky and weaving in and amongst the treetops. Ron nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Harry zooming past. Ron sped up to catch up but Harry’s broom was much faster and much more agile.

Harry held his right arm against his chest as he flew only holding on with his left. His jacket had fallen back off his shoulders with the force of the wind but he didn’t care. Eventually he stopped and hovered thirty feet above the ground, staring down at the beautiful valley bellow.

“Mum will have a fit if she sees you up here!” chuckled Ron as he slowed down beside him.

Harry shrugged, “I couldn’t resist” he smiled back, glad to be back to normal with his friend.

After another hour of catching up and flying they returned to the ground. Harry felt exhilarated after his fight and he happily returned his and Ron’s brooms to the shed, his month at the Durlsey’s house had felt like forever.

They were making their way back when Hermione appeared with a loud pop just in front of them. She began to walk towards The Burrow as she had not noticed them.

“OI” called Ron making her jump and spin round to see who it was.

“Hi you two” she called back to them, stopping so they could catch up. She looked slightly tanned and she was bouncing happily on the soles of her feet when she walked.

“How was summer?” Harry asked her when they reached her, before he and Ron were squeezed in a tight hug that made their heads clonk together.

“Alright, we went to Spain. It was hot” she shrugged when she finally let the go. “I’m glad to be back. What have you got up your sleeve Harry?” she asked. Harry tried to hide his arm behind him but she was too quick. She leaned round him and grabbed his arm making him wince and pull it up to his chest.

“Oh Harry I’m so sorry” she gasped realising instantly what the blue thing was. “When did that happen?” she asked looking shocked.

“Last night” he replied moodily. Suddenly she looked confused.

“” she stammered unable to think of the right question to ask.

“I tripped down the stairs last night so they drove me to the hospital and left me there. I passed out in the waiting room so then had to stay for tests. Eventually the hospital managed to contact Mr Weasley who came and picked me up.” he explained examining his fingers which looked swollen.

“But Mum didn’t fix his arm then cos he passed out again on a chair” Ron added.

“She will probably do it when we get back to The Burrow” Harry ended. Hermione nodded looking sympathetically at him. Harry was annoyed. This was why he didn’t want to tell her. He pushed past her and walked quickly towards The Burrow. He heard whispering behind him but didn’t turn. He heard Ron and Hermione start walking and he picked up his pace. The back door to the Burrow was already open a jar so he pushed it open and walked in.

“Ah, Harry. Would you like me to fix your arm now?” Mrs Weasley asked when she saw him. He nodded.

“Come and sit down and rest your arm on the table” she instructed. “Have you been flying?” she added, a slight hint of annoyance in her voice as she took in his windswept hair and his jacket that still hung off his shoulders slightly. He nodded sheepishly, there was nothing that could escape her sharp eyes that had been fine tuned by her years of raising seven children. He shrugged his jacket back on properly as he sat down just as Ron and Hermione walked into the kitchen.

“Hello Hermione” smiled Mrs Weasley “have you had a nice summer?”

“Yes thank you. I’m going to put my trunk upstairs.” She replied. “Are you coming Ron?”

“I was going to stay with Harry” he told her. She raised her eyebrows at him. “Oh, yes I’m coming” He stammered, finally catching on. They rushed out of the room, taking the heavy trunk with them. Harry could hear them whispering all the way up the stairs.

“Right” said Mrs Weasley coming over to Harry who was sitting with his arm rested on the table. “They gave you a sling for a reason you know” she said crossly when she saw his swollen fingers poking out of his jacket sleeve. She gently pulled the jacket sleeve back to his elbow so that the cast was completely exposed.

“I’m just going to cut this thing off first” she murmured. She dragged her wand slowly across his cast and a thin line began to split along it. With as small crack it broke at the line.

“This will hurt” she warned as she pulled the cast over his hand and then the soft bandages. He winced but made no other sound. Finally his arm was left lying on the table.

“Oh my...” She muttered when she saw it. Harry’s arm was bruised and swollen but this was not what she had meant. Clearly visible on top of the other bruises was a clear imprint of a large hand, made of slightly darker bruises. Harry groaned inwardly. They would know the truth which he had been hiding. He had no idea this would happen but there was nothing he could do about it now.

“Arthur” Mrs Weasley called from the doorway of the kitchen, her voice shaking. Harry heard the thudding of somebody running down the stairs and Mr Weasley appeared in the doorway next to his wife. He followed her back to Harry and looked down at his arm.

“Harry who did that?” he asked breathlessly.

“Dudley tried to grab me as I fell” lied Harry, he could feel them both staring at him neither of them believing a word he said.
“Harry, the doctor told me that it didn’t look like your arm was broken by a fall. He said it looked like someone had twisted it round and the muscles were stretched too”

Harry looked down at the table. He knew that he had been found out and there was no way of covering this up.

“Harry. Did your uncle do it?” Mrs Weasley encouraged him gently.

“Yes” admitted Harry sheepishly.

“Has he ever done anything like this before?” Mr Weasley asked again.

“Before?” gasped Mrs Weasley staring up at her husband.

“Yes, but he hasn’t hurt me since I got my school letter before last night” replied Harry, he hated himself for telling them this but he knew there was no way of stopping them from finding out.

“How old were you?” Mrs Weasley was getting more shocked the more he told her and she was now looking slightly pale.

“Once when I was five and again when I was eight. I annoyed him, I did something magic. He pinned me against a wall and would just twist until it snapped” Harry hated admitting this to the Weasleys. He didn’t want them feeling sorry for him.

“And that is what he did again last night?” asked Mr Weasley.

Harry nodded. Mrs Weasley sighed and took out her wand. Harry knew that she was feeling sorry for him and he hated it, but he also knew that she would now feel that it was her fault for letting him go back there every year. She tapped Harry’s arm with the wand and he felt it glowing warm. It cooled again quickly. He could tell that it was fixed but it still felt very sore and stiff. He lifted it only to find that he could barely move his wrist and it was very painful to try.

“It will be stiff and sore for a few weeks I’m afraid because although the bone is repaired you still damaged your muscles. And I have no idea how long the swelling and bruises will take to go.” She said as she watched him, her eyes filled with pity. “Oh and wear your sling, it should reduce that swelling and stop you hitting it on anything” she warned, staring him straight in the eyes.

“Thanks” he sighed as he got up and left the room. The living room was empty apart from Ginny who was reading and he didn’t really feel in the mood to be persuaded to restart their relationship so he quietly crept up the stairs, hoping that she wouldn’t hear him. When he passed Fred and George’s room a loud explosion sounded and the door rattled on its hinges. A thin cloud of pink smoke began to drift under the door and Harry was about to push it open to see if they were alright.

“Wicked” came the voices of both twins at once, Harry chuckled and continued up the corridor knowing they were both fine. Ginny’s room was empty so he went back up the next flight of stairs to Ron’s room. There were voices coming from behind the door, he pulled his jacket down passed his wrist and cautiously entered the room.

“How is it?” asked Hermione the second he entered the room.

“Sore” He replied shrugging. He sat down on the bed, resting his arm gingerly on his legs. She was also sitting on the bed, an open book in her lap. Ron was sitting on the camp bed that he must have slept on last night. He had all his chess pieces sitting in a line on the board and they were all arguing fiercely. They looked different to normal though, slightly lighter in colour and the Queen had a different hat on. He decided that it had to be a trick of the light. Ron looked up too as he tried to ignore his chess pieces when he heard the sound of his voice.

“How was your summer?” she asked him.

“Rubbish, got ignored completely so no change there.” He shrugged
Ron looked back down to his chess board and continued his heated discussion. Hermione smiled but didn’t reply as she turned back to her book.
Harry looked down at his hand again, trying to wiggle his fingers. He could just get them to move but it made his arm ache so he stopped and looked down and watched Ron’s argument with his chess pieces, an amused smile spreading across his face.

“SHUT UP!” yelled Ron suddenly, swiping all his chess pieces back into their box. Hermione looked up from her book, startled. Ron crossed the Room to his chest of draws and took out a packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

“Jelly Bean?” Ron asked them as he opened the packet. Harry reached out to get one. Reaching out to get one with his left had had cause the sleeve on his right arm to slide up which revealed part of the bruising. Hermione’s sharp eyes saw it and for the second time that day she reached out to grab his arm. He gasped in pain as she grabbed it but she didn’t let go. Gently with her other hand she pulled up his sleeve.
She didn’t say anything but her expression and silence said enough. Ron got up off the floor and went to look at Harry’s arm.

“Blimey mate.” He whispered staring at the hand on Harry’s bruised and swollen arm.
“You need to tell someone. You can’t stay there anymore.” Hermione almost whispered into the silent room as she placed her small hand over the imprint of Uncle Vernon’s large one. She grasped his arm gently showing exactly how it had been held the night before.

“You seriously think that nobody knows? Mrs Weasley notices everything.” He pulled his arm back and pushed his sleeve back down.

“It shouldn’t be that swollen, didn’t they give you a sling?” she asked, as a muggle born witch she knew more about muggle healing methods than Ron did. Harry nodded but didn’t reply.

The rest of the day was spent in Ron’s room and they did nothing much in particular until they were called down to dinner. Harry gasped when he saw the amount of food on the table and his stomach let out a low rumble, making Ginny giggle behind him. He span on the spot not realising she was there. He gasped again and took an involuntary step backward when he realised that they were nearly face to face. She looked upset at his reaction and pushed past him into the room. He sighed and took a seat at the table between Ron and Fred. He had soon started pilling his plate high with Mrs Weasley’s fantastic cooking and the table was groaning under the weight of it all. The Weasley family were quite poor but they never were short of food. He licked his lips and dug in.

Harry, who was having to eat one handed, had forgotten what proper good food tasted like after almost a full summer of eating Dudley’s diet food. He had decided that he had lost more weight than Dudley over the summer and was planning on putting it all back on again over the next year. The meals here were not quiet like at the Dursley’s house and everyone chatted loudly and happily. After everyone had finished eating their third helpings of Mrs Weasley’s apple crumble they all helped clear the table and then went into the living room.

They spent a few hours playing games and talking excitedly. Harry loved being back in the Wealsey’s excitable house but he was feeling tired and his head had started to pound and his arm still ached resiliently.

“Why don’t you go to bed?” Hermione asked kindly as she watched him rub his eyes.

“yea, I think I will” said Harry after a moment’s thought, he didn’t want to get all dizzy again.

“Good idea, we don’t want you feeling ill on your birthday” smiled Mrs Weasley
Harry nodded and got up. He had forgotten that it was his birthday tomorrow.

“last day of no magic is nearly over” grinned Mr Weasley. Turning 17 was a big thing in the wizarding world and he was sure that Mr and Mrs Weasley would be buzzing like proud parents. He grinned and left the room running up the stairs to Ron’s bedroom. He slipped into his pyjamas and climbed into bed after quickly brushing his teeth. As sleep engulfed he felt a silent tear dripping onto the pillow. The last remaining part of his true mother was soon to be gone.

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