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I snapped awake on the day of September the 1st. This was it, I thought excitedly, this was the day I became a wizard. I sprang up and put on my favourite clothes, my old black jeans, and my black AC/DC shirt my Dad had bought for me at a concert, he had had to pay an arm and a leg for it, it had been the last one, and it was four sizes too big. My red converse came next and I had trouble tying them up I was that excited. I bounced around my room, double checking that I had everything, books neatly packed, my robes (not a dress!) rammed in, my cauldron and ingredients, and last but, but not least my wand. I thought hard for a second, I didn’t want to put it in my trunk, it might get broken, and it had to be concealed from the non magic folk, where should I put it? I deliberated, and as I did so I moved about my room, twirling my wand in my fingers. My iPod Touch I put in my pocket, along with my non-magical and magical wallets. That was it! I thought, and with a hurried movement shoved my wand into the waistband of my jeans. Pulling my shirt over the top it didn’t show. Brilliant! I ginned to myself.

“Severus! Hurry up, or you’ll be late!” Called my Mum; as she hurried up the stairs toward my room. “Go downstairs and eat! Your Dad wants to have a word with you before you go to school, you know he can’t see you off, he has work today!” And looking extremely flustered, she hurried out again with my trunk. I followed her, bouncing and grinning happily, I took the stairs at my usual break-neck speed and almost knocked my father over.

“Morning Dad!” I said, looking up at him, his thin features looked even more tired than usual. My Dad was and investment broker and had to deal with a lot of stresses. Even worse now as apparently there weren't enough people buying stuff. 

“Morning Sev, a little bit excited are we?” He chuckled. “Look son, come here,” and with a quick beckon, he led me into the kitchen where on the table top sat a fat orange kitten, it looked like a very overweight lion. “Professor Neville said that it would be okay for you to bring a cat to school with you, and I don’t want you to get lonely. So I bought you Prince here. Is he okay? I know you wanted an owl, but maybe we can get you an owl next year?”

“Dad, he’s brilliant!” I exclaimed, and I ran to the table where Prince sat eating some cat crunchies, it was where,I suddenly thought, Neville's transformed cat sat. “Prince!” I yelled, and scooped the kitten up carefully, “We are going to Hogwarts, Prince. Where I'm going to become a wizard!” I told him excitedly looking into his golden eyes. “Thanks Dad!” I said, I was now grinning fit to burst as I cuddled my new kitten to my chest, he was also very happy as he purred loud enough for it to fill the whole room. I knew that this was Dads apology for not being able to see me off on my first day of school.

Dad smiles at us, “He’ll have to go into a cat carrier for the train journey, and you can’t have him running loose on the train.” Dad chuckled at my rebellious look, “You’ll learn why, if you let him run free. He might get lost.” He shakes his head in amusement. “Anyway Sev, I have to go now, take care of your Mum.” Dad says, as I nod solemnly. He then claps me on the shoulder, causing Prince to narrow his eyes at him, and then my Dad walked out the door to his boring and stressful job.

My Mum walked in to the kitchen, and smiled at me, “He’s a good man your father, I didn’t even know about Prince. Suits the little guy too, walks around, high and mighty, never mind us lesser mortals.” She laughs lightly, I can tell she is really nervous about everything. “Now, Sev, put the kitten down, and let’s have some breakfast, cereal?” She busies herself preparing the cereal, as I sneak Prince under my shirt; he sits there purring comfortably, as my Mum puts a bowl of cereal before me. 

I grin and start to eat; unable to breathe I’m shovelling in my cereal so fast. I can feel Prince shift slightly and then stand up under my shirt. My free hand quickly grabs him, but I’m not fast enough, as Prince sticks his head up and out of my shirt neckline. 

Mum looks at me, sighs but is unable to hide her smile, “Come on Sev, and eat up. Put Prince on the table, he clearly wants to be able to watch us.” She smiles again. I do as she says, and hurriedly finish my breakfast. I grab Prince and stuff him in my coat pocket, the Prince of cats will not go in a cat carrier, I tell my Mum. She laughs and grabs her house keys, and jog to the bus stop. We’re off! 


We arrive at Kings Cross station at 10:30am, and hurry onto the platforms 9 and 10. Here we stop and consult my ticket, there wasn’t another train, according to the planner, arriving on platform nine, until 11:05. Looking at my ticket I feel a sudden chill, Platform 9 and 3/4, where would we find a platform 9 and ¾? We wander up and down the platform, passing a thin, black haired man and a blue haired boy who had stopped by a solid brick wall; I could hear him telling the boy to run at the wall. Astonished I turned my head to stare, the tall thin black haired man wore round glasses and had a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead. The boy was tall, thin and very handsome. He also had a trunk, and an OWL! I gasped and grabbed my mums hand, I was certain that these people were wizards. I started to tow her to the bespectacled man and the boy.

“Now Teddy, you have to run straight at the wall, I’ll be right behind you, be careful though, the station is packed with muggles of course.” The man flicked his longish hair out of his eyes. “Your Aunt Ginny will be here soon, she’s coming from Mungo’s with James and Al, the two of them had a bit of a fight again.” the man chuckled.

The boy nodded, “Yes Uncle Harry.” He stiffened his shoulders and with two long strides broke into a run, straight into the brick wall, and vanished!

“That’s it, mum,” I said loudly, she looks scared, “That’s how you get onto the platform!” I run with my trolley up to the barrier.

The tall man watches me as I walk up to the barrier and stick my hand through it. He looks dumbfounded, at that moment the tall boy comes back through the barrier and runs into me. A yowl of terror escapes my pocket and Prince sprints away. “Prince!” I cry and tear after him, "Come back!” Prince wasn’t very fast, as I found out; his big belly hindered his paws from being decent use. And as Prince ran, he was suddenly scooped up by the tall man. “Prince!” I gasp as I skid to a halt beside the tall man. “Thank you, sir,” I say to the man, and I then turn and rouse on Prince. “You’re a very naughty cat! Bad Prince!” I look at Prince, who stares back at me sadly and reaches up a paw and pats my cheek. “Promise not to run away again?” I ask, Prince mewed softly and apologetically, and then started to purr.

The tall man watches us in amusement. "Teddy, I think you ought to say sorry to this young man, he nearly lost his cat because you didn’t do as I asked.” The man said sternly. His green eyes focused, with laser intensity on the blue haired boy.

The boy walks up to me, and sticks out a hand, “’M very sorry.” He mumbles. He looks so sad that I hasten to assure him that it’s okay; I juggle Prince so his front paws are over my left arm and his hind legs, stick out, and splayed underneath my arm. 

I shake the boys hand, “It’s okay, and Prince is back now.” I say earnestly. “My names Severus Prince,” I say, not seeing the tall mans reaction to my name, “What’s yours?”

“Teddy Lupin,” The boy says, grinning a mischievous smile. I like him immediately. “This is my Uncle Harry Potter. And they,” He says pointing behind me, “Are my Aunt Ginny, and their kids James, who’s eldest, and Albus, who’s youngest” I nod to show I understand. James and Albus have split lips and are each looking very unhappy, while Ginny looks annoyed and is very pregnant. She holds their hands tightly, Albus has his face screwed up, trying not to cry I guess, he's walking on his tip toes. James looks mutinous, he's scowling at the floor. 

I turn around and point, “That’s my mum, her name's Mary Connor.” At her name, my Mum walks up nervously. 

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Potter,” she whispers. “Sev, you need to get on the train, although..” She trails off, looking frightened at the barrier. 

“Although, you don’t know how,” Mr Potter said, he phrased it so it wasn’t a question. “That’s okay, we’ll go together.” He smiles reassuringly at my Mum, who smiles timidly back. She looks completely overwhelmed by everything. Together, we all walk towards the barrier, Teddy grabs my trolley from me and runs at the barrier, I chase after him, Prince bouncing in my arms. We crash through, and there, at a station full of smoke, is a red steam engine.

“Brilliant,” I breathe, Teddy grins at my appreciation. 

“Isn’t it just?” He says happily, “Come on, you can share a compartment with me and Moony”

“Moony?” I ask

“My owl,” He explains, “It’s a bit of a joke.” He grins again, “I’ll explain later.”

“My cat’s named Prince,” I say, “Coz he’s the Prince of cats.” I grin back at Teddy.

Teddy laughs, “He’s definitely fat enough!” Prince hisses at him. “I’m sorry Prince.” Teddy’s still grinning; it’s as infectious as his laugh. “Here we are," He pulls open the compartment door, and stashed my trunk and cat carrier on top of his own. Moony is sitting on the top of his cage, and is looking at Prince with an unreadable look. 

“Prince, I’m going to leave you here, don’t try to hurt Moony, he looks like he could eat you in one.” I tell Prince, it was true, Moony was a great barred owl, and was almost a meter tall, with sooty grey plumage and black barring on his wings. His yellow eyes followed Prince, as Prince waddles around the compartment, sniffing everything.

“Come on Sev,” Teddy says, “let’s go say good bye, and go to HOGWARTS!” He yells the last word in excitement. We clatter off the train give and return swift hugs and kisses, and Teddy ruffles James and Albus' hair as they cry about wanting to go to Hogwarts, and then with a great whoop, we dash onto the train and wave goodbye for the last time hanging out the window.


Teddy sprawled himself across two seats, while I sat leaning against the wall with Prince curled up on the remaining seat beside me. I looked out side, the sky was steadily darkening, I was starving. I look at Teddy, and open my mouth to say something, when there is a knock on the compartment door. 

"Anything off the trolley, dears?" Asked a middle aged witch, her blonde hair was greying.

"Everything!" Teddy exclaims, pulling out a fistful of gold.

Minutes later we are stuffing our faces with Cauldron cakes, and pumpkin pasties. As I polished the last of the pasties off, Teddy yanked open a hexagonal box. I looked inquiringly at him.

"Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans!" Teddy said happily. "It's an adventure." he grins as he picks up a green bean and pops it into his mouth. "Ew!" he yelps suddenly, "Brussels Sprouts!"

I howl with laughter, the expression on his face was too much, Prince looks up and glares at me before curling up again. I grin at Teddy, who pulls out his want and waves it threateningly at me.

"Watch it, Sev, or I'll hex you!" He laughs.

I gaze at him unhappily, "Do you know a lot of magic already?" I sigh, "I bet I'm really behind. I mean, I don't know anything!" I look at Teddy, who was looking at me with understanding.

"You're not loads behind, but don't you know some things?" He asks

I shake my head, "Can you tell me?” I ask Teddy.

“What would you like to know?” He asks, I shrug helplessly, “How about I tell you about Hogwarts first, and we can go from there.” He smiles, looking happy at being able to show off his knowledge. “Lets see, do you know about the houses?”

“No.” I look miserable.

“Well, there is Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!” Teddy strikes what he thinks is a noble pose, I can't help but laugh at him. “Ravenclaw, where those of wit and learning, always find their kind!” Teddy assumes a stern commanding pose. “And Hufflepuff; where they are just and loyal!” Teddy is shouting now, and he jumps onto the seat, and tries to look like a kindly person bowing to a lesser being, I can't help but burst into laughter now, he looks so ridiculous. “Or in cunning Slytherin; where you’ll meet your real friends!” Teddy sneers and forms his hands into actual claws. I yell in surprise. Teddy laughs, “Sorry Sev, I forgot to tell you!” He looks at me apologetically, “I’m a Metamorphmagus” 

“A what?” I ask weakly, looking at his hands, remembering how they looked like claws, only looked like right? They hadn't been actual claws had they?

“A Metamorphmagus, I’m able to change myself at will!” Teddy grins. “I was born like this.” He changes his hair from blue to gold and back again.

“That’s so cool!” I grin at him, "Are you able to become different animals?"

Teddy shakes his head, "No, but there is magic that lets you transform into animals. People who can do that are called Animagi. My Dads friends were Animagi." Teddy grins at me.

"Wasn't your Dad one too?" I ask him curiously.

"Uh, no," Teddy said, "He was something else. So, what house do you think you'll be in?"

“Well,” I say, “I’m not brave, loyal, just, cunning or very smart” I must have looked worried. “What happens if we don’t get sorted?” I looked at Teddy in appeal. 

“I don’t know,” Now Teddy looks worried, “Probably get sent home.”

“What house do you want to be sorted in?” I ask curiously

“Well, my Dad was in Gryffindor, and my Mum was in Hufflepuff. I don’t really mind, as long as I’m not in Slytherin.” Teddy looks at me suddenly serious, “My Uncle Ron says there wasn’t a witch or wizard that went bad, that wasn't in Slytherin.” I feel queasy now.

“I don’t want to be in Slytherin!” I groan, “I’m not a bad person!” I feel panicky now; I stand up, scrubbing at my hair. I start to pace back and forth.

“Sev, you won’t be, I’m sure the Sorting Hat would dare put someone in a house they didn’t want to be in.” Teddy grabs my arm, he is really strong, and he stares at me trying to get me to believe him.

“Okay,” I nod, “But if I am, I’m leaving!” I said determinedly. Teddy looks shocked. “I am!” I say, daring him not to believe me. “I will be in Gryffindor like you!” I say quickly, “We're best mates, and mates stick together!”

Teddy looks at me delightedly, “Of course we will!” He cries happily.

We clasp hands and nod at each other, our pact made; we sit back in our seats relaxed. “I’m really hungry still,” I said. 

"Yeah same, we should have gotten more cauldron cakes," Teddy groans

“Uh, Teddy, they don’t really mean every flavour do they?” I ask, holding up the hexagonal box titled Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans he'd been eating from before.

“Yeah!” Teddy nods, “There’s your usual, chocolate, and peppermint, but there’s also, spinach, liver and tripe!” Teddy grins, “Uncle George swears he got a bogey flavoured on once! But Uncle Ron doesn’t believe him.” I look at the box warily, “Try one!” Teddy urges me. "You won't get sprouts like I just did, I don't think."

I pick out an innocuous pink bean, I hold it up to the light, and then pop it into my mouth, Teddy is watching me avidly, “Strawberry!” I exclaim, ginning, Teddy looks disappointed. “Your turn,” I challenged Teddy.

“Okay,” he says lazily, and he chooses a yellow bean, “Pineapple!” He spits, “Gross!” I laugh and say I love pineapple. We spend the next hour testing them; I got spinach, burger, vomit, and a pepper. And Teddy, who went through them with gusto, got liver, orange, peppermint, slate, lime, lemon, grass, dirt, metal, and paint. We were laughing and joking as we ate our way through the pile.

We were just about to try an orange one, when our compartment door opened. A girl stood there, a boy behind her, they were blonde haired and blue eyed and already in their school robes. The girl looked at us in disgust, our compartment was a mess, Prince was sprawled over a seat, Mooney was eating a pumpkin pasty, and Teddy was about to toss a bean into the air.

“Yes?” Teddy asked, looking at the girl.

“My name is Genevieve, I’m looking for my cat, have you seen her? She’s grey.” Genevieve looks at Teddy with disapproval. “Why is your hair blue?” She demanded

I blink at this barrage of questions, “We haven’t seen a cat, other than Prince.” I look at her brother curiously, he was peaky and looked ill. 

“Come on Genny, Cleo isn't here,” The boy said quietly as he tugged his sister away. Teddy frowned after the boy.

As the brother and sister left, I leaned over to Teddy, “Teddy mate, what’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure, the kid could just be sick, but that boy, I think he may be a werewolf! My dad was one, I’ve been told the signs. I know that kid isn’t just sick!” Teddy frowns "I think, but it'd be really bad to accuse him of being one."

“Werewolves are real?” I ask him stunned, “Are vampires? Will we get to see any?”

Teddy laughs, “Sev, you just found out I’m a half werewolf, and you’re more interested in whether you’ll get to see a vampire?” he laughs. “You’re a Gryffindor for sure!”

“Really?” I ask “Do you think that boy will be in Gryffindor? If he is, you could help him! The son of a werewolf, helping the new werewolf of Hogwarts!” I grin at Teddy, completely dismissive of werewolves and vampires in my excitement of being a Gryffindor.

Teddy grins at me, “Yeah, that would be good, that’d make my dad proud for sure!”

“You can write to him, and tell him!” I grin at Teddy.

Teddy’s animated face lost its grin, “My Dads dead, so’s my mum. They died in the war.” He looks so sad. I get up and sit next to him.

“The war?” I ask, “Who killed them Ted, we’ll get good as wizards, then we’ll hunt him down and kill the people who killed them!” I say fiercely 

Teddy smiled at me, “Uncle Harry took care of that! Here listen!”

The rest of the journey was spent with me listening avidly to Teddy’s tale about his parents. Of how Hogwarts was the battle ground, where the war ended, where Harry Potter defeated the evilest wizard ever.

I was awed by the story, “That’s amazing, your Dad and Mum are hero’s!” I exclaim. “Don’t worry Ted, we’ll make them proud!” I say confidently

Teddy grinned at me. “Thanks Sev! Come on, let’s get changed, I think the trains slowing!”

We grin at each other and quickly get changed, we were straightening ourselves up as we pulled into the station at Hogsmead Station. We were here.

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