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thank you so much to callisto for the beautiful chapter image

It was my absolute favorite type of snog. It was the type of snog that was so fierce and just downright amazing that I didn’t have to think about anything.


Scratch that, I couldn’t think about anything.


I didn’t have to stress about my Defense Against the Dark Arts homework that I’ve been putting off for five days.


I didn’t have to concern myself with the fact that I had to go to my best friend’s ultra sound tomorrow without the father of her baby, which just so happened to be my little brother.


And most importantly, I didn’t have to worry about the fact that Weasley and I were in the Gryffindor common room, snogging as if our lives depended on it, on the couch, where anybody could walk down in the middle of the night and see us.


Weasley cast a charm when we first started going at it that would warn us if someone was to come down either staircase or climb through the Portrait Hole, but it would still only give us a few seconds to not look like we’d just been snogging each other’s brains out.


But like I said, I was too caught up in the kiss that I couldn’t concentrate on anything except Weasley’s lips on mine. The fingers that were playing with the waistband of my skirt were also pretty damn distracting.


Weasley’s lips slowing traveled from my lips, to my jaw line, to my neck, to my collarbone, leaving a burning trail wherever they went causing me to moan with pleasure.


I honestly don’t know how to does it. I don’t get how he makes me forget everything so simply and in the best way possible.


Here’s a tip: Screw therapists and go get snogged. You don’t have to sit in uncomfortable chairs and it feels bloody wonderful.


I sat up, pushed him so that he was sitting also, and, without breaking the snog, put my legs on either side of him so I was straddling on the couch.


He was on top for far too long.


I ran my hands along his bare chest causing him tighten his grip on me and snog me even harder.


This was the one thing I loved about Weasley. It was never sweet and gentle. It was always ferocious and passionate. If I wanted sweet and gentle, then I would’ve snogged a Hufflepuff. The fire behind all of our snogs didn’t feel relationship-y, which I was extremely happy about.


But then, all too suddenly, Weasley pulled away making me look at him with confused eyes.


“Can I ask you a question?” He said with swollen lips, blazing eyes, and tousled, messy hair. All of which made him look ten times sexier and just made me want to snog him even more.


“No.” I answered, and brought his face to mine again.


He pulled away though after about thirty seconds with an arrogant smirk on his face. “I know you’re hornier than a pubescent thirteen year old bloke, Blazer, but I want to ask you something.”


“I love how you call me the horny one when you are the one that sent me an owl after dinner saying, ‘meet me in the common room at midnight. I need to get snogged or I’m going to combust.’ And then signed it ‘be there or else’.” I said in a deep, stupid voice trying to impersonate Weasley.


I don’t really know what his ‘or else’ was going to be, possibly that I was going to have to clean up Weasley guts from the common room walls after he blew up, but either way, it really wasn’t that threatening.


He’s damn lucky that I felt the same way.

“First of all, that sounds absolutely nothing like me at all.” He said, grinning while I stuck my tongue out at him. “And second, you’re here, aren’t you? That obviously means that you want me too.”


“Well, that’s false. I was simply bored and had nothing else to do.” I lied, and he raised an eyebrow with a disbelieving face.


“You were bored? You do realize that it’s past midnight, and you could be, I don’t know, sleeping?” Weasley smirked again causing me to scowl. “Face it, Blazer, you want to snog me as much as I want to snog you.”


“Well, we were snogging, but then you had to be a dumbarse and interrupt. What is it that you wanted to bloody ask me?” I practically growled at him.


The smirk didn’t leave his face when he caught me off guard and asked, “Who was your first kiss?”


I blinked.


Really? That’s why he stopped snogging me?


“Why ask about it when you could be doing it?” I said, raising an eyebrow and he grinned.


“I guess I’m just curious.”


I had a minor internal debate with myself about whether or not I should answer his question because, really, it isn’t any of his business whatsoever.


I rested my forehead on his amazingly toned chest and sighed. “First kiss or first snog?”


“Is there a difference?”


I gave him a look that clearly conveyed that I thought he was a dipshit. “Of course there is. This,” I pecked him meaninglessly on the mouth, taking him slightly by surprise, and drew away. “Is a kiss.”


Then, I attacked his lips with my own and really started snogging him, but before he could fully respond, I pulled away. “And that was a snog.”


“Both,” He said in a husky voice, immediately. “I want to know both.”


“My first kiss, if you can even really count it a kiss, was Johnny Penderghast when I was six on the playground at my muggle grade school.”


Johnny Penderghast was literally the shit back in first grade. Every body thought he was so cool, and I thought he was really hot with his curly blond hair and bright gold sneakers.


Honestly, those sneakers were so fucking cool. I can’t even describe how much I wanted them, but that’s beside the point.


Right after I kissed him, yes, you read it right, I kissed him, in front of the whole class, I must add, he started crying and ran away yelling ‘GIRL COOTIES!’.


A poor six year old should never have to go through that type of rejection again.


I was deeply scarred at the time. I laugh about it now…or I will…someday.


I frowned to myself at the memory, and Weasley seemed to notice because he smirked and said, “What? Things didn’t go well with Johnny? I can’t believe that you kissed a bloke with the last name Penderghast.”


“Excuse me, but your last name is bloody Weasley so I’d shut up about terrible last names if I were you.”


That actually did shut him up and force him to scowl, which made me grin.


“First snog?”


I grinned even wider knowing that Weasley would freak out.




“You snogged James?! As in James Potter?! My cousin, James?!” He choked, his eyes practically bulging out of their sockets, and I had to refrain from laughing.


His reactions are sometimes so predictable that it’s hilarious.


“Calm down,” I said smirking, and shifted my position on his lap so that way I was more comfortable. “We were only twelve and we just wanted to see what it was like. It only lasted like thirty seconds before we both pulled away and agreed that it was by far the weirdest thing ever because we were too good of friends.”


“Why didn’t that arsehole tell me? I’m supposed to be his best friend!’’ Weasley yelled indignantly, so I snogged him for a few seconds just to shut him up, which he seemed pretty damn happy about.


After I was satisfied that he wasn’t going to wake up the entire bloody Gryffindor tower, I said, “We promised not to tell anyone. You’re honestly probably the only person that knows, so feel special.”


Weasley merely grunted, sounding like a moronic caveman, and had a surly expression on his face.


And partly because I wanted to distract him so he’d stop acting like a baby, and partly because I was just really curious, I asked, “Who was your first kiss and snog?”


“They were both with Roxy’s best friend growing up, Bridget Finnigan.”


“The Hufflepuff?” I asked, picturing the pretty brunette with light gray eyes in my head, and Weasley nodded. “Why hasn’t Roxy ever mentioned her before?”


“We kissed in a game of spin the bottle at James’ tenth birthday party, which Rox didn’t really mind considering that we were forced. But then right before we went to Hogwarts for the first time, we snogged. Roxy caught us and started going mental. She didn’t speak to me for a week and she still hasn’t talked to Bridget to this day.”


“So Roxy totally just kicked Bridget out of her life?”


“Pretty much,” Weasley answered nonchalantly and yawned casually.


What an idiot.


“Weasley, if Roxy was that pissed that you two snogged once when you were only eleven, imagine how furious she’s going to be if she finds out about us. She’ll murder us with her bare hands!” I exclaimed, my voice borderline hysteria.


Weasley just simply smirked.


He smirked. Arsehole.


“Why are you not freaking out?” I cried and thumped him on the chest.


“She’s not going to find out, calm down!” He laughed, and grabbed my wrists so that way I couldn’t hit him again.


“How do you know that?” I whined, and Weasley rolled his eyes and smirked.


“Rox is pretty much the most oblivious person on the face of the world. One time I charmed the words ‘I wet the bed until I was nine’ on her forehead, and she didn’t notice for three days. Plus, we’re always really careful and the only person that knows is James, and he knows that we’ll both castrate him if he tells anyone.” He started lightly tracing patterns with his fingers on my thigh, slowly moving upwards.


Now whether he was doing this absentmindedly, or a way to pervertedly console me, or just because he wanted to get me to snog him again, I didn’t know.


“Did she really wet the bed until she was nine?”


Weasley rolled his eyes, let his fingers travel farther up my thigh so they were now underneath my skirt, and looked at me as if I was an idiot. “Of course not, I just wanted to piss her off. She painted my toenails flashing colors while I was sleeping.”


I smirked, took his hand that was getting way, way too close to my knickers, threaded my fingers through it, and leaned in to whisper, “That was actually me. Pink and purple really suit you.”


“Wait-“ Weasley was about to say, but I cut him off with my lips to shut him up for the second time tonight.



“Seriously, you three need to leave. Now.” Heidi said warningly from her hospital bed, her silver eyes narrowing at Weasley, James, and Logan.


“Why can’t we stay?” Weasley demanded from the bed to the right of Heidi’s that James and Logan were sitting on also. I was on the bed to the left with Roxy and Sydney.


“Yeah, we just want to see your ultra sound thingy!” Logan whined.


“We’re a part of this too!” James insisted.


“How the fuck are you three a part of my pregnancy?” Heidi exclaimed, sounding extremely annoyed, and folded her arms across her chest.


“Because obviously the actual baby’s dad isn’t here, either because you don’t have the balls to tell him or because he bailed on you. We’re going to be this kid’s extra add on dads.” Weasley said, surprising me by putting a consoling hand on Heidi’s shoulder.


Damn, that was really sweet, especially for Weasley.


Heidi pinched the bridge of her nose, and sighed. “That’s very nice, but I seriously don’t want anybody seeing my fat arse stomach.”


“Heidi, you’re pregnant; you’re not fat!” Sydney said instantly, but Heidi put a pillow over her stomach so nobody could see it.


Idiot girl. Heidi would be concerned about getting fat.


“Well, we’ll close our eyes for that part! And how come they get to stay?” James asked, pointing at Sydney, Roxy, and me.


I grinned mockingly at him, causing him to stick out his tongue.


“There’s a difference between my three best girl friends being here than my three best guy friends being here, okay?”


“Please, Heidi?” They begged in unison, all three of them pulling out the puppy dog eyes and the pouty mouth.


Evil, evil people, I tell you.


I don’t even think that I could resist that.


Fine!” Heidi groaned, and buried her face into pillow.


“Fuck yes!”


“Language, Mr. Potter.” McCarthy scolded, coming out of his office, holding a clipboard. There was a hint of a smile on his face, which told me that he didn’t actually care too much.


“Sorry, sir. Must’ve slipped out,” James said not in the least bit sheepish in any way.


“I’m sure it did,” McCarthy responded, with a smirk and his baby blue eyes twinkling.


Holy fuck, he’s so goddamn gorgeous.


“So, Miss Scott, are you ready to have your first ultra sound?” He asked Heidi, with a charming smile.


“I’d rather be getting stabbed repeatedly in the face with a rusty knife.” Was her lovely reply.


“That’s the spirit, love.” I said brightly causing everyone else to laugh, and Heidi to crack a smile.


“It’s not that bad, I promise. We’re just going to see how your baby is doing.” McCarthy told her warmly while rummaging through the cabinet.


“We’ll we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?” Sydney asked hopefully, but McCarthy shook his head.


“It’s a bit too early to tell that.”


I, personally, hoped it was a boy. Boys are just so much easier to deal with. I mean, you hand them a toy car or broomstick and they’re entertained for hours. It’s as simple as that.


I know Heidi wants a girl though. She’ll want to dress her up in cute little dresses and brush her blonde hair and basically make herself a little clone.


For some reason though, I couldn’t picture Tosh having a little girl. Well, I couldn’t see him having a kid of any kind, but I could picture him with a baby boy more. I don’t know why, I guess I could just imagine Tosh teaching his son to knick food from the kitchens, sneak into Hogsmeade, and to just become a little bad arse.


“I want to be surprised anyway so it doesn’t really matter.” Heidi said and instantly we all shouted in protest.


“Are you kidding me? I can’t wait six more months!” Roxy complained.


“Me neither!” I whined.


“It’s her kid, guys. She has the right to wait to find out if she wants.” Sydney told us, but she looked disappointed too.


“Shut up, Syd.” Roxy and I told her in unison, and she stuck her tongue out at us in retaliation.


“I really hope it’s a boy,” Weasley said and I nodded in agreement.


“Are you the father?” McCarthy asked him, and Weasley immediately started hastily denying while the rest of us burst out laughing.


“No, the father doesn’t know yet, besides, Freddie’s like a brother to me.” Heidi said, grinning at Weasley who ruffled her hair affectionately.


“Plus, I’d kill him if he ever did anything with one of my best friends, but first I’d skin alive said ‘best friend’.” Roxy laughed, and laid out her legs on my lap causally as if she didn’t just threaten me with death.


I tried hard to breath after that. I caught Weasley’s eye, and he had an expression on his face that just read ‘Oh shit’.


James, on the other hand, was trying desperately not to burst out laughing. Git.


“Okay, Miss Scott, I’m going to need you to lift up your shirt so I can put gel on your stomach, which will let us see how your baby is doing.” McCarthy told her after pulling out a weird looking monitor, and Heidi grudgingly did so.


“I’m so fat.” She muttered morosely, under her breath, and I looked at her stomach.


Legit, there was there was barely even a baby bump.


“If you’re seriously upset about that little thing now, then you’re going to be highly depressed in like four months when you’re the size of a whale.” Logan said, earning him an elbow to the ribs from Weasley and James.


Sydney and I slapped our palms to our foreheads and Roxy actually got off of her bed just to go over and punch Logan in the stomach.


Heidi’s silver eyes glared murderously at him. “Fuck you,” she snapped, and McCarthy started chuckling.


“Hey! How come she can say that, and I can’t?” James asked indignantly with his arms thrown up in the air in exasperation.


“She’s pregnant.” He answered nonchalantly and shrugged.


“Exactly,” Heidi said smugly and grinned mockingly at James, who pouted immaturely.


McCarthy squirted this strange arse looking blue gel onto Heidi’s stomach that made a farting noise when it came out causing Logan, of course, to start giggling. He then waved his wand intricately around her stomach, and a fuzzy picture appeared on the screen.


Heidi gasped slightly when she saw it because even though it was still too early to kind of be anything yet, it was still her baby, and she was seeing him/her for the very first time.


And I was seeing either my niece or nephew for the first time also so you can imagine that I was pretty damn happy too.


I took Heidi’s hand, she smiled, and a tear escaped from her eye.


It took about .5 seconds for everyone else to want some kind of contact with the mother-to-be.


Weasley took her other hand, James gave her a brotherly kiss on the forehead, Sydney sat on the edge of the bed and put her arm around Heidi’s shoulders, and Logan and Roxy, both not really knowing what to do, each awkwardly placed a hand on her arms.


We’re really a one of a kind bunch.


McCarthy cleared his throat. “Miss Scott, is there any history of multiple births in your family?”


Heidi broke out of her trance from staring at the screen to look at McCarthy. “My mum has a twin sister.”


“Well, the gene that makes it more likely to produce twins and triplets tends to run in families. You see that flickering there?” McCarthy asked, pointing to the screen. “That represents the heartbeat of the fetus.”


Only problem? There were two different flickers on the screen.


Meaning two heartbeats. Meaning two fetuses. Meaning twins.


Holy shit.



A/N: Ahhh?!?! SHE’S HAVING TWINS. Whoa, bet you didn’t see that one coming! I liked writing this chapter because a) it had a snogging scene, b) it had the whole gang in it, and c) it had a somewhat cliff hanger/ dramatic ending. All the things that make up a good chapter, right? RIGHT?!


What did everyone think of the chapter? Do you like that Heidi’s having twins? What did you think of the fact that Dessie and James snogged in the past? What’d you think of Roxy’s old best friend that snogged Freddie who is now basically exiled into the land of Hufflepuffs? LET ME KNOW, POR FAVOR.


Thanks for all the overwhelmingly nice, sweet, and funny reviews that you all left me for the last chapter. I really appreciated it. :D 

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