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 This is my first story so please review. I have had some REAL bad trouble getting this validated but it should be alright now. Anyway I really hope so. FINGERS CROSSED :D

Harry Potter was fed up. He had been stuck at the Dursley’s for most of the holidays and his birthday was looming. This meant the protection on the house would be broken but he had heard no plans to remove him to the Burrow yet. He knew that the moment he turned 17 the house would be swarmed with death eaters and he would definitely die if he was left here alone. He had received a few vague letters from Ron and Hermione and a Letter from Ginny. He felt wrong for breaking with her the previous year but after the battle of Hogwarts he felt that it was unsafe for her to be seen with him. She had obviously hated this reason for their break up but Harry obstinately refused to restart his relationship with her and they had parted at the end of lest term without saying a word to one another.

"BOY, it's dinner" yelled uncle Vernon from the bottom of the stair. Harry slowly got up off his bed and walked just as slowly down the stairs still pondering his thoughts. He found that his aunt uncle and cousin had already started their meal. He sat down at the table and began to spoon his tiny portion of food into his mouth. They meal was as usual eaten in stony silence which Harry had never dared to break.

"Mum, is there any more" Dudley's voice brought Harry back to the present and broke the silence. Dudley had already finished his dinner but Harry had hardly started his. He began to spoon the sloppy lasagne quickly into his mouth seeing Dudley staring hungrily at Harry’s plate. They were still eating Dudley’s diet food although it seemed to be having little affect on Dudley and Harry was convinced that he had lost more weight that Dudley himself but this was probably due to the face that his meals were small enough to fill a slightly peckish ten year old.

"Sorry Popkins, it's all gone" sighed Aunt Petunia sadly, as she normally did whenever she felt that Dudley hadn’t been given something that he wanted. This attitude to him had turned the boy into a horribly spoilt young man who was as reliant on his parents as a newborn baby whereas Harry had had to fend for himself for as long as he could remember.

"But I'm still hungry" Dudley yelled. Harry tried not to laugh but he found these mealtimes funny and a snort managed to escape his lips which earned him a cold stare from his Uncle.

"I know but you can have a really big desert to make for it, ok" his Aunt told Dudley as panic crept into her voice. Harry knew that she didn’t want to have to deal with one of Dudley’s tantrums tonight.

"Like he needs it" Harry muttered sarcastically under his breath. All three Dursley’s turned to look at him. "What did you say?" His uncle asked quietly. Harry put down his fork and looked up.

"I said 'like he needs it'" replied Harry calmly knowing that he was digging himself a hole. He didn’t want to get into trouble by performing magic, accidental or purposeful, which he knew would be hard to stop if he got too mad but he was in the perfect mood for an argument.

"Go to your room" Uncle Vernon snapped, his face was turning red.

"But I'm eating dinner" Harry felt calm and in control. Suddenly Uncle Vernon was out of his seat, his chair falling over backwards with a clatter.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM" his uncle yelled again, his voice filled with anger.

"Stop shoving me around. You treat Dudley like a king and I get shoved in my room for anything I do" harry replied angrily, as he also jumped to his feet and his chair joined Uncle Vernon's on the floor. Uncle Vernon banged his fist on the table making the plates rattle with amazingly stregnth for his build, which was highly overweight. Aunt Petunia dropped her knife and fork in surprise, leaving a red stain on the cream carpet.

“I’m fed up with you making constant snide comments at us after everything we have done for you. You have no respect of us and-”.

“I’ve got no respect? I don’t think keeping a small boy locked in a cupboard all his life and treating him like a slave whilst half starving him is respectful” Interrupted Harry as his anger completely exploded.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THEN STAY THERE FOR THE REST OF THE HOLLIDAYS!" Uncle Vernon’s face was now a dangerous shade of purple. Harry noticed that Dudley had just left his chair and had run around the table and was now being hugged but his mother.

"YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN, SHOVING ME IN MY ROOM AND FOR WHAT? TELLING THE TRUTH? COS I’VE ALREADY BEEN PUNNISHED FOR THAT” he yelled, holding out his clenched left fist so that the faint scars that read ‘I must not tell lies’ showed up white against his pale skin.


"YOU CAN’T FORCE THE MAGIC OUT OF SOMEBODY, REMEMBER YOU HAVE TRIED!" yalled Harry furiously as he saw his uncle pull himself up to his full hight and take a step towards him.


"Harry go to your room" whispered his aunt after a long and shocked silence. She had her arms around Dudley as if to protect him. They both looked shocked. Uncle Vernon had taken a step back and was now standing in the room, breathing heavily like a buffalo, his face still purple.

Harry  walked quickly from the room holding his right arm cradled next to his stomach. He went to his room and sat on the bed. His arm was stabbing in pain and he had no idea what to do. He had let Hedwig out to hunt. Anyway he didn't want to worry anyone but had to something. His arm was already beginning to swell and he could see the start of a bruise coming. He was beginning to feel dizzy and he realised that he had hit his head pretty hard on the wall when he had been shoved. He lied down on his bed and shut his eyes, breathing heavily and begging himself not to faint. He could hear the raised voices of his Aunt and Uncle and the heavy footsteps of Dudley on the stairs.

The door opened and Dudley poked his head in. “They sent me to my room and it’s all your fault” complained Dudley, but he closed the door and left a few seconds later when Harry showed no sign of moving. After half an hour there was a knock on his door and then his aunt entered her face was pale and her voice shook when she spoke.

"Vernon will take you to hospital but we won't stay." she said not as coldly as usual. He sat up and nodded as she left the room. He was annoyed that he had let Hedwig go out to hunt as he couldn't send a letter to anyone. He slowly stood and felt the room spinning but steadied himself. He slipped his feet into his trainers and attempted to tie them with only his left hand. He finally managed a crude bow on each shoe and left the room. When he got down stairs his uncle was waiting for him with his arms folded impatiently.

"What took you so long." uncle Vernon asked rudely.

"In case you hadn't noticed my arm is broken" replied Harry coldly as he walked out of the front door towards the car. Harry got into the back, knowing there would be an argument if he dared get in the front. He somehow clipped his seatbelt in and rested his arm on his lap. Harry felt the car drop considerably as his Uncle sat down in the driver’s seat and start the engine. It sounded hypnotic, that gentle hum, but Harry knew he couldn’t sleep yet. The drive to the hospital was long and silent but they finally arrived. Harry got out of the car and followed uncle Vernon who was already storming towards the hospital door. He marched towards the receptionists’ desk and Harry followed behind still cradling his arm.

“This is Harry Potter. He fell down the stairs. I think he broke his arm but now I have to go so I am leaving him with you” Uncle Vernon turned sharply and marched back out the hospital leaving a confused receptionist staring after him.

“Um, how old are you Mr Potter?” “16” he mumbled back as his head was really beginning to spin now.

“Ok. And do you have any other injuries?” “I’m a little dizzy because I banged my head on the wall.” She wrote on her piece of paper before finally looking back up at him.

“OK. Have a seat and somebody will call for you in a little while.” Harry walked across the room and sat down on a hard blue chair. He laid his arm in his lap and then rested his head against the back of the chair. He had broken many bones before but somehow this was worse. Maybe it was because he was now in the muggle world and would have to have it put in plaster or maybe because he knew he would probably have to turn up to school with his arm in plaster. Or maybe it was just this had not been an accident. His uncle had twisted his arm round with the sole intention of snapping it. ‘But he had done it before’ he reminded himself sadly. Being beaten up was a constant thing in his childhood. First by his uncle and then by Dudley and his gang. It had all stopped when he had gotten his letter. The knowledge that someone was watching had stopped his uncle in his tracks. Harry sighed. His head was pounding and he could feel sleep so close now as he felt warm and safe. His eyes flitted closed and his breathing slowed.


“Harry? Harry?” somebody was calling his name but they sounded far away. Somebody began to shake his shoulders and he gasped in pain as this moved his arm. He opened his eyes sleepily and stared around. Everything was spinning slightly and was blurred. He rubbed his eyes and realised that he wasn’t wearing his glasses. This would explain his blurry vision. He was confused what he was doing here, slumped across the arm of the hard blue chairs but his sleepy mind didn’t question it. He tried to sit up but this made his head begin to spin again.

“It’s ok Harry, stay still. We are getting a bed for you to lie on. Now does anything else hurt apart from your arm and head” asked a calming and gentle voice. Now he was really confused. His aunt would never speak so nicely to him. Harry shook his head as he couldn’t find the energy to speak. All he wanted was to go back to steep again. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted and placed down again on something flat and soft. He felt somebody doing something with his left hand and it felt cold but he let them to it. His other arm was placed next to him. He could feel that it hurt but the pain felt distant and fuzzy. He felt a slight feeling of movement and he could hear the quiet squeaking of the wheels and tapping of feet on the floor He didn’t know how long he had been laying there but he was soon brought back to his senses.

“Harry, come on wake up” the voice told him. He tried to open his eyes and ended up staring at a blond haired nurse who was standing beside his head. He was lying on a bed in a small, bright room. His right hand was pain free but his left felt strangely heavy. He had a thin clear wire going into the back of it. He pulled at it but a calm hand stopped him.

“It’s best to leave that in” a calm voice told him.

“Um, what happened?” he asked confused. “We found you slumped in a chair and when we were unable to wake so you we brought you here for a brain scan. Do you have anyone here with you or anyone we can contact for you?”

“Nobody is here. Can you try and contact my friend’s dad, Mr Weasley? He lives at The Burrow in Ottery Saint Catchpole but they don’t have a phone” he told her groggily.

“Ok we will try to contact him in some way, we will now take you for your scan. OK?” Harry felt several pairs of hands lifting him onto another bed but he was still to confused to mind much. He felt he was moving again and another far away voice told him to lay still. He obeyed but didn’t feel that he could be bothered to move anyway. His head was filled with a metallic whirring but it soon stopped.He felt himself being pulled around for a while longer and had other X-Rays and blood tests.

“We will take you to a room now where we can monitor you for a bit” she said as his bed began to move again.


When Harry woke again he was lying in a darkened room. He still felt slightly dizzy but his head was clearer again. He tried to sit up and finally managed it. The curtains were not pulled across and he could see all the other patients sleeping in their beds. He lifted his hand to rub his eyes and was surprised to see he had a drip taped to the back of it. He followed the thin, clear wire to a small blue machine on a pole with a bag of liquid leading into that. The machine made a small ticking noise as the liquid dripped through. As he rubbed his eyes he realised that his glasses were missing. No wonder everything was so blurry. His right arm was feeling numb and he noticed a clip on his finger measuring his pulse and things.

“Ah, your awake” somebody whispered as they walked over and stood next to him. “your brain tests are back and the scan shows only a small bruise on the back of your brain which is what was causing your dizziness and was what had made you pass out.”He still felt slightly dizzy when he sat there but was otherwise feeling fine. He still didn’t know why the results for his X-ray were taking so long but it didn’t matter anyway as he still had nobody to take him home.

“We have contacted Mr Weasley and he said that he will be here soon” she added as she turned to go and check on another patient. He sat for a minute before lying back down to try and stop his dizziness.

“Harry?” whispered a voice from the door way. He looked up to see the red hair of Mr Weasley in the doorway.

“I’m here” Harry whispered back sitting up again and resting his hand in his lap. “How did they contact you?” he added, confused.

“One of your Pleesemen came to our house and told us” he shrugged. “But how are you?” the concern was evident in his voice.

“I’m fine-” he started only to be interrupted by a nurse.“Your X-Ray results are ready.” She smiled as she took the wire out of his arm but left the needle in. Harry got out of bed, swaying slightly and holding his arm to his chest again. He followed her out of the room trying to walk calmly even though his head was beginning to spin again. Mr Weasley followed behind, obviously wanting to help in some way. They entered a small room with glowing pictures of his arm pinned on to a lighted wall. The doctor made him and Mr Weasley sit on more blue chairs and then spent half an hour talking to Harry about things that simply washed over his head. Mr Weasley looked equally confused whilst the nurse leant against a wall fiddling with nothing in particular.

“Anyway as you can see the bone is broken so we will be sending you to get a cast soon.” The doctor finished. Harry squinted at the X-Rays trying to make them out.

“Are you Ok” The nurse asked, she had stayed with harry as she didn’t want him wandering around with just Mr Weasley in case he blacked out again. “You keep squinting at things. Does your head hurt?”

“Did you take my glasses from me?” he asked, ignoring the question as he didn’t want to admit that his head really was beginning to pound.

“Sorry, I didn’t. Anyway would you like to come back to your bed and we will put plaster on your arm” Harry and Mr Weasley followed her back to his bed. She plugged the wire back into Harry’s hand which she explained that it was a pain killer when Harry asked. Mr Weasley was clearly in awe of the Muggle hospital as he had hardly spoken since he had arrived although Harry didn’t know why because it felt very similar to St Murgos to him.A few minutes later a doctor walked over pulling a cupboard on wheels. He quickly began to wrap Harry’s arm in plaster after a few minutes explanation. Harry found it hurt a lot but he tried not to let it show. He realised that he couldn’t have been doing a good job because Mr Weasley looked very sympathetic, or maybe it was just the face that he knew Harry’s arm could be mended in a second in the Wizarding world.

“What colour do you want?” asked the doctor, pulling Harry out of his thoughts.“Blue?” He mumbled absentmindedly. He waited a few more minutes before feeling something being pulled over his head. He jumped in surprise but understood when he realised that his arm was attached to a foam sling round his neck. His right arm was enclosed in blue plaster from his palm to his elbow and he had to admit that it did already feel better as it couldn’t move.“Leave it in that because it will reduce swelling” warned the doctor before getting up to leave. “Oh, can I have a word please?” he asked turning round and nodding to Mr Weasley. He nodded and left then room leaving Harry alone on the bed. He could hear them whispering on the other side of the curtain. Mr Weasley sounded angry and the doctor sounded worried.

A few minutes later Mr Weasley came back in. “You have been given the all clear to go home but you mustn’t do anything too exiting for a few days. You also have to come back in a month for a check up on your arm although I said you went to boarding school and you would go to a hospital near there. You also have to come back if you get many headaches or feel dizzy and queasy. Admittedly Harry still had a headache and felt dizzy but he wasn’t going to prolong his stay.

The blond nurse came in and passed Harry his glasses. “I found them under the chair we found you at” she explained as she removed the needle from his hand. When the drip needle was gone Harry used his free hand to put on his glasses. It amazed him how clear everything was. Ten minutes later Harry walked out of the hospital free at last. He and Mr Weasley walked to a silent corner before Harry was apperated back to his aunt’s and uncle’s house with Mr Weasley.

When Harry opened the front door to the house his Uncle marched into the Hall.“What are you doing here?” he asked angrily.“My stuff is here” pointed out Harry, he was not in the mood for an argument. He began to climb the stairs and heard his uncle start to follow.

“Mr Dersley, we need to talk.” Came Mr Weasley’s stern voice from the doorway. Harry took his chance and ran up to his room to collect his things whist Mr Weasley had a quiet but heated discussion with Uncle Vernon. Harry somehow managed to pull his trunk and Headwig’s cage down the stairs one handed with his wand stored in his back pocket.

“I WOULD DO NOTHING OF THE SORT” roared Uncle Vernon “NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE” Mr Weasley saw Harry on the stairs, he took Harry’s trunk and opened the front door beaconing Harry out. As soon as the front door had shut Mr Weasley took Harry’s arm and apperated him back to the burrow.


Thanks for reading :)

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