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Chapter 15

There will be no sex. No sex. NO SEX!

They agreed to tell no one the marriage would be a sham and to not tell Hermione’s uncle about it at all.

Mrs. McDonald’s excitement made Hermione feel guilty.

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” she said. She kissed Hermione, hesitated, then blushed and kissed Draco, too. “I wish you all the happiness in the world! Nicole’s a lucky little girl.”

Only Draco’s attorney knew the truth. He met with them the following morning, spoke pleasantly, explained the details of the agreement he’d drew up and then said he’d like to see Draco alone for a couple of minutes.

“Do you know what you’re doing?’ he demanded, once the door shut after Hermione.

“I know precisely what I’m doing, Theo. I’m gaining permanent custody of Nicole.”

“Draco. This woman-“

“Hermione, you mean?”

“And since when did you call her Hermione?”

“For a while now actually, we need to be civil with each other.”

“This is preposterous Draco! Last time I checked, you despise the golden trio, especially her, now-’’

“Theo. I know you mean well but I haven’t come here for your advice. I’ve already decided to marry Hermione.”

“And then what? Suppose, when the time comes, she refuses to file for divorce?’’

“Suppose the sky falls? It’s not going to happen, Nott. She’s no more interested in making this thing permanent that I am.”

“Indulge me, okay? What would happen, do you think, if this woman-’’

Hermione,” Draco said coldly. “She has a name.’’

“What if Hermione changed her mind? Never mind. Let me tell you. You’d be up a creek without a paddle.’’

“Why would she do that? I just told you, she’s not interested in staying married.”

“She might be interested in money - lots and lots of money.” The lawyer folded his arms. “Who knows what she might demand to go ahead with the divorce?”

“She isn’t interested in money.”

“I’ll let that bit of naïveté go by. What about sex?’’

Draco narrowed his eyes. “You’re my lawyer,” he said with annoyance, “not my shrink.”

“There are no rules about marriages like this, Draco. You can have sex or not. It won’t change anything legally but it could muddy the emotional waters.”

“Just draw up the contract, Theodore.”

Draco felt a muscle flex in his jaw. “There won’t be any sex.”

Theo scoffed, “Well, that’s something.”

“I’m happy you’re happy,” Draco said, his tone still icy.

“One last question - what if the time to dissolve the marriage comes and she refuses to grant you a divorce? Would you file instead?”

“Of course.”

“On what grounds?”

“You’re the lawyer. You tell me. Hell, this is the twenty first-century. Divorce is easy to come by.”

“But no less messy than fifty years ago. You are, in case you’ve forgotten, a very, very wealthy man.”


“And you’re well-known. Your name is in the news about as often as my great-aunt Tillie pets her cat.”

“You have a great-aunt Tillie?” Draco smirked.

“This isn’t funny, Draco. I want you to understand that when push comes to shove this contract, any contract, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if one party or the other decides to ignore it.”

Draco raised an eyebrow. ”Are you telling me you’re not the wunderkind you claim to be?” he said dryly.

“She’d be in position to take a bushel of your money and, in the process, drag your name through the mud.”

Draco’s expression sobered. “If the truth about the marriage became public after I gained custody of Nicky, could the courts take her from me?”

“After you gain custody? No, you wouldn’t lose her.”

“In that case, draw up the contract. Let me know when you want us to come in and sign it.”

Hermione was in the waiting room. When she saw Draco, she rose to her feet. He took her arm and they walked to the elevator.

“He wanted to warn you,” she said softly.

Draco thought of saying she was wrong, but how many lies could a man tell?

“He’s a good lawyer,” he said, just as softly. “I pay him for legal advice and he felt obligated to offer it.”

“What did he say? That I was after your money? That I would not divorce you when the time came?”

Draco pushed the call button. “Pretty much.”

“And what did you say, Draco?”

He swung toward her. “You still say my name that way. ‘Dray-co.’’’ His voice roughened. “As if there’s only you and I left in the world.”

“You know that isn’t – “

He didn’t let her finish the sentence. Instead, he lowered his head, touched his mouth to hers, lightly, gently, then with growing hunger. She leaned into him and let herself fall into the kiss before she gasped and pulled back. “It will be a marriage of convenience,” she said breathlessly. “That means – “

The elevator doors swished open. It was crowded.

“ – no sex.”

Someone giggled. Hermione felt her face heat up. She stepped into the car, Draco by her side, and refused to make eye contact with him until long after they were home.


Mrs. McDonald left early the next evening, which gave Draco the chance to tell Hermione what he’d planned.

“There is this guy I play golf with. He’s a judge. I’ve dropped by his chambers a couple of times. I thought I’d ask him to marry us. His chambers are handsome, plus he’s a nice – why are you shaking your head?”

“I don’t want to be married by your friend, Draco.”

Draco raised his eyebrows. “Because?”

“Because he will think he has to say something personal.”


“And I would rather not make this more of a lie than it already is.”

“Really?” he could hear his tone hardening. This was no blissful occasion, but it wasn’t exactly a funeral, either.

“Yes. Really.”

“So, you want to do what? Act as if we’re planning a visit to a dentist who doesn’t believe in Novocain?”

To his surprise, she laughed. She had, he thought, a lovely laugh.

“I know it seems silly but I feel guilty. We’re lying to everyone.”

He felt guilty too. Not so much about lying to the world but about…he wasn’t sure, exactly. Maybe it had to do with what this day should be like for Hermione, because no matter what she said, he was sure she would marry someday.

She was meant for the comfort and love of a man’s arms, just not for his. No woman was meant for that - he was too removed - too dedicated to his work. Relationships weren’t his thing. A dozen of women had told him that and so had Blaise, only he’d been more blunt.”

“You don’t want to open up, Draco,” he’d said on their last conversation on the phone. “It makes you feel vulnerable. I understand it’s because of how you grew up, but you’re going to regret it someday.”

Not true. It was the worst kind of dollar-store pop psychology – and, dammit, what did all this looking into his navel have to do with anything?

“Okay,” he said briskly. “We’ll get the license tomorrow; get married at City Hall as soon as the law says we can.”

“Fine.” Hermione got to her feet. “What time shall I be ready?”

Draco rose, too. Oh, yeah. She definitely looked as if she were getting ready for a trip to the dentist.

“It’s only eight in the evening. Why are you going up?”

“I get up early.”

“Me, too, but I go to bed later than this.”


“So” he said, watching her face, “we’ll have to coordinate our hours. I’d lay odds that newlyweds don’t go to their bedroom a couple of hours apart.”

Color swept into her cheeks; she looked as if he’d just told her he had a prediction for wearing animal skins and dancing around campfires.

“What do you mean their bedroom? Surely you do not think - ?”

“Surely I do think,” he said, walking around the table to her. “Claire thinks we’re getting married because we’re crazy about each other.” He smiled thinly. “Sleeping in separate rooms might put a dent in that.”

“Draco.” She stepped back. “No sex, remember? This is a marriage of – “

“I know what it is.” Slowly, he hooked his hand behind her neck and drew her forward. “I also know we’re going to have to make it look real.” He put a finger under her chin, raised her face to his. Her mouth was trembling. The sight put a knot in his gut. “No sex, doesn’t mean we won’t share a room - or an occasional kiss.” He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her gently. Waited for what he knew her response would be that little sigh, the sweet moan…

What the hell was he doing? He asked himself, and stepped back.

“Goodnight,” he said, as calmly if he hadn’t just kissed her, as if he weren’t aching to lift her in his arms and carry her to his bed.

Hermione fled. He couldn’t blame her. He’d run, too - except it was too late.


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