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There was a moment just after I’d woken up when I had a complete girl moment: internally fluttery and nervous for no good reason. Then it was gone and I suddenly felt very sick.

I sat bolt upright in bed (missing hitting my head by a mere centimetre) now feeling like I’d been dropped into a very bad drama. So James Potter had kissed me, okay, fine: it had been nice, great actually, and I’d practically danced my way to bed being so close to giggling that it was scary. It hadn’t been a full on make out session, or anything like that, but it had been a big enough moment to make me want to hold onto to something very tightly to prevent myself from letting out an excited squeal.

My knee-jerk reaction was to run and tell Dom. Thankfully, in my moment of hysteria I had managed to avoid doing that. I imagined I would very quickly have sobered up out of my euphoria at Dom’s reaction... but there posed the problem – what if Dom found out that I’d kissed James Potter, undesirable number one.

What would she do?

There was enough provocation for my murder what with the fact that I’d gone on a date with him, been to a party with him and that I really really fancied him. And this was the icing on top of the eventual court case. I’d kissed her cousin.

Serious friendship betrayal. Dom was probably going to be more annoyed about this than if I did something really crazy like sleep with her boyfriend – although, Benson Flint was probably the exception to this as for reasons unknown Dom seemed to have become quite fond of him. Something which I thought was, quite frankly, ridiculous – even if he had started growing on me, but in the way a fungus grows on you, rather than the way a plate of pasta grows on you to the point where you’re satisfied and full and yet there still seems to be the same amount of pasta in the bloody bowl.

I know I’m panicking when I start using nonsensical metaphors.

What were James’s intentions, anyway? I was fairly sure he did like me – what with the stalking me via map and the fact that he was really rather sweet towards me but... what if he was simply planning to rip me to pieces within a couple of minutes, prank me within an inch of my life and then have my heart systematically ripped to pieces like Dom always said? What if James was exactly how Dom had always said he was, and was using me in some sadistic revenge attempt on Dom?

Except I didn’t believe that. Half because I didn’t want to believe it and half because I knew Dom well enough to know when she was exaggerating, or lying, or delivering an unfair judgement on someone who’d really upset her. James Potter was harmless (well, he might still rip my heart to pieces – but I’m sure he wouldn’t do it intentionally).

“Autumn?” A voice asked, and then Dom had pulled back my bed hangings and was leering at me cheerfully. I couldn’t remember a time when Dom had looked so cheerful, it sent a shiver of nervousness down my spine and really added to the strange concoction of feelings and sensations that was stirring uncomfortably in my stomach.  “I thought we could start phase two of the pranking war against Potter today, I’ve got the rat poison ready!”

Bad timing. Serious bad timing.


I’d told Dom the rat poison was completely unnecessary when she had a cat. I had, of course, not reckoned in the fact that Dom’s cat – instead of lovingly bring back dead animals to Dom’s side devoured them instantly and proudly turned up with blood stains on its pure white fur. She reminded me of this, in detail, over breakfast.

“But you can’t feed him rats that have been poisoned, Dom! You might kill him!”

“So you don’t want to help?” Dom asked dangerously.

“I don’t want to be an accessory for murder,”

“And you call yourself a friend,” Dom said and it took me a few seconds to work out that she was joking (thank goodness). I breathed a genuine sigh of relief and returned to my breakfast, the complete works of Jane Austen lying open beside me as I continued devouring Emma.

“Benny, can you find a couple of rats for me?” Dom asked, batting her eyelashes ironically as Benson sat down opposite her.

“How many?” He asked, that creepy creepy voice pulling me away from my book again (and this is why it is impossible to read over breakfast) and reminding me that I should really try and be nicer to him (even in thought), especially as he was doing me an immense favour.

“One James-Potter sized portion worth?” Dom suggested with a grin. The owls screeched their arrival and I found myself glancing upwards just in case I did, by some strange miracle, have any mail. I didn’t.

“Talk to the house elves or something; they’re usually up for weird challenges like that. Tell them it’s his favourite delicacy or something,” Benson suggested, “and why are you trying to feed your cousin rats?”

“I can’t think of a single good reason not to,” Dom said with a grin in return, “but this is still my revenge for him ruining my date... and he practically violated Autumn!”

“What?” I asked suddenly, “I think I would remember being, er... violated?” I suggested my heart thudding uncomfortably quickly in my chest. What if Dom had seen the kiss, only somehow twisted it inside her head so that I’d pushed him away or being unwilling. Maybe she’d seen the pre-kiss moment! When James had almost-kissed me and I’d fallen over like a first class chump (even thinking about this made me want to throw up with embarrassment, I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the earth doing such horrifically awkward things). What if Dom had gone mad and was now just imagining things?

What if the person I’d kissed yesterday had turned my best friend mental?!?                                            

This was all my fault. I’d destroyed Dom.

 “With that bloody note,” Dom said, “before you blew up Fred,”

“You blew up Fred?” Benson asked with a smile.

“It was an accident,” I muttered, internally listing the accidents that had happened recently and somehow wondering when my life got so dramatic, “and he was fine,”

“He was really trying to lay it on thick,” Dom said with her eyes narrowed, “as if Autumn would ever be interested in such an egotistical git! Anyway, he’s not your type.” I laughed at this uneasily. I didn’t exactly know what my type was supposed to be.

“What’s Autumn’s type then?” Benson seemed to be enjoying this. I gave him a pleading look hoping he might take pity on me and steer the conversation away from James Potter and my supposed ‘type’ but he shook his head and grinned. Sod.

“Blondes.” Dom said decisively. I was entirely sure she’d picked the colour hair that hardly any of her family (except her brother, and considering he was younger I suppose she didn’t count him as potentially people who could violate-me) had.

“I’ve never fancied a blonde,” I pointed out.

“You never fancy anyone,” Dom corrected, “but when someone’s shows an interest you start liking them out of politeness,”

“I do not like blondes,” I said defensively, not even bothering to argue the other point (because the only evidence I had to prove otherwise was her cousin, and actually he did sort of show an interest before I started liking him – so even without the unfortunate side effect of murder it wouldn’t help my case).

“Fine,” Dom said, “you’re definitely not a ginger type though. It wouldn’t go with your colouring,”

“So dark hair?” Benson suggested. Next time I saw him alone in a corridor, I was going to stun him from behind and pretend that someone else did it.

“Yeah,” Dom nodded, “dark hair. You’re not the type to be bothered by eye colour.”

 Well, apparently I’m not the type to be bothered by eye colour.

“Personality?” Benson questioned.

“Someone funny,” Dom said, “clever – you wouldn’t be able to stand someone who couldn’t join you in intellectual conversations, hmmm... sweet, a little mischievous maybe?”

“So,” Benson said with a smirk in my direction, “James Potter is her type then,”

Dom turned to stare at him with her eyebrows so high up on her face that they probably had vertigo. “James Potter is not sweet, and that’s the key to it really. Autumn has got to be with someone sweet, right Autumn?”

I was slightly alarmed about my opinion suddenly being required when it had been so successfully ignored for such a large part of the conversation and I wasn’t quite sure whether I should agree with her or not. All this was new to me: apparently I had a type, and that type was James Potter (who definitely was sweet).

“Yeah,” I agreed in a non committal way.

“Someone who’ll buy you cute things,”


“And who’ll say cute things,”


“And who’ll take you to cute places,”


“But they’re all tossers around here so you’ll have to stay single,” Dom said and she sounded a little bit too happy about this for my liking, “and Potter is the worst of the lot, and the only place he’s ever taken a girl is to his bed, or the shower or something seedy like that. What did he say to you, anyway Autumn? After he gave that note to you?”

He’d asked me to go to the party with him.

“Erm... I don’t really remember, I mean... I think it was something about you,”

“What about me?” Dom asked fiercely.

“I... er, I don’t know,”

“Right,” Dom said standing up with a terrifying expression etched on to his features, “I’m going to go and sort out James Potter’s lunch.”

“So how is James Potter?” Benson asked after Dom had strode off muttering things under her breath and looking like she was about to become the next Voldemort.

“He’s fine,” I said definitely, “particularly after kicking your arse at Quidditch,”

“Enjoy the victory party?” He asked with another grin, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure Dom doesn’t find out about your sordid little affair,”

“There’s nothing sordid about it,” I returned folding my arms and finding my stomach feeling all jumpy and nervous again (I hated all the drama, it made me feel sick), “but thanks,” I added helplessly, “I really do appreciate it.”

“Any time, Autumn,” Benson said with a grin before standing up and leaving me sat alone at the Ravenclaw table. I was just about to return to my book when Felicity beckoned me over and then all of a sudden I was sat with them and they were treating me like I was one of their friends.

“So how did it go with James on Saturday?” Felicity asked eagerly, “sorry we all left, but you looked like you were enjoying yourself so...”

“Its fine,” I smiled, “did you all enjoy the party?”

“Not particularly,” Danielle said glaring at me. Obviously it hadn’t been her idea to invite me over in the first place. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and silently prayed that Dom wouldn’t return to the Great Hall now and blow up in my face about an entirely separate issue all together.

“Felicity did,” Jessica said with a grin. Felicity flushed slightly and sent Jessica a look. There was something so easy and natural about their friendship that made my gut hurt.

“Not as much fun as Autumn had,” Felicity countered.

“He was all over you!” Jessica added and it was my turn to flush slightly.

“Did he kiss you?” Danielle asked sharply.

“Not at the party,”

“After the party?”


“But he did kiss you?”

“Yeah, er... last night,”

“Really?” Felicity demanded, “like, how kissed you?”

“Time to go,” Jessica said, stowing her reading book in her bag before throwing it over her shoulder, “we’ll be late for Ancient Runes,” Everyone else in the hall seemed to have the same idea and all those still sat down were beginning to pack up their things and flood towards the doors.

“I’ve got Herbology,” I said standing up with them, “with James,” I added as an afterthought.

A barely controlled explosion of queasiness started in my stomach and I felt a little bit like my knees were going to give in and I’d end up lying lamely on the floor yelling ‘I’m fine! Really I’m fine!’ and I expected nobody would be very convinced.

“You can walk with him then, look – he’s waiting for you!” Felicity said, nodding to where James was hanging back from his friends and vaguely glancing in my direction. My mouth suddenly felt very dry and I half wanted to double back and drink another litre of pumpkin juice before facing him (and hopefully then he’d have given up waiting and left without me).

“We’ll see you later then,” Jessica said with a shy smile.



James fell into step with me just as we left the warmth of the castle and stepped outside into the October wind. James smiled at me slightly. I smiled back. For a moment it looked like he was about to speak and then he paused, looked at the floor, and then folded his arms.

The silence was beginning to become unbearable.

“So, erm, it’s pretty chilly today,” I commented lightly, feeling my stomach flutter to the point where I actually felt quite sick. The urge to speak was apparently stronger than my need to find anything worth saying and thus now... we were talking about the weather.

“Yeah, pretty cold for autumn,” James returned, then he smiled slightly as he caught the poor joke, “might rain later,”

“It usually does,” I returned, balling my hands into fists and cursing myself for being a brainless twit with no conversation skills. What sort of person snogs a person the night previously and then engages in a delightful conversations about the weather? Especially when someone makes a gimmicky comment about your name being related to the current season.

“Erm... So, are you still on for our study session later?”

“Oh sod! I promised Dom we’d have a girly night,” Why must I continue to give James the impression that I wasn’t interested by falling over when he kissed me and cancelling on him? Maybe I should have cancelled on Dom? No, I couldn’t do that. She’d be suspicious. Anyway, I needed my nails painted. Priorities.

“A girly night?”

“You know, pedicures and stuff,”


“Well not really, feet creep me out.  Well not my feet, just... other people’s feet.”

Autumn – stop talking for the love of God!

“You get creeped out by other people’s feet?”

“Not if they’re wearing nail varnish, its toe nails mostly,”

“So if I got my feet out right now, that would creep you out?”

“Yes, although I think most of that would be because we’re walking to the greenhouses and it would be pretty weird if you took your shoes and socks off. Who wouldn’t be freaked out by such weird behaviour?”

“Autumn, you are hilarious,”

I flushed, “no I’m not,” I muttered.

“Yes you are, I think you’re one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met. Actually, I would say the funniest but then Roxy is hilarious and, well, Rose is pretty funny when she’s angry... and sometimes when Lily’s PMSs you can’t help but laugh at her but -”

“Erm,” I interrupted quietly, “it would probably have been okay if you’d stopped at ‘one of the funniest girls you’ve ever met.’”

James let out a breath of air and glanced at the floor. “Yeah, shit, I’m not very good at this,”

“You’re better than me; I started talking about my feet thing.”

“That’s so weird,” James grinned.

“Hey, you’re the one scared of birds!”

“Point taken,” James conceded with a smile, “I guess you’re standing me up then,”

“I’m pre warning you, so that’s cancelling on you, not standing you up – entirely different ball game,” James raised an eyebrow, “Dom’s very reliant on definitions,”

“Okay, so... if we’re talking definitions what are we currently doing?”

“Walking to the greenhouses?” I suggested lightly.

“You know what I mean,” James said with a small slightly nervous smile.

I think I just died inside. Eeee.

“Well,” I considered finding my face flushing and my stomach doing some strange fluttery thing that made me want to run very far away and throw up, “we’ve been on a date, and then you invited me to that party and then we studied together and you kissed me... so, it’s currently a thing.”

“Like your feet thing,”

“Right, only less weird. If... if we were to go on another date we would be seeing each other,”

“What does that mean?” James questioned with a smile.

“That’s the try before you buy bit before you ask me out properly, and then – if I said yes – we’d be dating and I’d be your girlfriend,” James smiled. We’d reached the greenhouses now and were taking our seat in the classroom, being a rather pathetic ten minutes early.

“So I’d have to formally ask you?”

“No, that’s always pretty awkward. You would... say something ambiguous but obvious, or... refer to me as your girlfriend and hope I didn’t object.”

“Ambiguous but obvious?” James questioned, “well I’m glad we cleared that up,” I laughed at that and pulled my books out of my bag with a smile, “How are the Nifflers?”

“Good,” I smiled with pleasure, “Hagrid’s back now, so I don’t have to look after them anymore,”

“Miss them?” James grinned, not bothering to pull out his own books and instead turning his chair right around so he could face me properly.

“Suppose,” I said with a grin, “they’re pretty cute,”

“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade the Saturday after next?”

“Sure,”  I said, glancing down at my book to stop myself from doing something stupid like cheering or doing a little victory dance (which we know, from experience, I am truly terrible at),“Just not pudifoots again,”

“Good God I hope not,” James added, “and maybe you could try and avoid poisoning someone on this date?” I flushed.

“Oh, yeah, speaking of poisoning, I’d er... avoid lunch if I were you,” James raised an eyebrow, “Dom’s next phase in her epic prank revenge is to swap your chicken curry to Rat meat curry... and I’m not sure I quite convinced her she couldn’t feed you the rats she’d killed with Rat poison,”

“So your best friend is going to kill me,”

“She’s also your cousin,” I added hopefully.

“Because you poisoned her boyfriend and she thinks I did it.”

“It sounds a lot worse when you say it like that,”

“And you’re helping her?”

“Well I don’t really have a choice,”

“At least it’s not a boring start to a relationship though, right?” James grinned just as the others began entering the classroom. James pulled his chair up to his desk and took out some parchment and his quill (although I noted he hadn’t even bothered bringing his text book to the lesson – bloody Gryffindors).

“Hey, Graham!” James called to his fellow Gryffindor. The poor bloke (poor because his name is Graham, I thought Autumn was pretty bad but at least Autumn reminded me of a season rather than some old cereal that I’d eaten when my dad had to feed me from a spoon) took the seat in front of my usual desk and began discussing the brilliant Quidditch victory from the weekend.

“Yeah,” James grinned, “third year in a row, I should hope – the others don’t have a chance. Anyway, Graham, this is my girlfriend Autumn and this is my dorm mate Graham,”

“Hi,” I said awkwardly. Graham nodded in response before busying himself arranging his parchment and quill.

“You skipped out a step,” I told James, raising my eyebrows at him and trying very hard to be unimpressed.

“Sorry, I think I must have gotten the wrong balance between ambiguous and obvious, anyway – I like to think I don’t follow Dom’s rules,”

“Of course you do,” I said with an eye roll.

“You haven’t objected yet,” James pointed out triumphantly, “does that mean I’m safe from your wrath, even though I did it wrong?”

“I do have an objection,” I countered, “if Dom finds out I’m toast,”

“What’s she going to do?”

“Feed me rat poison?” I suggested, “Jesh, being your girlfriend is an occupational hazard.”

“Ha! You just admitted you’re my girlfriend!”

“I know, I was demonstrating simultaneously being ambiguous and obvious, as you didn’t get the hang of it very well.”

“I thought you were a little too obvious, if I’m honest with you.”

“By all means be honest,” I returned, unable to stop myself from grinning like a first prize idiot, “but you were hardly oozing subtlety,”

“I’m a guy, I don’t do subtle,”

“Well can you please subtlety not tell everyone in the world and get me murdered by my only friend?”

“So you must like me a lot if you’re risking your life right?”

“Either that or I’m an adrenaline junkie,”

“That sounds exciting,” Everyone else was beginning to file into the greenhouses now and taking a seat in the classroom bit reserved for sixth years and I found myself beaming slightly at everyone who looked at me curiously.

“It gets old quickly,” I said with a false look of boredom.

“You’re badass Autumn,” James laughed, “you wouldn’t be offended if I say I can’t imagine you jumping of the astronomy tower in a harness?”

“No, I’d probably take it as a compliment. It means my brain is still fully functioning,”

“Well I do hope so, or you’ll never get the hang of the patronus in our study sessions tomorrow night, will you?”

“Now that was the right amount of ambiguity and obviousness,” I commented approvingly.

“It was until you pointed it out,” James grinned, “Half seven?”

“We can decide over lunch?” I suggested. Professor Longbottom was now beginning to try and capture everyone’s attention to begin the lesson so we both dropped our voices to hushed whispers and I dipped my quill in my inkwell so that I was completely and utterly ready to start scribbling down notes if necessary.

“In the kitchens so you’re still alive by tomorrow?”

“You can pick me up after Care of Magical creatures,” I said with a grin.

“Shush, Autumn, we’re in a lesson here you know. This isn’t the time for you to organise your love life,” James whispered with an utterly charming smile. Not sweet? Dom needed her head testing.

Oh dear Merlin I’m smitten.


“So they’re real sweethearts, yeh see?” Hagrid said, although I wasn’t really listening to him for once. As normal I’d ended up helping Hagrid tidy away after the lesson, which usually resulted in some sort of chaotic mess, “I mean, I wouldn’t want te meet one if it were really angry but... oh hullo James,”

“Hi Hagrid. What was it this time? Sphinxes?” James grinned.

“Nah, not allowed,” The slightly alarming thing was Hagrid sounded very disappointed: as if he genuinely thought that having a sphinx in his back yard would have been a wonderful idea.

“Oh really?” James asked sounding falsely disappointed for him. I shook my head at him from behind Hagrid’s back and rolled my eyes.

“S’a shame you couldn’t do me lessons,” Hagrid said thoughtfully, “I could’ve tried to avoid birds but...” then Hagrid paused and glanced at me, “course Autumn knows all about that. Autumn’s me best student, anyway – I’ll let you be getting on, less you want to stay for lunch?”

“Er... no thanks,” I said hastily, “I’ve got lots of homework,”

“And I’ve got a lunch date,” James said, I flushed slightly and decided I didn’t like James very much either. What was it about the males of Hogwarts that meant they thought it was an acceptable occupation to embarrass me so regularly? “Although apparently she’s got lots of homework,”

“Oh shush,” I muttered, waving a grinning Hagrid goodbye and beginning to walk across the grounds feeling half exasperated, half irritated and half flushed with pleasure about the fact that James had turned up (I’m aware that there are three halves there – but I was acutely aware that I was feeling a lot more than I regularly did at the current moment in time).

“Not fancy any of Hagrid’s stew?” James asked innocently.

“Not today thanks,” I smiled, “so you came to pick me up,”

“Of course,”

“You know, you don’t have to do that all the time... and you don’t have to carry my bags or anything, actually I’ll be pretty annoyed if you do insist on carrying my bags – it’s a bit patronising,”

“But what if it’s really heavy?” James questioned and I realised after a moment that he was mocking me. I sighed and elbowed him, “Domestic abuse,” James muttered under his breath.

“At least I’m not letting you get poisoned by rat poison,” I pointed out.

“True, still I need to think of a way to retaliate about that...” James said thoughtfully as we took the stairs down towards the kitchens, “maybe some sort of explosion? Permanent baldness?”

“Or,” I said, “You could not retaliate? Then she might like you more,”

James tickled the pear and we both filed into the kitchens.

“No,” James said, sitting down opposite me, “I thought you knew Dom well? The more I don’t react the more frustrated she’ll get. She’s aiming for war and if I just sit there taking it like a martyr – turning the other cheek if you will – she’ll get even more pissed off. Plus, she’ll be convinced that I’m planning something huge against her. She’ll just end up paranoid and angry.”

“Surely that’s retaliation enough?” I asked helplessly.

“Nah, I don’t want her to go mental. Plus, if you really don’t want Dom to find out then it’s best if she’s not watching my every move. Chip butty?”

“Yes please,” I agreed with a smile.

“Roxy likes you,” James said after he’d ordered two chip butty’s from the house elves, “She thinks you’re nice,”

“I am nice,” I said in return, “at least, I think I’m nice.”

“She says you’re not what she expected,”

“Talking about me with your family then?” I questioned.

“Well, not by choice. Rose started going on about you, she said she wanted to know my intentions. She thinks you’re too nice for me,”

“What did you say your intentions were?”

“Well, this was after the party – I was drunk at the time, but I said I intended to spent lots more time in your very nice company and be just as nice to you in return,”

“You sweetie,” I said with a smirk, “what did the others say then?”

“Al didn’t say very much,” James grinned, “considering he was passed out at the time. Freddie said... well, he didn’t comment much on your personality, but if I were to summarise I’d say he thought you were... pretty looking,” James said this in such a way that I highly doubted that Freddie’s words had been half as dignified as the ones he was choosing to relay back to me, but I find myself blushing slightly at the compliment, “actually, he said if I wasn’t going to try and get in there he probably would. At this point Roxy added that ‘she’d tap that’ and Rose said that they were both being obtuse,”

“Louis?” I questioned. A grinning house elf turned up with two chip butties and a bottle of ketchup. This was far superior to chicken curry or, in James’s case, rat curry.

“He just said that Dom was going to murder me for thinking about it,”

“Good job she can’t read your thoughts, right?” I said with a smile, taking a slightly undignified bite out of my chip butty.

“Lily said that you were very tall,”

“That is true. Everyone at church seemed to think you were a little too gentlemanly.”


“Because you took your time kissing me, didn’t you!” I exclaimed, “They’d half convinced me you were gay by the end of it... and I hadn’t even meant to talk about it. It was all April’s fault,”

“What does Oliver think?”

“No idea,” I admitted, “haven’t seen him since my birthday really,”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway,” James said, “and I can work on being less gentlemanly, if you like?” He smirked.

“I doubt I’ll get very far by trying not to be very tall,”

“No, probably not,”

My hand was lying on the table and half of me expected James to take hold of it and the other half was confused about whether he would or not and whether I should expect him too. The whole thing was a lot more awkward than it usually was – because actually I was usually quite good at not being too awkward with James which was an achievement of a lifetime when you really thought about it – but now everything was sort of pressurised and I suddenly felt like if we were going to be ‘a couple’ then we should definitely act more... like a couple.

Wasn’t James supposed to be some sort of womaniser? Shouldn’t he be able to pull the moves? He was a lot more monk-like than I could have possibly ever imagined.

“You’re an excellent height anyway,” James said waving a chip around to prove his point – which added a degree of eloquence to his statement that I wouldn’t have expected. I helped myself to ketchup.

“No, I’m gigantic,” I countered frowning, “too tall,”

“Don’t be so down on yourself,” James frowned in return, “your very determined not to take a compliment,”


“And that wasn’t an insult either,” James contradicted and then he did take my hand and then we looked at each other for a long moment. I smiled and he smiled back and then...

Benson Flint walked into the kitchens and raised his eyebrows slightly at our very romantic chip-butty eating. James retracted his hand very suddenly and looked slightly alarmed, nearly sending his chip butty down the front of his robes in the process.

“Dom’s coming,” Benson said simply, “I figured you both might be here, I reckon Dom will be down in about five minutes so...”

“Thanks,” I said hastily standing up and offering him a grateful glance (although I was still utterly confused about why the hell he was helping us quite so much given we were lying to his girlfriend in the process – he’d agreed to the whole thing a little too readily) and then he nodded at me and disappeared from the kitchens once again.

James frowned after Benson Flint and I wondered if he was thinking a similar thing.

“Does he know that you poisoned him then?” James asked. I nodded and found my embarrassment about that whole situation flaring up again. “Well... we don’t both have to go, you could stay here and get some of your homework done,”

“But if you go you’ve got to eat rat curry,” I said helplessly.

“Nah,” James said, “I’ll just swap plates with Al – he owes me anyway.”

I had no response to that whatsoever.

A/N - Was this a long update? I lose track sometimes... too many stories... speaking of which... I've started a couple more new ones if anyone feels like reading them. Plus thank you so much to the person who nominated this story for the dobbys (Autumn was embarassed but greatful about being nominated for 'best OC' - she's still confused about why anyone would pick her though :P) ! I'm in awe of how many nominations (seventeen!!!!!) I've received overall! All you readers are incredible and I love you all very very much.

- Ac 

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